Reality Engineers

$250.00 / month

My highest level Group Coaching/Master Mind group, for graduates of Reality Academy.

My highest level Group Coaching/Master Mind group.

NOTE: Open only to graduates of Reality Academy.

What’s included:

2 Coaching Calls per month with Melody, where you can 

  • Ask questions
  • Get coaching support to help you shift through any resistance you’ve uncovered
  • Get assistance with opening yourself up to higher frequencies (discovering and aligning with desires you haven’t even imagined yet)

A Private Facebook Group

  • Get ongoing support from Melody between coaching calls
  • Get the benefit of interacting with like-minded, down the rabbit hole peers who truly get you

Note that this will begin as a group coaching program (You ask, I answer), but will almost certainly morph into a Master Mind within a short amount of time. A Master Mind is a community of peers, where the whole group (including me!) learns from one another. I envision this group as being on the absolute cutting edge of consciousness, and I can’t wait to see what incredible insights we discover together. Yay!