An Enlightened Take on #MeToo and Kavanaugh/Ford

I’ve been getting a TON of questions lately, asking me to share a (hopefully) better feeling perspective on the whole Judge Kavanaugh and Christine Ford situation. Apparently, this is a massively triggering issue, which is, once again, asking us to look at women’s role in society (including how they see themselves), the #MeToo movement, and the system oppression we still seem to be facing.

But… is it really all that bad? Or can we actually spot real signs of things getting better and better?

Watch the video below to hear what I’ve been telling my private clients.




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I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about the Judge Kavanaugh and Christine Ford debacle. If you’re not aware of what’s going on there; there’s a Supreme Court Justice nominee, and a woman has come forward and accused him of raping her in high school.

And so, I’m getting a lot of questions about that, including the Me Too movement, and I thought: You know what? Why don’t I go ahead and make a video, and address it? So, that’s what we’re talking about today. Stay tuned!

Hey, it’s Melody Fletcher, and I’ve been getting so many questions lately about the Judge Kavanaugh and Christine Ford situation. And everything that’s bringing up in our society as a whole, because this issue’s coming up more and more, in more and more places, along with the #MeToo movement. I received a question the other day, one of many, from Awesome Natasha who says:

(Regarding this situation) “I feel really triggered for some reason. Very powerless and sad about the fact that a man’s career is considered more important than a woman’s safety and right to not be sexually assaulted. I guess I feel like it’s pretty obvious that he’s lying, and it feels sickening that his life is more valuable than hers. It makes me wonder what year this is.

Taking responsibility for our powerlessness

Ok! A lot of people, not just women, are feeling this way at the moment. But, a lot of women are absolutely feeling this way, because what’s coming up is this very old – I want to even say ancient, powerlessness, that we women have within us. Now, men have their own powerlessness; don’t worry about it. But, this is one that we definitely carry around with us; and this is not the victim blaming thing. People always accuse us LOA’ers of victim blaming! This is not victim blaming, I’m not blaming the victim. I think men assaulting women, sexually, is atrocious. It’s happened to me in my life, and I’ve had to clear the powerlessness there as well.

But, we do have to always take responsibility for our own vibration, so that we can heal these things. Because, for 100’s of years, we’ve been trying to say, the men need to change; the men need to change. And yes, there will be changes in the men, but when you understand this work, you know you have to take responsibility first, and say: “Ok, what within me needs to heal?” Not: “What within me is my fault?” But: “What within me needs to heal?”

And as Awesome Natasha has demonstrated in her question, she is trying to do that work. She’s reaching out to somebody like me and saying: “What is it within me that’s causing me to get triggered? What is it within me that I can heal?” And so, there’s all this powerlessness coming up, and with it comes anger and rage. “How dare they; how dare they say that our lives aren’t valuable. How dare they say that a man’s life is more valuable than ours. How dare they say a man’s career is more valuable than a woman’s career.” And, all those: “How dare they sexually assault us. How dare they not believe us. How dare they….” And so, I wanted to explain a couple of things:

First of all – well done Awesome Natasha for starting to take responsibility for yourself, for your own vibration, and working through that; because that’s where we always have to start.

We don’t know what really happened

Second of all; now, while we don’t actually know what happened; you say, it’s obvious that he’s lying – we each have our own opinion. I have my own opinion; I can read the energy. And so, I might tell you my opinion, but…. Haha!! But really, we weren’t there! We weren’t there. And so, how do we really know what happened? Let’s not start with the premise of: This is definitely true; or this is definitely false. Which is where people on both sides are! “He’s definitely lying.” – “She’s definitely lying.” Let’s start from a premise of saying, “All of us having this discussion right now, have not freaking’ idea what actually happened; we have to go off of what we’re seeing and the reactions that we’re seeing. And so, if you take that out of it, that you get to judge whether or not it happened, or even that you have to judge whether or not it happened – just remove that and stick with where you are right now.

And, what we have here is a situation where a professional woman has come forward, after many, many years, and said, “This happened to me. This man assaulted me.” And then, we can see his reaction off of that. Right? And, I actually had to go look up the transcripts because when I first got a question from somebody about this, I had no idea what they were talking about. This hadn’t even hit my radar. But, I went and looked at some of the transcripts, and what we can see from the reactions – made me happy. I know that you’re sitting there right now going, “What?! Are you a sociopath?” Nope!! Let me explain why it made me happy.

