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My Effortless LOA Weight Loss So Far

My (Effortless) LOA Weight Loss So Far…

  Ok, the day has finally come. I’ve made a weight loss video. Although I’m not technically “done” with my journey, it’s become far too obvious now not to notice, and you’ve asked me to share what I can about what I’ve learned about effortless, torture-free, deprivation-free weight loss. Which is what I’m doing at […]

Loa Client Testimonial - Laurel

Her Life Changed Completely with LOA! (Client Testimonial)

I had so much fun telling you some client stories last week, I thought it might be nice for you to hear directly from one of my clients, today. Meet Laurel and hear why she started to study LOA, how she’s benefitted from understanding the Technology of Reality, and how her life (and herself!) has […]

LIVE LOA Q and A And Coaching Call This Friday

LIVE LOA Q and A (and Coaching!) Call this Friday!

  As you may know, I opened enrollment for my newest baby – LOA Academy – last Friday. As part of that announcement, I decided to try something new: I held 2 Webinars to give some teaching and announce the Academy Opening. Now, I’ve never done a Webinar before, and to be honest, I wasn’t […]

Why Did This Manifestation Happen to Me

Why Did This Manifestation Happen To Me?! (Client Story)

  Do you ever wonder WHY something happened to you? Why have you been single for so long? Why did you manifest a crappy boss? Why did you stub your toe? Today’s client story will shed some light on manifesting this type of clarity. There’s so much POWER in actually understanding your manifestations, because when […]

Manifesting Stuff with the Law of Attraction - Client Story

Manifesting “Stuff” with the Law of Attraction (Client Story)

  So many of the questions I get are from people asking how to manifest “stuff”. We’re talking about houses, money, cars, beautiful clothing and more. These are the physical manifestations that you can touch, feel, and even smell. Is it wrong to want stuff? No at all! In fact, by manifesting stuff successfully, you’ll […]

Can LOA Heal Deep Trauma and Wounds - Client Story

Can LOA Heal Deep Trauma and Wounds? (Client Story)

  We all LOVE manifestation stories, don’t we? They help us understand and believe that we, too, can truly manifest our reality. I get a lot of questions from readers asking me if they can manifest this or that using the Law of Attraction. And, of course they can (no matter what it is)! So […]

Why is Your Biggest Manifestation Taking So Long

Why is Your Biggest Manifestation Taking So Long?!

  Do you ever get frustrated because even though you believe that you can actually create your own reality, and you’ve even had some success with it, the thing you want THE MOST, is just taking its sweet old time!? Well, then today’s video is for you. We’re going to be talking about time, and […]

Why You can't trust anyone and why you don't have to

Why You Can’t Trust Anyone (And Why You Don’t Have To)

I get a lot of questions from clients and readers about them having been betrayed by someone. Perhaps a cheating spouse, or a best friend who lied, or they found out that they couldn’t count on someone in the way they thought they could. And, as you may have noticed, that feeling is being amplified […]

Does LOA Ruin Lives?

I decided to reply to a YouTube audience member who chose the comment section under one of my videos to declare that the Law of Attraction ruins lives and is therefore evil.

Why are Suicide Rates rising - Plus a solution

Why are Suicide Rates Rising? + a Solution

The rising suicide rate has been a huge topic of conversation lately, due, in part, to some high-profile deaths. When someone commits suicide, it can affect us profoundly, even if we didn’t know them personally. It makes us feel so helpless. Why do people kill themselves in the first place? How could we have stopped […]

I’m back! And so is the snark…

Where are the leaders? Where are the leaders of the light? Where are those who stand for love, for inclusiveness, for compassion and kindness?