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If it’s treasure ye want, matey, ye’ve come to the right place! I have no idea why I’ve suddenly gone all pirate-y. I was going to go all rapper. Come to think of it, I’ve probably made the wiser choice… Admit it! You want money! Don’t be ashamed. Here’s a little nugget of truth for you: it’s not wrong to want money. And you can have it! The Universe wants you to have it. That’s right, you can manifest all the money your little heart has ever desired. And I’ve gone ahead and collected the most important money-manifesting resources on this site right here on this page, just for you. Because I, too, want you to have it. The money. The gold. The treasure. The parrot with an eye patch! Arrrgh. Or, you know, whatever makes your heart sing. Word. Want even more awesomeness? Of course you do! Explore further and delve into over 500 blog posts and videos and over 200 pre-recorded coaching calls. You’re welcome.

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Dear LOA: If I Have To Raise My Vibration To Get Money, How Do Douchebags Ever Get Rich?
  Last Monday’s post, Dear LOA: How Can I Stop Hating The Rich? focused on how to stop seeing those[...]
Dear LOA: How Can I Stop Hating The Rich?
  Coaching Call #085 is out! The topic if this week’s call is: She’s Afraid of Speaking her Truth Because[...]
Shouldn’t All Spiritual Services Be Free Of Charge?
  Awesome Daniel commented: “I truly appreciate your suggestions. It makes sense. Practical and intelligent. In fact, your blogs have[...]
For The Love Of Money
  Coaching Call #044 came out yesterday. The topic of this call is: All About College: Grades, Life Passion and[...]
Dear LOA: I feel Guilty Because My Partner Makes The Money
  Awesome Dudette asks: "I've been married for over ten years and my husband and I have two, wonderful little[...]
How Do You Focus Positively On Money When The Bills Are Overdue?
  [Coaching Call #016 has just been released. Today's topic: Getting Over A Divorce After Being Cheated On. I love[...]
Do You Feel Guilty About Having More Money Than Others? Part 2
  This is Part 2 of a series on the Economic "crisis". In Part 1, I explained that if you're[...]
Economic Crisis? What Economic Crisis? Part 1
  Everyone seems to be bitching about this economy (ok, not everyone in MY reality, but in a lot of[...]
Can I Use The Law Of Attraction To Win The Lottery?
I get a lot of questions emailed to me regarding different applications or aspects of the Law of Attraction. This[...]

7 MP3 Recordings

Coaching Call #015

She Wants To Make Money While Helping People (Spiritual Business)

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She Always Has "Just" Enough Money

Coaching Call #036

Making Peace With Where You Are (Literally) And Creating Fabulous Wealth

Coaching Call #095

Living At Home and In Debt – Does She Have the “Luxury” to Go After Her Passion?

Coaching Call #096

Why Can’t He Ever Hold On to Financial Success?

Coaching Call #188

How Can She Improve Her Finances And Get The Dream Career She Wants?

Coaching Call #205

From Doormat to Goddess - How to Stop Being Attracted to Douchebags