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Coaching Call #126 is out. The topic of this week’s call is: She Wants a Successful Acting Career.

She wants to have a successful acting career but doesn’t think it will happen for her. Leading up to her auditions she has a lot of fear that she’ll be rejected and when it happens she goes into panic mode thinking she can’t make it as an Actor. She struggles to remain positive and she wants to know what she can do to calm her fear of rejection.

This is a great call for artists who want to make it big in the entertainment world and for those who want to know how they can still believe in themselves when they don’t get a part they auditioned for.

Read the full call summary here.


Well, we did it. We pulled off a live workshop in New York City this past weekend. And… It. Was. Epic. EPIC, I tells ya. I’m still all buzzy and shit. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, I thought I’d give you a rundown of what happened. And for those who did attend, you might enjoy getting a little bit of behind the scenes gossip. Ha.

Why NYC?

First of all, it has to be pointed out that I don’t live in NYC, have never lived in NYC, and have no special connection to the place. Granted, it is totally awesome, but the fact remains that I could’ve probably chosen a much “easier” place to host my first paid live event. So, why did I go with the Big Apple? Because my intuition told me to. It felt right and I trusted that feeling (as I generally do). It turns out that the energy was simply just right for what we wanted to do; and when I say “we” I mean everyone who attended. We were coming together to share in a creation, to manifest clarity and upliftment, and to level up. Yep, all of us. You see, I wasn’t just there in the capacity of a teacher. I benefited just as much from the energy of the audience as they did from mine.

So, we all leveled up, we all shifted that day, whether everyone was fully and consciously aware of it, or not. NYC, you are one amazing lady, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart (also, all the people there were just super friendly and awesome!!).

Wow, Wow and more Wow!

The day brought a few surprises, both for the attendees and for me. First, we gifted everyone with goodie bags. Because who doesn’t freaking love a goodie bag? Miserable bastards who don’t like nice things, that’s who. I wanted the day to be filled with lots of “Wow” moments and these gifts were part of that strategy. We had some special Bullshit Fairy mugs printed up, as well as some gorgeous notebooks with the new Deliberate Receiving logo. If you’re now thinking “Shit! I want a Bullshit Fairy mug!”, don’t despair. We have plans to start offering them next year (also possibly other merchandise. Stay tuned). We also threw in some unbelievably delicious gluten free cookies from a brand spanking new bakery in Brooklyn (the inspired passion project of one of my awesome clients!), that were a huge hit (they do NOT taste like gluten free. In fact, they taste like fucking heaven!) I want to give a special shout out to Giulia for providing these delicious treats (I took a bunch home in my suitcase, and I’M NOT SHARING!). You can check out her website, Giu Giu’s, HERE.

We also offered beautiful and delicious catering between sessions, with lots of healthy options like fresh fruit platters and herbal tea with almond milk, as well as some “sinful” choices like chocolate banana bread, mini quiches and bagels. I know it’s not “normal” to go all out on the food for this type of event, but once again, I wanted to surround my puppies with luxury and awesomeness. Also, I have never been nor will I ever be “normal”. While I didn’t actually personally get much of the catering (had to keep it very light; I was streaming a crap load of energy), I’m told that it was all stunningly delicious. I want to give a special shout out to Kurt and Mike of Cocktail Caterers, who interrupted their honeymoon to help us with our special day (they’d only gotten married that Friday!).

I was able to finally get my grub on after the workshop, during the VIP dinner. We thought it would be appropriate to do some Spanish Tapas, considering that I live in Barcelona. And OMG, did we ever find a magnificent restaurant. The food was amazing, the décor absolutely gorgeous (fresh roses everywhere – the kind that smell good!, and fresh lilies in the rest room!) and the conversation flowed so easily we nearly closed down the place. If you’d like a little fuel for your fantasies, you can check out the restaurant here.

The workshop itself was held at a beautiful and funky little theater in the Meatpacking district, a very artsy, fartsy place with a totally NY vibe. This isn’t the type of place that normally hosts corporate workshops and the like, but rather a stage that usually houses stand-up comedy acts and small plays. I adore the theater, and love that whole artistic vibe, so I was thrilled beyond words. Plus, all the seats had cup holders, so you know, bonus.

