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LOA Troubleshooting – Trying to Change Negative Thoughts

Have you ever tried to change a situation you didn’t like, through energy work, only to have it NOT work out? Yeah… we all have. That’s when we need to trouble shoot. And that’s exactly what we’re doing in this week’s Q&A excerpt. The technical, nitty-gritty understanding of how reality creation works isn’t really necessary… […]

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“Holding the energy” and Winning at Gambling

Does a successful gambler, for example, someone who bets on a winning horse, cause the horse to win? Are they “holding the energy” for that horse? And what exactly does “holding energy” mean? What about holding energy for the planet? How do we actually line up with a “win”? Watch today’s video to take part […]

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How To Manifest Travel With No Money

Awesome Lisa would like to manifest more travel, but doesn’t currently have the funds to “make that happen”. Listen in and play along as I explain why money (or lack thereof…) isn’t the obstacle she thinks it is, and guide her through the process of manifesting what she wants. Video   ************************************* Coaching Call #356 […]

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Manifesting “Stuff” with the Law of Attraction (Client Story)

  So many of the questions I get are from people asking how to manifest “stuff”. We’re talking about houses, money, cars, beautiful clothing and more. These are the physical manifestations that you can touch, feel, and even smell. Is it wrong to want stuff? No at all! In fact, by manifesting stuff successfully, you’ll […]

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