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LIVE LOA Q and A And Coaching Call This Friday

LIVE LOA Q and A (and Coaching!) Call this Friday!

  As you may know, I opened enrollment for my newest baby – LOA Academy – last Friday. As part of that announcement, I decided to try something new: I held 2 Webinars to give some teaching and announce the Academy Opening. Now, I’ve never done a Webinar before, and to be honest, I wasn’t […]

Why is Your Biggest Manifestation Taking So Long

Why is Your Biggest Manifestation Taking So Long?!

You have your one big desire, the thing that’s been driving you forward for years, the thing that maybe even motivated you to start searching for “alternative” information such as reality creation and the law of attraction. You want this thing SOOOO much!

Does LOA Ruin Lives?

I decided to reply to a YouTube audience member who chose the comment section under one of my videos to declare that the Law of Attraction ruins lives and is therefore evil.

Why are Suicide Rates rising - Plus a solution

Why are Suicide Rates Rising? + a Solution

The rising suicide rate has been a huge topic of conversation lately, due, in part, to some high-profile deaths. When someone commits suicide, it can affect us profoundly, even if we didn’t know them personally.

I’m back! And so is the snark…

Where are the leaders? Where are the leaders of the light? Where are those who stand for love, for inclusiveness, for compassion and kindness?