It’s time to level up again… 30 Day Video Challenge 1 of 30


Hey my Happy Shiny Puppies! I’m back! Yes… truly this time. In my last blog post, I did my best to explain that I and the way I relate on my blog were going through some changes. I wasn’t yet sure what the issue was. All I really knew for sure was that I wasn’t feeling inspired anymore. Was it video? Did I need to go back to writing? Did I need to release myself from my weekly schedule, to flow free, run unfettered through the streets, and pop in only when I really felt like it? Well, I tried that. And it certainly helped, because at least I wasn’t trying to produce when I wasn’t inspired to. But it didn’t really bring back the inspiration. I hadn’t yet “popped”, i.e. figured out what the hell the problem was. Well, I’ve popped now. And I’m happy to say that I’m back, and better than ever. And yes, there will be more changes. But before you freak out (“Ack! More Change!”), I think you’re going to really like what I have in store for you. At least I’m really hoping you will.

Because it’s about to get real. Really freaking real, y’all.

In today’s video, I explain what I’ve come to realize and how I’ve been challenged to level up, yet again. I’m going to be even more authentic, more real, more raw, more naked. Emotionally naked, that is. This video is the perfect example of this new me, and it was surprisingly emotional for me to put all this out there. I haven’t been nervous about publishing a video in a long time, but yeah… I kind of am. Good. That means big shit is happening and I’m on the right track again. Finally! Sheesh.

What’s more, since I’ve neglected you, my lovely puppies for so long, I’ve decided to make up for it and challenge myself to make a video every day, for 30 days. Ok, it’s also about helping me to really practice and solidify this new, vulnerable but hopefully awesome AF energy. So, win/win/win. Yay!

Now, you may notice the absence of a transcript. That’s because videos like this don’t really transcribe well. It will read… weird. But, I am uploading proper subtitles for every video, so closed captions will be available. Because I’m not a dick (I haven’t changed that much…). Ha.

Ok, *breathe* *breathe*, here we go.



So? What’s the word? Are you in? How are you going to challenge yourself to show up in a bigger way? Or, you know, just let me know what you think. OMG, I can’t wait!



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Also, a few of my blog posts were mentioned during the call, so I’ve added links to them as well. You’re welcome!

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  • Avatar kelli cooper says:

    Sometimes that time off is exactly what we need–just have to learn to ignore our mind’s insistence we ‘should’ be doing something. But when we truly understand it is the energy that creates, the ‘act’ of pondering, processing, thinking and just ‘being’ is the most important thing we can ‘do’

    Sending hugs!

  • Avatar Reeta says:

    Big smooshy hugs! Look forward to it…im all in 🙂 <3

  • Avatar Neal says:

    I love it, thank you!

  • Avatar Emily says:

    Awwwww…. I love it!!???????????? the video was super awesome quality without your “little room with all the lights”. Felt great and I’m looking forward to our next 30 days together! I might have to join you and do a 30 day challenge myself! I’ve just been wrestling with things having to be “perfect” and so… not being at all.
    Great word to all of us.
    Thanks for sharing your heart ??
    Happy smooshie hugs to you!!
    See ya tomorrow!

  • Avatar Brandi says:

    Wow, Melodie…. I have never seen you more beautiful, than in this video. Transparent authenticity is just beautiful no matter which way it shows up! Liked your videos before, but something tells me that I’m going to LOVE these! ~?~

  • Avatar Wandalea says:

    This was so beautiful & synchronistic with what I just experienced before watching. An old friend who I haven’t seen much for many years had just moved back here–2 blocks away & we had our 3rd visit today. We talked just like this on such a deeply spiritual & real level, like neither one of us has maybe ever with anyone. We were in such joy to have the profound connection. She is now unexpectedly moving far away again, but our bond is forever. This video of yours is the same kind of energy, so maybe it’s something new manifesting. I have your book Deliberate Receiving & the explanation of how to work with the Emotional Scale is even better than Abraham’s.

  • Avatar Nick says:

    Melody! We missed your presence.

    When you started the video and said ‘you may have noticed something different…’ I thought it was your hair haha 🙂 It suits you 🙂

    Keep doing what you are doing, you brighten up my day with these videos. So show up and show out for these 30 days!!! Looking forward to seeing more 🙂


  • Avatar April says:

    Seeing Melody’s face is a blessing; I don’t even know what this is about yet but still!

    • Avatar April says:

      Okay, it’s difficult for me to be open too sometimes, but I’ll admit it: I cried too, like the baby I am, yup. I was just as surprised as you to find myself so emotional, so suddenly.

