Parallel Lives: What They Are And How To Use Them (Repost)

Melody is currently on her yearly sojourn to Peru! She will be posting some awesome new content when she returns. In the meantime, here is one of her oldies but goodies… Enjoy!

Awesome Dudette’s Burning Question: “Melody what is your take on the concept of parallel lives? I heard that the soul wants every experience possible, which is the reason for parallel lives of an incarnation. I have always wondered that after I die, I would love to reincarnate into this same life again and see what it’s like had I made some different choices. What do you think?” 

Dear Awesome Dudette,

You’re absolutely right. Our Soul, or Who We Really Are wants to experience every possibility, every nuance, every facet of every possible decision that it could ever make. That’s essentially what we’re here for – to experience ourselves from every angle.

What’s a little bit screwy (no offense) about your question is the assumption that all of this has to happen linearly, i.e. one life after another.

The Multiverse theory

Even though you, as you currently know yourself, are only aware of this one life right now, that doesn’t mean that that’s all there is. As quantum physicists are figuring out (ok, right now it’s just a theory, but they’re on the right track), there’s more than one Universe. There are many, many (alright, it’s an infinite number) parallel Universes out there. In fact, every time you make even the tiniest decision, you create two new Universes – one in which you made decision A, and one in which you made decision B. In that moment, a new version of you is also created, one that made the decision you didn’t, and the outcome of which you’re not aware of. The Big YOU, your soul, if you will, is aware of both versions. But, in order for you to fully experience your reality, you can only be aware of your own.

Given the number of decisions you’ve made, both conscious and unconscious, it stands to reason that there are quite a few versions of you bopping about in the Multiverse. And you don’t have to go back and relive any one version after you “die” (put in sarcastic quotes, because there is no real death). You are living all these lives simultaneously. Once you transition, you have full access to these lives. In other words, you get a much larger perspective.

Your parallel lives

But it doesn’t stop there. You’re not just experiencing every possible iteration of your current life. You can be (and are) living completely different lives, in different countries, cultures and yes, timelines. So, there could be a version of you in ancient Egypt, or the middle ages, or 100 years ago, with all the possible iterations of THAT life. And even though to you, in your limited (by design) perspective, think that those lives happened ages ago, they didn’t. It’s all happening NOW, at the same time.  So, when you tap into a “past” life, you’re really just tapping into another one of your avatars, another one of your Soul’s versions.

You see, your soul has different levels of awareness. Consider you, Awesome Dudette, to be at Level 0. You have a very limited and therefore specific focus. You can only see one perspective at a time, but can therefore experience and explore it fully. When you go up a level (what most people consider their soul, or who they become when they die), you have your non-physical self, Level 1. You do not become this person when you transition, you already are her. She doesn’t cease to exist when you’re “born”, any less than the player of a video game ceases to exist when they start a new game and create a new character. You exist simultaneously.

Your Level 1 self has the ability to perceive multiple perspectives at one time, but will focus on them in less detail than a Level 0 character. Whereas you (Level 0) might freak out about being late for work, your Level 1 persona knows that ultimately, it doesn’t matter, because you’re going to be quitting your job and moving towards your passion soon anyways. The stress you feel is just another indicator that you’re not doing what you want to be doing, and is actually serving you. Your Level 1 self therefore doesn’t worry about the lateness and doesn’t join you in your stress. In other words, your Level 1 self is much more Zen and chilled out than you are.

So, let’s say that your Level 1 self can see and experience all the iterations of your current life, all the possible decisions you’ve made and how they played out.

But, your Level 1 self is simply just another avatar. Go up a rung and you’ll find Level 2. Your Level 2 self has the ability to perceive and experience not just all your Level 0 lives, but also all of your Level 1 lives. This is where I may begin to lose a few of you, so let me offer…

…One of my super-duper analogies:

Let’s say that your current Level 0 life is Barbara, who lives in New York City, in 2013. Barbara is 40, has 2 kids, a wonderful husband and a blah job as an attorney. Barbara’s Level 1 self would be able to see not only this iteration of Barbara, but every iteration – the one that didn’t go to law school, the one that ran off with some dreamy musician when she was 18, the one that chose to go to dance classes and pursue her passion, the one whose parents are still alive, the one never had kids, the one who didn’t battle anorexia in her teens, the one who had the courage to kiss the high school quarterback that time under the bleachers in High School, etc. Every version of Barbara starts in the same place – 40 years ago, in New York, born to the same parents, in the same house. But from that point on, each decision that was made created a new version of Barbara, a new Universe in which that decision played out. Barbara’s Level 1 self can see all of these versions.

