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Grow A Pair! Overcoming Your Fear of Confrontation

Just mentioning the word confrontation is enough to make a lot of people break out in a sweat. Why is that? Find out where this fear comes from and how to successfully confront people in a way that leave both parties in a better feeling place.

The Anatomy Of An Abusive Relationship

Why do some men abuse women? Why do some women allow themselves to be abused? There is an underlying belief structure at the core of abusive relationships, which this articles seeks to explore.

How to Focus – VLOG

In this Law of Attraction work, we talk a lot about focus. But what if you’re having trouble focusing? Here are some tips to help you strengthen those wimpy focusing muscles.

You Already Know What Your Purpose Is

You’ve always known what your purpose is. You’ve just been dismissing it for one reason or another. Stop doing that and become who you really are.