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10 A Zulu Shaman and a White Lady Talking About Race| Conscious Conversations Episode 3

In today’s Conscious Conversation, I’m joined by Makhosi Candiss, an American black woman who also happens to be a trained Zulu Shaman. She shared powerful insights about the belief structure of racism, and her experiences of being an American woman of color in Africa (hint: she encountered a whole different definition of “white”). Listen in […]

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11 A Black Lady and a White Lady Talking About Race | Conscious Conversations

What does it look like when a black lady and a white lady sit down to an open, honest, authentic and vulnerable conversation about race? Welcome to the Conscious Conversations series! The idea behind these conversations is that, as it turns out, black people and white people don’t really talk to each other about race. […]

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37 Why You Can’t Trust Anyone (And Why You Don’t Have To)

I get a lot of questions from clients and readers about them having been betrayed by someone. Perhaps a cheating spouse, or a best friend who lied, or they found out that they couldn’t count on someone in the way they thought they could. And, as you may have noticed, that feeling is being amplified […]

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