Things have started to change

I’m not happy about the fact that women still have a long way to go; and that women are still routinely not believed. And that claiming and coming forward with an accusation of sexual assault can ruin the woman’s life. Now, it’s starting to ruin some men’s life too, but mostly, it’s just going to ruin the woman’s life. What I’m happy about is the changes I’m seeing; because I’m not delusional, I know how bad it used to be. And, I can tell you from personal experience, if you’re looking at it over the course of my lifetime – and, if you’re 20 years old, maybe you haven’t seen that much yet – but over the course of my lifetime, which isn’t that long, I’ve seen tremendous change; tremendous change in this issue. Those of us who are old enough to remember this whole thing already having gone down with Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. If you remember back to that, the entire thing was a total shit-show. I mean, everybody just shit on Anita. That’s basically what it was!

She was a professional woman coming forward with claims and she was laughed out of there!! She wasn’t even given any credibility; the media tore her apart. This is a little different. Not that much time has passed, but this is very, very different.

Women are starting to be believed more

We had Senators telling Christine Ford that she was absolutely not on trial, and they kept reminding each other this was not a trial of Christine Ford, this was a job interview for Judge Kavanaugh. And the public did not respond with an automatic, overwhelming, “Oh my God! The bitch!! I can’t believe that she would say this. She’s obviously lying.” So, the response may not have been overwhelmingly, “Oh my God! This guy is a horrible dude.” It was mixed, but the fact that it isn’t all one sided in the negative anymore, or the unwanted for, people who believe Christine Ford, is a really good sign that women are more believed. And, we can always look at it and go, “Well, we’re not believed 100%.” Ok; but we’re more believed than we ever have been. There’s more credence.

Why the good guys don’t understand what’s going on with women right now

I want to also explain something that I think a lot of people don’t know. And that is, because I have great compassion for both sides. I have great compassion for all the men that are out there right now, who are really confused by what’s going on, who are getting really angry, who have their own powerlessness to deal with. Like I said, they have theirs too. And, it’s because, here’s the thing:

Everybody only really understands their own experience and their own perspective. And, the majority of men out there, the great majority of men out there, the silent majority, the ones that you barely ever hear from; they’re good guys. They’re not creeps. They’re good guys. And, this is why it’s so hard for them to understand what is happening with women right now, and why they’re freaking out so much. Because, they’ve never seen this behavior; they’ve never witnessed this behavior. It wouldn’t occur to anyone of them to sexually assault a woman, to force a woman into a situation that clearly makes her incredibly uncomfortable. Or even to force her to have sex, or to rape her. This doesn’t occur to these kinds of men! That’s not where their thoughts are, and they have a hard time believing that anybody who seemed like them, that they can identify with, would do something like that. Because they would not do something like that. And so, they think that we’re accusing all these men of doing things that they didn’t do, and that they didn’t know were wrong. And so, they’re thinking, “Well, you know, in the 80’s sometime, I told some woman that her hair looked nice; is she going to come back and now cry sexual assault?”

That’s not what we’re talking about, guys!! That is not what we’re talking about!

These guys actually committed sexual assault, and they knew it was WRONG.

Oh, go fuck yourself, if you think – “Oh, I didn’t know that whipping out my penis in a business meeting was wrong.”

Yes, you did!! Yes, you did!

Women blame themselves for a sexual assault

So, we’re talking about real creepy dudes here. We’re not talking about the majority of men; we’re talking about real creepy dudes. And yes, they did do that, but here’s the thing: They seem normal; they seem nice, they seem professional, to everyone, including the woman that was assaulted. And, I cannot tell you how many women, if not all of them, have sat there, after having something happen to them, and thought, at least partially, maybe this was my fault. Because it’s so hard to believe that this seemingly upstanding citizen, seemingly nice guy, that everybody else thinks is a nice guy too, that you thought was a nice guy, could do something so horrific. And, it takes us a long time to overcome that; that feeling of, maybe I provoked it somehow. Maybe, it’s my fault because he’s just; he doesn’t seem like that kind of person. If it’s some evil guy that looks like a predator, and that grabs you in the park, that’s something different. But most sexual assaults actually happen by people that we know.

Why some people find a sexual assault difficult to believe

And so, what happens is that we have such a hard time believing that somebody, who seems that nice, could possibly do that to us, that we sometimes actually question our own sanity. And so, I totally understand why people who didn’t even witness that, and have never witnessed it, have never experienced it; if a woman who’s been subject to sexual assault most of her life can hardly believe it, then how can we expect somebody who’s never even witnessed that, that sort of thing even goes on?