But then, there’s more than one Level 1 version of Barbara. Others might include a woman in the 1800’s, who worked on a farm. Again, there will be different versions of this woman, all starting at the same point, and then diverging based on all the different decisions made.

Barbara’s Level 2 self will be aware of all of these versions or lives. From HER perspective, all of these iterations are happening at the same time, and she has the capacity and ability to absorb, understand and enjoy all that information. She will stress even less about the details than her Level 1 selves, and will have an even larger perspective of the universe and how it works.

Follow me down the rabbit hole…

Do you think it stops there? Nope, it keeps going up and up and up, until eventually, you get to the highest level, where ALL is known, seen, experienced and understood. This is what most people will want to call God. But really, it’s just Barbara. Or Bob. Or YOU. Or ME. It’s all of us. You see, it’s like we’re all connected to this giant family tree, all related to each other in real time, all feeding into the same consciousness. And it’s all happening at the same time.

But, if we didn’t split off our awareness and delve into each Level 0 experience fully, reveling in the details and being much less aware of our simultaneous lives, we wouldn’t have nearly as much fun. It comes down to the degree to which you can be engaged.

Another analogy:

Let’s say you’re watching a football (soccer) game. You can watch the whole field, seeing the entire game unfold. You’ll see every goal, and every big play. But, you’ll miss a lot of the details. You might become aware of a penalty or injury only after it happened. You’ll have to wait for the replay to see the details. You won’t be aware of what every single player is doing in every single moment.

Now, let’s say that you decide to focus on just one player for the entire game. You see him running, faking left and going right, blocking, hawking a loogie (spitting) on the field, and feigning an injury or two. When the ref calls a foul, you know that your player was at fault. You watched him kick the other player. You don’t miss a single detail of what this one player does. But you do miss what every other player is doing, including any goals not scored by “your” player, unless he was directly involved or very close to the action. You miss all the other fouls, all the other maneuvers and when someone asks you about the game the next day, you’ll have a lot of details about this one player, but may not even know the score of the game. You were focused very narrowly, and therefore couldn’t perceive the big picture at the same time.

Your Level 0 experience is like watching that one player run around the field. Your Level 1 self watches and experiences the whole game. Your Level 2 self is flipping through channels and is aware of all the scores of all the games, and so on. A Level 1 avatar isn’t aware of as many details as the Level 0 one, but CAN delve into them at will. So, if you want to know how a particular player got injured, you just watch the replay. You temporarily dip into a more limited perspective (one or two players), and then dip out again.

Sidebar: How does awareness of past lives figure into all of this?

Well, considering that there are not “past” lives, only many, many concurrent lives, your awareness of another life is really just another way for the Universe to bring you information. It’s a manifestation, like any other. Whether you receive a memory from your current iteration, or from one that happened 100 years ago, it still has to match whatever is going on in your vibration NOW.

So, if you’ve “discovered” that you were murdered in a past life, ask yourself why you would remember that NOW. What’s going on in your current vibration that would make you a match to this feeling? What’s being mirrored back to you? The experience of the past life cannot affect your current life (this is a very limiting belief; that you’re condemned to continue the struggle of your past lives, or that some trauma from your past lives could cause you to have fears in your current one), but it can certainly mirror back what’s going on in your energy today.  If you’re feeling unsafe, for example, you may have the horrific memory of being stabbed to death in a former life. This manifestation would then alert you to the fact that your current fears are not serving you, without you necessarily needing to manifest a stabbing right now.

Back to the main point: How can you use this information today?

Alright, alright, so up until this point, we’ve been talking mostly philosophy. This Multiverse and Multiple You theory is all fine and good, but how can we use it practically in order to enhance our lives?

Here’s how:

#1 – Access and make use of the higher perspective of the next level up

If you’re at Level 0, Level 1 isn’t like some bureaucrat that you don’t have access to. You don’t have to live cut off from that knowledge and wisdom. You can access it any time you like. When you access your “guides” or channel, you’re really just talking to a bunch of Level 1 folks – your higher self, and anyone else interested in what’s going on, including other people’s Level 1’s. If you go high enough, you can even talk to some Level 2’s (just for the record, it’s not really this clearly demarcated. I’m attempting to give structure to something that’s actually quite fluid, wrapping my little Level 0 consciousness around something our brains aren’t designed to completely comprehend, and this is the closest I can come at this time).

