Close, But No Cigar. Almost Manifestations. What You’re Doing Wrong


Awesome Larra’s burning question: “At the beginning of this school semester (mid-January), I decided I was going to manifest a car. I’ve had the same car since I was 17; I’m 22 now. It’s 15 years old and has been nothing but a disappointment since I was given the keys. I have been doing some research and decided on my perfect car. Once I made the affirmation that I was going to have this car, that I DID have this car, the very next time I went to crank it, it wouldn’t crank. I took this as a sign that the universe was listening, that killing my car would give me a new one. Well, it needed a new alternator, $400 that I don’t have because I chose not to have a job while I’m finishing school. My grandmother took care of it for me. So with a new alternator, I thought it would be easier to imagine my new car while it was running smoother. I was taking in every time I saw my new car on the road that mine was that much closer, I would ask for specific signs, and I would see them. I even went and test drove the car I wanted so I would know EXACTLY how it felt when it was mine. The next week, my breaks go out. Again my grandmother takes care of it. The next week, she surprises me and tells me to go get new tires, because in the last month they have been going flat because they were dry rotting. It drove so much better and I was able to see my new car so much closer. The next week, it wouldn’t crank again. I needed a new battery, and had to get a jump 3 times in one day. My boyfriend took care of that. The next day (today) my brand new tire has bubbled and needs to be changed.

So my question is this: WHY IN SWEET HOLY HELL has the universe been making it painfully and stressfully clear that I do not have a new car, and that I can’t even pretend I do with a car literally falling apart. I’m running out of silver lining.”

Dear Awesome Larra,

I’m loving this question, because it gives me the chance to dissect and explain something that SO many people struggle with. But before I give you the answer, I want you to maybe cross your arms or clasp them behind your back. Don’t hold any knives or anything. For, as is so often the case with the Law of Attraction, when you hear the utter simplicity of the solution, the face palm you might reflexively be compelled to inflict upon yourself will reverberate around the world. So, you know, be safe.


Ready? Here we go:

Your report card

First of all, you’ve been doing A LOT right, as is evidenced by all the manifestations you’ve been receiving. After all, you managed to attract a new alternator, new breaks, new tires and loads of sightings of the car you want. In effect, you upgraded your current car to a large degree. This deserves to be acknowledged, because it shows you that what you are doing IS working. In terms of focusing on what you want, you get an “A”. Well done, you!

So, why don’t you have your new car yet? And why, if you’re able to manifest the upgrades, is the old car continuing to break down? Are you ready for the answer? Remember, put down all sharp objects and maybe wear a hockey mask, just in case.

Your new car and the overall health of your old car are being blocked by the fact that you keep looking at the old car as something unwanted, something you want to get rid of, upgrade from, push out of your reality. Yes, you’ve been getting into the feeling of the new car, but you’ve been interfering with that frequency by insisting that you get a new car because the one you have NOW is crap. The fact that you’ve seen any movement at all in your manifestations is a testament to how good you are at focusing on what you want. You just forgot to stop focusing on what you don’t want, that’s all.

Commence face palming as needed.

It’s all about your NOW Vibration

When you tell the universe, via your vibration, that what you have NOW is in some way subpar, you are vibrating at a frequency of “I don’t like where I am right NOW”. And that’s exactly what the Universe then has to mirror back to you. The version of you that already has the dream car, the version of you that you want to shift into, to become, doesn’t feel that way. She loves her car, appreciates it, cherishes it and takes care of it. She’s not constantly annoyed by it and certainly doesn’t wish she could change it.

You have a subtle case of the “I’ll feel better when…” blues, which translates into “I don’t feel good NOW”. Your good feelings, your happiness and contentment, can’t be dependent on you manifesting anything. The Universe can’t mirror anything back to you that you’re not yet a match to, so if you’re hoping that a manifestation will make you happier, or will change the way you already feel, you’re going to be hoping for a long, long time.


The trick is to feel the way you would feel if you already had what you want, so that the Universe can keep bringing you stuff that matches that feeling. NOW. I know… easier said than done.