It’s not that these nice guys, these good guys, are being assholes by not instantly believing us. It’s that we’re asking them to make a big paradigm change, where they understand that the world does not work the way that it did. And, that their friend might actually be a predator, and knows full well what he’s doing. This is not a case of mistaken identity, this is not a case of saying something wrong at the wrong time, and then, it coming back to haunt you 40 years later. Because you told somebody she looked nice, or because you asked somebody out at work, and now she’s like, “RAPE!” That’s not what we’re talking about here. What we’re talking about is real sexual assault that actually happened, and it happens much more often than people think it does.

You would be shocked if you saw some of the clients that I deal with; and how often I have to deal with healing sexual assault in children – in children – childhood sexual assault, ritualistic sexual assault. You wouldn’t believe how much of that I see in my practice. And, the reason that I do is because this is pretty rampant.

Women coming forward can ruin their lives

Now, that doesn’t mean I want to scare anybody and say like: “Oh, rapists are everywhere!” No, they’re not!! But, let’s just wrap our head around the fact that there is more of that going on than maybe you thought. And, let’s open up our minds to the idea that these women predominately are telling the truth. How do I know these women are predominately telling the truth? Well, first of all, I can read their energy. And, second of all, I can tell you, with no reading energy, just logic, that to come forward and to make an accusation like that can still, to this day, and certainly up until a couple of years ago, pretty much guarantee, was going to ruin the woman’s life. Ruin her life!

I mean, look at what happened to poor Monica Lewinsky. That wasn’t even sexual assault. That was just something we considered inappropriate. And when we can all agree that if you’re going to judge the situation as inappropriate, wouldn’t it be on the guy who was married, and her boss; who took advance of the situation?? No, we destroyed her life. Right? Because she’s the woman!

That was not that long ago. So, let’s just think about this for a minute; how, even an intelligent, professional woman who has options, who has access to a lawyer, might really hesitate to come forward and make such an accusation. Because you know what? She may just be adding insult to injury. She just wants it over with, she just wants it to go away; she wants to get on with her life. She wants to heal from it, and putting yourself through this kind of process; even as Christine Ford, years later is discovering – is brutal. Even in today’s time. What year are we in? We’re in 2018. It is better than it has ever been; it is nowhere near where we want it to be; but it is better than it has ever been.

And, that’s the point that makes me happy.

Because men are waking up and struggling with this situation. Women are waking up; the #MeToo movement is all about rage and anger coming out, and women standing up and saying, “No more! No more.” Raising awareness of the fact that this happens, and this happens to a lot of us. I was one of the people who put my hand up in #MeToo. Absolutely has happened to me; happened to me several times in my life. Not recently, but it has happened.

Stepping into empowerment

And, these were things that I could shift within myself; these were things that I could heal within myself. So now, I don’t attract sexual predators anymore. I did, even in childhood. But, I no longer do. And so, that’s that taking responsibly. I know what that looks like, and this is the beginning of what that really looks like, of stepping into empowerment. This is what it looks like. People get mad, people stand up; people aren’t going to take it anymore. And, what I’m watching for is the crowd’s reaction, the overall reaction; and watching for that to move into a different direction. And, I absolutely see that. Is it where we want it to be? No! And we can acknowledge that, while also acknowledging and celebrating how far we have come, and that the tide is turning; that things are getting better.

What we want is balance

Now, that doesn’t mean that we should let up. Let’s keep raising awareness, let’s keep getting mad, let’s keep shouting it out; let’s keep healing, let’s keep working on ourselves. Let’s keep acknowledging what you don’t want, and looking at what we do want instead. And, what we want instead, as far as I’m concerned, is not to put men in their place, and rule above them. What we want is balance. We’ve had the extremes, let’s have balance; where men and women can just be with each other as human beings. Where we can partner up, we can work together. We can be friends together; we can be friends without having to have sex. Oh my God! That’s a whole different video. Where we can be comfortable with each other; where we’re not fighting each other, where it’s not us against them. Where we have compassion for each other. And, that means that we women have to have compassion for the men too.

Have compassion for men

I know that’s going to rile a lot of feathers because you’re thinking, “Arrrh! We’ve had compassion for them for years!! When’s it going to be our turn?” Just compassion for the idea that this may be a bigger pill for them to swallow. Because it’s been a pretty big pill for us to swallow. It took us a lot of years to fully understand that it’s not our fault. They still have to go through some of that. It’s not going to take them as long, but they still have to go through some of that. And, you have to understand that men – the good guy men – have not been witnessing this. They have not been witnessing this and shutting their eyes to it.

Now, as they start to wake up, they may realize that they have been witnessing some of it on the periphery. And they just didn’t understand what they were seeing; and now they’re getting it more. “Oh my God! That guy was a creep. I didn’t even realize.” But, it’s a big realization to have about people that you, maybe really care about, or think are really nice or even look up to.