      You’re like my LOA mom. I really began to rummage through your blog in 2013… I’d been on it before then, but I found my way back to it after an emotionally devastating experience–a catalyst, brought on by one of my Soul Buddies, who’s still annoying me to this day, except we’re having much more fun now. 🙂

      So much of what I know now began with you. Something else that’s a bit odd for me to admit is that I kind of latched onto you in the beginning. For example, when I would see that someone wrote a comment trying to refute LOA under one of your posts, that would bother me a lot because I wasn’t entirely stable, but I wanted to believe in my own power… Then, I’d see your response to their comment, and you would try to explain your perspective to them and encourage them, and for awhile, I relied on that for a sense of security, until I was able to kind of hold my own and hear my own inner voice.

      The end of 2016 and 2017 so far have been full of rapid growth. My worth issues, insecurities and sense of powerlessness are clearly trying to make their way through and out of my energy, and it was hitting me really hard a few months ago… I remember laying in bed, watching your videos, particularly the one about why we’re here and what the point of our existence is. You said that we are so wanted and cherished by the Universe, and that meant a lot to me because I was feeling incredibly unwanted and unworthy. I fell asleep that night with some sense of ease thanks to that.

      I have read through pretty much every article, and I’ve shared so many of them with friends who have been inspired by them too. I’ve learned so much from you about LOA, the body, self-love, self-awareness, energy, emotions, etc. You really did help me take those first dozen (well, way more than a dozen) steps to who I really am and you continue to do so, so thank you! Thanks again and again! I look forward to what ever you have in store, as always. I don’t give a lot of hugs, but I’d give one to you, thank you.

  • Avatar Viv says:

    Thank you!
    I felt honesty, a sincere baring of soul here. Thank you for sharing with us!

    Yes, you have helped a lot of people and as one of those, I am very grateful.

    Love and light,


  • Avatar Kirri says:

    I loved this video! I am starting to feel other people’s energy more, but I can always feel it very strong when I watch your video’s and this one really gave me a feeling of connection. I am looking forward to your 30 day video challenge (and the reality academy, which I hope I can be part of aa well in the future).
    My challenge for the upcoming 30 days will be to hold my energy high and figure out how to release the things that bother me at work (entitled people mostly). I am looking forward to all the next 29 vids :D. Smooshy hugs ^^

  • Avatar Holly says:

    I absolutely love you and I’m so glad you were vulnerable and shared with us! You have changed my life in so many ways!! You asked us, how are we going to challenge ourselves? I’m going to create and finish the guide I’ve been working on in the next 30 days. I’m going to share my story about how I found an incredible amazing love despite being almost 400 pounds. I thought nobody would accept me but your amazing coaching calls (even with others) showed me reciprocal love is possible!! Thank you and Thank Tina- Tina is so amazing and has been there for me through the hardest moments of my life!!! I love you guys and thank you!!! Big happy huge hugs!!! 🙂

  • Avatar Lori says:

    Hey Melody,
    This post was so touching….very brave of you!
    I think your willingness to be more “transparent” is a reflection of the direction we are headed on a spiritual level. I’m feeling that at some point in our future being transparent will be the norm-perhaps sometimes challenging but not so rare as it is currently. So THANK YOU for being the brave soul who shines the light on the path. We love ya!

  • Avatar Michelle says:

    No deep thoughts to share. Just happy you’re back!

  • Avatar Sam says:

    Dear Melody
    Well, I’m a-sittin’ here bawling my eyes out! Why? Not because of your helpfulness, your expertise, because you’ve “finally” ???? done a Vlog, but because I could feel your LOVE…that essential ingredient. As you know, I don’t even know you from Adam (or in this case Eve!) but through your video I was connecting heart to heart as a fellow soul with the energy you were/are sending out. In fact, when I read the following words in your email (ie. before I even watched your post): “you mean more to me than I can express in words.”, that was it – I was off a-blubbering away (all good though). So be encouraged and thank you soooo much for being you and doing what you do.
    As for me and showing up bigger-stylee, that’s quite a challenge for me so I’m going to keep working away at self-acceptance and perhaps I’ll get to the Big League stuff in due course…. With live from the UK ????

  • Avatar Steph says:

    Hi everyone.
    Great video melody! I’m about half way through my own thirty day challenge to show up even more. I’ve been trying to focus on positive stuff for a while but for the last few weeks I’ve redoubling my efforts! Ive been searching out good news and stories of wonderful events and people, watching uplifting films etc and making loads of lists of positive aspects. I’ve bought some of your 1:1 sessions and one in particular was really useful. Looking forward to sharing the next 30 days with you. 🙂

  • Avatar Jon says:

    Great to see you back Melody. Great post.
    What i got from it was that the ‘what you have to say’ isn’t the most important part of your communications with your readers/viewers, it’s the ‘being you’ element that is paramount. And that if you relax into who you are, you don’t need to worry about the ‘what you have to say’, it will come out anyway, you couldn’t stop it 😉 LOA will take care of it. . .

