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How to Hold Your Energy During Chaos + Fearing Change

These are volatile, uncertain times… Societal structures are breaking down more and more. Things are clearly changing. But how are we supposed to hold our energy during this time of chaos? And what will all this change lead to? How do we manage all the fear this brings up? This week’s Q and A video […]

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She’s Seeing Lots of Synchronicities – What Gives?

Have you been seeing loads of little synchronicities like 11:11, or other patterns and combinations? Do they mean anything, and if so, what? Is it maybe all just our imagination, or could these be “signs” of some sort? Although I’ve posted about this topic before, I was able to offer an updated message on number […]

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Understanding LOA “Logically” Vs. Actually Applying It

Do you “get” LOA, but can’t seem to consistently apply it? Do you maybe even answer your friend’s and family’s questions about reality creation, only to be stumped when trying to “make it work” for yourself? There’s a real difference between understanding how the Law of Attraction works and actually LIVING it, and that’s what […]

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Shifting From One Reality To Another

When we’re improving our vibrations and reaching for manifestations that we don’t yet currently have in our physical realities, we can sometimes (ok, often) find ourselves in a state of confusion and feeling a bit lost. Awesome Jessica asked me if I still sometimes feel doubt and confusion myself, and if so, what do I […]

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10 Boredom

How Boredom Can Make You More Productive and Fun!

Have you been feeling rather unmotivated lately? Maybe you’ve not really wanted to do anything, but you’re afraid of being “lazy”. But you’re not getting much inspiration to do anything, go anywhere, or create anything in the way of awesomeness. Perhaps you’ve even worried that you’ll always feel this way, and positive inspiration will never […]

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8 Unhappy Cat

Why Did This Manifestation Happen To Me?! (Client Story)

  Do you ever wonder WHY something happened to you? Why have you been single for so long? Why did you manifest a crappy boss? Why did you stub your toe? Today’s client story will shed some light on manifesting this type of clarity. There’s so much POWER in actually understanding your manifestations, because when […]

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