And so, see how many times, how many women had to come forward about Cosby before the collective consciousness went. “Oooh, oh God! I think he actually did all that stuff.” It’s so hard to believe when somebody’s seems nice and normal. It’s really hard to believe.

My opinion on the Kavanaugh, Ford Situation

So, I told you I’m going to give you my opinion on the Kavanaugh, Ford situation. Yeah; he’s a – he’s lying! I’m going to keep it real clean now, but he’s lying!! He’s lying. That’s really apparent!! He’s caught out; and the thing that I’m looking at is: This is somebody who’s up to be a judge, to be a Supreme Court Justice, which is, arguably the most trusted position in the entire country – and he can’t take responsibility. He went right back into high school energy, and went, “Nah! I didn’t do it! No brah, no brah, I didn’t do it.” That was what I was reading off of him.

And so, I would have liked to see somebody who is up for that kind of job interview, for that kind of position, take more responsibility, and say: “You know what? Yes, this happened; and here’s what happened, and I feel deeply ashamed. And, I think that we need to raise more awareness about this.” And, would it have maybe ended his Supreme Court Justice shot for that position? Maybe! But, I would have had a great deal more respect for him if he did that. If he just took responsibility; not in a – I didn’t know it was wrong – kind of way, but like – I didn’t really understand the repercussions of what I was doing. And, I didn’t fully understand what I was doing – Because, that’s actually the truth. Because, people who do that, especially when they’re drinking, and they’re young; they don’t fully understand what they’re doing. That is not to let them off the hook, not letting anybody off the hook here, but it’s just saying, let’s bring some light to every piece of this conversation, and let’s start taking responsibility.

Own it when you’ve done something wrong

So, if you’ve done something wrong in the past; you know what? Own it, and move on from it. Allow yourself to heal from it, by owning it. And, understand that you may have played into that energy, unwittingly, unknowingly, or only half knowingly. But, I do not for a second accept that an adult male, in his 40’s, who is whipping his penis out in boardrooms, or touching women’s body parts, or pressuring them for sex, doesn’t have an inkling that, that’s wrong. I’m sorry; you fucking do!!

Bottom Line

Alright! So, there was my slight soapbox video about the MeToo movement and the Judge Kavanaugh, Christine Ford situation. Hopefully, it was able to give you some relief, or some things to think about. If you want to get on your own soapbox, go ahead and do it in the comments. Always respectfully, otherwise, we do remove your comments. No trolls allowed, but if you want to add respectfully to this conversation, then I absolutely welcome that.

Until next week; I’m Melody Fletcher, and I’m sending you huge happy shinny puppies hugs; as well as, I want to thank you for bringing your light to this world. Bye.


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  • Avatar Cordy says:

    Here’s a basic LOA 101 question that I don’t think I understand:

    I’m realizing (over and over and over… it would be great if I hit the bottom of this, Universe) just how powerless I’ve felt/vibrated most of my life. I’ve obediently put other faces on that to please people around me. But a deep, deep well of powerlessness has been the real truth.

    So on the one hand, being pissed off does feel good. On the other hand, I’m not really in a place where I can see this the way you see it, and genuinely focus on the positive aspects of this. Like, you suggesting that you might have compassion, I don’t have the ability at this time to be both angry AND compassionate. I just slip back into my lifetime’s worth of practice at feeling guilty and shitty. Oh, it’s bad of me to be angry, I should be more compassionate. (That’s something I’m very, very familiar with. But obviously it’s a fake compassion, it isn’ a real focusing on positive aspects, it’s just a guilty cop-out to stay away from my own fury, I guess.)

    Here is a HUGE thing for me right now:

    I keep feeling like I’m going crazy, tin-foil hat, conspiracy crazy. Not even big huge conspiracies like “the moon isn’t even real” or something. But like this whole recent situation has made me feel like I’m waking up from a dream where I obediently believed that we all believed in equality and meritocracy. And the reality is that there’s one set of rules for powerful men from the right backgrounds, and another set of rules for everyone else.

    I feel so split about this feeling. Part of me really fights it! No, that isn’t true, I’m just having paranoia and craziness… Part of me feels bad when I think this, that there’s a system devoted to propping people like Kavanaugh up and keeping people like me down. (I get that the enlightened view is that I am that system – but I’m not enlightened enough to actually feel it, LOL.)

    Another part of me feels like FUCK YEAH, that’s totally true, at last my various life experiences where I worked twice as hard for a quarter of the results make sense.

    I don’t know. I’m feeling very confused and like I keep not knowing how much to trust what’s coming up for me. Should I just trust that temporarily immersing myself in the “conspiracy theory” that people are intentionally keeping me down will eventually lead to more empowerment?

