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Coaching Call #120 is out! The topic of this week’s call is: Making Her Healing Business More Successful

This client left traditional medicine to open an alternative healing practice.  She truly believes in the methods she uses and is passionate about what she does, but also feels it’s her duty to help as many people as she can.  Her main concern is that her business isn’t making the money she thought it would and isn’t attracting the amount of people she’d like to help.

During the call, we worked through raising her confidence as both a healer and a business woman. We shifted beliefs about obligation (it’s my JOB to help others), as well as abundance.

If you’re a healer and/or you have a business that you truly believe in but isn’t making the money you think it should, this call is for you.

Read the full call summary here.


First of all, I’m so sorry that I’m a day late with today’s blog post. But, I have a really good excuse. I’m right in the home stretch of writing my awesome book (Deliberate Receiving, Finally, the Universe makes some freakin’ sense), and I was so super inspired yesterday that I just couldn’t and didn’t want to stop. I figured y’all would forgive me. Especially, since I have a special treat for you today, my puppies!

One of my clients and fellow awesome healers, Bernie Petrie, interviewed me for her blog a few weeks ago. This is pure, solid gold content, and may be the best breakdown of the Law of Attraction and how our reality actually works that I’ve ever offered. EVER. You’re going to want to take notes, people, it’s that good. I actually listened to the call myself and took notes, because I had honestly never heard myself summarize and structure all of LOA in quite this way before.

So yeah, you’re going to want to take the time to have a little listen this weekend.

Here’s the link to the interview, for your listening and learning pleasure.

Special thanks to Bernie, for doing such an awesome job interviewing me and asking me the perfect questions to bring forth all this awesome info!



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  • Avatar Lori says:

    This entry header photo might be one of my favorites of all time on this blog. So glad you’re kicking ass on the book. Thanks for sharing the interview. It’s on my listen right now!

  • Avatar kelli says:

    Hey Melody
    I think we can find it in our hearts to forgive you…heading over to check out the interview now. I am super-excited for your book!

  • Avatar Jasmine says:

    Since I am deaf, is it possible to write the whole transcript of this interview? I wanna know MORE about LOA! :] Can’t wait for the book!

    • Avatar A says:

      Like Jasmine, transcripts of your awesomeness are best for me too. Since my private time around this house is practically nil, it’s way better to read than to compete with other noise and nosy family members! Also I have limited time and I can read faster than I can listen (I type 70 wpm if you need a transcriber!)

    • Avatar Moonsparkle says:

      I’m listening to the interview now but I absorb information better by reading, so I’d like it too if there was a transcript. 🙂

  • Avatar Just Call Me A. says:

    Love the pic and the interview! It just keeps getting better and better!

  • Avatar Marisa says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is the most wonderful explanation I have heard about LOA. As always things comes to me at a perfect time.
    Thank you for your existance in this planet. Receive much Love and light. My wish to you is you to receive all the right information and inspiration at the perfect time for the greatness of all during your journey for your upcoming book and always. Love. Marisa

  • Avatar Summer Starr says:

    This was the best explanation of LOA I’ve ever heard. I love it! Melody, you are like a bright shining light of awesomeness leading all who are willing out of the fog of despair. You’re like a real life Neo. 🙂

  • Avatar jackie says:

    Hi Melody, after listening to the interview, I have become much more clear on LOA! I’m looking forward to the book. Thank you for all you do. I will be getting Re-Awaking meditation program. I also found this LOA music on youtube and wanted to share with you, really got my vibes up. 🙂


  • Avatar Faith says:

    Melody, this interview is amaze-balls!!!! But do you think you can make a transcript of it please 🙂

  • Avatar stardust* says:

    Nice interview Melody, I always love listening to your interviews and calls. 🙂

    I was wondering if someone here could help me…How do you let go/give up desires for certain situations/circumstances that you really, really, really want, have dreamt of and worked towards for years, but just don’t seem plausible to happen in this lifetime? My mother tells me that they are not realistic, not going to happen and to just be happy with what I have achieved. This answer really hurts me and feels greatly unsatisfying, feels like settling, because I want what I want so badly…but I also don’t want to stress out anymore about trying to make things happen anymore or struggling to get somewhere where I want to be.