    If, after 28 days, you are so desperate for content that you are posting videos about what you had for dinner I might reconsider my analysis 😉

  • Avatar Nadia Wallin says:

    I looooooooove this <3 <3 Im so happy to see more of YOU and not only your teaching. Every time you level up it feels like you level up in a way I would have asked you to in case we would have the conversation. (for a couple of years now!!!)

    For me to show up in a bigger way: I daily ask myself "What can I do today to give myself more happiness". Because it forces me to chose for myself instead of playing the role as a people pleaser. At the same time I'm being very aware of when I am minimizing the things I love because I have an idea its stupid in someone else's eyes. (I'm virgo both in the sun and the ascendent + nr 1 in enogram – all of theses are about being perfect, a curse and a blessing ha ha ha). So my practice is to love me as I am and accept it is as perfect as it can be for the moment, instead of killing myself for not being better and always needing others permission.

    What can I do to bring myself more happiness? What step will give me more joy? Dear love, use me for your purpose. Dear happiness, use me for your purpose.

    Love you Melody, I'm excited about your challenge!

  • Avatar Susanne says:

    Dear Melody,
    Last night during my evening meditation, I felt your intense presence. And then your post showed up in my mailbox this morning! To me this just shows how strong your intention of reaching out is. Your guidance is such an inspiration to me and I am thrilled that you are seeking more interaction. I am ready for the ride 🙂

    Big hugs!

    • Avatar Marjorie says:

      Hi Susanne!

      I too felt Melody’s presence the other day and was overcome with gratitude! The very next day I received an email from her team in error but I had to laugh at the synchronicity from the Universe 🙂


  • Avatar zaira says:

    Hi Melody,

    What a beautiful thing to watch here in England this Tuesday morning. I have never seen you so raw it is beautiful. I want you to know that the support is unlimited from us and that its ok to have a moment or even a few months whatever it takes for you to go through your current transition to higher levels of life. Things can certainly get uncomfortable in life sometimes we just have to switch gear.

    Theres clearly a lot of love for you from us, take it easy look forward to seeing you 30 day challenge. I also invite you to read

    Lots of love

  • Avatar Rachel says:

    Hi there Melody,

    I was delighted to be greeted by your name in my email box this morning, especially as just half an hour earlier I wondered when we’d all be hearing from you again. I just trusted though that ‘all is presumably well’ and voila! 🙂 Rightly or wrongly my own feeling about your break from communication has been that you probably just needed a rest, that you needed to replenish yourself a bit. Great to see you again anyway! And really touching to experience a totally unedited version of you – it helps me such a lot when I see that someone has the courage to do that and then reading the comments, to see that it’s met with support and love (I grew up in a family where such honesty is met with indifference or contempt). I’m learning that if we are discerning about who we are authentic with then being authentic is the way forward! So, my challenge….the message I’m getting is that I need to start replenishing myself as part of my recovery from chronic health problems – it’s a real challenge to make myself do that! Once I’m doing something replenishing, however, I usually don’t want to stop so it’s making the decision to do it that I need to force upon myself. If you show up with your video every day then I’ll honour you and myself with a rejuvenating and replenishing relaxation session of some kind. How’s that for a deal?! 🙂 Big squishy hug!

  • Avatar Eileen says:

    As you know, life is a journey to the within. As you move forward into your self you will have the possibility to remove the layer that is holding you back. You are still in a transaction. How you think and react shows how revolved you are. Setting boundaries will put you in perspective and only doing what you feel is enough, is enough for now.
    Everyone wants more, that is natural but you need to find out why. Find out what held you back and not forward. You need to be conscious of yourself, what you are doing. The signs will show you why. Watch for the patterns. Figure out the missing puzzles. You need to do this breaking down from yourself first, acknowledge it, then if needed get others to support you but it’s got to come from you first.
    All the best for your journey.

  • Avatar Karin says:

    Awwww Melody!!! <3 <3 What a beautiful and honest video. You made me tear up a bit! I'm so happy for you that you've found a new groove, and I look forward to the videos!

  • Avatar Aurore says:

    Your authenticity and openness shone right through – beautiful! – thank you – and I feel this is definitely our next evolutionary step. These kinds of qualities penetrate right through to the hearts of others :). Best kind of healing there is. As someone else said, you are paving the way for others (to have courage to do the same). As always. Great! to see you back. I sure missed you popping up in my email :).

