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11 What’s it like to grow up in a Black MAJORITY? | Conscious Conversations Episode 2

What does it look like when a black lady and a white lady sit down to an open, honest, authentic and vulnerable conversation about race? Well, we found out last week. This week, in the second episode of the Conscious Conversations series, we continue that conversation on a more international level. My long-time friend Sophie […]

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10 Why So Much Chaos Now??? October 2019 Energy Update | 2020 Forecast

Have you been noticing that things are getting a bit “wonky” lately? Is your memory weird? Do you have brain fog? Are you feeling a bit… off? Does time seem to be doing strange things? Well, you’re not going crazy. Something is definitely happening. And it’s a BIG thing. An exciting thing. And if you’re experiencing this, I’ve got some amazing news for you about who you are and what you’re here for.

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