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Melody’s back from Peru, yay! She will be posting her awesome new update next week. To give you a little taste, here is her post from two years ago when she had a mind-blowing experience in Orkney…

Last December, just before I ran off on my annual spa holiday, and before heading to Peru, I spent a few days on the Scottish islands of Orkney. Why? Because my intuition told me to go. I have to confess that I’d never heard of Orkney before planning this trip and knew next to nothing about it before I arrived. I prefer to discover places when I’m there, and rarely do much research before I head off. I simply trust that I’ll be guided to go where I need to, and don’t really have much need to see the touristy attractions just for the sake of checking them off some arbitrary list. Either that, or I’m just lazy. Take your pick. Ha.

Orkney is, amongst other things, home to more ancient sites than anywhere in the UK (which is, to be fair, already a veritable wonderland of mystic stuff…), which isn’t to say that we (three of my friends and I) spent all our time running from attraction to attraction. We had been called there for a specific reason, to have some specific experiences, and the land would tell us where to go (there’s that trust again).

When we arrived on the island, via a teensy, weensy little plane, it was hailing. Horizontally. The flight attendant declared “Welcome to Orkney!”, and I’ll be honest, considering that I’m not a friend to cold, wet, gale force wind type of environments, I had myself a little “WTF?!” moment. But, I trusted my intuition, and the thermal underwear I’d wisely packed, but which wouldn’t arrive until two days later, thanks to lost luggage (my luggage got lost 4 trips in a row. Yes, it was a manifestation and yes, I cleared it. We’re all good now). The reason the weather is so horrid on the islands is because there are no trees (thanks to complete deforestation starting a couple of thousand years ago). There’s a clear energy imbalance of some kind there, but I wasn’t there to change that. I was there to learn and attune.

Meeting the stones

There are two main stone circles on Orkney, the Ring of Brodgar, a giant circle with 27 stones (although it’s estimated that there were originally up to 60), and a smaller one, the Stones of Stenness. They are very close together. We visited the larger one first. None of us knew what was going to happen when we got there, what we were there to “do” or experience, but we knew we had to go. So, we braved the howling winds, the biting cold, and the marshy, soggy land to go and say hi to our friends the stones. I had, at this point, had a conversation with a rock before, although it hadn’t been so much a conversation, as me screaming at a giant boulder in utter frustration before finally being able to hear its short but infinitely valuable message. I’d also conversed with mountains, plants and animals. So, the idea of having a bit of a chat with a stone circle didn’t really faze me. Now, I realize that this might be a stretch for some people – after all, most of humanity considers rocks to be, well, dead. But in my experience, they are just as conscious and sentient as the rest of us, and they have amazing energy and wisdom to share. So, I knew I had the ability to tune into that energy. But I still couldn’t have ever anticipated what happened next.

We weren’t allowed to enter the large circle, but we were able to walk around the perimeter and actually approach and even touch each stone. As I put my hand on the first stone, I sent out a gentle greeting, “Hi!” Immediately, I received a super enthusiastic and happy, shiny “Hi!” in return. The stone was actually overjoyed to meet me. I asked permission to have a conversation, which I received, again, with enthusiasm. And then, it was as though a magnet drew my forehead (home of the third eye) to the stone. I stood there, with my face plonked firmly against the rock’s surface, and “plugged in”. I wasn’t consciously aware of what exactly was happening, but I did feel that I was 1.) receiving a massive data download and 2.) being vibrationally attuned. In other words, data was streaming in, but I couldn’t yet decipher what it was. The time for that would come later.

I walked up to, greeted and plugged into each stone in turn, even the stones that were buried or no longer physically present (they are very much still there energetically). There was little conscious conversation, aside from the greetings, but I felt incredibly welcome and embraced. There was a clear sense that they were happy that I and the rest of the group were there. When I asked about this, (“You seem to be really happy to meet me. Is that so? Why?”), they told me that yes, they were ecstatic. You know how you feel when you meet another person that you just click with, someone you’re a vibrational match to on some subject that’s important to you, someone you can even do some energy work with? Well, that’s how they were feeling. “Oooh! Here’s comes one of us!” If you learn to think of everything as consciousness, as being alive and sentient, you’ll begin to understand that everything and everyone can be a match to you (meaning, you’ll have a meaningful experience with them) or not. These rocks and I, we were a match to each other that day. We recognized each other and we couldn’t have been happier about it.