The wisdom and knowledge and yes, information that’s being fed to the Level 1 and up avatars is available for us to download anytime we like. All we have to do is give ourselves permission, by truly believing that we can. We give ourselves such permission when we study something (“I have studied it, therefore I know it and can recall it”), but that’s not actually necessary. We’ve simply been taught to believe that it is. There have been many examples of people accessing information they had no way of knowing throughout history. THIS is how they gained that knowledge.

#2 – Change your NOW by shifting to a new version of yourself. Completely.

Ok, this one’s going to be a little more complicated (I know… but I did warn you), and it’s really the whole point of this post.

If you know that:

you can begin to understand that when you shift realities, you are actually shifting into a different version of yourself. You are actually becoming a different person. You do not just have the power to shift into a reality that’s brand new to the Universe (by making Decision A or Decision B), but into ANY reality and version of yourself that you like (and which you can believe).

However, in order to do so, and in order to make any kind of significant shift, you have to be willing to completely let go of the old identity. You have to be willing to tell completely different stories. You have to be willing to think and feel and react as that new version of yourself. And you have to be willing to let go of that old version’s past, because the new person you’re becoming didn’t have that past. That woman without commitment issues didn’t have the experiences that caused her to be afraid of love. She didn’t overcome her pain, she never had it.

When you change who you ARE now, you actually, literally change who you WERE.

This, I’ve come to understand, is SUCH a huge key to making significant shifts in your current reality. If you’re willing to let go of your past completely, if you can stop needing to punish anyone, if you can stop needing to be the victim, to be validated, to be approved of, or to be healed, then you can actually let go of who those stories and needs caused you to become. And if you can completely let go of all the limiting definitions of self that you’re currently carrying around, you can actually leapfrog into not just a version of you that’s only slightly different from the one you came from, but someone significantly different. This is how you accelerate change exponentially. This is how you make quantum leaps (which I don’t generally recommend, but if you’ve read this far and understand this post, then you’re probably the kind of person that won’t let me stop you anyway…). I, for one, find that freaking awesome. But then, that’s just the version of Melody that I choose to be.


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  • Avatar Brandon says:

    Oo I remember this post, and love it just as much now. It’s funn because I just read a book on parallel worlds, which covers exactly the same sorts of topics.

    I completely agree with the premise, and think it can definitely be used for manifesting, by tuning in to the parallel universe we’d rather be a part of.

  • Avatar Susan Parkinson says:

    Hells bells this is complicated,I wish you could pop over to the isle of man for a G & T and a very long chat, but i do have an appointment booked with you in February and am looking forward to it…. Susan

  • Avatar Jeannie says:

    Making that quantum leap into a different version of me — is it my consciousness or my body (both?) that flips into a different reality?

    Would the change show up as something happening in what I perceive to be this reality, incrementally, just my life changing as I make choices based on a new vibration and then one day I realize hey my life is totally different than it was last year…..I brought in abundance and love and adventure and so on….

    Or, is it that my awareness would shift. To a version of me with a totally different past, doesn’t that mean it’s a different body? Different past, different memories? I’d guess 99.99999999% of people wouldn’t be able to handle this (including me).

    I watch too much sci fi.

    • Avatar Brandon says:

      My opinion, if you don’t mind me inserting it here.

      Your body is just a projection of consciousness. There is no difference between “body” and consciousness.

      So when you jump universes, consciousness shifts. You jump to a different version of reality, with all things basically the same except for one or two things related to your goal, for example.

      It’s not as big or scary as it sounds. You jump universes countless times every day. Every time you make a decision, you’ve entered a universe where you made the decision you did. There is another universe where you made that decision differently. There’s a universe where I didn’t leave this comment, and one where I left this comment. And probably a whole bunch of others where I wrote it differently than I did. it really boggles the mind when you think about it long enough.

      • Avatar Jeannie says:

        Hi Brandon, I don’t mind at all, in fact welcome the discussion!

        I’m all good with the idea of all the different versions of me out there in other dimensions or universes or whatever, with this choice and that choice creating different realities and another me in each one.

        I’m just trying to reconcile this idea – Melody quote: “in order to make any kind of significant shift, … you have to be willing to let go of that old version’s past, because the new person you’re becoming didn’t have that past. That woman without commitment issues didn’t have the experiences that caused her to be afraid of love. She didn’t overcome her pain, she never had it.”

