Using The Power Of Nature To Shift Your Beliefs


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Today is a very special day. I don’t endorse a lot of people or programs. In fact, in the 3+ years that I’ve had this blog, I’ve done one book review, sold one affiliate program and participated in one webinar. That’s it. Why so few? Well, a part of the problem is that it takes time to review books and products and I’ve spent most of mine creating original content. But the main reason is that I don’t promote people I don’t know or products I haven’t and wouldn’t use myself. And I’ve got to tell you, I’ve got some pretty high standards on who I hang out with and what products and services I use.

So, I’m super excited that I get to introduce you to one of my best friends in the world (this is not marketing speak, this chick actually knows my deepest, darkest, happy shiny secrets), Tabi(tha) Jayne. You can call her Tabi. Or Ms. Jayne, if you’ve been naughty. Ha.



You can call her Tabi. Ms. Jayne if you’re naughty.


And then I yelled at rocks…

Tabi is a Nature Goddess, pure and simple. She uses the power of nature (which has a high and very stable vibration) to help people release their limiting beliefs. Her process is amazing, and I’ve had the great pleasure of experiencing it myself. The last time I was in Ibiza (where she lives and where I’ll be moving to, as well), she took me to a cave in the woods (I know this sounds ominous, but stay with me). We weren’t there 5 minutes when I began to have a HUGE release. I don’t mean that I crapped myself. I mean that I started to feel the pressure of an energy release in my chest. As I allowed the energy to flow, I began to cry, then rant, then yell accusingly at the innocent rock formation before me. I let go of a huge amount of sadness and anger and through that release, was able to discover and then shift an old, deeply buried belief that had been affecting me all my life. It was pure awesomeness.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve had such a powerful shift. I do this stuff full time, after all. But what struck me was how gentle it was. I’d never used nature in this way before (being a city girl and all), except of course during shamanic rituals, but this was different. I didn’t have to drink a strange, foul tasting brew. I didn’t have to go into an altered state. I just had to sit there and look at the rocks, listen to the birds, and smell the trees. And BAM! I began to release my resistance. It was natural (see what I did there?) and easy and completely effortless. And no wonder. As Tabi likes to remind me, nature is a 4.6billion year old mentor with a 100% success rate in growth and transformation. So yeah. Mother Nature has pretty much got this personal growth stuff down pat.

Want to learn how to do this for free?

Here’s what I’m so excited about: Tabi has decided to host a Free Webinar next Thursday, May 15th, during which she’ll introduce you to her process (aptly named “the Nature ProcessTM”), as well as explain what post traumatic growth is (Tabi has published a book on healing grief. Look her up on Amazon) and how you can use it to actually fuel your future success.

You can check out the full description and sign up for the Free Webinar here:

Hold the cynicism

Before you go all cynical and think that this is just a dressed up sales call, let me remind you that I’m vouching for this woman. Me, who gives almost all her content away for free and believes that others should do the same. This call will be super valuable.

But, in the interest of full disclosure, you will have a chance to hear about Tabi’s newest program at the end of the call. This is, however, not your average product pitch. Tabi has created a 5 week, online course where you can delve fully into her Nature ProcessTM and experience powerful healing in all areas of your life. I’ve had a chance to review this course, and I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never seen anything like it. She leaves nothing out. You’ll actually connect with nature during this course and feel the power it has to heal you, no matter how big or nasty or buried your beliefs are. And don’t worry if you’ve never connected with nature before. That’s what the course can teach you.

Why this gives me the warm and fuzzies

There’s another reason I’m so excited about this: Tabi has decided to not only practically give the course away for a teensy price, but 100% of the proceeds will go to charity (supporting women and trees). So, while healing yourself, you’ll be healing others and the world at the same time. Want to see a perfect example of the new, responsible economy in action? Look no further, people!

Like I said, I don’t recommend people or products very often, but when I do, the level of awesomeness has to be out of this world. And I just can’t recommend Tabi or her work highly enough. She’s one of my best friends, I use her services myself and have referred some of my clients to her, as well. If you’re at all drawn to nature, or have noticed that you just feel better when you’re outdoors or near plants, then do yourself a favor and join this free call. You have nothing to lose and so much knowledge to gain.

Click here to sign up for the webinar

And no. This is not an affiliate link. If you end up signing up for the course, 100% of your money will actually go to charity. And even if you don’t, you’ll still get a ton of awesome knowledge. Because that’s how we roll around here. You’re welcome.

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  • Avatar Caroline says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Melody, I’ve signed up for the Webinar. I love nature and the outdoor environment, it’s what I studied and where I feel most content. I’ve been reading The Celestine Prophecy recently and that focuses a lot on the energy that comes from nature…which then directly links into our food, which you obviously know loads about. Can’t wait to listen next Thursday 🙂

  • Avatar Katy says:

    Well! This is timely as Spring is slowly making it’s way to my area of the world.

    I have ALWAYS felt a deep connection with fact a few weeks ago I was even looking online for the ‘spirit of trees or nature and trees’ or something similar as I have felt nature calling me 🙂 I always recommend ‘nature’ and being in touch with nature for folks who need healing…emotional or physical etc. I find it so soothing and always have. I start getting antsy when I haven’t been outdoors and, tend to prefer the ‘quiet’ of nature…sitting quietly, walking, etc. Nature is an absorber of negative energy…I had connected with some Native Americans who also believe the same…hence why I always feel so calm and nurtured after being outdoors. (I’m actually going on a little camping retreat next weekend! :))

    “Mother Nature” is a perfect analogy for who else but a loving, generous mother wants to take away your discomfort, while giving strength at the same time?

    Will be checking out Tabi and her info! Thanks for the info!

