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How to Hold Your Energy During Chaos + Fearing Change

These are volatile, uncertain times… Societal structures are breaking down more and more. Things are clearly changing. But how are we supposed to hold our energy during this time of chaos? And what will all this change lead to? How do we manage all the fear this brings up? This week’s Q and A video […]

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How To Be an Uplifter Without Sacrificing Yourself

Awesome Joan wants to share her LOA knowledge and help others shift their energy. But some of the people she’s trying to help aren’t really fun to work with. In fact, they never seem to stop bitching or whining and they’re not getting better. What, if anything, is she doing wrong? And, how can she […]

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How To Listen To Your Body For Health And Weight Loss

Awesome Sonja wanted to know how she could better tune into her body and what it actually wants? Which foods are actually appropriate, which are “healthy” or “unhealthy”? Are some foods just inherently “good” or “bad”, and if not, how can we tell the difference? Is sugar bad for you? What about processed foods? Are […]

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She’s Seeing Lots of Synchronicities – What Gives?

Have you been seeing loads of little synchronicities like 11:11, or other patterns and combinations? Do they mean anything, and if so, what? Is it maybe all just our imagination, or could these be “signs” of some sort? Although I’ve posted about this topic before, I was able to offer an updated message on number […]

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How To Manifest Travel With No Money

Awesome Lisa would like to manifest more travel, but doesn’t currently have the funds to “make that happen”. Listen in and play along as I explain why money (or lack thereof…) isn’t the obstacle she thinks it is, and guide her through the process of manifesting what she wants. Video   ************************************* Coaching Call #356 […]

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Shifting From One Reality To Another

When we’re improving our vibrations and reaching for manifestations that we don’t yet currently have in our physical realities, we can sometimes (ok, often) find ourselves in a state of confusion and feeling a bit lost. Awesome Jessica asked me if I still sometimes feel doubt and confusion myself, and if so, what do I […]

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