    I FEEL LIKE I’M LOSING MY MIND. HALP. I’m also getting weirdly half-depressed, half-soothed feelings out of reading things by people who think we’re headed for an economic collapse. WHAT IS GOING ON?????

  • Avatar Ray says:

    Wrong in the first minute!!!!! She didn’t accuse him of ‘rape’ —– she accused him of trying to undress her and laid on her! Too bad some of us are hooked on ‘mainstream media’ and ‘believe’ everything they say instead of looking at the actual ‘evidence’ such as her letter!
    On the positive side your video on losing weight was a ‘home run’!!! Thankyou!!!

    • Avatar Emi says:

      Come on, Ray, trying to undress her and lay on top of her – does that not remind you of an attempted sexual act? If you step back from this particular case for a minute and imagine the situation as happening to two people you have never seen or heard about in the media, wouldn’t you see it more clearly for what it was? That is one of the problems with media, they tend to bring up all the resistance in us to make sure we have a strong emotional response and stay tuned – and that’s where their dollars come from. They are not concerned about clouding our thinking or providing us with a strongly distorted view of the world. Best keep the distance from such source of interference.

    • Avatar Sen says:

      Oh, so ALL he did was sexually assault her. Thanks for clarifying, that’s so much better.

  • Avatar Cordy says:

    PS, here’s a meme that made me laugh.

  • Avatar Erin says:

    Dear Melody,

    I do agree with what you said about healing our own energy with regard to abuse or sexual assault as I had this experience. It took me a while to realie that this energy within me was attracting more of the same type of people and circumstances. My question is, if I was abused as a child first, what vibration did I come in with to attract the initial abuser? Children are supposed to come in pure and clear (not counting karma, but could be something there.). I also had the more painful experience that my mom didn’t and still does not believe me. I wish there was a way to make her see.

    • Avatar CJ says:

      The idea of karma is extremely hard to accept because of what it means. It means that the most horribly victimzed in this life were perpetrators in one of their previous lives. Very hard to accept that, because it’s a very clear statement that Life will punish sin extremely harshly. I’m at a loss to know why innocent people are attacked. I have no idea. A punitive style of karma is one possibility. I don’t know of any other possibility. Certainly no one would choose it. No one would say “I am coming into this life to experience HELL”. That’s just not on the cards. Not possible.

  • Avatar Maz says:

    Such a powerful message Melody – you’re bound to provoke some interesting reactions.

    I had a situation a few years ago that I’m still processing & working out exactly what happned. A ‘good’ male school friend of mine and I went drinking. I was low on cash so he treated me to a night out. I ended up getting my drink spiked and woke up in hospital with vague memories of being kissed and touched by said friend. This dude was and still is a pillar of society, loved by everyone – the guy that everyone’s parents loves and is just good and wholesome. So much so that I never even thought to question that he had anything to do with it and immediately believed him the next day when he said the same thing had happened to him, but the hospital had sent him home, and we got a bit handsy because we were both so wasted. I used to have a crush on this guy, which he knew about and was never reciprocated, so no motive as far as my naive self could fathom at the time.

    The worse thing then (and still comes up now) was that no one believed me and assumed that I had just drank too much. For various reasons I 110% know that wasn’t the case.

    This was about six years ago and only in the last year or so have I begun to question what really happened. A mixture of intuition and some odd stories I’ve head about this dude through the grapevine. I have no evidence either way, and I want to believe that my friend is just that, and isn’t capable of anything so horrific. But it’s just a nagging feeling which I’m a bit scared to embrace or explore, as I’m worried about what I might find.

  • Avatar A says:

    Really Ray? You read the blog and you’re mad about using the term rape? Let me explain the main point to you—IT WAS WITHOUT HER CONSENT!!!! If the female involved was your mother, sister, friend, etc,,,,,would you be as concerned about wordplay? I would hope not.
    Melody, thank you for trying to bring some light to a dark subject. These issues need to be healed. Thank you

    • Avatar Ray says:

      Yes really!!! You should have learned how to use a dictionary by the 4th grade, Melody should have learned how to read even sooner. What is wrong with you ever ‘truthful but undereducated’ women’????

    • Avatar Ally says:

      I have to agree with A here……Ray, so that’s ok then…..he just tried to undress her and lay on her what’s all the fuss about *eyeroll*. As long as he didn’t actually penetrate her then we’re all good? Newsflash that men may never understand – ANY unwanted sexual attention (it’s a sliding scale not a black and white issue) is devastating to a woman, in a society that blames us for everything that happens to us. Oh – she got wolf whistled at? She shouldn’t be wearing that pretty dress then. I have to tell you – I have avoided wearing pretty dresses for much of my life because of casual assaults like this when I was young. I literally feel physically unsafe when I go out in a skirt or a dress.

