Coaching Call #375 – How Can She Be Authentic About Her Brother’s Transition?


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This caller recently supported her brother through a bout of mental illness, and although he was receiving support, he decided to end his own life. She trusts in the process of LOA, and what is says about people being in a good place when they die, so she feels at peace with the choice he made. Her challenge┬álies in what other people think about her beliefs, because they are still having a hard time accepting that he took his own life. To others, her grief appears to be cold. She wants to focus on what she believes to be true, which is that he has returned to pure positive energy, but this belief starts to wobble when she’s around people who don’t believe this. This makes her question the authenticity of her feelings about her brother’s transition.

Is there only one right way to show grief? Should we brow-beat people into believing our views? Has her brother returned to pure positive energy even though he took his own life? Should she show up authentically when she’s talking about her brother?

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This call is for you if you want to be authentic when you have beliefs that may be different to other people.

Topics covered in this call:

    • This caller’s brother decided, after a bout of mental illness, to end his life.
    • She has trust in the LOA process and that he’s in a good place, even though he took his own life.
    • She has challenges to this though when it comes to other people, who don’t share her view.
    • Should she worry about people’s view of her?
    • Is there only one way to grieve for someone?
    • Can we brow-beat people into excepting our views?
    • How can she show up authentically when she’s in grieve?
    • How can she stop herself from being drained by other people’s way of grieving?
    • Can being around people who are depressed or schizophrenic be contagious?
    • Why is less compassion shown for someone who commits suicide?
    • Can she honor her brother’s choice to end his life?
    • What does a non-judgmental conversation look like?