How to feel good even though your damn manifestation isn’t freaking here yet

I get it. You thought you were feeling good NOW. I mean, when you work yourself into a state of happy shiny puppy-ness about your new car, when you look forward to it and appreciate it, aren’t you feeling good NOW? Aren’t you then vibrating “I have my new car”? Yes, you are. And as I said, you are already seeing the results of that. But…

What you and most people who are frustrated with their lack of manifestations are also doing is this: You are focusing on the new car not just because it feels so damn good, but as a way to replace the old car, which you don’t like. So, there’s this nasty bit of “I don’t like my current car” stuck in there. And that’s gumming up the works. Big time.

You’ve had your car for a long time. It wasn’t broke down every day, was it? I mean, it got you to school and to friend’s houses and to your grandmother’s many, many times over the years, hasn’t it? When you look at your current car, you can choose to focus on how it’s always breaking down, or you can choose to focus on the times when it doesn’t. You can see it as unreliable and a big pain in the ass, or you can appreciate it for helping you to become a better manifestor. I mean, look at how responsive to your vibration it’s been! You can choose to remember all the times it let you down, or you can choose to remember all the times it got you where you wanted to go.

It’s just a choice

And yes, it really is as simple as that. All you have to do is choose. Ok, there’s one speed bump: The choice that you’ve been making for a long time now will be easier to make than the new one. The idea of a broken down, unreliable disappointment of a car has a lot more momentum behind it than a well-traveled friend who’s seen you through your formative years. And so, in the beginning, it’s going to be a lot more compelling to just think the thoughts you’ve been thinking all along. But, since that hasn’t been working out too well for you, you may want to do a bit of “work” and choose a different point of focus.

But how? How can you start to see your car, the one you’ve been beating up on and have all these disappointing memories of, in a new light? Let me give you a little trick of mine:

Enter Pixar

One of my favorite techniques for shifting manifestations that involves inanimate objects is to anthropomorphize said objects. Look at me, using five syllable words and shit. When you anthropomorphize something, you give it human characteristics and bring it to life as an entity that has thoughts and feelings and experiences. This is what Disney and Pixar do so successfully in their movies and you can use their animations as a model.

Not only is this tool incredibly effective, it’s also really fun. I can’t tell you how many hilarious conversations I had with my toilet when it decided to run for a while (it may or may not have been training for a marathon, but that’s all behind us now). And don’t worry, I won’t. What happens between me and my toilet is private. Well, mostly. But trust me, there were tears of laughter. Tears, I tell you (it really does not take much to entertain me…).

So, in the case of your car, imagine that it’s a sentient being with a personality. Turn it into a cartoon if that helps you. Then, talk to it.  Now, this will be a lot more effective if you don’t ascribe a horrible, vindictive personality to your inanimate object, one of a being that’s just trying to mess with you. Instead, see a friend who wants to do a good job for you, but is, for some reason, prevented from doing so. In your case, I’d recommend that you create the character of an old, somewhat tired car that’s still doing his best to keep on keepin’ on. He loves his new alternator and breaks; in fact, those made him incredibly proud. He’s so embarrassed that his tire broke and he’s really sorry to have caused you so much trouble. He’s like a dog, always so happy to see you, waiting all night for you to walk out that door in the morning so you can take a ride together. He’s eager to please and genuinely crushed when he can’t. He’s like a wonderful, loving grandpa car who’s a bit past his prime but loves you dearly and would do anything for you.


Are you crying yet?

Do you see how giving your car a personality instantly and completely changes the way you view it? Now, I didn’t create this view to make you feel bad for beating up on your poor, defenseless, well-meaning grandpa car. The idea is that you can have affection for your car, be grateful for what it has done for you, instead of harping on about the few times it couldn’t, like always insisting on bringing up the time that grandpa’s dentures fell out in front of everyone. For God’s sake, let it go. Yes, you may be replacing gramps with a new, spiffy car soon, but don’t do it from a place of wanting to get rid of the old guy. Do it because it’s time, he’s served you well, and you want to give him a well-deserved rest. Honor him for the service he’s provided, and thank him for all he’s done for you and for always trying so hard.

If you do this, it should be no issue at all to generate some genuine affection for your car, shifting that nasty bit of resistance and opening up your energy flow so you can receive the manifestations that have been trying to make their way to you all along.

