Coaching Call #428 – Why Isn’t She Pregnant Yet?



This caller has been trying to get pregnant for over a year. Having a baby is both her biggest desire and biggest need. She knows the process of LOA and how to apply it, so why isn’t she pregnant, yet?

Has something gone wrong because she’s not pregnant, yet? Why don’t our biggest desires manifest straightaway? Is there a reason why our desire for something shows up before it is ready to manifest? What energy and beliefs need to be released so that her baby is ready to be born?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if your biggest desire (and need) hasn’t yet manifested.

Topics covered in this call

  • This caller has been trying to get pregnant for over a year.
  • She believes that something has gone wrong because she’s not pregnant, yet.
  • Has something gone wrong?
  • Why don’t our desires manifest straightaway?
  • Does needing something make a desire difficult to manifest?
  • Who decides when we will get pregnant?
  • Is a baby more than just a manifestation?
  • Where does a controlling energy come from?
  • How can release her belief that her sister being born was because she was bad?
  • She’s angry with God, can you release this anger constructively?
  • Are we ever inspired to have a desire that we can’t manifest?
  • How can she learn to trust herself, God and the Universe?
  • Is her belief that she’s broken true?
  • Can she be loved just for being herself?
  • How can she visualize her future children being with her?
  • When will her children come into the physical world?
  • What can she do to stay happy before her children arrive?
  • What is great training for a parent?