Who We Really Are

Tapping into Universal Knowledge
Some people call it channeling. When you hear that word, you might imagine a person draped in scarves, sitting in[...]
How to Find Your Life Purpose
Most of us who are on a spiritual path (and if you're reading this, you most certainly are), begin our[...]
Recognizing Your Greatness
http://deliberatereceiving.s3.amazonaws.com/audio-files/recognizing-your-greatness.mp3 We can easily see it in other people. We can recognize their talents, encourage them to take action, to[...]
The Only Spiritual Guru You’ll Ever Need
http://deliberatereceiving.s3.amazonaws.com/audio-files/the-only-spiritual-guru-youll-ever-need.mp3 On our quest for spiritual growth, we come across a great deal of information. The internet is teeming with[...]
The Meaning of Life – Why Are We Here?
What's the meaning of life? Since the dawn of time, man and woman have been searching for the answer to[...]