I Was Interviewed By Morty Lefkoe!

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This week’s Call!

Coaching Call #118 is out! The topic of this week’s call is: She Focused Positively and Got Something Negative.

This caller knows LOA works in theory but when she deliberately used it everything went to hell. Her financial situation just wasn’t getting any better, in fact it got worse for a while, so she decided to stop trying to deliberately manifest money.  Why didn’t LOA work for her? She did eventually manifest, “the best job she’s ever had”, but now doesn’t trust that the Universe won’t just take it away.

This call not only demonstrates how The Law of Attraction is working at all times but also shows what happens when we believe we’re thinking positively, but are, in fact, doing the opposite.  Listen in and learn how to recognize when you’re doing this and how to stop it in its tracks. 

If you understand the law of attraction in theory but your results are anything but awesome, this call is for you.

Read the full call summary here.


Today’s Blog Post

A few weeks ago, I had the great honor of being interviewed by Morty Lefkoe, a pioneer in the personal development field, who hangs out with people like Jack Canfield (so, you know, he’s pretty bad ass). The recording is finally ready and was posted this week! If you’ve never heard of the Lefkoe Method, a series of psychological processes that result in profound personal and organizational change, you should check it out immediately. After you listen to my interview, that is. Ha.

I had a fantastic time talking to Morty and I hope you do the same while listening in. The recording is only 20 minutes and yes, a transcript is available (also, you can download it, if you prefer).

You can listen to the interview or read the transcript here.

Morty has decided to showcase some of the best and brightest up and coming bloggers (like me!), so while you’re there, feel free to check out some of the other interviews on the site.

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    These interviews keep getting better and better!

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    Just BRILLIANT. I will do a happy dance tonight, thanks to you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Wonderful interview, Melody!

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    Great interview!!

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    Just finishes listening the interview. Loved it…more than content..your voice. It makes me feel good.

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