  • Avatar Klara says:

    Hi Melody,

    I absolutely love this new video. Something about you has definitely changed. I always liked the old version of you. But this ‘new’ Melody is….in my opinion, even much stronger. Good work! 🙂 K

  • Avatar bernie says:

    hey melody !!
    I see you sweet one, thank you for letting us in – sending you a huge huge hug from Scotland! it was just wonderful to see and thank you for asking such an inclusive question-I am in the process of working on my first book- apparently now a novel- I know how did that happen!!! so my challenge is to show up every day ( I’ve been stalling these past few days – doing lots of self care -sea swimming and napping in preparation) to let the feelings come out so that I get out of my own way- I know your videos will be keeping me company as I do! so so good to have you back – feel like its a sign! love love Bernie x

  • Avatar Cherrise says:

    Melody, thank you for sharing this! I started following you before I became an entrepreneur (ummm, maybe 4 or 5 years years ago?) and you sharing the ups and downs and personal experiences is wonderful. Because we all go through them.

    Looking forward to seeing you more! Will you be doing your challenge on Facebook Live? Lots of that young on these days ????

  • Avatar Catherine says:

    Yay!! So glad you’re back! I am loving the vulnerability and authenticity that I can feel from you in this video. This won’t come as surprise (it doesn’t to me anymore – of course this would happen! ) but I just recently sent the intention to have more meaningful and deeper connected relationships so this is definitely a wink from the Universe.

    Thank you so much for all you do Melody!


  • Avatar A says:

    Hi Melody
    One thing kind of struck me as I watched that video, is that there is no ‘end point’ even for you. I always subconsciously think that we are using LOA to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’ but even at your level you are still learning and finding your way and there is no finish line, just more and more levels.
    Also it was good to see you after all this time. I always assume if I haven’t seen someone for a long time, it means they are off having a good time somewhere!
    I first found your blog three years ago and I have watched and re-watched the videos and read and reread the articles countless times as I learned how to use LOA for me. I feel as though you are an old friend, even though you have no idea about me, you have taught me SO much. Every time I come up against a block, I read the relevant article again and it never fails to pick me up and get me back on the path.
    I have grown so much and life is moving in the right direction for me, sometimes a little too fast! but it’s been a trip. I am amazed at what I have manifested, simply through harnessing and directing my thoughts to see the upside of everything. I can’t remember the last time I had a bad mood, or something bad happened to me, things that used to happen on a regular basis. And I really can see all the ‘douchebags go out, and the shiny happy puppies come in’! LOL
    Can’t wait to see your video a day challenge!
    Love and hugs xxxooo

    • Avatar Z says:

      A, I actually have your comment from a year ago bookmarked. Here it is for all those who haven’t read it:

      It’s really one of the most inspiring things for me, and even though I am still struggling a lot, re-reading what you wrote helps a lot. So, thank you for that! 🙂

      • Avatar A says:

        Wow Z, that freaked me out a bit! I’m glad and surprised it inspired you and you bookmarked it. I just re-read it and it was really interesting to read one year on. That special someone in the wings didn’t eventuate – maybe he will or maybe he won’t – but I use that feeling as a benchmark as how I want to feel in a relationship.
        I’m still having a bad day here and there, today was one of those not so good days but I had a bit of a cry in the toilets at work and feel better. But this is the interesting part: I get to a point where I feel REALLY good around an area of my life, or even just life generally and I ride that wave to meditate and visualise how I want things to be, and not long after that some HUGE resistance comes up that I have to overcome, I feel crappy for a while, release the limiting belief and feel better and better, and ride that wave for while, and it goes on and on like that, and each time I level up a bit.
        My ‘promotion’ last year was not so great after all, I didn’t get a raise to go with it and I just got more work but I loved it and I focused on that and other things that I liked, and finally I ended up being bullied out of that job, but the place I work now is a lot less stressful and less hours for a bit more money in really nice offices.
        I have manifested a couple of large amounts of money and lots of little ones as I am doing quite a lot of work around money. But then I level up and it brings up crappy beliefs about money like it did today – I am now suddenly working with a lot of really wealthy people compared with my last job and it made me feel a bit depressed given some apparent bad luck that I’ve been having. But really I should look around and appreciate all the wealth around me and see it as a sign that I am heading in the right direction vibration-wise. It’s a fascinating process and hard work but it’s rewarding. Anyway Z, thank you for remembering me and I’m honoured that my original post helped you 🙂

  • Avatar Helen says:

    Thank you Melody.

  • Avatar john says:

    Thank you Melody for sharing your heartfelt video. Although a student of LOA and Abraham for 10 years, I just found your work and am halfway through your book. I would recommend your work to anyone without hesitation. Although I love metaphysics, I cannot tell people to go visit Abe because so many are so asleep. You present a very “down to earth” human perspective on this wonderful knowledge and I look forward to my continued growth in understanding and the expected experiences of manifesting. Keep on keeping on and I hope life brings you all your greatest desires..John

  • Avatar JulieAnne says:

    I love that you are honouring yourself more. There has been so many called to being ‘more real’, even more authentic, and visibly honouring that this year.