Bottom line

You can’t manifest something that will make you feel better or different than you do right now. You can’t attract a better version of yourself from a place of not being happy with your current self. Find a way to make peace with where you are, to laugh about things that have gone “wrong”, to have compassion and give every situation the benefit of the doubt. Your car is not trying to mess with you. You simply needed to find a way to appreciate it a bit more, to change your vibe to “I love my current car”. Loving something doesn’t mean you have to live with it forever (that’s good relationship advice, too…). Appreciating something doesn’t mean you never want it to change. Change is inevitable. But when you can love and appreciate what is in your NOW, you’ll stop changing to the same damn thing over and over again, but instead allow it to morph to something new, something that more closely matches that feeling of appreciation and love. See? I told you it was simple. Now, stop face palming and go give the old boy a hug. *Sniff*.

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  • Avatar dev says:

    This is real good advice. Its true sometimes we do forget how our vehicles have helped us travel places, not only during day time, even at odd hours. Am really happy to have read this. (Super happy to leave the first comment too ). Larra, I hope that you have your new car coming to you sooner than you think. And melody, thank you for this awesome post. You are amazing.

  • Avatar Doge says:

    many cries, such tearz, so emoshun, much appreshate, wow!

  • Avatar Dawn says:

    Thank you, thank you. So timely. It is amazing how it all works out.

  • Avatar Rachel says:

    Thank you Melody & Larra, I needed to read this today, I’ve been having similar issues manifesting a new home (since my brood are literally busting at the seams of our current one.) All I seem to be doing is hitting obstacles with finding a new one and spending money fixing our current one! Advice taken!

  • Avatar Lene says:

    Woooow! Perfect timing! Thank you!

  • Avatar Cat says:

    This makes sooooo much sense! I’ve been trying to manifest a new job, while simultaneously complaining about my current one. Manifesting other stuff but no new job yet. Will start anthropomorphosizing now! x

  • Avatar Anurag says:

    You’ve done it once again Melody, this explains a lot! Mind=Blown!

  • Avatar Larra says:

    I couldn’t have asked for a better explanation! It all makes so much sense! Thank you so much Melody! I love Disney, and I’ve invented a few helpful tips for myself and the universe, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this! I used to do this all the time as a kid (I could almost never throw anything away because it would make it sad).
    I had to literally laugh out loud when you asked if I was crying, because I totally was.

  • Avatar Edelweiss says:

    Fantastic idea with the anthropomorphize the thing. Question, what do you do when the thing you don’t want is not an object. I am trying to manifest a great new job and I am also totally good about what I want and appreciating that and getting into the feeling. But it is not working and I wonder if it is the same issue – that I am trashing my joblessness. But I can’t work out how to make a cartoon of something that is not a thing. Any ideas?

    • Avatar Stacie says:

      Edelweiss, what if you anthropomorphize something that represents your ideal occupation? For example, if you want to be:
      – a baker, animate a cake
      – a Realtor, animate a house
      – a educator, animate a school or lecture hall
      – a CEO, animate your office chair (maybe call it ‘starship command’?).

      If you don’t have a specific career in mind, perhaps you can think about what you want – in general – from a job and anthropomorphize those aspects.
      – happy dollar bills climbing into your wallet, or dancing into your bank
      – customers so satisfied with your service that they perform a flash mob dance for you in the office parking lot

      I’d love to see others’ ideas!

  • Avatar Jim Fleming says:


    Awsome advice. God! I SOOO love the way you describe solutions. I look forward to your next post.

    Thank you so very much for being you!

  • Avatar Tina says:

    Makes me think about my mini SUV that is 13 years old. I LOVE that vehicle. My hub has a new car and my friends tease me about mine saying look he driving new car while you drive an old messed up paint job. I said but it gets me everywhere and I love it. My deal would be not getting a new car cause I love the one I got already lol

  • Avatar Jeri says:

    Ah… I have the exact opposite! I was in a car accident with my old car that I loved, 2003, 165,000 miles. Insurance company decided to total it… I cried, prayed, believed, and what came? A car exactly like mine, same color, same year, 2003, except 24,000 miles. Yes, there is not a 1 missing. And then the money to pay for it. Indeed, imagine the miracle that took. But there is now stiil the choice to send my first car, my faithful friend, off to be parted out… The Pixar in me can’t bring myself to do it! I see your point… no matter what the exact circumstance, our challenge is to grow through our stuff. And now, didn’t I also manifest this article as I sat down to sign over the title? Ah…

