This is the best training I’ve ever done… (and it’s all yours)

I’m so, SO excited!! I have SUCH a treat for you today. After 2 years of massive amounts of work, I’m finally ready to show you the best thing I’ve ever done (so far…).

I created a three-part training course on the Mechanics of Manifestation – you know, the technology that actually runs our reality, and which can be hacked once it’s understood.

Now, this isn’t a blog post, because you can only cover so much in a 10 minute video. It’s a training series. And I’m just going to give it to you. In fact, if you’re on my mailing list, you’ve already been given access (go check!).

But if not, you can sign up for the series here.

The only thing I ask is that you

  • Leave me a comment, letting me know what you think (this is my crack!) and
  • Share it with anyone who might find it valuable. Deal? Deal!


Here’s the link to the training series: The Mechanics of Manifestation.

(Please note that this training was only available for a limited time and has now been taken down. But! If you’re on my mailing list, you can not only be notified every time we do a free training like this, you’ll be given FREE access to my LOA Vault, with loads of tools, exercises and even courses! These resources are there to help you remember who you are, how reality actually works, and how to step into your power so you can have the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Sign up and get instant access to the LOA Vault HERE.  


OMG! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to hear what you think!!

Smooshy hugs,



P.S.: Regularly scheduled awesomeness will resume once the training has been rolled out. But honestly, if you miss the blog posts, go watch the training! Doi.

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  • Avatar Mari says:

    Melody, this video was fascinating!! The idea of representational frequency is something that I have been really trying to figure out lately. Like what does a particular person Represent to me?? What does a particular event Represent to me?? I got a much clearer idea of what I have been trying to figure out by watching this video and I am very much looking forward to the next one! I read your book several times when it first came out and this video explained in even more detail the concepts I remember from your book.

    • That’s awesome Mari! This stuff has layers, so you tend to understand more and more each time you’re exposed to it. And that doesn’t really stop, which I think is awesomesauce, because I never get bored! LOL.


  • Avatar Heather says:

    I absolutely loved both the video and the idea of making a series of videos, I can’t wait for the rest! It’s like you took the base you first laid out in your blog posts and later on in the book, and this is like the big bad version 3.0, this is deliberate receiving on steroids, so if you missed anything on version one and two, it’s going to get high energetically bitch slapped into your consciousness this time! That’s how I felt, at least; the first video doesn’t contain anything that I haven’t known before, yet many concepts opened up in a different way. Or maybe I was more receptive to the message now?

    Also I finally understood why I got hit by a truck the time I was obsessively focusing on winning the lottery. It was a classic example of what happens when you ignore all the subtle signs and just stubbornly keep moving with lots of resistance. I mean, it’s funny; you explained the progression in your book and I’ve read the book twice, and I understood it in theory but now it finally hit home how exactly it has manifested (pun intended) in my life.

    I know I’m being impatient here, but I have to ask; will this training series contain new information for us freaks who get channeled messages and see and feel things and places and stuff? ‘Cause I haven’t really found any connection to the LOA stuff and sometimes I scare myself and I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it and it has left me feeling pretty alone and paranoid.

    But in a nutshell, keep on doing these amazing things you amazing you, I can’t wait to see where we’ll end up! <3

    • Hey Heather,
      I don’t know if the series will contain new information for you, since I don’t know exactly what you know… lol. But I did my best, and for those who want even more, there will be the opportunity to get it. All of it. All the way to the cutting edge. Just stay tuned. 🙂


  • Avatar D. N. says:

    I enjoyed the series and myself, am feeling better after working through the exercises. I have a couple of unwanted manifestations at the moment so this helped me ease out a little and found some peace!

  • Avatar Lady R says:

    I really like the exercise you gave us, Melody! I had quite a remarkable manifestation in December and I’m still trying to figure out how did it exactly come by. Namely, I quit drinking. Or, to be more accurate, the desire to drink just vanished away. Now I hardly even remember there’s this drink and substance called alcohol! I’ve been utilizing the workbook and already realize there was a LOT of momentum going on before I took the leap. It was a huge shift, that’s for sure (I used to be somewhat of a boozehound) and it’s exciting to see how the whole process actually starts to unfold.

    Lady R

    • That’s awesome Lady R. Alcohol gravitated out of my life a few years ago. It reduced slowly and then just kind of drifted off… I’ve seen it happen with lots of people. Don’t you just love it when things happen so naturally and easily? Congrats on your big shift!!! Yay!!

  • Avatar Marcella says:

    Thanks so much Melody. I awoke with a lovely buzz of warm light energy today and these two videos were a perfect match to that. I’ve been thinking a lot about representational frequency recently. It’s so much easier to get in a really great feeling place when I just focus on the emotional states of what I want. I can’t wait for the next one and thank you so much for sharing your knowings with us.

  • Avatar Heather says:

    I’ve watched all three now and OMG.

    First of all, your explanation on entrainment finally made me understand why I keep feeling other people’s feelings. This is something I’ve always really had trouble with, I literally feel them in my body even though my mind would be completely calm, and I’ve been wondering about this for ages. Now when I was finally able to connect it with LOA, instead of it being some weird separate thing that just keeps happening, it’s going to be so much easier to hold my vibration around other people.

    Second of all, I love love love your blueprint. I’ve had some experience of all of the ways you described, but since I never understood what was happening (I was able to make it work only when I got my mind completely out of the way, which is almost never because my mind is like OCD on steroids and all hell breaks loose if something NEW is happening) also I guess I’ve always half-assed this stuff unless it got so painful that concentrating properly was the last option available. I’m gonna start using my full ass from now on. With this blueprint I just can’t fail.

    You’ve laid out everything so beautifully, everything that matters and the only thing that matters. I hope this spreads everywhere, this stuff should be taught in schools.

  • Avatar Mike says:

    I find this and the Deliberate Receiving book fascinating. Not just in the possibilities it offers, but the perspective on life it can give.

    One general aspect I struggle with that prevents me really jumping into is, is the following. If this is how it all is, if manifesting is a power we all have in abundance, how do we justify those in situations that are wholly unjust or unimaginable? (for example, a victim of trafficking). Fortunately I have had no such experience. But if we are saying those people also have the power to change their situation, what does that make them or their situation? Hope that makes sense! I’m genuinely interested in getting my head around this.

  • Avatar Jena says:

    Hi Melody, I’ve been following you for years, then somehow I lost you for a minute and was getting by with some fast food loa resources, but you are the real deal! So glad I found you again. The first video was amazing, I need more! I can’t seem to access the other two. Maybe it’s my new mom brain! Anyway, thank you for your generous offerings.

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