        That’s where my question comes in — we would have to let go so much of our current identity that in order to step into the version of ourselves that has the life we want (wealthy, in love, traveling and having adventures, all things I’m not doing now for various reasons), we would even have completely different memories/life experiences?

        How would that work? Wouldn’t I be a different me, not this one who jumped into a different universe? Or my consciousness would meld with that one so that the universe I’m in now would cease to exist? Or this old version of me would still be here living this same small lonely life but I’d become aware of the other one, the one I want, since I would then identify with that one since I matched my vibration to it. They are all me, but “I” am only currently aware of and embodying this one. I’d rather be aware of and embodying that one (wealthy, in love, traveling and having adventures…..)! But having a completely different backstory….how would I still be “me”? Then again would I really want to be….aaaaaarrrrghhhhhh

        Mind boggling is right, endless questions. I deleted a ton. Not that I over-analyse anything ever.

        This topic fascinates me, and as I mentioned before I’m a big sci-fi fan and have seen/read countless interpretations of this and I’m open to all of it, but my brain wants to understand it better.

        Thanks for your comments!

        And, I just started my very first blog a couple weeks ago (huge step for me!) so if everyone else is posting theirs……

        • Avatar Brandon says:

          Hi Jeannie,

          Ah I get what you’re saying now.

          I disagree that you can get a completely different backstory. Well I think that version of you is out there, but that’d take a massive shift to get to that version. I’ve heard of similar things happening, but it’s really drastic and you don’t need all that in order to create what you want.

          What’s more likely is to shift into a version where you have healed from those past issues. They are still in your memory, but aren’t so weighty and emotional.

          It’s easiest to shift into a parallel universe that is almost identical to our own, except with a few minor changes. But, when you repeatedly do that, those few minor changes get bigger and bigger, until you are exactly where you want to be. 🙂

  • I love how you can take complex subjects and break them down into manageable chucks. Easy to understand AND fun too! Sharing! 🙂

  • Avatar Heather says:

    I remember reading this once I first stumbled upon Melody’s blog, but only on the second read it occured to me that would this maybe explain the freaky awareness shifts I’ve been experiencing ever since I started with LOA? I get deja vus that can last from fifteen minutes to half an hour (my conscious mind is going OMGWTF during that whole time) sometimes I see different surroundings. I might be in a room but then the room disappears and changes into a different one for a split second. Or I go on for weeks feeling like I’m in two places at the same time. Like when I was living in another country, and I had solid plans to move back to my home country, suddenly the sensations and surroundings felt so close somehow that I wasn’t really sure where I was. My body was in place A but my mind was in place B. These things seem to happen periodically, mostly when I’m able to get to a very high vibration and have set out a clear intention. When I come down from there, my reality is like the Matrix glitching. Could this be because I somehow connect to parallel lives for a period of time? Could this be somehow used to further benefit from the momentum, or is it just what it is; an indication that energy is moving in the right direction?

    • Avatar Jeannie says:

      Can’t answer your questions but can tell you I’ve had a similar (but nowhere near as intense or as physical) sensation, where I felt like I was still living and working in Los Angeles even years after I left. Even then I had the thought that maybe I was somehow connected to the version of me that chose to stay. I had flashes, not physical ones, more like a feeling or a knowing that I was still there in current time. Not a memory. Another me. I don’t know…but very cool to hear that someone else had similar experiences. I’ve never told anyone this before!

      • Avatar Heather says:

        Thank you so much for sharing your story, Jeannie! It’s comforting to know that others have had similar experiences. At first I questioned the flashes and sensations because nothing was happening on the outside, but it was a year later when I moved back to my home country. So basically they were signs that the energy was building, I guess. It’s interesting that you would be so connected to the energy to the you in Los Angeles, I always thought that it’s the intention that creates the connection. Were you entertaining the thought of moving back to Los Angeles or did the sensations just come randomly, without a clear cause?

  • Hello Tina,

    The theory of parallel universes implies the possible future theory. For every tiny decision – as you correctly said – we create a parallel universe, therefore in our timeline we create a possible future for ourselves. This means that this future may happen or may not and this is included into the multi-universe theory. So for every move we make and according to our decisions, our future can shift and if we can see forward, we have the power to change that future because of that awareness. It is true that it is not that easy to grasp such concepts but I am glad that you presented them in such a way that can be understood by most people.

    It is such a pleasure connecting with you today! Wishing you all the best!


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