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Can The Law Of Attraction Help You Get Pregnant?

How do you detach when what you want is to bring another human being into this world and hopefully not screw it up? How do you line up your energy so that you can conceive a child?

Be Careful What You Wish For! And Other Fairytales

We’ve all heard it: “Be careful what you wish for!” It seems harmless, but this little myth is actually at the heart of a rather pervasive fear that keeps people from living the lives they truly want.

Can The Law Of Attraction Give You Cancer?!

Can thinking about cancer give you cancer? Is our overwhelming focus on cancer causing more people to get ill? Yes and no. Cancer is a symptom of resistance. No resistance, no cancer. However…

When Love Is Painful – How To Use the LOA To Get Over A Crush

What if you have a deep, hopeless crush on another person and you can’t think about anything else but them? In this situation, detaching from them, may represent a quantum leap. Here are some strategies you can use to get over your crush and feel better:

How To Stay Young Until You Die Without Dying Young

If some chronologically “young” people are actually old and some chronologically “old” people are actually young, then our date of birth or number of wrinkles clearly don’t have to determine how old we truly are. We can all stay young forever, we just have to remember how.

Becoming a Money Magnet – How To Make Money Your Bitch

While one blog post can’t address all the limiting beliefs people hold about money, this post can address some ways in which you can raise your GENERAL money vibration, and begin the process of making money your bitch. Are you ready to become one of the freakin’s awesome cool rich?

How My Tree-Huggery Self Made Peace With Traditional Medicine

There was a time when I hated doctors. But once I got over my anger, I realized that all healing modalities have their place – including doctors of traditional medicine. Find out how I made peace with the idea that doctors play an important part in the healing process.

So I Got Hacked. Apparently Because I’m A Dingwad

As most of you are aware of, the host on which my blog sits got hacked this week. How the hell could this have happened to me, of all people? Find out what happened and what I learned.

How To Be Happy All The Damn Time

You’re supposed to be happy. Generally and mostly. Your baseline, meaning how you feel the majority of the time, is supposed to be joy. I will not tell you how to be happy ALL THE DAMN TME. But I will explain why you don’t have to be, why it’s not only impossible, but actually not something you’d want.