After seeing the larger stone circle, we made our way to the smaller one, the Stones of Stenness. I repeated my process of greeting each stone, and then receiving downloads and attunements from each. That concluded our “work” that day.

Turning on the machine

I’d gotten a strong hit before going on this trip that I was going to be working with a portal on the island. Now, portals are a blog post onto themselves, and honestly, I’m only scratching the surface of learning what they are all about, but from what I’ve experienced so far, a portal is like a gateway between realities (we are shifting realities all the time, without knowing it, but with a portal you can do it more consciously), as well as a way to manipulate, transmute and focus energy. I’d consciously opened a portal on the terrace of my apartment in Barcelona one night, had stepped through it (a friend actually saw me physically flicker when I did) and had received energy and information before stepping back through. The portal I’d “seen” in a meditative vision before heading to Orkney would be in the center of a stone circle. But which one?

When I asked the larger circle, the Ring of Brodgar, if there was a portal at the center of it, they told me “Yes. There’s a portal at the center of all stone circles. But this is not the one you’re looking for.” So, the smaller one it was. About three days after meeting the circles, we went back to the Stones of Stenness, gathered in the center of the circle (you can walk right into this circle), held hands and connected. We had no idea what would happen, and frankly, didn’t need to (trust).

I asked the stones “Will you tell me what to do?” They answered “You already know what to do. You’ve received all the information.” And they were right. In that moment, it all came naturally, like a memory, something I’d done a thousand times before, but a long time ago. It’s like riding a bike – even if you haven’t ridden in a long time, you still basically know how.

The first thing that happened is that I grounded to an immense degree. The strong winds were still buffeting my body, but I was like a tree – unbelievably steady, yet flexible. My entire body, which had been shivering and tensed against the wind, completely relaxed. My breathing became deep and even. I wasn’t cold anymore. I wasn’t uncomfortable. And then I turned on the machine. I heard a loud “THUNK!” noise, like a large, mechanical switch being flipped. Like machinery locking into place. THUNK! A stone activated. THUNK! The next one came to life. Slowly, methodically, each stone became active in turn until the entire circle was alight. After that, the circle began to spin and whir, first slowly and then faster and faster, like a centrifuge. The energy was spinning around us like a hurricane, but we were in the center – in the calm of the eye. It’s at this point that I saw myself holding the energy, something that I’ve done before at this level. When I do this, I see myself and anyone who is working with me inside a tetragonal shape – a First Right Square Prism. It looks like this:


When I hold energy in this way, there’s a beam of light anchoring the bottom pyramid into the earth, and another beam anchoring the top pyramid into space. The entire “structure” feels incredibly solid. Again, it always feels like I’m in the eye of the hurricane. I held us all inside this Prism while the energy raged on around us. What struck me at this point was just how effortless this entire process was for me. I was aware of a tremendous amount of energy being drawn in (one of my friends was having the experience of bringing it in), and yet, it cost me absolutely nothing to hold it. Had I tried this same procedure in the same place a year earlier, it probably would’ve fried my circuits. But by the time I was called there, I was ready. Everything does, indeed, happen in perfect timing.

Once the “machine” was active and stable, I was told that I needn’t do any more. I had done my job. Once everyone in the group confirmed that they were ready, I turned off the machine (the whirring slowed and stopped and the stones turned off) and closed space. At this point, I became conscious of the cold, wet and incredibly windy environment again. I couldn’t have told you how long we’d stood there. It could’ve been five minutes or two hours. All I knew was that something big had just happened.

Biological technology

It wasn’t until I was in Germany a few days later that I really began to process these events fully. I was in meditation, talking to one of my guides, when I began to get a lot more information about stone circle technology.

I asked how a stone circle was built. How were the stones activated or charged or whatever? I was told that they weren’t charged by humans, they already had the right energy and inspired the humans to put them where they belonged in the circle. In other words, people didn’t go out to a quarry and choose some rocks willy nilly; the rocks yelled “Yoooohoooo! I’m over here!” and were then “selected” to be included in the circle.

The stones had told me that just as I have my life purpose, so do they. They incarnate here to do whatever it is they’re going to do and experience whatever it is they chose to. Even though they have a very different relationship to time than we do, they are no less interested in their life experiences than we are in ours. Being part of a circle is one of those experiences. They come in already knowing that this is going to be part of their path, and we humans simply participate in that manifestation of theirs. How cool is that??

