The Post-LOA Academy Support You've Been Asking For!



Now that you've completed LOA Academy, you have the complete framework and education you need to become a POWERFUL manifestor, to create (and actually receive) your own reality, and to clear the blockages that have been sabotaging you all your life. 

However... you may have also found out that this is not always an easy journey. In fact, I'll be the first one to admit that WAKING UP IS A BITCH. Especially at first. Because it does get easier! 

What makes it easier?

Practice: The more you do this work, the better you get at it. Just like any other skill. Each time you choose to honor yourself by figuring what you want (as opposed to just bitching about what you don't want), open yourself up to receiving it, and clear the limiting beliefs that stand in your way, the less resistant you'll be come and the easier and more joyful (yes, joyful) this whole process becomes. Basically, the more often you choose to step into your power, the more powerful you become. 

Support: We have been and continue to be bombarded every day by the frequencies of the "old" energy. Most people on this planet are still mired in powerlessness and we can't help but sit in that energetic soup as we play on this planet. What can we do to counteract that? Deliberately and consistently subject ourselves to materials and people who BELIEVE and KNOW otherwise. This energy of empowerment, the belief systems that tell us that we're MORE than we've been led to believe, that we DO have control over our realities and most importantly, that we CAN get precisely what we want, help to strengthen our own belief and trust in our own power. 

We do not have to do this alone. 

In fact, we aren't meant to. Why do you think there are so many people on the planet?? We're supposed to support each other, to help each other. Be it by triggering each other, which the people in your life will happily do, or by supporting each other in establishing and stabilizing higher frequencies. The second kind of help can be a little tough to find in this world. In fact, you may the only person in your family or circle of friends who really "gets" this stuff. 

The really good news is that you don't have to rely on just your family and circle of friends. If you participated in the Facebook group in LOA Academy, you'll have discovered that an online community of like-minded individuals can be a powerful thing. Add some education and coaching calls to the mix, and subject yourself to all of these on a regular, consistent basis, and your energy and therefore, reality, have no choice but to change for the better.

And with that in mind...

Introducing Reality Explorers!

Now, LOA Academy, was an ACCELERATED growth program. It was intense. It kicked your ass a little. Maybe a lot. That’s the nature of accelerated growth. But, now that you’ve gone through that, it’s time for something kinder, gentler, and all around fuzzier.

The hardest part is over. Now it's time to lock it in, practice it, and take the growth further. 

Reality Explorers is a group that was formed as a response to our LOAA graduates requesting ongoing support. It was (and still is) a total co-creation and what manifested was is high-vibing, super-supportive group that shines brighter each and every month. Basically, it's a group of gladiators who have made stepping into their power a real priority, and want to see just how powerful they can become. 


LOA Academy covered 6 Massive Modules in 6 weeks. In Reality Explorers, we go deeper into these concepts (this teaching has layers!) and take it further. Sometimes we even go way down the rabbit hole (the teachings are determined by the students' energy and where they want to go next). 

Here's what's included:

Melody Fletcher

2 Coaching calls per month (with Melody!)

  • Get a vibrational tune-up every 2 weeks (these are high vibrational calls, and you'll shift and stabilize more just by participating and/or listening)
  • Laser-focused coaching to help you when you get stuck (since Melody can read your energy, we tend to make some powerful shifts really quickly on these calls)

Extra Teachings Each Month

  • Each month we'll deep dive on an aspect of the Technology of Reality
  • Additional exercises and games you can play!
  • Fine tune your ability to manifest
  • You'll receive one video + audio + workbook/transcript each month
  • Designed to build on the education you received in LOA Academy (this is not beginner's stuff!)

Special Reality Explorers' Facebook Group

  • Connect and hang out with your fellow Explorers in a safe, private environment
  • Smaller group size, means easier access to answers!
  • Get your questions answered 24/7, between coaching calls
  • Want to celebrate a manifestation that the muggles don't "get"? Post it i the group!
  • Want to rant and rave without people shutting you down because they can't handle anger? Get real support from the group!
  • Want to find like minded friends to practice and play with? This is your group! 

Sign up now to take your Journey further and begin TRULY exploring your POWER!

But Wait! There's More!

(I've always wanted to say that!)

Sign up today and you'll get access to the last 12 months

of Reality Explorers content FOR FREE!*

Here's just SOME of the Juicy Content you get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to:

July 2019 - WANTS VS. NEEDS

A deeper exploration of how to tell the difference between a NEED and a true desire, plus extra help in how to handle those pesky needs!


We explore dark vs. light energy, offer a physics-based explanation of releasing resistance, and reveal the one insight that changed my whole approach to shifting energy


A channeled exposition of what is happening in the world, why it's a good thing, and how the role of the Gladiator is now changing (no more struggle!)

* Conditions of this AMAZING OFFER: 

1.) You will have access to the entire back catalog of content as long as you are a current member of Reality Explorers. 

2.) Should you ever decide to leave the group, you will retain access to only the content that was published during the time you were an active, paying member of REX. 

3.) Offer includes the published content ONLY (not the past coaching calls). Members only receive access to the replays of coaching calls that took place during their active membership period. 

4.) You will retain life-time access to all content and calls published during your active membership. 


A deal like this may never be offered again!

Sign up now to take your Journey further and begin TRULY exploring your POWER!



Q: When will the calls be? 

A: Right now, calls are scheduled every second Saturday (2x/month) at 12 noon Eastern. We do our best to flexible and cater to as many time zones as possible. 

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Reality Explorers is just $97/month. For now. It's entirely possible that we'll raise the price in the future. If you sing up now, however, your price will never go ups as long as you remain an active member. 

Q: How is this different from LOA Academy? 

A: Explorers is a membership intended to continue to support LOA Academy graduates. The content each month is based on the understanding that you have completed LOAA, builds on that information and takes it further. While LOAA offers the foundational knowledge of the Technology of Reality, Reality Explorers is where you really learn to apply it. This is the playground in which you get to test your power, explore it, and increase it. 

Q: When do we start? 

A: You'll receive the back catalog of content right away, but new graduates will officially join the group in August 2020 (so you can take a little break and relax after LOAA!)

Worry-Free, Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee

Of course, like everything I offer, it's 100% guaranteed. If it's not a fit for you for any reason, if you're unhappy for any reason, for 30 days, just send me or my team an email, and we’ll take care of you right away.