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How To Get Out Of A Funk

We all get depressed from time to time. Once you have an understanding of what’s happening energetically when you’re in that funk, you can definitely find your way out of it.

How I Turned My Body from an Enemy Into a Friend

One of my claims to fame is that I was able to lose almost 100 pounds of excess weight. I’d like to describe one of the biggest “issues” I had to clear on my way to reducing my physical volume by almost 50%.

Using TV Shows to Stabilize Your Vibration

Now, tons has been written about meditation and visualization (including by me), but I haven’t seen anyone really explore how TV shows can affect us energetically except to demonize them. We can use select and deliberately chosen television shows and movies for energetic training purposes as well as entertainment. Here’s how:

How To Turn Adversity Into Adventure

You can’t control everything that happens in your life, not in the moment anyway. By looking for the adventure of it, by asking “what wonderful experience is this going to lead me to?”, you’re putting yourself into a place of positive expectation and that’s a mighty high vibration. Stay there, and your reality must change to match it, sometimes within a few minutes.

2012 and the End of the World. Not.

The last couple of years have been awash with doomsday predictions about what’s to come in the year 2012. The world will end. Tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, and for all we know, Godzilla like monsters will sweep us all right out of existence. So, since it’s 2011, and we supposedly only have about a year to live, I thought I’d do a post about cashing out and living out the rest of our lives on a beach somewhere. Or not. Most of us don’t resonate with the doomsday scenario. But something is definitely happening. So, what exactly is it, and should we be worried at all?

3 Spiritual Rules You Can Ignore

Spiritual people love to judge one another, just like everybody else. And over time, we’ve constructed numerous rules of how enlightened people ought to think and behave. I’ve dug up 3 of these and will do my best to make a case for why you can safely ignore them.

Helping Those Who Don’t Want To Be Helped

When we witness the growth moment of another, it’s easy to misinterpret it and think that it was us, the “teacher” who caused that moment of insight. But we did no such thing. The next time you find yourself about to help someone, take a moment and evaluate if you’re truly inspired, or if you think this person is someone broken and needs your help.

How Can You Be So Unrealistic?!

Being deliberately na├»ve, consciously unaware of all the problems in the world and holding a vision of what we want the world to be is not immature or stupid. Here’s why:

Happy Mother’s Day (Video)

As I was thinking about writing today’s blog post, I contemplated making it something about Mother’s day. But it didn’t really seem appropriate to dig down into parenting or relationship issues. Mother’s Day is all about expressing gratitude and appreciation. So, I thought I’d make a little video and share it with all of you. […]

How To Stop Being Offended

No one can offend you. Only you can allow yourself to get offended. Yes, I know that sounds really Zen and beautiful, but how do you actually practice this in the real world? Here’s how:

You’re On The Right Path. You Always Have Been

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people “wake up”, to have the realization that they have absolute control over their experiences here, that life is about joy, and that they not only deserve but have the ability to be happy. I feel honored to be a part of this process, and I get to see […]