    I’ve just put myself ‘out there’ about a kind of journey that I would have gone into quietly before.

    And I have to say, I think this video’s kind of perfect is way better than polish, always…

  • Avatar KiKi says:

    Love this and love you! Thank you for being you. ?

  • Avatar Tiffany says:

    Hi Melody!

    I just wanted to say thank you for the call that we’ve shared. I’ve wanted to update you so much on a lot of things that have happened to me, the amount of growth I’ve had LOA-wise, the amount of serendipities and connections and one-thing-led-to-anothers that have happened since our call. In my own small way, I’m sending out my energy/feeling of gratitude to you, I hope you can feel it. And because of this, I’m so touched by your vulnerability and when you said thank you and “I need you as much as you need me”. I’m very touched by that. I really hope to see more of your videos! I may not have a topic I can request or suggest now, but I know whatever you talk about is what I’ll need 🙂

  • Avatar Betty says:

    You are an inspiration to me and your message is what l needed at the time and point.

  • That was beautiful. Powerful. Wonderful. Deep. I love you.

  • Avatar Sharon Warren says:

    Beautiful and heartfelt…

  • Avatar Crystal says:

    This feels really right. Really right. You continue to amaze with your awesomeness.

  • Avatar kellie says:

    Ah, Melody! Love it! I’m seeing similar movements with a lot of people, myself included and I am inspired to ask myself that question.
    How can I show up in a bigger way but also, how can I allow people in more.
    I may do a 30 day video challenge myself! I will be so looking forward to the videos! Big smooshy hugs!

  • Stan B. Stan B. says:


    I cannot stop smiling since I saw you email in my in box! And this video! OMG! “You had me at hey!! I’ve felt a connection with you from the start and now more than eva! But! I want the sarcasm, the smirks, “I want it All!!” When the tears came (I was very glad you did not edit that out!) I felt the real you! (I wanted to reach out and hug you too!) But then I hit my head on the monitor and I SNAPPED Back to reality!! I’ve always wanted to see this side from you and my manifestation became reality!! Yey! Now if I could get a million dollars and a friend request I would be set for life! 🙂 I would settle for the the latter.. The money can wait! ;p

    I’m glad to “FINALLY” see the real you!


    Stan 🙂

  • Avatar Laurel says:

    Thank you. I can’t really say more than a big thank you. This inspired me today. I haven’t been inspired for awhile.

    Mucho love to you Melody!

  • Avatar Tina says:

    Hi Melody
    Thank you for doing what you do! 🙂 I am so glad to see you again <3
    Big warm hugs from Tina

  • Avatar Lisa says:

    It’s so beautiful to see you deeply connect with us, so willingly and openly. It makes me feel like we are beings worth knowing rather than just scholars there to be taught. 😉 I think I have heavily identified with the idea of being a student, and having such a great teacher reach out and be real just shatters some of the limitations I had set for myself. It makes the whole interaction feel more authentic and real.
    Of course I’m not saying I’m going to stop learning from your brilliance! 😉 But you have helped me see there is more to this interaction than just a one-way flow of information. Thank you for believing in us, that we have something to offer, too.
    Love and smooshy hugs!

  • Avatar Isabelle says:

    ey Melody! First, a big THANK YOU for this timely blog! I felt it was in my email box and was so happy to read it!
    It’s taken a long while to get this reply written!
    As I read the blog, this question kept tugging at me: Do you have to be alone in a room with just a camera to talk to?
    My family loves to do video conferencing via various cell phone video calls & computer Skype or Google calls. It usually makes us laugh a lot just to see each other so the technology brings us together really well. Physical presence is great but we really focus on our conversations when doing it this way, so that’s a plus. Often we also videotape the event and share it with others who couldn’t join in, as well as those who participated re-enjoying it. It does take more time to do conference video calls than solo videos. I love to see you & hear you but I can do that when reading what you write too. You’re an amazing writer! Personally, I would enjoy it if you could write in between times & just do video calls or just video when the mood strikes you. But I know challenges have value too.
    Currently I’m still challenged to enjoy being more detached from others without being unattached, while not being unhappy with myself for failing to do this and not being unhappy when by not doing it, I see the effects and difficulties it causes for others. It’s probably the biggest resistance in my entire life. If I think I’ve raised my vibration, and truly gotten past it, I soon discover otherwise. (Nonetheless, I have made some inroads into getting past it over the last 2 years, so I’ve let go of some of the resistances and am happier than I have been in the past.) It’s become even more urgent. At this point I can imagine that it sure may be that there are at least 30 days worth of different things I need to release to raise my vibration.