How the Universe tricked me (and why I’m not mad…)

As I mentioned, the attendees weren’t the only ones to be hit with awesome surprises. Unbeknownst to me, the Universe was playing a little game with me, as well. You see, I’ve been working on this particular manifestation for a while. I visualized a beautiful and unique space (I didn’t want some generic hotel conference room), gorgeous and delicious but healthy food and drinks (my grandmother taught me better than to not feed my guests! Plus, I personally love it when event organizers go the extra mile like that…), a fantabulous time had by all and a full house. I lined myself up with an awesome, sold out day and worked my way into a delicious, happy shiny puppy state. And then… the event didn’t sell out. In fact, ticket sales in the first week were nowhere near what I’d expected. I was surprised, nay shocked. WTF, Universe? You tell me to go to NYC and organize an event and then you don’t inspire my puppies to come?! Yeah, I freaked out. I freaked out hard. Had I made a mistake? Had I misread something? Was I in total denial? What the hell was I missing?

Nothing, as it turned out. I was just leveling up, and when we level up, we tend to freak out. This is the biggest thing I’ve ever done. Oh sure, I’ve organized events before, but not for myself, not for my puppies and never in NYC. This event had the potential to bankrupt my business. The risks were higher than they’ve ever been. I had leaped to a much bigger level and it took me a second to get my balance. There’s always that first realization of “Oh shit! What have I done?” and I’m not immune to that. But, I’m happy to say that after about 24 hours of wailing and bitching and biting my nails, I recovered and began to work myself into a place of trust, now much stronger than ever before. It would all work out, I just had to be willing to give up control of the details. Not only would this event not ruin my little company, it would help us enter a much bigger game. My intuition had been spot on and I was right to follow it. I just had to keep repeating that to myself for a little while.

By the time the big day arrived, we had reached our goal of financially covering the event, but still hadn’t sold out. There were still a couple of seats left. I had stopped stressing about it and had relaxed. After all, what did it matter? As long as we all had a good time and everyone got value, who cared if there were a couple of empty seats? As long as I kept my real goal in mind (an awesome event) and didn’t let my ego get in the way (“What would people think of my manifesting skills if I couldn’t even fill a room? Argh!”), I was fine. I gave up on needing the room to be full, on trying to control the details and just focused on feeling really good.

When I walked into the venue, I found out what the Universe had really been up to: the theater had fewer seats than we’d been told, and we’d been sold out all along. In fact, the Universe had made sure we hadn’t sold even one seat too many, which would’ve been awkward and wouldn’t have felt good at all. We had sold precisely the right number of tickets and had a full house. This was so much more meaningful to me than if we’d simply sold out right away. I was given the opportunity to freak out and subsequently develop a much deeper sense of trust in myself and the Universal mechanism. Hot damn.

“I’m not waiting until I’m uncomfortable”

I’ve always loved being on stage. I feel very at home there and always have. I particularly adore that moment when I walk out on stage and get to see the (hopefully) smiling and expectant faces of the audience. In my corporate days, I gave a lot of presentations designed to convince people of some concept, or teach them something they often didn’t really want to know (they were not so smiley or expectant…). This was not the case on Sunday. I was facing a very “warm” room, an audience who already knew and loved me. Still, I was a touch nervous. This was, after all, the biggest thing I’d ever done, a culmination of the last 4 years of my life and the first time I’d be introducing the framework I wrote about in my book. Ack.

I was wearing a gorgeous and, if I say so myself, rather curvy, sexy wrap dress that deserved a pair of sexy, sling back heals. I had decided to wear the shoes until they were uncomfortable and then kick them off. I can’t stand to wear anything on my feet when I’m in the channeling state, but I figured that since I was presenting a technical structure with slides and everything, the energy wouldn’t really get going until the Q&A section. I calculated that I’d get at least half an hour if not more out of those shoes. I really can be such a dork, sometimes.