    I ask because I find it so confusing with LOA “you can have whatever you want” and “what you want is a feeling”…but that almost seems like a cop out. I understand not controlling every exact detail, but if we are supposed to get what we want, the feeling, shouldn’t we be able to get the material representation too?

    I’ve been studying LOA for years yet have made so little progress and not where I want to be in life. I feel like I have to give everything up and just accept that I’m not going to get the things I want, that they aren’t meant for me or not part of the greater good for the world.

    • Avatar SK says:


      When you “want” something, that’s wanting is a feeling.
      so you would attract and bring about a “feeling” manifestation, a “feeling” outcome.

      when you “build” something physically, for example: you cook a meal, then you will manifest a something physical that you can touch. It’s a physical manifestation. Because we are so use to manifest thing physically, we tend to forget it’s a manifestation too.

      You also manifest who you are.

      what you “want” may be important but it’s not the only important thing in your life.
      what you “want” would change as you age and go through life.
      what you want today may mean nothing few years from now.
      please pay attention to what you are good at and “who you are” as well.

      if you have been studying LOA for years and tried very hard to make it work and still stuck, then this style of learning is not suitable for you.

      I suggest you do research on the many approaches to LOA from various teachers.
      You should find one that suit you.

      if all fail, forget LOA and live your life your way.

      have you heard of the saying “if you want something done right, do it yourself”?

      well, it’s an option too.

    • Avatar Just Call Me A. says:

      Hon, you cannot let go of a dream. Dreams are of the Ether, and divine that way, so it is just not possible to do that. That is why it is so painful to let them go. how can you let go of an arm and a leg like that? You can live a life as an amputee, yes, and make do, be safe, steady and all that, but… Do you see where I am going with this? Those who have done so become dulled, if you have not noticed. They try to deter you, too, but coming from that stance, not even my brain can follow their advice. Your mom may want to protect you and tell you what is good for you, but I know your Inner Being will disagree.

      If you let go of it, what will happen is you will most likely end up in a situation in which you settle and become dull. That situation will dull you and you won’t be having pleasant experiences. In the meantime, the universe will be showing you glimpses of that dream in the form of someone saying something to you, what you hear in a play/show on tv will ring a bell within you, you find in a book, heck, someone may even give you a book about the subject your dream is based upon! The universe will be dropping clues all the time.

      I had written once before the example of an Ivy-League writing student who was told by a professor she sucked and he would pass her in the class only if she promised him not to pursue writing as a profession, which she did. Fast forward 20 years, and a movie was being filmed in her area. She got friendly with the crew and met the writer of the project. She mentioned that she once wanted to be a writer. He told her to send some of her work to him. she submitted the transcript that later became Romancing he Stone and other movies followed.

      No matter which “spiritual” teacher you read on and follow, they will tell you to do the same- follow that dream, no matter where it takes you for the above reasons I mentioned. Gurus and the self-realized say this. The masonry is based on this. Yogananda even says that dreams are so strong, you follow until the death, and you even get points for that in the next life. Of course, I simplify here but this is the gist. You can’t do otherwise. The dream will be making an appearance in your life one way or another, even if you “give up” on it. I know this personally. It will “haunt” but in a good way. You will be excited with this haunting, because it will ring bells within you.

      This may all seem like BS to you or whatever, but it is really not. This issue runs deep and many do not get it.

      I would like to ask if anyone knows how those boring, office jobs evolved. In think Melody mentioned in a call that people wanted security after wars and much turbulence. I know they are ideal for some people and people lead great, fulfilling lives in them and are very content. But they are not for all people.

      It is all up to you, though. I was not going to post this, but I spent time writing it up, so I will go ahead anyway.