      • Avatar Ray says:

        I hope you ‘women’ get all this suppressed anger out on me as any could negatively impact your becoming ‘enlightened and open’!!! This will probably be my last post but please continue if it makes you feel any better!!!
        Main stream media and ‘me too’ movements (supported by elitists) main claim is we ought to accept unsupported ‘claims’ if the person suggesting them is a ‘woman’ against anyone who appears to be ‘conservative’. This of course only applies when republicans are involved as Cory Booker is a D still running for president and one D who leads the DNC with ‘recent’ sexual assault charges yet nothing in the news about those ‘claims’ ——- amazing! I just pointed out ‘5 now’ arguably ‘enlightened’ women are arguing something totally untrue=Lie (she claimed she was raped) whether they know it is a lie or not. Some argue it is ok to say she claimed she was raped because sexual assault is close enough. I am sorry but I am seeking ‘truth’ and enlightenment not trying to play horseshoes with the ‘truth’. Close to the ‘truth’ is not good enough! A lie is a lie and not the truth!!!
        Also, it is interesting this ‘woman’ with initials after her name was seeing mental health professionals —– I don’t assume it was for a cold. Yet she refused to turn over her ‘medical records’ to Senate investigators. Are we dealing with a person who is ‘delusional’ or has significant mental problems??? Do we Americans have to ‘trust’ what all women, even if they believe they are Cleopatra or Mark Anthony reincarnated? How far to we take this BS??? Additionally, as pointed out ‘no one’ can agree her claims are valid although there were others at the party and she ‘claims’ she has friends that also cannot support her ‘version of the truth’.
        We can all celebrate ‘justice’ and the ‘constitution’ and that we are still a Nation who respects laws such as a person is assumed innocent until ‘proven’ guilty!!!

    • Avatar Ally says:

      You know what Ray, I’m going to finish here because (and funnily enough Trump came to mind when I think of this quote) – “Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon – no matter how good you are, the bird is going to shit on the board and strut around like it won anyway.” Peace out.

  • Avatar CJ says:

    The media portray women as these innocent and pure creatures who are held back by men. In truth, women are just as capable of causing hurt through lying, manipulation, coercion, corruption, subversion as men are. It’s laughable. Such notions hurt both sexes, and the media love it because it creates tension, and tension creates stories. In relation to Kavanaugh and Ford, I couldn’t care less. Just get the fuck off my TV – you’re both boring as batshit.

    • Avatar Ashton says:

      “The media portray women as these innocent and pure creatures.”


      “In relation to Kavanaugh and Ford, I couldn’t care less.”

      Then why are you commenting on the topic?

  • Avatar amynick100 says:

    If Dr. Ford is telling the truth, why did she say she was afraid of airplanes but then we find out she flies all the time? Why didn’t she release her therapy records, which she claimed had evidence of her reporting this in 2012? Why did she say her best friend would know something but the best friend said she didn’t even know this guy? A fundamental principle of our government is innocent until proven guilty and there is no corroberating evidence for Dr. Ford’s claims.

  • Avatar Chaitrali says:

    All I can say here is instead of men and women competing with each other , let them collaborate, let them live together peacefully . There are certain qualities unique to men and some to women . Instead of fighting over which qualities are superior over which one let us create and environment that allows each of them to bring forth these qualities , Foster them and use them In conjunction for the collective advantage of many . Instead of going against or fighting against the body that nature has given us , it would be nice to see that we can discover it’s potential later by layer. Instead of fighting – be it men or women, it would be great if we let them be themselves, unhindered by any preconditioned behaviours or patterns as to how be and what you have to do because you’re a man or a woman . Instead of racing against each other for limited means , it would be best to come together and create infinite means that serves everyone . I really don’t know much about this issue as I’m not reading the news, but I felt like stating this view point here as this men v/s women – who dares wins! Can be subtly observed everywhere . It need not be as grave as this assault issue but even in common day to day behaviours of men and women , we see them exuding that kind of us vs them thing.

  • Lori Grant Lori Grant says:

    Right on! Thank you for sharing your “soapbox” with us. I forget who said it but staying neutral on issues is dangerous, it always favors the oppressors (and in this case the predators).

  • Avatar Jimi says:

    I appreciate all you do, Melody.

    Seems to me to be an oops here, however.

    Did I miss your saying anywhere in your comments that some women screw through vindictiveness or spite etc. will lie about something like this .