First of all, the energy was buzzing like crazy the second I set foot on the stage. I had opened sacred space in the theater earlier that day and had filled the room with a nice, deliciously high vibe. My intention had been set and cultivated for weeks. My friend Tabi had run around Central Park, soaking up the energy of the trees and all of nature, really, and had delivered it to me. I had grounded myself right into the core of the earth and felt more stable in my vibration than I ever have (seriously. EVER). The second I stepped on stage, it was like everything just lit up. Boom. I said my hellos, reveled in the love of the sea of happy faces, many of which I recognized, and had the prompt realization that I was being an idiot. Why the hell would I wait until my feet were uncomfortable? In what freaking reality was that even remotely acceptable? People had seen the shoes. The dress had been duly honored. So, off they came. I spent the entire day barefoot, and It. Was. Glorious.

Perfect orchestration

I’d split the presentation into three parts. Part one would deal with how the Universe works. Part two would delve deeper into the workings of reality and teach how to work the Universe. Part three would be pure Q&A. I’ve never been one to over plan my presentations. I prefer to keep it loose and natural, with just a bit of structure. I’d prepared a few slides (mostly full of funny animal pics), but hadn’t timed my speeches. I trusted that all would work out perfectly.

That’s not to say that I didn’t have just a teensy “Oh Fuck!” moment when I realized that I’d gone through the entire first part, a two hour presentation, in an hour. I tend to speak really fast at the best of times, but with that much energy being drawn through me, I could barely keep up. I looked at the audience and asked “what do we do now?” Someone was kind enough to let the answer come through them: “Q&A!” Oh hell yes. This was actually a much better format than I’d planned for – loads of structured content followed immediately by a question and answer session where people could clear up any doubts right away. The Universe had thought of everything. All we had to do was play along. Part two ended up running short, as well, allowing us to take even more questions.

The questions at the end of those two sessions were very technical in nature and helped me fill in any gaps in understanding in the framework I’d just introduced. All in all, I was super pleased that people really seemed to “get” it; the framework made sense, even to the beginners. Yay! I plan to use this session/Q&A, session/Q&A format in the future. But the real magic happened in Part three, a two hour Q&A extravaganza. With the technical stuff out of the way, my puppies were free to ask whatever they wanted, about any topic, at any level of understanding. We were done with hypotheticals and theory. It was time to get into the meat, to really demonstrate how this shit works. It was time to apply Deliberate Receiving to real life. It was time to really start releasing some resistance.

I am still a bit stunned by the audience’s willingness to share so openly and allow so many breakthroughs in a “public” environment. The entire room banded together to create a safe environment for everyone and the support that each questioner received was staggering. My coaching style is very, very direct. I pull no punches and tolerate no bull shit. And here I was in front of an entire room of people who were not only able to handle this full on approach, but welcomed it, which allowed us to do phenomenal work together. I could feel the entire room right there with me as the energy expanded further and further.

The Dream Team

It has to be said that this whole event would not have happened without the hard work and incredible help of some awesome Happy Shiny Puppy Helpers. I’ve already mentioned the wonderful baking skills of Giulia, patron saint of the Gluten Free delights.

My web designer Mike (Mikey!) and his girlfriend Hilda lent their talents to various tasks, including helping to give a little media coaching to those who were gracious enough to record some testimonials for us. Mike also doubled as my body guard (we had decided that if there weren’t enough bathroom stalls for the largely female audience, he would clear the men’s bathroom and then stand outside of it like a Secret Service Agent, protecting my urinary privacy, so to speak.) Fortunately, no one ever got to see me running through the halls yelling “Code yellow! Code yellow!”, since there was never any bathroom conflict. Not just anyone would volunteer to be your bathroom buddy…

Regular reader Awesome Nicole worked her ass off, and even managed to bring a beautiful rug for me to stand on, so my bare feet wouldn’t get cold. I was just blown away by her dedication and support!

My BFF Tabi flew all the way from Scotland to NYC to join me. She spent a lot of time stomping around in Central Park soaking up the tree energy, and gave me a big old dose of that the morning of the event, further helping me boost my vibration. She also acted as my personal caretaker, supplying me with tea, bits of catering and water when I needed it, as well as acting as the mic runner during the show.