  • Avatar Lucy says:

    AW MY HEART!!!!! Thank you for the vulnerable energy and authenticity in this video!!! We have missed your vibes ????

  • Avatar Josie says:

    Love the intimacy, the joy and delight of this video… and I felt such a huge appreciation for you. By not boxing yourself into one format, you allow yourself to flow more freely. And isn’t that the sweetest thing.

  • I was just listening to a recording of Abraham this morning that reminded me that we can either do things from motivation (making ourselves do what we think we should do) or from inspiration (listening to Source and acting from those prompts) and it surely seems that is what is happening for you. Go for it. Source ALWAYS has your back and those of us who vibrate with you will come along.

  • Avatar Emilia says:

    I am so glad to see you again. Hooray!

  • Avatar Debbie says:

    Hi Melody, it s good to see you again and I’m glad you have found yourself.

    I u derstand why you didn’t do a transcript of that video, but I really hope that there will be transcripts of the others. I have had to wait all day to watch this because when first saw your email I wasn’t in a place where I could take time to watch video and nor do I have enough data on my iPad to download video outside of the home.

    I’m showing up to the world by starting yet another new business stream (I won’t say what cos I don’t want to sell on here). It finally feels like everything is coming together and I may be able to lose some of the business bits that I don’t want to do so much. Onwards and upwards…..

  • Avatar Margaret says:

    Melody, we love you! If you hosted an event in Boise (like you did in London), I would be there in a heartbeat.

  • Avatar Trinity says:

    My goodness, thank you for this! I had an amazing coaching call with you last year that shone a great big light on my emotional mess. I made some progress and now seem to be going through one of those “dark night of the soul” periods. This cannot have come at a better time…

  • Avatar Jasmine says:


    I am so glad to see you back! Welcome bacckk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that I can watch your videos now that the caption works perfectly and beautifully!! Thank you!!

    Looking forward to your 30 days challenge!!

  • I’ve missed your posts, glad you “popped” again! 🙂 And HAPPY to be seeing you daily for the entire month! I know you know the huge love we have for you, but just in case it isn’t 100% certain, we love YOU and we want you to feel happy and share who you are. You’re safe with us too and we love and trust you! No pressure! LOL!

  • Avatar Mary says:

    Wow, I’ve never wanted to give someone a hug through my monitor before.
    But here goes ( )
    Thanks for the continued inspiration, you are amazing.!

  • Avatar Amber says:

    Love this video!!!! You’re wonderful Melody and I resonate with your message so much! I was so excited years ago when I found your blog. I’d done the asking and read every book I could find. I would get bits and pieces of the message and in frustration I sat out to find the damn answer and there you were! I stumbled upon your blog regarding an issue I was having at the time. I read the words and shifted a long held belief that’s never showed up again since….with one blog post! It challenged my belief system and required me to question the validity of it. It opened me up to a different perspective with humor and a no BS approach to it! Loveeee it!!! So thanks for what you do and the light you bring. It’s truly unique and appreciated. I look forward to our interactions, because I know I’ll understand so much more and feel better. My life is better because of your light. Big fat humongous hugs with bunches of love!!!

  • Avatar Regina says:

    Thank you Melody for being back and sharing with us again!
    It takes so much courage to be more vulnerable and let your defensive mechanisms down, it is a big big challenge for me too, I’m realizing that right now and probably that’s what makes a real difference and could make us become more humble and therefore able to connect with the world and the people in a much deeper way.
    But you know what? It really scares me…!
    So once again, I think , I will learn a lot from you 🙂
    You know, I was thinking of you yesterday. I got a video course from Deepak Chopra and I really love it! But because of all the things I learned from YOU, your blogposts, your book and the many coaching calls I listened to (and to each of the calls I listened several times) I can understand what HE is talking about, because you translate it into “western culture language” and really break it down to a practical level, where we can apply those things on a daily basis. Without that knowledge the whole LOA stuff can be very abstract and can be misunderstood.
    So I just realized how much I have interiorized all the things I learned from you and what a treasure I received.
    Thank you !!!
    Big hug from Italy !!!

  • Avatar Tami Nichole says:

    Good stuff, the best way to not get overwhelmed is ‘baby steps’ right? I like your Q&A’s & I’d love to hear more of YOUR stories. We help others by our own examples of up & down, through inspiration. We share. This LOA stuff is great & I look any many ‘teachers’. I like when Esther said it’s better to be an ‘uplifter’ than a ‘teacher’. Sharing is caring. Btw my platform is the ancient Scandinavian SISU – inner strength. We all have it, now it’s finally time for people to pay this positive psychology forward. We fall. We get up. We can keep getting up so let’s march ahead! ??????????????????????????????

