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You want love! You want romance! You want to not kill your Mother in Law the next time she comes over… This page has all the resources to get you started. Attract “the ONE”! Or, get rid of the wrong one. Banish the annoying idiots from your reality! Learn to stand up for yourself in a way that’s actually effective. Or attract more awesome people to play with. Whatever your goal is, if it involves any kind of relationship with other humans, this is the page for you. Want even more awesomeness? Of course you do! Explore further and delve into over 500 blog posts and videos and over 200 pre-recorded coaching calls. You’re welcome.

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High Vibrational Parenting Tips
It’s time to talk about parenting! Over the years, I’ve been asked questions about parenting many, many times. I’ve happily[...]
Dear LOA: Can I Make Someone Fall In Love With Me?
  Coaching Call #045 came out yesterday. The topic of this call is: His Horrible Past Has Ruined His Life.[...]
Dear LOA: Is It Ok If I Leave My Husband For Another Man?
  Awesome Dudette asks: “So I guess my question is about following your heart. And following what you feel God[...]
Bowchicabowow, Or, It’s Time I Told You The Truth About The Birds And The Bees
  Today's blog post is not for the prude or the easily offended. Bring your children inside, close your curtains[...]
Should You Fix Your Dysfunctional Relationship Or Run Like Hell?
  Derrek asks, "Some people genuinely love each other despite going bat-sh*t crazy on each other each and every day.[...]
How To Stop Wanting To Slap Your Sister In Law
I've written about family issues before. I explored why we regress into a moody, irrational state around our relatives in[...]
Can I Use The Law Of Attraction To Find The Perfect Man?
It's time for another Q&A Video! Today's awesome question comes to us from Panchi, who writes: I've been using LOA[...]

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A Male Perspective - Fixing A Marriage, Communication, and WAY More Sex

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Learning To Set Boundaries With Men

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Why Do Men Keep Breaking Up With Her?

Coaching Call #079

Why Are Men Intimidated By Her?

Coaching Call #082

From Doormat to Goddess - How to Stop Being Attracted to Douchebags

Coaching Call #159

She Wants To Manifest A Marriage Proposal From Her Boyfriend