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How You Can Help Your Child Defeat The Boogie Man

Children have been seeing the Boogie Man throughout the ages. But what if he’s real? Well, he is. What they are seeing is energy. And here’s what you can do to help them control what they focus on and banish their fear.

Using The Law of Attraction To Get Over A Breakup

When someone breaks up with us, it hurts like a mofo. But it’s not because of the reasons you think it is. And there is a way back to happy, shiny puppy land. Read this post, inspired by a reader’s question to find out how to mend our broken heart.

Intuitive Eating For Stress Freaks – Part II

This is Part 2 of the series on Intuitive Eating for the super busy, stressed out, overachieving individuals among you. How can you implement this way of life when you don’t even have time to breathe?

Intuitive Eating For Stress Freaks – Part I

I wanted to know what people wanted to know about intuitive eating. What stood out was, “How do I implement this way of eating if I’m a super busy, sleep deprived, workaholic stress freak?” Well stress no more, freaks. I shall answer that question. Fully. Thoroughly. And lengthily.

How To Figure Out What You Want When You Haven’t Got A Clue

What if you haven’t got a clue what you really want? What if the only thing you’re really sure of is that where you are right now, definitely isn’t it? What if nothing seems to resonate with you? How do you figure it out? Ok, Ok, I’ll tell you how.

Intuitive Eating – Best. Diet. Ever.

Biologically speaking, we are primates, not all that far removed from the pig, apparently. And all animals have instincts. So do we. If we learn to listen to those impulses, we can construct the perfect diet for ourselves.

The Painful Flipside Of Being Adopted – Case Study

In this case study, I’ll take you inside a coaching session with a client who connected with and released the pain he’d always felt around having been adopted. You’ll witness the evolution through these complex emotions from both his perspective and mine.

Orchestrating Quantum Leaps For Lighting-Fast Personal Growth

Quantum Leaps can be a bitch. They’re uncomfortable, they’re incredibly hard to hold on to and they require recovery time. They can, however, give you a glimpse of what’s possible and permanently take you to a higher vibration. With that in mind, here’s what I know about quantum leaps and why you may actually want to go for one.

How To Take Your Relationship From Fizzle To Sizzle

Maybe it’s the summer heat. Everyone wants to get it on, keep it on, take it off, put it back on or trade it in. Disclaimer: I will not be responsible for any fires caused by genitals exploding in the heat of passion.

Take This Job and Love It

This is Part II in the series on manifesting the job you love. It’s totally possible for you to create the job you love, starting today. Here’s how:

How to Love Your Sucky Job

Do you hate your job? It’s absolutely possible to feel better about the job you have right now, and in fact, it’s a requirement of creating a better environment.