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Learn How to Become MULTI-DIMENSIONAL!

​​For successful Reality Creators who want to take their GROWTH to a whole different LEVEL!

Reality Academy is an ADVANCED course, designed for those how have graduated from LOA Academy, or have equivalent training and experience. 


 - Have a clear, WORKING understanding of how the Technology of Reality works

- Successfully and consistently manifest WHAT YOU WANT

- Fully understand your manifestations (how you attracted them, why and how to change them)

- Have healed the majority of your trauma (it's not about fixing anything anymore, it's about going forward)

- Are already much more future focused than past focused

- Take FULL responsibility for your reality

- Are LIVING as a Deliberate Creator most of the time

Then Reality Academy may well be for you. 

If you do not meet these criteria, please check out LOA Academy. 

In Reality Academy, we delve much deeper down the rabbit hole and explore living as a multi-dimensional human being. 

What we'll cover

Advanced Energy Shifting Techniques

Learn and practice advanced techniques of shifting energy and releasing limiting beliefs. These techniques aren't advanced because they're complicated, but rather because they require a much higher level of belief and trust. 

Explore Time

Explore how time actually works, and how to manipulate it. 

Stop ALL Suffering

Waking up is a bitch. But it doesn't have to continue to be. In this more advanced way of working, you'll be able to shift more easily and gently, and explore how to surpass ALL suffering. 

Meet Your Guides

Get in touch with your Spirit Guides, Higher Self and even God. Learn to receive messages at will and how channeling works.

Reading Energy

Discover how to read the energy of people, places and ideas - DELIBERATELY. You'll learn how to evaluate and  use this data so you can make better decisions and shortcut any learning curve (get it right the first time). 

Instant Manifestation

Once  you've mastered basic manifestation reliably, you can move on to explore Instant Manifestation - a true super-power which can seem like magic (unless you understand what's really going on). 

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