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Do We HAVE TO Engage with negative emotions during meditation

Do We HAVE TO Engage With Our Negative Emotions During Meditation?

This caller that her meditations feel really good as she focuses only on positive things. How does this fit into my teachings that we have to allow our negative emotions? Is she doing it wrong? Is this type of meditation just a way to avoid doing the work, or can this actually be helpful? Listen […]

How to Hold Your Energy During Chaos

How to Hold Your Energy During Chaos + Fearing Change

These are volatile, uncertain times… Societal structures are breaking down more and more. Things are clearly changing. But how are we supposed to hold our energy during this time of chaos? And what will all this change lead to? How do we manage all the fear this brings up? This week’s Q and A video […]

How to Be An Uplifter Without Sacrificing Yourself

How To Be an Uplifter Without Sacrificing Yourself

If you’ve ever sacrificed yourself in order to “help” someone else, or if you feel guilt or shame around the idea of NOT helping someone in “need”, this video is definitely for you.

How to Get Into the Channeling State

How to Get Into the Channeling State

Channeling, or receiving messages from your guides or the Universe, is an innate ability. Here’s how to discover and improve this valuable skill.

Pre-cursors vs Manifestations

Pre-cursors vs. Manifestations

You’re seeing your manifestation show up all over the place, but you don’t have it yet? What’s taking so damn long??