I’d also like to give a special shout out to our video production crew, Blaga and her team, who were not only professional and incredibly conscientious (Blaga made sure to turn off my mic every time I left the stage, so my bathroom tinklings wouldn’t get recorded. It’s surprisingly easy to forget stuff like that…), but also just the nicest, smooshiest people ever.

And finally, I really, REALLY could not have done this without my Happy Shiny Puppy Wrangler, Business Manager and Sister, Tina McDonald, who organized the whole event including the venue, catering and volunteers. She managed to deal with my freak out, left her children to fly all the way across the country for me (ok, they weren’t exactly alone and shivering in the cold, but still…), and kept me sane the entire weekend. Deliberate Receiving seriously could not run without her and I’m forever appreciative of the fact that she agreed to join the company and came to help me.

Thank you so, SO much to everyone who helped make this event possible, both those who assisted backstage, and those in the audience. I want you to know that it means the world to me that you took time out of your busy schedules and opened up your wallets to come and spend the day with me. I absolutely don’t take that for granted. I am so incredibly proud and appreciative of my puppies, I don’t think the words exist to fully express how I feel. Instead, let me offer this:

Going forward

I realize that many of you were not able to attend this event, but don’t worry, we filmed the whole thing and will be offering the DVD or digital download as soon as it’s all edited (we have 6 hours of footage on three cameras, so 18 hours of footage. That’s a lot of editing, so bear with us). I’m also DEFINITELY doing this again. I had such a great, awesome, fabulous, unbelievable, high vibing, happy dancing time, it would be a crime not to repeat it. I’ll announce all future events on the blog and in the newsletter, as well as placing them on the Events Page. Oh yeah… there’s an Events Page now… So stay tuned. There’s more to come! Yay!

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  • Avatar Le Petite Princess says:

    Congratulations on everything you achieved. You share so much of your wisdom for free and that was the universe repaying you.

    Well done, I hope one day I can cross the pond and meet you.

  • Avatar kelli says:

    Hey Melody
    It sounds like it was amazing and being able to download it at some point makes me so happy! I am originally from the area, and my trip home from traveling isn’t until the end of the month. i was really bummed not to be able to attend. It sounds like it was amazing, and came together in just the perfect way! I really related to what you said about ‘leveling up’ and the freakouts that can come with that. I feel like I am moving into a new level and it has been kind of uncomfortable…not going to lie! But, I am just working on feeling good and trusting the process.

  • Avatar Just Call Me A. says:

    Fantastic!!! I await the digital download.

  • Avatar Kimja says:

    Okay, I can ~almost~ get over my jealousy now that I know we will be able to get the video. Congratulations to Melody and everyone who got to attend the very first Deliberate Receiving event.

    Awesome Nicole bringing Melody a magic carpet is, well, Awesome!

    Question, guys, is there a newsletter I am missing, or is the newsletter the blog subscription e-mails?

  • Avatar Kimja says:

    Okay then I’m all set, but I simply could not risk missing anything. Thanks Melody!


  • Avatar Summer Starr says:

    That sounds so awesome!!! I can’t wait for the digital download! And I can’t wait until there is an event near me! 😀

  • Avatar Lori says:

    I got goosebumps just reading this and remembering the feeling of being in such a fantastic space, surrounded by all the awesome energy. Thanks for a wonderful weekend full of great surprises. It was meant to be. xxxo

  • Avatar Hazel says:

    Congratulations Melody! Even by just reading your account of the event makes me feel good and somewhat had a share of that experience! I’ll get my hands on that Bullshit Fairy mug too! In time????

  • Avatar Melanie says:

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you that you had an awesome event! I’m currently in the corporate training/OD world, which sounds like it used to be your old life. Glad to know there are other options out there. 😉

    I can’t wait to get the download! Congrats again on a job well done.

  • Avatar Rose says:

    I have to say I was waiting for this moment because I couldn’t make it. It just made me smile. You’re lovely Melody. And all your puppies who made it are just so lucky to have been in sync. Can’t wait to check out the video. And, herbal tea with almond milk is something I feel so bad to have missed out on. I will have to check out online and try out this magic potion. Thank you for sharing your fairy tale event with us!

