Vibrational Discord Explained

If you’ve read the articles The Purpose of Emotions and The Emotional Scale, you’ll know that our emotions serve as a feedback system, letting us know how close or far away we are from Who We Really Are. The closer we are, the better we feel. The further away we are, the worse we feel. Negative emotions are an indicator of vibrational discord. But what exactly do I mean by vibrational discord, and how does that translate into real world examples of how we manifest our reality?

Basically, vibrational discord occurs when you are offering two different frequencies on the same subject. Your vibration on a subject disagrees with the vibration of Who You Really Are (Capital YOU). Your inner being, the pure energy YOU, who you really are at your core, is always emitting a pure, positive, high vibration of love. This YOU looks at every person, being and situation (including yourself), with this love. This YOU is absolutely secure, and knows without a doubt that you can have anything you want. Any thought the physical you (little you) has that doesn’t match this high vibration, will cause vibrational discord, and therefore, negative emotions.

Example 1: You see a bum on the street. He’s drunk and he’s raving. You look at him and have a variety of thoughts. “Why does there have to be so much poverty in the world?”, “Why are people like this allowed to run around drunk? Someone should do something!”, “I really hope he doesn’t come over here and bother me. He could even hurt me!”, or “I really wish there’s something I could do for people like him. I feel so sorry for him.” Meanwhile, YOU – Who You Really Are – is looking at the bum with infinite love and compassion. This YOU never feels sorry for people, because to do so is to declare them weaker and less powerful than you. Who You Really Are knows that’s not true. This YOU are never scared because it ultimately knows you are always safe. Who You Really Are never feels helpless because it knows just how powerful you really are. Who You Really Are sees that bum as perfect, as whole, as a being in pain, reaching for relief. He is not broken, he is doing the most natural thing in the world – trying to feel better. And Who You Really Are also knows that only from this perspective, can you actually do something to help this person.

Any thought you have that doesn’t agree with the perspective of Who You Really Are, is going to feel bad. Some negative feelings are subtle, some much more intense. But you’ll never feel true joy while disagreeing with your pure, positive, energy self.

Example 2: You really want a new car. You keep thinking “I want a new car”, but what you’re really giving of vibrationally is “I can’t have a new car. New cars are expensive and I can’t afford it. It’s impossible for me to have a new car.” Meanwhile, YOU know absolutely without a doubt that you can create a new car anytime you want. No sweat. That’s the vibration YOU’RE giving off. The fact that you don’t agree with YOU creates vibrational discord. It feels horrible to want something that you don’t think you can have – because YOU know that you can have it. Your disagreement with what YOU know, with the vibration that YOU are putting out, causes the negative vibration.

Now, Who You Really Are doesn’t care about the car. It just wants you to be happy and it knows what you really want (for example if you don’t really want the car, you’re just hoping it’ll make you more attractive to the opposite sex, and so what you really want is to be loved, YOU will know it). But when you focus your thoughts on that car, YOU and you are both going to send out a vibration on that subject and if vibrational discord exists, you will feel it. Since Who You Really Are always knows what you really want, it makes perfect sense to align your vibration with YOUR’S, in order to manifest all the stuff you want. In other words, it makes sense to actively work on feeling better.


The sum of all of your vibrations constitutes your Core Vibration. This is the basic frequency at which you (notice: little you) are vibrating. The distance of this Core Vibration to Who You Really Are will create your basic emotional state. You can feel better about one subject than another, but if you have a lot of vibrational discord, you’re going to be feeling much worse in general than if you have very little discord.

The emotion you feel on a subject is determined by the distance of your vibration on that subject in relation to the vibration of Who You Really Are. But the intensity of that emotion is determined by the distance of your vibration on that subject in relation to your Core Vibration. Yes, I know this sounds confusing, so let me illustrate.



If your Core Vibration is one of feeling pretty frustrated, and you think of something that causes you to be angry, that anger isn’t going to be all that painful to you. Anger and frustration aren’t that close apart. You’re probably angry about a lot of things and you’ve kind of gotten used to it – desensitized, if you will.

But, if your Core Vibration is one of joy and hopefulness, and you think of something that makes you angry, that anger is going to be quite painful. Anger and joy are incredibly far apart on the emotional scale. In order for your Core Vibration to be one of joy, you have to have very few angry thoughts; you’re not used to them, and they will feel much worse to you than someone with a lower Core Vibration.

This is why you can raise your vibration and feel better overall, but feel worse about a subject that didn’t bother you as much before you began deliberately working with your emotions.

A lot of people who get into this work, for example, experience their problems getting bigger once they begin meditating and focusing on better feeling thoughts. Often they decide that it was their work with the Law of Attraction that made their issues worse and they want to abandon that path.

Their problems aren’t actually getting bigger, however. They have simply raised their Core Vibration, which causes lower frequencies which are still around to feel worse than they did before. They simply notice those lower frequencies more. It’s like if you have a headache and you smash your thumb with a hammer. The headache barely bothers you because your thumb is really throbbing. A doctor fixes your thumb and it stops hurting. But once the pain is gone, you begin to notice the headache more. Sure, you could decide to blame the doctor for the headache. After all, if he hadn’t fixed your thumb, you wouldn’t have ever felt the pain in your head. Or, you could realize that the headache was always there, be happy that your thumb is better and get to work on fixing the ache that’s left.

So, pay attention to how you feel, both overall and on any given subject. If you’re feeling anything less than joyful and secure, you’re not agreeing with Who You Really Are. Not only is feeling good a worthy reward in and of itself, but you’ll also get so much closer to manifesting what you really want.

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