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Are you tired of working for the man (or the woman)? Do you feel like your job is sucking the lifeblood right out of you? Would you make a change in a heartbeat if you could only figure out what it is you really want to do? Or, maybe you’d love to get a different job/start your own business, but you’re held back by fear/this economy/all the bills you have to pay. Well, this is the resource page for you. Learn to attract not just a job, but your dream job, your dream career, or your dream business. Stop settling for grey cubicles when what you really want to do is drape the city in color. You have amazing gifts to share, so please stop hogging them and let all of humanity benefit from your genius, already! Oh, and get paid for it! Yeayas! Whether you need survival tactics to help you with your sucky job today, or are looking to create a whole new life, the blog posts and coaching calls on this page will help you get started. Want even more awesomeness? Of course you do! Explore further and delve into over 500 blog posts and videos and over 200 pre-recorded coaching calls. You’re welcome.

8 Blog Posts

Creating Happy Jobs – The LOA Manager
    I've written pretty prolifically about how to use the Law of Attraction to leave a job you hate,[...]
Can I Use LOA To Get Acting Jobs?
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Can I Actually Manifest Positives While Thinking Negatively?
  I was interviewed by the amazing Laura Gevanter from Present Tense Coaching yesterday. We talked about my own journey,[...]
How Doing Stuff “Just In Case” Guarantees The Worst Possible Outcome
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Is Your Job or Life Choice Spiritual Enough? (Case Study)
A friend of mine who's been receiving some coaching from me has graciously agreed to let me use one of[...]

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