      • Avatar Moonsparkle says:

        I’m glad that you did post, Just Call Me A. 🙂 I never knew that about the Romancing the Stone writer. I like that film and Jewel of the Nile too. I’m glad that she didn’t listen to her professor, otherwise Romancing the Stone would never have happened! Thanks for the inspiring post. 🙂

        stardust*, I know what you mean about really wanting something and feeling like you just can’t get it. I have often felt that way about a particular thing I want to manifest and thought, “I should just give up” but something in me won’t let me do that. So I try to keep going. Good luck with your dreams! 🙂

      • Avatar stardust* says:

        And thank you, Just Call Me A, for posting the comment that you weren’t planning to post. 🙂

      • Avatar stardust* says:

        Hi Just Call Me A,
        I feel a huge amount of fear in my body (chest, stomach, feeling paralysed) when I think of doing certain things that I really want to do, that I feel would help me towards achieving what I dream of. How does one go around or lessen this? When I think of a more “comfortable” option, I feel relief, but let down at the same time. I know Melody generally advises against quantum leaps, but I feel the challenge is somehow getting over or alleviating the fear, going forward with the scary choice, or taking a more practical/”safe” option but feeling that it’s just going to make the road longer, not really taking you where you want. Feeling a bit “let down”, settling, compromising (not in a good way). :/

        I felt a lot better just venting through writing that post. I still feel frustrated and fearful about things, but it’s really nice to receive support on here from others who have a broader and more freeing perspective. I currently don’t have anyone in my life who really “gets” this stuff and with whom I could talk to face-to-face.

        I agree with what you wrote, the importance of following dreams and why you should go for what you really want instead of settling for something less. It just feels that sometimes there is so much resistance, internal and external blocks, that the attainment of a specific goal or dream seems so far away or barely possible. And that feeling being strengthened by your current reality, not knowing even how on earth it will be possible to alleviate that because it seems the ways to fix the situation involve a lot of fear or doing a lot of stuff you really don’t want to do. (I hope it makes sense.)

    • Avatar Jessie says:

      Because when you “really really really” want something, there is resistance in it, and the resistance is what’s keeping it from coming. Your mom is mirroring back to you your own limiting belief – “its too unrealistic, its not good for me to want this, it’s not meant for me”…etc. When you are at a point that you’re 1000% sure you can have this thing, the attitude of the people around you will change as well. Remember, everything is just a hologram!

      LOA teachers advise focussing on the feeling instead of the physical representation because 1) the feeling is what you’re REALLY after…because, would you want a million dollars if you’re not going to be happy when you get it? Would you want to go on that vacation if you knew that the plane will crash on the way there? So what you’re REALLY after is a feeling, what you THINK from your limited perspective right now, that having this thing will make you FEEL. Remember that the universe knows more, WAY MORE than you, sometimes your physical representation of what you want, is no where near amazing as what the universe can bring! So this is why you don’t want to focus on HOW this thing will come about, go general, focus on the feeling and let it come in whatever way it wants to, and trust that it will either be this specific representation that you have decided you want, or something much much better.

      The second reason is because when you decide that this is the ONLY way what you want can come to you, then you’re adding resistance and pinching off energy! If you’ve decided that the only way you’re gonna be rich is by winning the lottery, then the universe cannot bring it to you any other way, and because you’re adding resistance to “lottery winning”, it can’t come through that avenue either. So the real reason LOA teachers suggest focussing on the feeling is because you want to open up the energy flow.

      Have you ever had a situation in your life where you just gave up, and the thing came? That’s because you just released resistance. Think of it like a paradox (stealing what Bashar said) – This is the power of paradox. When you can feel good about it not being here, when you can “not care” about whether or not it can come, it MUST COME! My advice is focus on what you really really want (only go as specific as you feel good, if it starts to feel resistant, then go general), and enjoy each moment as much as you can, instead of telling yourself “when i get there ill be happy”, because thats telling the universe “I’m not happy now”, and the universe will keep bringing you “not happy now”.

      When you feel good most of the time, release resistance and open up the energy flow, everything you’ve ever wanted will start to roll in, relax and enjoy 🙂

      • Avatar stardust* says:

        Thank you for this reply Jessie. I know that what you wrote is true in theory, and that how this really works (LOA/obtaining things we want) is really quite simple. It just feels though that it’s nearly impossible to stop wanting when you’ve been wanting it for so, so long and so, so intensely. And how terrible it can feel (or very inspiring) when you see others obtain it so easily and things just flow to them while you are feeling stuck and unable to let go.