  • Hi Melody,

    From here, in Bali, Kelli and I are both relieved. Even a bit happy. Not because you freaked out a little bit, but just because you freaked out a little bit. Sometimes we forget, that as long as we want something, we’ll freak out some – for a bit – when doing new stuff. SO helpful to see that not only did you pull off a kick butt, inspired event, but that you went through some whacky emotions during the journey. Aha, we are not alone! 😉 Super manifesting lesson for all.

    After 5 years I am using the concepts of carrying a clear intent, surrendering and learning to roll with things. KC and I have seen massive acceleration during the past 5 months. We co-created a house sit on the beach in Fiji for 4 months – which didn’t suck – and I launched a new blog and brand. I’ve been endorsed twice by a NY Times Best Selling Author and will be speaking about my eBooks to a class at NYU.

    Ya know, the mundane, ho-hum stuff a fired security guard does when he stops telling himself “the security guard story” and tells a delightful new story.

    Melody, you’ve been instrumental in my success. Really. I haven’t even been a blog stalker here – Kelli is a much more active participant, and is in LOA love with you, for awesome reasons of course – but the lessons you began to share with me years ago I have used to free me and to free the folks that I’ve attracted. It’s been a humbling journey, a freeing journey and just such a wild ride. Thank you for being authentic, happy and funny as I can be.

    Would have *loved* to have been back home in NJ to see this but we’ll be at one of your events. I know it.


  • Avatar Cheryl says:

    Is Giu Giu’s owned by the same woman in Coaching Call #081? If so, how great is that?

    Congrats on a successful event!

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    Yay Melody! I knew it would be awesome. Looking forward to the video.

  • Avatar Arnold says:

    Wow Melody, I know you are the best LOA teacher out there, Now it’s time to planning to have one spectacular event like that in LA. How about 2015….couldn’t wait…

  • Avatar Pia says:

    Awesome!!! How about putting Munich on top of you list for the next event 🙂 🙂

  • Avatar Sofie says:

    AWESOME! Oh my god, the event sounds magical. I hope the next one will be in Europe. I so want to join in.

    There’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you guys (Melody + other commenters) about, and I can’t seem to comment on the relevant posts, so I’ll just ask here.

    I’m having a crush on this guy. Well, I think I do. Because my intellect stepped in so soon, trying to control everything, that I can’t really sense what I’m feeling about him.
    Early this summer, I wrote a list of qualities for my dream boyfriend, and it felt really good. I put it aside, and BAM! One month ago, he just showed up. He’s exactly what I wanted, down to the hairstyle and taste and music (which I didn’t even put on the list, cause I though I was asking for too much already). The first night I met him, he was wearing the fucking exact outfit I had imagined. So this is ridiculous.

    And now, this have gone sour. We almost slept together one night, and I didn’t really feel like it, and even though we talked about it and are going to stay friends, things are a bit tense between us now.

    I’m having a really hard time detaching from the thought that he’s the one, when he’s even closer than I thought possible. Every time I try to visualize something better, it’s him or my ex (who was also amazing) that show up. Aaaargh. This is so frustrating, and my vibration har taken a huuuge dip these past few weeks.

    So, that’s my issue. Thanks for reading! I hope all of you have an amazing day and feel like superheroes!


    • Avatar Michael says:

      Sofie, I had this happen recently, a guy and I (we still have to work together) are at each other’s throats and it has become a war zone because of the same type of situation although we did not take it to another level as we work together but it nearly happened.

      This is going to go against the grain of LOA work Sofie, but if that guy is the one don’t suppress that, but just be open that, and there are tons of examples, there is a one but maybe another just matches what you want so you go with them.

      I am still glad you wrote out a list, maybe do it again?

      All I will say is this: although I appreciate stalking or getting things through devious means or crime is wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting X person, X Job, X house. I do agree with the LOA concept that life can be like a buffet and we get to choose a thing but it gets delivered differently. However, I would say most on here who post are not into stalking X to get them or burning down someone’s house because you want their land.

