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Coaching Call #151 is out! The topic of this week’s call is: He’s an openly Gay, Black Man Who Doesn’t Feel Safe in his Own Community.

As an openly gay man, this caller has, from an early age, always felt unsafe in his environment. Throughout his life he’s suffered insults because of it and has even been physically attacked

When he gets called a derogatory name, he believes it sums up what he is – someone who’s not good enough to be who he really is.

Listen in as we quickly dispel the limiting belief that makes us feel that if we’re different from the “norm”, then there’s something wrong with us.  We also discuss why other people behave in a threatening way when they encounter someone who’s different from them.

This call is for you if you want an uplifting view on what it means to be “different” and how shining your light on them will make you feel more worthy than you’ve ever felt before. 

Read the full call summary here.


Boy, do I have a special treat for you today! As many of you know, I spend my Januaries in the mountains of Peru, participating in plant ceremonies. On my last trip to Peru I decided to sit down with my Ayahuasquero/Shaman Javier Regueiro, to chat about Ayahuasca, spiritual development and life.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • What is Ayahuasca?
  • What’s the difference between drugs and plant medicine?
  • Is Ayahuasca a “magic pill”?
  • The role that willingness plays in a ceremony
  • How much discomfort is there really in a ceremony, and how can we deal with it?
  • The physical cleansing that Ayahuasca facilitates
  • The truth about “purging”
  • What happens during a ceremony?
  • How can Westerners best engage with this medicine?
  • What role does the Ego play in this process?
  • Why is Ayahuasca spreading across the Globe now?
  • What should you look for in an Ayuahuasquero/Shaman?
  • Are there benefits to working with a Western Ayahuasquero/Shaman?
  • The importance of intentions





To learn more, please check out the following resources:

Check out Javier’s book HERE.

Did you enjoy the video? Do you have further questions? Leave a comment below!


Note from the future (2022): please note that Javier passed away a couple of years ago. But this interview is still very valuable in terms of you finding the right practitioner to work with. 

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  • Avatar Isabel says:

    Thank you for this! And it’s perfectly timed for me as yesterday I decided on when I’m experiencing my first Ayahuasca discovery! So thank you for even more information on this amazing mother herb and how to get the most of the experience! 🙂

  • Avatar Just Call Me A. says:

    Ok, I was thinking about this today and when this will appear on the site and here it is! Talk about perfect timing!

  • Avatar kelli says:

    Hey Melody
    This is awesome. I can’t wait to watch it. I have done ayahuasca and oh boy, was it an experience. I haven’t felt a pull to do it again but if I ever did, right back to Peru I would go. I still shudder when I think of the taste 😉

    • Avatar kelli says:

      Loved it! So many great points. I especially liked the reminder that it isn’t a magic pill. I know people have had amazing transformations from using this medicine, and it can be portrayed as this magic ‘cure all.’ I’ll admit I thought that at first when I read all the stories but I worked on tempering my expectations before I went, and that was helpful in accepting whatever unfolded.

  • Avatar Patricia says:

    Thank you Melody and Javier!  This was a wonderful and much-needed (for me) reminder about what this work — no matter what tools we choose — is and is not about. 

    I am reminded that a thing that is happening right now that I *do not want* is in fact happening FOR me and not TO me. Such an enormously important distinction! One of the slippery spots I get into with LOA is a tendency to descend into self-blame when I attract something that feels upsetting or looks unpleasant. I think, “OMG this is my fault! I’ve attracted this thing I do not want! What did I do wrong!? How do I “fix” it!?” 🙂

    Panic –> Resistance –> Not Helpful 🙂  This video reminded me that Nothing Is Wrong and to look inside myself for the message I’m receiving from my emotional signaling system. What belief(s) is driving the panic? What can my reaction to this unwanted circumstance show me? If I’m *willing* to listen, that is 🙂


  • Avatar Daphne says:

    Thank you Melody! You look so radiant in this video, I love it!

  • Avatar Faith says:

    This was an amazing video Melody and Javier I just loved this 🙂

  • Avatar anonymous says:

    Hi melody,
    What do you do if you know that it’s not possible to get the things you want? How do you cope with the depression and hopelessness that brings? What do you do when you can’t even tell other people what you want and cannot bring yourself to act on your desires? Like you don’t take any of the steps that would be the path of least resistance to getting the things you want?

    I’m really desperate I need help. I can’t go on living like this any longer.

  • Avatar Vini says:

    Great video. Javier’s energy is full of calm and peace. Also it was comforting to know that Melody, you are still figuring stuff out. It tells me we are all human and at different steps in our journeys.
    I have one question though. Do we need to go inside and look into all dark corners of our minds, clear the dirt and move forward? I think this is what is called shadow work where we deal with our resistance and stifled feelings. Or should we block out all unpleasant experiences and memories and focus on anything that is positive? This is what Abraham also teaches – stop focusing on things that are going wrong, bad memories, repressed feelings and only focus on things that make you happy. And like Seth also says – the point of power is in the present. We always create our lives from the present moment. I am a little confused. Thanks!

  • Avatar Terry says:

    We Love what you have shared with us.
    That was most a grateful receiving on our behaves.
    Thanks Melody.

    *Your powers are always there,but,you still do not know you have them yet.*

  • Avatar Rose says:

    WOW! I loved this so much. I finally was a sync to it 🙂 🙂 and was able to concentrate and listen to it. If you ever have a transcript for this Melody, I would read that again. Thank you soooooo much for this!!! It was a real treat and thank you for sharing it!! I am very tempted to do this. It has been going on inside my head for a long time!! Maybe I will do it when I am ready for it and a match. Javier was so full of wisdom and so much at peace. 🙂 Yay!! LOVE!

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