        Thinking about an instance when I gave up and something came, that did happen to me not too long ago. For a long time I had really wanted to be in a relationship or at least see this guy who I had been fantasizing and dreaming about on and off for a few years. The few times we would write through email the conversation never really went anywhere and he didn’t or couldn’t meet. Sometime in December I just gave up, focused on other things, and around this time I met someone else with whom I had a lot of fun with and then really wanted to be with him (another story^^). The first guy, strangely enough, after not talking at all for a few months, began to send me emails each month, starting sometime in the spring and lasting through summer. In August, he wanted to see me and asked several times to meet up…though at this time, I really wasn’t very interested in him at all. We ended up meeting, which was funny because I realised that if he and I were together…it would probably not be very fun or interesting because he’s not what I really want in a partner. Just at the time I wanted to be with him, crazily so, and became so obsessed with the fantasy that I looked past the reality of who he actually was.

        Sorry if that was a bit long. Though the whole situation played out over months (one could say years perhaps!) I think it illustrates the letting go paradox quite well. Now I can accept that my ideal partner, the person(s) who would be right for me and me right for them, will come in divine timing, that I can just enjoy what is and not worry about when he will come. It just feels so much more difficult with other things. I know on a deeper level that it’s really that simple though. I think I just need to go with the flow a little more…stop trying to hold on or force things. That I can still have what I want, but just have to be a little more open to how it comes. Like I can still be pursuing what I want as a career, but perhaps be more open of changing cities/countries, from a specific location I’ve really been clinging to. Maybe the reason things haven’t been working out here is because the Universe has an even BETTER place in mind for me, though it may seem or have seemed not at all what I want, somewhere where I would be really happy and meet other joyous cooperative components. 😉

        • Avatar Just call me A. says:

          You answered your own question here. Deep down, you know this stuff. You got it.

          What-is-ness should not be taken to heart for that is what changes all the time. You gave a great example with the guy you mentioned. You did not speak for a while and he ended up pursuing you! See how that works? You got off the subject and focused on other things and the situation with this guy came and eventually resolved on it own! Yet another good example.

          I can tell you of all the people around me who are successful and practice LOA by default. One thing I can attest to is that they do not complain. They do not focus on how hard it is, the obstacles they must overcome, this and that. Instead, they focus on their love for what they are doing and what they are involved in. Someone says they can’t do it? They ignore them, for he/she is not part of their vibe. These people, however, are not many because in their reality, they are aligned with what they are doing. They feel good. For example-Failed a test? Well, it’s party time. Got to get into gear to pass the next one. They approach life as a true happy shiny puppy. They ask for something once and do not keep checking if it is here or not. The universe heard and will deliver. It never forgets. They do not care about the peanut gallery around them, the naysayers and the people who try to bring them down. Like I mentioned, in their reality there are few and far between because they do not focus on that. I hope this paints a clearer picture for you about those whose life is LOA based. They do not even call it that. They do not label it. It is just how they live their life. And I learn from them because I worry way too much and this fact destroys my life. Chilling out and being calm and cool about things is the way to go. And don’t freak out. Cool as a cucumber is the phrase that pays.

          • Avatar Just Call Me A. says:

            One thing I want to add here about dating- it is a great way to have fun, learn and explore. The most often heard regret one has over this subject is that they did not enjoy it more when they should have, like from 18-30. Do not think of marriage or settling down. That will just happen on its own. Let the universe take care of that. in the meantime, just enjoy all the prospects, love guys, appreciate all the things you can learn from them. Appreciate all your guy friends and all the insights they give.

            That is how they approach dating- to have fun. It is not to find someone to marry, really. They know that that comes on its own. OK, you can have it as a target, but do not go overboard. If you obsess over it, you push it farther away from you. Cool wins here, too. It always does. I am just sharing some perspectives here which tie into LOA.