      The point is Sofie, as painful as this lesson may be, which BTW you did not deserve, there are lots of positives to this. So many unrequited love articles tell you that you have to let go 100% of the person (or job) to get something else. That is nonsense, I know couples who are very happy together but they hold a candle for another, we are human and part of that is maybe we never stop grieving even if we are happy with the new job or partner or car, we did want X and I am tired of feeling guilty because I wanted X but got Y. That is why I got mad (and this was a great lesson) at the article on here telling that lady to dump that guy. But as written on this blog and I love this, we are in the painting class they are in the writing class. It can be as simple as that. The arguement is reflecting back to you something as my situation did but trust it will be clarified in time why this happened so we can move to another place, and yes I am not going to say it will or won’t be with him, the choice to say he’s the one or not is yours not a bunch of internet strangers which so often happens, you never base a heart’s decision on what is written on the internet anywhere, but sadly that’s what people do and then they are not happy.

      Good luck in your learning Sofie I’d love to know how this gets on. All I am saying that is unpopular I guess is that the universe just does not sit there and go ok there is the love of your life but I am taking them away you have to have another, so don’t rule him out but be open to someone else. To me the main thing is just don’t get involved in his drama. Things are very tense between me and the person I loved because of this, but I do the no to limited contact rule and that heals things.

      • Avatar Sofie says:

        “it will be clarified in time”

        That caught my attention. And it feels like relief. So I’m going to trust that it will.

        Thank you so much for your thoughts on this, Michael. I really appreciate it.

        • Avatar Michael says:

          I appreciate you being open to reading thank you, that helps me understand for me the LOA things I need to know as well, sharing experiences like you did help a lot so thanks.

  • Avatar Sonja says:


    The energy in this post alone is AWESOME! I’m not sure I can imagine such amounts of awesomeness as it must have been at the event! (Or wait, can I? 😉 )
    Can’t wait for the DVD, and also for you to have an event here in Europe. How about Oslo or Stockholm? We very much want you here 😉

  • Avatar H. says:

    Even when you are describing something amazing that happens to you, you indirectly help people (ahem, me here). 🙂

    Congratulations and it is really inspiring to see you grow and also maintain your authenticity ***

  • Avatar John says:

    Congratulations on orchestrating this awesome event! I am really looking forward to the digital download!

  • Avatar Arlette says:

    Man I so wish I could be there argh! I’m so happy for you melody as I was reading this I had a full wide smile all over my face CD
    You have no idea how much your blog did wonders for me I love you almost as much as I love this Universe. Thank you thank you thank you <33

  • Avatar Katie says:

    Congratulations!!! This is incredibly inspiring to read – thank you for sharing the process. It’s so helpful to hear about your experience as someone starting out in similar new business (and life!) ventures. I was not able to make the NYC event from California (but I wanted to!) and will absolutely be getting the DVD.

    I vote San Diego for your next spot!

  • Avatar Faith says:

    Congrats Melody can’t wait to see the video!!!

  • Avatar Kirra says:

    This is amazing, Melody.

    I’m starting my coaching journey too, charging nothing for my clients, and gaining real world experience in the area I feel has been my calling.

    This whole event has sparked my imagination and filled it with possibilities. Thank you for everything you do!

  • Avatar Alexis says:

    Congratulations on your successful event. I had fun reading your article and so excited to download it. Many will enjoy watching this. Thanks for sharing it. Great post!

  • Avatar Angela says:

    I was sad to have missed it, but love reading about your success here. Sounds amazing. Especially the gf cookies 🙂 I’m really looking forward to making it to the next event in person!

    Oh, before I forget Melody, I wanted to tell you that I’ve been reading and listening to you for about a year and a half, thanks to a dear friend of mine who introduced me to your blog. She was an amazing person who grew closer and closer to the light throughout the years of her illness. She was instrumental in connecting me with you during the last conversation I had with her before she died (at 43yo). Such an amazing gift. Thanks to her, and to you for all that you are and continue to be.

  • >