Down the rabbit hole! Advanced LOA

Perhaps you already understand, fully, that your reality is simply a reflection of your energy, and you’re ready to take it to the next level. It’s no longer about Ferraris and gobs of cash for you; you want to explore deeper topics. Weird topics. Down the freaking rabbit-hole topics. Well, we’ve got you covered. I’ve gathered some of my most popular advanced LOA content on this page, just for you. Want to talk about ascension? Check. How about different dimensions and parallel universes? Check and check. Maybe you’d like to explore what God is? Checkity check. Take the red pill and find out how deep the rabbit-hole really goes. Want even more awesomeness? Of course you do! Explore further and delve into over 500 blog posts and videos and over 200 pre-recorded coaching calls. You’re welcome.

8 Blog Posts

What is the “Dark Night of the Soul”?
What exactly is the “Dark Night of the Soul”? Is it something you should be scared of? Perhaps it’s already[...]
Why You Don’t Want To Know The Future…
Do you want to know the future? I bet you do! But in today’s video, I make my case for[...]
Why is the Global Vibration Always Rising?
You may have heard me talk about the rising global vibration – that the energy is getting faster and faster,[...]
Are you ready to step into the New Earth?
So, if you’re out there reading about what’s happening energetically right now, and if you’re watching YouTube videos, you might’ve[...]
Are You In Control Of The Matrix Or At The Mercy Of It?
 Coaching Call #075 is out! The topic of this week’s call is: Her Life Was Going Great. Why Did It[...]
Dear LOA: Does God Exist?
  Coaching Call #069 is out! The topic of this week’s call is: Relationship Issues, Adultery, Self-Sacrificing Women and Anger[...]
Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Channeling
As those of you who've read several of my posts will know, I frequently mention Abraham-Hicks. I give them a[...]
Dear LOA: How Do We Manifest Death?
In my post Life After Death, Or How Life Is Like A Video Game, I explored Who We Really Are[...]

6 MP3 Recordings

Coaching Call #014

Overcoming the Fear of Connecting with Non-Physical Energy

Coaching Call #077

Her Religious Background Is Interfering With Her LOA Work

Coaching Call #110

Integrating LOA with Christianity + ADHD

Coaching Call #132

The Mechanics of LOA and How to Release Limiting Beliefs

Coaching Call #168

Making Peace With God/Finding the Courage to Perform on Stage

Coaching Call #004

Being a Spiritual Being in a Physical Body