          • Avatar stardust* says:

            What about laziness? When no matter how hard you try to motivate yourself, remind yourself of why, stay focused and disciplined…no amount of forcing and even loving what you do is able to get me to take action about some things or work towards my goals at times. It feels blocking and I can’t figure out why…

        • Avatar Moonsparkle says:

          I understand what you mean, I met a man online a couple of years ago. We sent a few emails but then he went on holiday and we lost touch for a few months. It surprised me when he emailed again because I thought he wasn’t interested in talking to me anymore. So I was pleased that he got back in touch but after that he didn’t email much. Last year I looked for him on Facebook and thought I’d send a message saying hello. He replied and at first he didn’t remember me! But then he did and he added me. We messaged a bit but not regularly again. He suggested meeting up and I thought about it but it never felt right to meet up. Plus when we didn’t talk much I felt like I would have preferred to have been talking to him online more regularly and got to know him more first.

          Also I wasn’t sure how well we would get on because maybe our personalities would clash a bit and when I saw him writing things on Facebook I started to think that maybe he wouldn’t be the right friend/boyfriend for me. (Not that he was writing nasty things, we just have different opinions and outlooks). So when he took me off his friend list I thought it was probably for the best because I don’t think we would have been right for each other.

          I think that’s great that you’ve accepted that your ideal partner will come in divine timing. 🙂 That’s the attitude I’m trying to take at the moment.

  • Avatar stardust* says:

    Thank you for all of your insightful replies. Writing that comment really freed up a lot of energy for me. But I feel in this endless cycle of frustration and general negative emotion every day over something related to my dreams. Sometimes it becomes unbearable and the constant pain, crying,

    I don’t understand accepting and still holding desire for a dream to come to pass. Because when I accept doing things that I don’t want or certain circumstances that seem to bring me further away from where I would like to be, it can feel peaceful, but also terrible. Numbing. Like killing a part of myself inside. Or even just “settling” for contentment, as explained in more mindfulness and present moment focused material, when I want to feel alive, passionate, zesty, on fire…that feels terrible deep inside, even if I try to deny it.

    I watch and read many stories about people who achieved their dreams, people who surmounted obstacles, those who received things easily, and those who stumbled into great opportunities by accident and reached great success. But it just seems that no matter how much I try, whether I try to accept that I can’t have what I want right now or I can have it and just have to move towards it, I come back to feeling stuck. And I don’t understand why more of what I want has manifested, why I find myself in very difficult circumstances or in a lot of pain, because I often feel good, take consistent action towards what I want, work on shifting beliefs, etc.

    I feel so drawn to spiritual, personal development and LOA material is because deep down there is something that tells me that life is supposed to be easy! It’s supposed to be fun, great, wonderful, etc. And that anything IS possible and that we CAN get what we want!!! Even if it seems really grand or “unlikely” by others’ standards. That the dreams within us are NOT meant to be scaled or watered down so we can just enjoy their essence by pursuing things we like on the side (of course not the case if this makes you happy). That the intense negative emotion I feel from time to time, stress, worry is NOT supposed to be this frequent and that accepting and tolerating it feels totally off.

    I just don’t see how I can get to where I want to go from where I am now. I don’t even know what step take from here. And the possibility that it may take a long time and entail doing things I would rather not do…that also brings up a lot of negative emotion.

    I feel like I can’t let go of what I really want…but why is there so much struggle though when I’ve done all that I could to clear beliefs and ease out the path? When I’ve done pretty much everything any spiritual or personal development guru says? I find myself in a really pressing situation and have no idea how I will get out of it ok…let alone get to where I want to be anytime soon. But there is still hope, still a bit of optimism and glow inside. It keeps me going, it’s why I wrote this comment.

    • Avatar Jessie says:

      Hi hun, its’ not about giving up on what you want, you can never give up on what you want even if you tried to…You will never give up on the DESIRE, but u can give up on RESISTANCE. Its more about thinking about what you want in a way that is less resistant.

      Deep down something is telling you this is supposed to be easy, because it IS supposed to be easy! Thats your inner being or soul, calling you. If you’re finding it really hard, then just give up! Stop trying!