  • Avatar Tami Nichole says:

    PS. Sorry for the resultant ‘?’ symbols on my prior comment, they were supposed to be a series of feel-good emogi’s! <3

  • Avatar V says:

    Hey Melody, Love to see you back 🙂 , I am so touched by your message and I feel privileged to be part of this with you ..also I can not believe the synchronicity of this all!..sharing and opening up more has been a big theme for me this year ..and I am definitely still moving towards doing more and more of it..and sometimes struggling with it still. I absolutely love the 30 days challenge idea .YES YES I am in 🙂 how exciting I look forwards to all of it . BIg love xxxxx

  • Avatar Ann says:

    Welcome back Sweetie! Yes we all REALLY missed you! Life’s energy always ebbs and flows so it was great that you were able to withdraw for awhile and come back renewed. Enjoy your challenge and we will as well. We’ll all be right there in the front row hanging on every word. As for a challenge for me personally? Uh, I’ll pick one after your 30 days are up haha!

  • Avatar Shaun says:

    Flipping Heck Melody, I can’t get rid of you. I followed your blog for a year ( Awesome ) then became disillusioned by all the LOA stuff because I couldn’t translate it into my life and unsubscribed from your blog. Then I deleted all the life coaching program I had written. I then thought about the universe not liking voids. I went to my local town centre in Essex England and was literally wandering aimlessly when what seemed to be out of sheer boredom I walked into a book store. I told myself “I don’t buy books anymore so don’t do it MR.” Well Melody bloody Fletcher, 10 minute later i’m walking home with Deliberate Receiving, Finally the universe makes some freakin’ sense, in my freakin’ hand. And to make matters worse, the book is brilliant. I cant stop reading it. I carry it every where with me and read it every day and will continue to read it again and again until I finally freakin’ get this thing nailed. Your special Melody. Don’t freakin’ forget that.

  • Avatar CJ says:

    Hi Melody,

    Being yourself is the hardest thing, definitely. I mean it’s easy if you’re happy, but if there’s sadness, society can tend to shame you very heavily for that. Society says “CHEER UP!” which of course is a form of shaming. It’s another way of saying “how dare you express how you really feel!? Change! Now!”.

    Anyway, feel free to be sad or angry or whatever it is you feel at the time. It’s certainly acceptable to be yourself, however, if there’s a lot of sadness then it can feel that we (the readers) are being used. Rather than receiving value from the blog post, we can feel like we’re being drawn on to support you like a therapist. Once again, that’s fine (you’re worth it!), but it has a certain dynamic to it which is slightly draining.

    Most blogs I visit have commenters who fawn over the blogger like crazy. I’d just say be wary of that because such people won’t tend to be real with you. They won’t pull you up and say “wtf??” in the way a true, real life friend would. When everyone says “ohhhh I love you so much!” and yet they haven’t even met you in person, that’s a worry. Who talks like that to a total stranger?

    This is just me, but I come here to get quality, usable content. In particular, I want to see YOU succeeding, because without you succeeding in life, how can I have faith in what you teach? You don’t have to be perfect – ever – but real results with money, health and relationships are paramount.

  • Avatar Katie says:

    So great to hear from you again! I’m excited to see what the next 30 days hold for you. I’m showing up bigger everyday in my business by being bolder and more honest and I’m loving the results we’ve seen so far. I’m going to keep it up with that for the next 30 days 🙂

  • Avatar CJ says:

    IMO, one of your best ever videos was – “How to discover your limiting beliefs”. It’s the only one I’ve saved. That alone can get you a long way.

    Also, I’d be questioning whether Ayahuasca is a healthy choice.

  • Avatar Rose says:

    Melody!!! I’m so happy to see you. Thanks for sharing this video and having such a cute smile! You are a rare gem!! XOXO I just talked to Tina today and now after watching your video as well I’m just feeling really good. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • Avatar Alex says:

    I LOVE your video and I love that you share your journey wih us! I love that over the years weve been able to grow along side you and see how your understanding evolve into something greater! Yiu have truely been an inspiration to me and I dont know who I would be without your blog posts and coaching calls <3
    And I think the way Im going to to show up bigger is im going to be more accepting of myself. Im a very loud and happy and excited person! I get so happy and overly excited all the time lol But I get insecure about it! I feel like ppl will think im weird/something wrong with me/ Im on drugs. But I think what ill think of when I start to feel insecure about it is all the awseome ppl iv met along the way who seemed authentically their selves and how much I loved seeing it how good it felt and how inspiring it was.

  • Avatar Abueng says:

    Thank you, Melody.