    Did I miss that some people, men and women alike, are so narcissistic that “ruining their lives” is a small price to pay for the attention that feeds their narcissism. Just asking.

    • Avatar Jimi says:

      Supposed to say through, not screw. Sorry and
      no way to edit comment. Not good at speech to text, didn’t get it fixed. Have to laugh at the error happening, laugh at myself for technological ineptness. I am an old lady with strong feelings about harm to others being bad news, and also know most things are multilayered.

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    Thank you so much Melody! I’d been trying to sort this Kavanaugh/Ford mess out in my head and at one point it did occur to me that, hey, ya know what, it’s only within the past few years that female victims have felt confident enough to come forward. That’s HUGE. I’m only 32 but I see girls in their teens talking about how bad it is for women nowadays. “NOWADAYS”??? Okay maybe these are petty examples, but I think back to the early 2000’s when Britney Spears was getting slut-shamed for performing in a sports bra; or Janet Jackson being blacklisted because her nipple was exposed for 0.0005 seconds. Thankfully, that all seems pretty archaic now. Things ARE getting better! The reason the “good old days” seemed perfect was because the bad stuff wasn’t talked about. Victims had no voice, misogyny was just a way of life and thus seemed normal. Now the veil is being lifted, and – *gasp* – things are pretty ugly, but it’s a necessary process if we want to move forward.

    And thank you for your perspective on certain people’s (not just men’s) reluctance to believe such abhorrent allegations. You’ve helped me realize it’s not as much about misogyny or victim-blaming as it is about someone’s previously innocent world-view being tarnished (which is always a tough pill to swallow, no matter what the circumstances).

    Again, thank you for the clarity! Much love xoxo

  • Avatar Ashton says:

    Sadly these comments seem to be made up of: women sharing their own experiences with sexual assault, and men jumping to the “SHE’S LYING!!!!1” side of the fence.

    We have a long way to go.

    • Avatar CJ says:

      Well she might be lying – that’s the whole point. No one knows. People just project their own personal histories onto the situation, and suddenly they “just know”. They “just know” that she is lying or they “just know” that he is lying because they have supernatural powers. Thank God these people aren’t judges – “oh I just know”. Opps, you just sent a man/woman to the gallows without evidence. “Yeh but I just knew, so evidence isn’t necessary”. Great work judge!

  • Avatar I AM me says:

    Hi Melody. Thanks for this piece and I agree, I picked up immediately that Kavanaugh was lying.

    But, my comment here is unrelated to the actual case as I don’t want to talk about that, and more related to the nature of reality in general.

    There’s so much more talk now about how things are changing and how things are shifting and how we are collectively becoming aware of these old paradigms and beliefs, etc etc. But, when we talk about ‘things are changing’, as you wrote in the article above, what exactly are we referring to? What exactly is the collective? I have a hard time grasping the 3D/5D stuff, because 5D to me, would seemingly already be here NOW. It’s just a matter of us choosing it in any moment.

    Because, my understanding is that there IS no “one” reality. There IS no “One world/One Earth”. Earth is rather a collection of potentials with all simultaneous realities playing out at once. Hence there IS no one ‘collective’.

    And if we are already these whole, perfect complete Gods in a sense, (We already ARE Source), we are merely here on Earth for the experiences and the creative potentials. This experience is a virtual reality game as you’ve stated many times. Hence the reason that what actually happens on Earth (have heard this from many NDE’rs as well) doesn’t really matter in the larger sense, but it’s the experiences and perspective we gain that matters more than anything, as we can potentially choose to incarnate again into another version of 2018. Again, this is my understanding from reading your stuff over the years and other channelers and like minded spiritual intuitives.

    So, again, what then, is actually changing? What then, is actually shifting? Whether it’s the MeToo movement or another movement, it would seem that we are merely changing the nature of the game being played in THIS potential reality stream. But, there would seemingly have to be infinite versions of Planet Earth and 2018 already playing out simultaneously….ones where we collectively made different choices and different realities playing out as a result.

