The Law of Attraction, or “LOA” for short, is part of the mechanism that allows us to create our own reality. Everything you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, or everything you experience, is a manifestation of yours. What does that mean? It’s a direct response, a mirrored reflection of the energy that you’re transmitting all the time. This happens whether you’re aware of it, or not. Even while you sleep. So, there you are, transmitting all this energy (and energy contains information) and it’s mirrored back to you as a physical reality. Like a hologram. But cooler. The Law of Attraction is the mechanism that causes all of that to happen. If this were a hologram, you’d be the laser and the LOA would be the mirrors who bounce back the light. It’s not magic. It’s not a secret. It’s technology. A technology that most people don’t yet fully understand. But all of that is changing. And that’s why you’re here. Woop! Woop!


Actually, you don’t need to learn to use the Law of Attraction. You already know how. I mean, think about it. When was the last time you woke up and everything around you was just a big blank? You know… because you forgot to “use the Law of Attraction” to create your reality… It’s like breathing. Or being affected by the law of gravity. You don’t have to learn how. It just happens. LOA will always mirror back the energy you’re transmitting perfectly. So, it’s not about learning to use LOA, it’s about learning how to figure out what you’re transmitting, and how to change it to whatever it is you want to transmit, so your reality or hologram changes to whatever it is you want. That’s the key. It’s all about what you’re transmitting. Of course, this isn’t something you’ve been trained to do. In fact, you’ve been taught the complete opposite. So, is it any wonder that your reality is all over the place and filled with a bunch of crap you don’t want? It’s not your fault! It’s just a matter of education and a little bit of practice. And if you’re here, that means you’re ready to discover how all of this REALLY works. More than ready. SO. FREAKING. READY.

What is LOA?


  • Consider you’re living in a hologram
  • You’re the laser, and your reality is the hologram
  • LOA is the mirror – mechanism by which the transmission becomes the hologram
  • It’s not about using LOA
  • It’s about the transmission
  • Resources

    There’s so much information out there about how you create your own reality, and how to actually control that mechanism. It can get totally overwhelming! I’ve always prided myself on being able to cut through the BS and simplify even the most complex matters.

    With that in mind, I’ve personally hand-selected some of my top content in several categories and placed it on a silver platter (or, um, a webpage, whatever), just for you. Because I freaking care, dammit. Whether you’re just looking to learn more about the basics of LOA itself, attract your “dream lovah”, win the lottery, find a new awesome job, manifest a healthy, sexy body, or go way down the woo-woo rabbit hole, you’ll find a good set of introductory blog posts, videos and pre-recorded coaching calls to get you started.

    You’re welcome.


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