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It’s time. It’s time to step into your power. It’s time you remembered how the technology of reality works. How this game works. So you can step into the reality of your choice BY CHOICE, instead of creating by default.

Haven’t you heard the calling? That inner voice that keeps whispering (or shouting) that there’s more? That life isn’t supposed to be this hard? That you deserve to have everything you’ve ever dreamed about? And not just the stuff, the cars, the houses, the great job, the awesome relationship… although that “stuff” is great and you do get to have it. But I’m talking about your secret dreams. You know, that ones that you don’t dare even admit to yourself. The ones that say you’re here for great things? The ones that see you stepping onto a much larger stage, living a much more impactful life. The ones that make you go “Me?! Seriously? Who am I to believe that I could be that important?”

Well, you are that important. You’re here, RIGHT NOW, to play this reality game at a much bigger level. You chose to be here right now because, right now, everything is changing. The whole world is about to wake up. We’re shifting from the third dimension into the fifth dimension. That means, our perspective, our consciousness, is about to expand. GREATLY.

And those like you, who are being drawn to learn how the game works, who are being called to learn the rules early, you’re here to usher in this new age. An age of power (true power, benevolent power, peaceful power), prosperity, abundance, freedom, cooperation, and light. Not because you have to. But because you want to. Because THIS TIME, RIGHT NOW, is where it’s all happening. It’s all shifting. Not someday. Now.

I’m part of that wave, too. I’m here to help usher in that new age. That new world. And that’s why I created Reality Academy – a program that will help those like you, those being called to play this reality game at a whole different level learn how to step into the reality of your choice.
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