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Meet Tina MacDonald

Hi! I’m Tina McDonald and I am an Intuitive Life Coach with Deliberate Receiving. I have been coaching online for a few years now and simply love it! I teach the Law of Attraction and intuitively commune with your higher self to gain clarity for whatever issues you are trying to resolve. I would love to share with you about what I do, but first, let me tell you a little about me…

As far back as I can remember I could always feel and see energy.  When I was 12 years old, I lived in a 200-year-old building that used to be a monastery, and I would see ghosts of the old monks walking through doorways that no longer existed, or roaming our balcony. It was just part of everyday normal life. I come from a long line of intuitives and healers… I got my gift from my German grandmother, who was afraid to openly apply and share her abilities. I came to understand that early on in her life, she had had some scary interactions with people, who, she found, didn’t always appreciate her telling them what she saw and felt. So she chose to only share with family.  She taught me many things… most important of all, to believe in myself.

My greatest joy has always been to help people, so I got a degree in Social Work and started my career in mental health and, later, worked with the elderly in a medical setting. The most fascinating part was working with non-communicative patients, who I could access due to my ability to read their energy. One of my favorite memories from that time is working with a lady who had dementia and had not responded to outside stimuli for over 5 years… One day she turned her head, looked at me and started to speak! To say the least, it was a very intense moment.  It was the first time I recognized how powerful this energy stuff really is! I loved working with patients, but hated the stifling rules that the administration seemed to make up without rhyme or reason. They didn’t really seem to care about people, including our patients! I ended up leaving my profession, which caused me to question whether I had made a mistake… There was too much darkness in the world and I didn’t know how to fight it by myself. I felt utterly alone and spent a few years depressed. I was simply surviving…  I reached a low point in my life. One night, I asked the powers that be to take me in my sleep, just to end the suffering…  I knew good still existed in the world, but I just didn’t have access to it in my reality.

Then the most amazing thing happened… I didn’t know it at the time, but I got an answer to my prayers. Only, the Universe had a different solution in mind. A wonderful intuitive healer entered my life, which was the first of many, and I slowly learned to trust myself again. Little by little, things started to get better. I didn’t know how, but, whenever I asked for something, expressed a desire, the Universe would bring it to me… and usually much grander than I had envisioned!

I remember the moment that I finally got it… everything, everyone, all of our energy is one. My sister, Melody Fletcher, had given me a book that sat on my shelf for a couple of years, and I finally was inspired to read it. It was “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, and as I was absorbing his message, it all came together.  We are never truly alone, since we are all part of the energetic soup that makes up All That Is.

I began to study intuitive healing methods, starting with Reiki, and eventually was introduced to the Law of Attraction. At the insistence of my sister, Melody Fletcher, I got into coaching online, which has enabled me to reach people all over the world! It is my highest joy and privilege to help people to remove obstacles and to live their lives to the fullest.

Today, my life looks much different from those early days. I live on five acres in a small town in Idaho, with my husband of 18 years, two wonderful teenage boys, and three amazing puppies.

Look, if you have found this site, then you, like so many, are searching for answers on how to transform your reality. You are asking questions such as:

  • How do I find my life’s purpose?
  • How do I find my perfect partner?  Or How do I improve my relationships?
  • Can I raise my kids using the Law of Attraction?
  • How do I manifest abundance into my life?
  • How do I find a job or career that brings me joy?
  • How do I get over past hurt and trauma?
  • How do I manifest health, lose weight, release pain?
  • How do I live in peace and harmony?

You see, pain and emotions are a normal part of life… we are given these for a reason, but suffering? Suffering is unnecessary. Change is possible for everyone who is open to a different solution.

I believe in using gentle methods of release. Now, every client is unique, so I choose my methods intuitively to fit each client and their situation.  A typical session starts with a clearing exercise or a short grounding meditation. One of my favorite methods is to scan my client’s body, to feel where the energy is stagnant. I will then stream light energy at this blockage, which then enables us to work on and release emotional issues much more easily. In this way the client feels fully supported and connected to the entire universe.

I have successfully coached many women and men to literally transform their lives! If my story has inspired you and you would like to work with a coach, then I would be honored to be part of your journey.


Melody Fletcher



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