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Why I Don’t Care That Tiger Woods Cheated

Everyone these days is screaming for positive role models. There just aren’t enough of them to go around. Those damn celebrities are failing to provide us with a blueprint. We need our positive role models, because we need someone to show us how to be.

How Do I Use LOA To Get Him To Commit?

You meet a guy and he seems perfect, but for some reason, he just doesn’t want anything serious? Can you use the law of attraction to get him to commit?

How Does LOA Explain the Suffering of the World?

If we create our own reality, why would we choose to be born into a third world country where people are starving? Why would we choose to create a reality where terrible things happen?

How Saying Grace Can Help You Lose Weight

The original purpose of saying grace was simply to align with the energy of your food before eating it. Learn how to do this and how it can help you to lose weight.

Are You A Zombie?

Are you really living or merely existing? Zombies exist. Humans live. Which one are you?

The Truth about Drug (and other) Addictions

The drug war is based on the premise that if we just push hard enough against something, it will eventually go away. But once we understand how the law of attraction works, we can see why this approach has only made the problem worse. This article explains what addiction is and offers some alternative solutions.

Why We Fall For Weight Loss Scams

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had moments when we throw rational thinking out the window and put our faith in some snake oil, even when we know it’s not going to work. If we look at this from a law of attraction perspective, however, it actually begins to make sense. And then we can do something about it.

What Casino Dealers Know About Calming Down Angry People

One of the reasons that stint as a casino dealer was valuable, was because it taught me a great deal about how to deal with people, especially when they’re upset. So, you’re faced with someone who’s angry, maybe even screaming and cursing at you. What do you do now?