Awaken Your Power



Become a POWERFUL Spiritual Gladiator by waking up to who you truly are, and what you're capable of.

This course is not theoretical - but will actually give you an experience of your own power (if you do the included exercises).


Module 1 - Introduction

  • Course overview
  • You have power!
  • What that power actually is
  • How can you use this power of yours?

Module 2 - How you Create Physical Reality

  • What Reality Creation actually is
  • What Reality actually is
  • Technical explanation of the Law of Attraction (how it actually freaking works!)

Module 3 - Emotional Feedback System

  • How you can tell what frequency you're activating (what you're about to manifest)
  • How to use this feedback to change that frequency, so you can get what you want

Module 4 - Exercises

  • Exercise 1 - Creating Awareness
  • Exercise 2 - Deliberately Choosing a Higher Vibration

These exercises give you the practical experience of becoming aware of what you're creating and DELIBERATELY changing it, so your manifestations (yes, real world ones!) change.

Sign up now to begin TRULY exploring your POWER! 

Sign up now to begin TRULY exploring your POWER!