      “I just don’t see how I can get to where I want to go from where I am now. I don’t even know what step take from here. And the possibility that it may take a long time and entail doing things I would rather not do…that also brings up a lot of negative emotion.”

      Its OKAY that you don’t know what to do to get there, that is the universe’s job, never yours. Just relax as much as you can, and say things to yourself like “i don’t know how to get there, but I’m on my way” or “I don’t know how, but everything will work out for me” or “the universe has got my back”

      Do you see its not about WHAT you’re doing, or thinking about, its HOW YOU FEEL? It doesn’t matter what you think about, as long as it brings you RELIEF, from where you are, and step by step you will get there. You cannot have a dream job that you feel absolutely passionate and ecstatic about, without feeling passionate and ecstatic already. It’s not “feeling happy after the manifestation”, its that you have to feel happy FIRST, before getting the manifestations.

      Of course feeling happy and ecstatic is probably too far from where you are now, and that is absolutely fine! As long as you can find a feeling state that is slightly better from where you are, it could be “i hate everyone, why is everyone else getting what they want but me?!?” or ” Universe, i demand what I want, and I want it now!!” – the key is that it feels BETTER or like RELIEF to you right here, right now.

      Stop trying, forget about the gurus and the processes, words don’t teach, its life experiences that do. When you beat up on yourself long enough, eventually you will just “give up”, and that releases a lot of resistance….this is why you hear stories of actors/celebrities that has gotten their breakout role the moment they gave up. Oprah was praying to God “I surrender to you, please help me let this go”, and then she got a phone call from Steven Spielberg about the role that she thought she didn’t get.

      So the point is, you will never get it wrong 🙂 and sometimes, even if you’re feeling really really bad, if your desire is strong enough, it will override the resistance. This is how people can still manifest what they want when they are feeling bad. But there is an easier way!

    • Avatar Michael says:

      I sorta hate to write this given Fatal Attraction and all that, but, every reply to you has been awesome (helped me a lot).

      However, I still do not see why you cannot want a particular person or job or thing. I am not saying stalk or shoot people to get what you want (look what happens to bank robbers) but I still struggle with the idea that it is the feeling and not to look at another person or job as the one. I feel like I am giving up on a dream because I can’t have X. This has been talked about on this blog under attracting a specific person. I just think if I want X but end up with Y what if I fret for X when I’m with Y – isn’t that unfair to Y?

      However, the flip side to this is important. We have wanted something in any way, not just badly, and we get it and suddenly hmmm well that is not want I actually wanted. A recent post talked about you do the writing class they,and I do mean a job not just a person, is the painting class. If you read that post it will make sense. It’s also sometimes we get what we want just in an unexpected way, or we get 100% the thing we wanted just not at that moment in time. It’s just the way it seems to work.

      The point is stardust I can only concur – don’t give up, see your wonderful mother as just a mirror, go for what you want and in time LOA will make sense. I am still struggling with LOA but the past two weeks, the past 4 months actually, I have seen evidence of it working. It takes time. Please let us know how you go.

      PS Just call me A yet again put an insightful post.

      • Avatar stardust* says:

        Thank you for your reply Michael. I, too, get confused about strongly desiring a certain career(s) and other rather specific things. It doesn’t seem right to me that we can’t have certain specifics though. I understand with another person, like maybe person X wants a relationship with person Y, but person Y isn’t interested. But with a career dream or wanting to live in a certain city or country…I feel like that should definitely be possible.

        I feel like the things I want the most I push away or they elude me somehow…and this really frustrates and upsets me. I feel that I can’t just make peace with it…I want what I want and just want to have it or be closer to having it already!! Especially after being on this path for so long…sometimes it feels like there really is no hope and maybe for some reason I’m just not supposed to get what I want. But deep down I know it isn’t true. I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong and how I’ve been blocking myself…it angers me a lot.