    You wrote this really awesome piece back in 2013, which I’ll add below, and I’m wondering how all of this relates. Would be really cool if you can do another blog piece on this in the near future:

  • Avatar Shirley Henderson Colee says:

    I like and admire you and your work, Melody. But I categorically disagree with you on Christine. I see a political ruse, chicanery at its lowest, and the most absurd, unprovable and uncollaborated allegations. Yes, half of women (and maybe more) and about a third of men (and perhaps more) have been sexually abused/molested before reaching adulthood; it’s a severe problem. Me Too is great, but needs to include abused males as well, fully and robustly. Everything, and I do mean everything, about Christine’s testimony and the circumstances surrounding it is off kilter. I’ve treated many sexual abuse survivors and as we in the field know – you, me, and even Christine knows too – PTSD is highly treatable. There are numerous therapies with proven high efficacy. Her therapist in 2012 could have cleaned that problem up then. I’ve had gang raped 12 year old that made a better recovery, WAY better. Something is rotten in Denmark on this one. And how about the at-the-time college aged woman attending the high school parties and witnessing the boys lined up for gang rapes after getting the girls drunk with spiked punch??…at ten different parties no less! Veracity? I think not. I went to Holton, as did Christine, I knew the Landon and the Georgetown prep boys, I was a teen party animal and part of that affluent country club set. None of those sorts of things happened, it’s absurd. The Catholic altar boys were the last ones to be sexually aggressive, for God’s sake, they’d fry in Hell and would have to confess to the Father McDermont the priest. They were way too conscientious and uptight, sober or plastered. Now, the football players were another story…but even THEY wouldn’t do what Christine and that weird college aged at the time lady alleged. No one else acknowledged knowing anything about any of this, none of her friends., and including her boyfriend from 1992 to 1998, who wrote to the Senate committee that she flew all the time, no problem, lived in a small house (500 sq. ft.) with one entrance, no problem. Never told him about an assault. He broke up with her when she cheated on him and she continued to use his credit card, he wrote. Nice. The second entrance to her house per the building permit was for a rental apartment. Oh, well, she got nearly one million for her Go Fund me accounts and will forever be the darling of the Democratic Party. A poor little waif with a baby voice and presentation, a political Joan of Arc. In my opinion, you’ve been had. Interesting, since you’re so savvy concerning manipulators! She played you.

  • Avatar I AM Me says:

    I want to add something here. There is so much identification going on in our culture with masculine and feminine. Neither are who we truly are and neither are the problem. The idea of a patriarchy is just another human term that we create because as humans, we NEED something to fight against.

    What we merely have is collective…..EGO. That’s it. And what we define as ‘patriarchy’ merely a culture that has defined gender roles to be very specific and limited and this is merely stemming from a fear at the core of our being of not knowing who we truly are and yet this is WHY we come to Earth to experience.

    And yes, we ARE in a process of waking up (some of us are, while others are here playing different games). But taking down the patriarchy is completely mis-understood by those who still believe they are just ‘the avatars’ or the ‘characters’ in the game that they are merely playing. Even the idea of the movie the Matrix is mis-understood because there IS no one holding us hostage here against our will. WE are the ones who created this. WE are the ones who choose to experience this. And now WE are the ones who need to understand that the entire notion of a patriarchy is just a collective scared child hidden in a protective armor of limitation, power, greed and fear.

    The only way REAL change will ever happen is when you can put yourself in both Dr. Ford AND Judge Kavanaugh’s shoes. I believe Dr. Ford’s testimony personally. But, I also feel for Judge Kavanaugh as I saw a man who’s entire ego identity (which was built up on him being a judge, having a family and the reputation that was built on) was about to be toward down and he looked like a scared child who was about to lose EVERYTHING. Can anyone feel for that? Have you never been in a situation where you were afraid to tell the truth perhaps because you knew the inherent shame that would lead to?

    The irony is that those who claim to be empaths are often the same ones who lash out in anger at the ‘other side’. Wouldn’t a true empath fully understand and embody what the other person is feeling? A true empath literally feels the emotions of another person in their body. Yet, some of these people are the angriest and lack true empathy for anything they don’t understand.

    Spirit has no gender. Sure masculine/feminine are dualistic aspects of the game. But, they don’t exist outside of the game. So, instead of making this whole thing about one side vs the other, why not realize that it’s just a collective ego and all ego is, is a protective mechanism that we developed at very young ages through our conditioning and it’s the culture that conditions us which encourages us to wear this mask; this costume. And how this mask; this costume manifests in our lives varies for men and for women. But, ultimately has nothing at all to do with men vs women as both men AND women enforce this collective ego and yes, the patriarchy too.

    Morgan Freeman had such an amazing quote. In an interview, he was asked about black history month. He said black history month is bullshit, because do we have a white history month? No, then why do we need a black history month? It only creates more separation and divisiveness.

    Same way with mens rights or womens rights. It’s not one vs the other. It’s about the collective understanding that limitation is limitation regardless of race, gender or anything else and we need to move beyond masculine/feminine/black/ white and realize that what we are at the core is beyond ALL of that.

    But, until we do realize that, we are still going to identify with the avatars, WITH the gender WITH the race and still going to see the ‘other’ as separate from us

  • >