A Black Man and a White Lady Talking About Race and Life| Conscious Conversations Episode 5

In today’s Conscious Conversation, I’m joined by Chuck Fluker, an American man who just happens to be black. Chuck is a holistic body worker which, as a black man, makes him kind of a unicorn. I loved being able to hear his perspective! We explored not only personal experiences, but delved into the roots of the systemic oppression of all people. At a time when deep, meaningful conversations seem to be in short supply, it’s more important than ever to practice real, authentic connection. I hope you’re uplifted by this latest video.




Resources mentioned on the call:

Stamped from the Beginning (Book)

Animal Farm (Book) – Heads up! The Audible version is free right now!


Find Chuck at: https://urmassage.com/


Coaching Call #431 is out! The topic of this week’s call is: How Can She Release Her Fear Of Wanting Love?

This caller has a pattern of giving more than she receives back in relationships. Recently she was in quarantine and two of her friends didn’t check in with her which hurt, because as a friend she would have done this and more. This experience brought up a feeling of being alone and having no-one there for her. However, the one thing she has a real hard time with, is receiving love – allowing herself to let people give to her the way she gives to them.

In today’s call we explore why she can’t receive love in the same way as she gives love. What childhood beliefs are behind her inability to allow love to flow to her? Why does needing love feel so bad to her? And, how can she learn to stream love to herself and experience the true meaning of love from someone else?

Listen in to find out more!

This call is for you if you find it difficult to receive love.

Read the full call summary and access the call HERE.


Thanks so much for watching this installment of Conscious Conversations. If you feel that your voice, or the voice of a group you identify with isn’t being heard, and you’d like to participate in a public conversation like this, or if you know someone who would be perfect for this format, please contact me through my website at MelodyFletcher.com.

Otherwise, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. Did you enjoy this format? Were there any aha moments? Were you left with more, unanswered questions that you may want us to answer in future conversations? Did you get uncomfortable? Were you able to sit through the discomfort and come to a new understanding? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Avatar Farah says:

    The comment about ‘white is better‘ is inherently associated with colonialism. Same attitudes existed in India and China. The word ‘ kowtow’ Comes from that ( in China/hongkong) Both class based/colour based/pecking order based.

    • Avatar Melody Fletcher says:

      Wow Farah. Thank you so much for that. I’m getting more and more into the Etymology of words these days, as I’m finding the “true” meaning of words are often hidden. And rediscovering those meanings can lead to many insights. Thanks so much for joining the conversation! <3

  • Avatar LJ Sullivan says:

    Thank you, Chuck and Melody, for sharing your conversation with me. Most valuable for my own growth was absorbing this whole approach of “gathering data” in conversations. (rather than my default mode of seeking to convince or dismissively judging those who have reached different conclusions! ).
    If the old saying “united we stand and divided we fall” has validity, then gathering data from everyone may be a way to begin to connect our precious diversity.

  • Avatar Destiny says:

    Really important conversation to have, and especially helpful to me as I’m trying to understand how to be a better human being, and what my whiteness means both for me, and for others who are not me. I love how frank you are and your no BS vibe. Thank you so much for sharing x

  • This is a topic worth talking about. I actually enjoyed reading through. I hope you get some new wisdom from my article as well.


  • Avatar Mary says:

    hi does this blog still exist? Is Melody OK?

    • Avatar Melody Fletcher says:

      Hey Mary,
      Yes, I’m ok. I’ve just been working behind the scenes a lot in the last few months. Feeling inspired to work publicly again soon. My current idea is to hold a big, public Q and A call, so I can see where people are at, and create public teachings off of what people are actually struggling with (as opposed to general teachings. You know I like to get specific). What do you think? 🙂


      • Avatar Mary says:

        Hi Melody, I’m glad you are doing well. A Q&A is a great idea but your teachings are never “general”. They address very specific issues with very real people all the time. You just don’t know who and when most of the time. When reading your blogs you addressed many issues with me, like I did not know I want/need to know “this or that”. I am sure the same applies to many more people. That we all still have questions is certainly true, but I, and I am sure many others, miss the “general” blogs. Because they will address an issue sooner or later. If the message of a “general” blog goes over my head the day it was posted, I may well get the benefit later when I search for something in your great library. All the best with your new plans.

        • Avatar Melody Fletcher says:

          Thanks so much for the feedback Mary. Still waiting for that specific inspiration here, but I can feel it building… yay!

  • Avatar Dannie says:

    Hi Melody I just wanted to say, thank you so much for your blog!! It helped me back in 2013 quit my job and I have been free and provided by the universe ever since! I owe you so much! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!! <3<3<3

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