  • Avatar Summer Starr says:

    Hmmm……Melody recommends her. She promotes nature and she has beautiful red hair! I’m convinced. I signed up. 🙂

    Funny when I got this email a couple of hours ago, I was actually eating my lunch outside. It has been a HECTIC last few days at work and I HAD to eat at the picnic tables outside or I might have lost my sh*t. lol I don’t usually eat out there, but I might start – at least until we start getting those 100 degree summers.

    I was out there thinking how wonderful the bird chirps are and how awesome the wind blowing through my hair felt. Then I looked at my phone and saw this email.

    I love the Universe!!!!! 😀

  • Avatar John says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Melody! I have signed up and I am looking forward to the Webinar! As you know, I find nature very healing. Just “being” in nature (usually by myself is best) makes me feel better no matter how I am feeling. There is something about the energy of nature that is soothing. And the great thing is that all I have to do is go out in nature and the natural energy seems to do the rest.

  • Avatar Kelli says:

    Hi Melody
    When you mentioned ‘foul tasting brew,’ my body shuddered a bit–that Ayahuasca taste is imprinted in the memory of every cell in my body! I think I will sign up for this because I have always found being in nature makes me feel better, and I have had some of my best insights when I have been meandering through it. I would definitely be interested in learning more about how to tap into it from an LOA standpoint.

  • Avatar SK says:

    I agree the best things in life are free
    And the most important things in life are often invisible to the naked eyes.

    I consider myself a small part of Nature.
    I feel alive and motivated when I spend time in nature.
    Its like Nature is recharging my battery I didn’t know I have.
    Don’t know why this is so but I love it.
    Somehow Time doesn’t matter.

    Have you heard of “Nature Deficiency”?
    Well, I would feel that if I spend too much time indoor.

  • Avatar Rose says:


  • Avatar claire says:

    What’s the webinar time for sydney Australia please ?

    Thanks. It looks exciting. I resonate with what you say in the blog.

  • Avatar MaryN says:

    Dear Melody, thankyou for sharing your “space” with other wonderful teachers. Just yesterday, the same day after reading about the upcoming teaching about connecting with nature to help release, something wonderful happend. After many happy, high days, something “small” happened yesterday, the other person blisfully unaware of the floods of tears he triggered. He did not arrive at the time he said he would, basically ignoring me all day and never saying why. Last week he also did not arrive when he said he would, it upset me disproportionally – but we “made up” quick, me convincing myself it is no big deal, I will not allow such a small thing to upset me again. So I thought I dealt with it, and was cool now, it won’t mattter if it happens again. Then yesterday, after reading your post, the same happened as last week, only much worse now, him being really inconsiderate and basically an asshole – all day long. Floods of tears when finally reaching home after work. Then I had to face the fact I had serious limiting believes that needed attention. But how? So my hope was on the webinar, for guidance (and still is). So through the tears I started packing away clothes I threw on a drawer in the morning, upsetting a little bowl with turqouise stones in it (for decoration), – stones flying everywhere. First reaction. Shit!!! Now this as well, picking up the stones. Then one just “spoke” to me. I did not put it back in the bowl with the others but just felt like keeping it. I went to bed with it, holding it in my hand, waking up in the night some times, switching hands but never losing the stone – and had a wonderful, peaceful nigjt of sleep, feeling comforted by the little stone in my hand. Today I wore it around my neck and tonight decided to sit with the feeling, what exactly had I felt yesterday that was so upsetting and wrote it down. With the stone next to me, things flew out on paper. Finally feeling relieved, I typed the possitive affirmations and burned the paper with old believes. Since everything in the world is “recycled” and connected I wonder if an atom in the little turqouise could have belonged to an ancient healer, letting me experience the guidance and comfort? And being overweight and reading your posts, I realised I was trying to protect myself. Only the last 5 years did I start to allow men sexually near me although I always adored men and yearned for intimacy. Flashes of a friend of my parents appeared now and then (before today as well) just his figure and name from a time I was about 3 or 4 years old (42 now) and then never saw him again. But no other memory. And thoughts of my dear dad who died in an accident 10 years ago also in relation with molestation but never harmful to me. Then the thought came up. My grandma was horrible to him, causing him to stutter as a child. Did she mollest him? Did he then genetically try to protect me, carrying caution over to me as his first born? I was always fat. Fat baby, fat child, fat grownup losing and gaining. I started realising I can take care of myself now, I don’t need the fat anymore and stopped over-eating. And now after tonight having released thoughts of unworthiness, I feel relieved and know I also don’t need my dads protection anymore, I want to release him as well. And when writing this I got the feeling that the turqouise was somehow also part of my dad, maybe he also shared atoms with it. Now that I feel calm and that he does not have to worry about me anymore I wonder now what to do with the stone. To keepit for comfort and guidance or to release it in nature, both thhoughts are equally strong.

  • Avatar MaryN says:

    Back to my blue rock…Last night after my release I wanted to hold it again while sleeping to have the same comforting feeling as the night before. Only to have the feeling of a scary, threatening presence, more flashbacks of my parent’s friend and in general just feeling scared of this “presence”. I put the rock down but still nothing improved and I only felt a bit better when I took it out of my room. Now I can’t stand my turquoise anymore, still so pretty to look at, but that specific one I just want to get rid of now. Does anyone know what happened? Is it me or the turquoise? It is an insignificant looking, unpolished little stone.

  • Avatar SK says:

    Just watched the Webinar.
    It was very useful and felt very natural.
    Thanks for the link.

  • Avatar Christian says:

    The Nature Process … that certainly sounds interesting from the way you described what happened to you in a cave with this Huge Release with the help of Tabi. Will give it a go at the webinar on the 15th

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