Use this "Crisis" to TURBOCHARGE your AWAKENING!

Live Q&A with Melody Fletcher

Call Date and Time: Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 @ 2 p.m. US Eastern Time.


This is the time we've been waiting for! This IS the awakening. We'll discuss how to not only survive this time, but use this catalyst for massive growth to make huge leaps and bounds in our own evolution (and ability to manifest). Don't miss this opportunity for massive growth (and it's associated awesomeness!).

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In this LIVE Call, You'll Discover:

- Who You Truly Are and What you're Here for (your Big Picture Purpose)

- Who You Are in the Process of Becoming (Hint, you're a Leader of the Light! And it's time to Remember!)
- Why everything is so Volatile these days. What's really going on in this crazy world
- Why You're SO Important. Yes, you. 

- Why You're SO much more powerful than you were ever told. 
- Why this Process has been So Damn Hard (and how to make it easier)
- How and Why this is all Kicking Off even MORE in 2020 and what's expected of you

- Why NOW is the time for you to Remember! 

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