        • Avatar Just Call Me A. says:

          Did you watch how I Met your Mother? It is a tv show, not about how the guy really met the mother, but the girl of his dreams. Yes, they can be separate. One is allowed more than one love. It is all possible. I know it is just a show, but hon, all these shows, as the word itself states, tend to show us something. He pursued the girl of his dreams on and off for years, until she was in love with another and married him. He went on to meet his soulmate and led his fantasy home life he talked about. Years later, the girl was divorced and his wife passed away and they got together. And do not think, oh, they are old. Actually, there are many older couples out there and they have a grand old time. Their single counterparts get jealous.

          No, do not dismiss this as fantasy, for fantasy it is not. I know many such cases. I, too struggle at times with LOA, but it is happening all around me, a great sign. And even if it is a fantasy, why not? Are we not here to bring them to life one way or another?

          My point is the universe never forgets an order you put in. It works on it. There is no time, as far as it is concerned. time is so overrated by humans, man. It is constantly doing so. Feeling good, being appreciative and not comparing yourself to others always keeps you in the loop. Worrying, asking WTF, how come he/she, why am I still here, crying, calling yourself a loser- all throw you out of that vibe. Isn’t it better to be in that vibe?

          • Avatar stardust* says:

            Hi Just Call Me A,

            I had never seen How I Met Your Mother, but last night I watched a few episodes and thought it was really funny! It’s a great example of how the LOA works and how we should just lighten up and laugh, be lighthearted. 🙂

            It was fun to watch how they all get what they want, just through many seeming twists and turns. But it looks like it all turns out for the better. 🙂 I too, manifest many examples of LOA, people getting what they want, their dreams coming true, examples of people having fun and enjoying, etc. So that must also be a good sign?

            Watching shows like this can really put you in a lighter and happier mood, I think I will do it more often!

          • Avatar stardust* says:

            Sometimes though I don’t feel like I can trust like things will work out…worry keeps coming back. But I keep myself distracted from it, focus on better feeling thoughts and things…that helps 🙂

      • Avatar Jessie says:

        I think if you have absolutely no resistance to the specific thing that you want, you can get it! Like if you want person X, but you’ve no resistance to NOT getting person X, you will end up with the VERSION of them that is in love with you in your reality (there are unlimited versions of everyone).

        Like Abraham Hicks said, it is no more difficult to manifest a castle than a button, they are all energies. But of course our belief systems say that to manifest a castle is SOOO SOO SO huge, then it must be.

        Think about those simple visualization exercises for LOA beginners, like if you visualize a butterfly for 10 min a day and a week later you see a butterfly, a specific one that you visualized. Because we don’t really CARE, if the butterfly shows up or not, thats why its easy to manifest. The reason that its harder to manifest specifics in other areas of our lives (relationship, job, weight loss etc), is because we really really really care about those things. Seeing a butterfly or not does not affect my life at all, so Im visualizing it as a GAME. but for other things, its hard to see them as a game, because we really care about them, thus harder to manifest specifics.

        If we can get to a place where we have no resistance to the topics we want to manifest, and absolutely 100% BELIEVE that we can have that thing, then we can definitely manifest as specific as it FEELS GOOD to us.

  • Avatar Sadeea says:

    Hey Melody,
    Could you please please arrange to post the transcript for this whole interview?? I tried listening to it but as I am Indian I found the accent little hard to understand and you guys are speaking quite fast. Also, I think the audio is not very clear as compared to other interviews’recordings on the same website.
    Awaiting the transcript 😉
    Thanks much *Love*

    • Avatar Sadeea says:

      “you speaking fast” .. I meant For Me it sounds fast.
      [sorry, If that sounded rude, I didn’t mean that way.]

  • Avatar LindaA says:

    I also found the audio distorted. Additionally there’s no stereo: each of you is in a separate ear along with some white noise and echoing. I tried some of the other interviews and they were all fine. If the audio could be fixed that would be fantastic. Otherwise I, too, would love to read a transcript.


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    I like your post. after listening to the interview, I have become much more clear on LOA! I’m looking forward to the book. You explean everithing in very easy manner.Thank you for your existance in this planet. Receive much Love and light.

    Thanks to share this useful post with us.

    Keep up your good work!

    Have a nice day!

    Varija tripathi

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