I was also told that the smaller circles, like the Stones of Stenness, is like a “personal” version, while the larger circles are the “industrial” models. I’m not yet entirely sure what stone circles can be used for, I’ve only gotten glimpses, as I’ve said (examples of what I’ve glimpsed are instant manifestation, teleportation and time travel, just to name a few), but this is very much at least some of the ancient technology we’ve been looking for. I was told that when we humans think of ancient technology, we’re still thinking in terms of mechanical technology, when what we need to be looking for is biological technology. We cannot take energy and focus out of the equation. We’re not going to find plastic or metal machinery or circuit boards from thousands of years ago. They used stones and the mountains and sound and intention. Their interface wasn’t made of buttons and switches; they used their minds. And this technology still exists (see if your iPod is still around and functional 5.000 years from now… ha.)

While the small stone circle can be used by one person, the larger ones require whole teams. I haven’t yet received the information on exactly how to do that, but here’s the basic breakdown of what I do know: There are three main parts to working with a stone circle. You have to have someone to turn on the machine and hold the energy, you have to bring the energy in, and you have to focus it. When I was in Germany, I was able to “go back” to the smaller circle, having anchored into it while I was there (I now have access to it from wherever I physically am), and perform all three tasks. The larger circles need separate people to perform these tasks. There may be more roles required for work with larger stone circles; since I haven’t yet done work on that level, I have yet to figure that out.

“Turning on” the stone circle opens the portal in the middle of it. How do you control where the portal goes? I don’t know. I’m not sure if it can go anywhere, or if each circle is limited in some way by its “purpose”. Every time I’ve opened a portal, I was very clearly guided on where to go and my intention played a big role. Of course, I also always made sure to be in a very high vibrational state before doing this work and the purpose of “holding the energy” is to stabilize the vibration in that high place. If you’re going to turn on a powerful laser beam, you’ll want it to be stable and you want to make sure it’s pointed in a beneficial direction. I’m certain that stone circles could be used in both a constructive or destructive way, but I’m not sure how happy and cooperative the stones will be if used destructively (I’m guessing the process would then NOT be effortless at all).

The learning continues

All in all, this trip to Orkney wasn’t really about making anything happen, as much as it was about learning and attuning. I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface of this kind of technology and there’s much, MUCH more to come. While in ceremony in Peru, I was already given more insights into portals and how to use them powerfully in conjunction with pure focus. I was able to connect to the stone circle in Orkney and bring in the energy of the Peruvian mountains (who are so freaking powerful and very, very friendly and helpful). I had been absolutely exhausted for almost three weeks, never really able to get through the day without a nap, often sleeping twelve hours each night. Then one night, I activated the circle, brought in the energy, held myself in the center of the tetragonal prism, opened the portal and proceeded to see energy floating to me from all directions. It was as though my vessel had been emptied and was now being filled. I stayed in this delicious state for over an hour, and when I woke up in the morning, I finally felt physically strong and no longer exhausted at all. What’s more, I can still feel the energy being drawn to me in this way all the time. I’m still filling up.

As I said, I’m absolutely no expert in this field; I’m just beginning to learn about stone circles and portals myself. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them, but don’t be disappointed if I don’t know the answers just yet. If, however, you’ve had your own experiences in this area, please, PLEASE share them in the comments as well. I’ve shown you mine, now you can show me yours, he, he. I’m really looking forward to joining in the conversation on this!

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    Your Truths touch a remembrance in me that r astounding.


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    If the topics of the recent reposts are in any way indications of the future blog post topics, I’m peeing myself already <3 <3 I remember loving this when it first came out!

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    I have seen people wearing this type of Prism around their neck. Does this INCREASE higher energy to oneself?

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    This was very cool. I remember this post from a long time ago. I kind of hope you write more about these kinds of things in the future. Very fascinating. 😀

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    Hi Melody,

    I think this is an amazing ancient technology yet to unfold into our unknown realities.
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    I remember reading this a while back and freaking out that I had lost my vibrational connection with you and was being left behind the Happy Shiny Puppy group (you kindly reassured me). I read it today and it totally makes sense and infact excites me. I must have caught up!

    This is the technology I’d love to master so if anyone knows more, please chime in.

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