  • Avatar Nikki says:

    Thank you Melody – much better 🙂

  • Hey!
    Welcome back.xo

  • Avatar Arlette says:

    The burst of joy i had from seeing ab email with your name on is nothing compared to the joy i had watching this video.
    I believe in you Melody. You changed my life and seeing you this close gives me courage to be who i really am too.

  • Powerfull video Melody! You embodied vulnerability and authenticity in that one!

  • Avatar Angel says:

    First off, I must say, you look fabulous! You’re glowing! I really appreciate your authenticity. And seeing you after such a long break is a real treat.

    I’ve been meditating a lot lately, and it’s funny that you mention showing up in a bigger way. I’ve come to realize that I’ve been holding myself back from expressing my full potential. I’ve been hiding behind excuses, guilt and shame. Behind every almost every failure I look back on, I’ve uncovered the truth. Which has been I never planned to succeed at all. I wanted it that way so I’d never be “known,” I’d never be “found out.” The hard truth is that I haven’t been showing up because I’ve been ashamed of tillotrichomania. This debilitating disorder has kept me in hiding since childhood. Since the first time I experienced outright racism and sebsequent feelings of inferiority, I’ve plucked out my eyelashes as a way to cope with my unwanted feelings. But the short lived relief, brought long droughts of shame. I had to stay out of the spotlight until my lashes grew back. But the cycle would always start up again.

    I’m choosing to show up in a bigger way, by 1.) finally sharing what I’ve learned about myself with all of you wonderful, loving people and 2.) recognizing the pattern and it’s triggers and choosing a different path.

    I accept myself just as I am. I look forward to being trich free!

    I send love and gratitude to you all for your time and attention. Please see me in your minds eye as Free of Trich. Hold me in that light until I reach it. Thank you!

  • Avatar Moonsparkle says:

    Hey Melody, good to see you back! i thought about you the other day actually and when I checked my email I saw your first two emails! Gonna check out the other videos and look forawrd to future videos/posts. 🙂

  • Melody,

    I, too, have been troubled by a lack of my usual inspiration over the last several months. Thanks for this message. In it you feel more real than before. I understand the “connection” you experienced at the conference. In my training (in energy medicine) we learned that every time we give a healing, we get a healing. It’s a blessing to do this work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Avatar Dagmar says:

    Thank you so much Melody – so great to have you back! Hugs from Germany! 🙂

  • Avatar Andie says:

    Hi Melody

    Welcome back and just go for it!!! Yey!!

    Loads of love xxx

  • Avatar John says:

    Hi Mel, sometimes it helps to take a couple of steps back in the busyness (is that a real word, oh who cares let’s make it one) of life and take time out to smell the roses as they say, ok you’ve smelt them you had a great big whiff of their perfume so now once again you’re ready to hit the floor running which as you’ve shown in this video you’re doing in a big way however can you do me a really big favor, next time you feel the tears welling up can you give us a warning, you were sitting there getting all teary and I was sitting here getting all teary watching you getting all teary and feeling for you and the emotions you were trying desperately to hold back and to see a 66 year old guy blubbering away by himself watching a video of the presenter blubbering away is not a pretty site to behold, try explaining it to someone who comes in to see what the problem is and telling them it’s ok I just got something in my eye.

    Welcome back Mel.

  • Avatar Daniela Mackova says:

    I’ve been playing with the symbol of being invited for some time now and here you are, Melody, so beautiful, so radiant and genuinely you. Of course, I’m in.
    So what do I want to do to show up in a bigger way? I’m going to sit with my questions. I’m not going to judge them and I’m certainly not going to run away from them by trying to answer them with my mind. They are here to show me how much I’ve grown and they are here to help me remember even more what my inner voice sounds and feels like.

  • Avatar Claudette says:

    Missed you Melody and your wisdom! Great to see you back posting again:))

  • Avatar Nicola says:

    Melody. You rock. This is just truth, no roles, ideas or anything mishaping the energy of who you are, or we are. Thank you for allowing the safety of your truth which reveals total power and beauty in vulnerability and being who you are. Big hugs and love to you.

  • Avatar Wendy Rosemont-Woodbury says:

    Good evening! I’ve been wanting to watch your new videos since I got the first email days, (weeks?!) ago. I finally got a chance and I am so glad I did. You’re an inspiration to me every day and I am totally all in! Thank you so much!

  • Avatar Farrah says:

    Your video made me cry! You have taught me so much over the years and taught me the power and joy of LOA and not needing certain conditions to happen in order to be happy. This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, and a great deal of that is because of you and your blog and all the lovely smoothly puppies on here. Today, before even watching this, I felt inspired to want more and to feel ok with wanting more while still being able to appreciate where I am and to make it a priority to feel worthy of more (like it’s ok to want financial abundance and and even better relationship), etc…so that is what I am challenging myself to do. 🙂 xoxo

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