There’s so much information out there about how you create your own reality, and how to actually control that mechanism. It can get totally overwhelming! I’ve always prided myself on being able to cut through the BS and simplify even the most complex matters.

With that in mind, I’ve personally hand-selected some of my top content in several categories and placed it on a silver platter (or, um, a webpage, whatever), just for you. Because I freaking care, dammit. Whether you’re just looking to learn more about the basics of LOA itself, attract your “dream lovah”, win the lottery, find a new awesome job, manifest a healthy, sexy body, or go way down the woo-woo rabbit hole, you’ll find a good set of introductory blog posts, videos and pre-recorded coaching calls to get you started.

You’re welcome.


Are you new to my site and not sure where to start amongst the bazillion blog posts, video and other totally awesome offerings? Well, you’re in the right place!

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