  • Avatar Elle says:

    Brilliant explanation Melody. Find things to feel grateful for now and it’s a safe bet more things to be grateful for will show up. We can’t invest time in creating a wonderful experience for ourselves for 5 minutes only to return to all the things that are wrong in the present…it plain cancels out our investment. Imagine your desire is fulfilled and then continue to think from that mindset of how great it feels. Practicing this until it became a habit of being is what worked for me. 🙂

  • Avatar Summer says:

    All this time I was doing the same thing. No wonder I don’t have a new car yet.
    But this post seriously makes me want to go outside and hug my car. It made me think of all the crap I’ve put it through and it still runs! I love my car now!
    The anthropomorphizing is an awesome idea! If I know my car has feelings, I won’t be so quick to talk or feel bad about it. I will apply this to my house as well. They’re both just doing the best they can. 🙂
    Thank you so much Melody! ***HUGS***
    My car and house thank you too!

  • Avatar Patricia says:

    This made me chuckle. Yesterday when I was writing I could not remember how to spell a word. You and Larra both remedied the problem right away this morning!
    Brakes. Breaks.
    I did not break my elbow. Rather I used my arm to brake a moving rake and strained my elbow and hand. Now I am learning to use dictation and appreciating how well I spell when writing via typing!!!

  • Avatar Laurel says:

    Love this Melody! I took my old car in for tires last week and ended up spending over $1700 on various other stuff [I keep the car for my daughter to drive]. I was pretty resentful of the cost since I couldn’t sell the car for that amount. But I LOVE the idea that the car is trying hard [she is] and has served me well [she has] and that she is proud of her new tires, struts, non-leaky oil pan, transmission pan and perfect alignment. She deserves all the new stuff, she is so hard working and reliable [she takes care of my most precious person too] Maybe I’ll ever give her a name… finally! 🙂 Awesome post. Thank you!

  • Avatar Morgenna says:

    My family has always treated our cars and (most of) our possessions as faithful companions. I’ve cried unabashedly every time we had to say goodbye to a car. It just makes those parts of your experience feel so much better.

  • Avatar Anne says:

    What great advice Melody! I’ve just used it on my house and love it all the more for it. Thanks for this wonderful tool!

  • Avatar Caroline says:

    I’m sure that Larra will have a new car very soon as everyone who reads this post will be sending happy energy to her tired old grandpa car, what a powerful way of dealing with inanimate objects (I almost feel guilty calling grandpa car an inanimate object now!).

  • Avatar Victoria says:

    I successfully used this concept when I had to down size my home. At first is was all poor me and everything, then I just focused on how much I LOVED the big home I was living in. Really, that was all I did and my new even better home.(at $700 cheaper a month) appeared like magic. I mean magic.
    Now I desire a partner and need to love my current single situation. I wish I could do the character thing as you described. Not sure how that would work but I’ll bet you could.

    You were brilliant as usual, my dear. Keep it commin’. Thank you.

  • Avatar Stacie says:

    Anyone else count the syllables in ‘anthropomorphize’?

    I think this is my favorite post (so far)! Thanks for your question, Awesome Larra. Thank you, Melody, for such clear, complete, and practical guidance.

  • Avatar Mary says:

    thank you Melody (once again)! (by the way, since I started reading your blog I started seeing your name quite regularly in odd places) Anyway. what if things happening in my job is like the car breaking down. I am happy in my job, enjoy it. (it has it frustrations admitted but I want to stay). Then I do something I am very proud of, think I made a good point – and then it blows up in my face and I am left with (rotten) egg all over my nose (and neck and chest and legs). Sigh. Why?

  • Avatar April says:

    This blog post had me LOLing throughout the majority of it. You’ve got people running outside and hugging their cars! Hell, if I had a car I’d go hug it too. I can relate to this post regardless, though. One of my intentions are to move out and live on my own. I’ve entertained the idea often and it’s nice! But a month or so ago I found myself saying “Ugh, I can’t wait to live on my own.” when something I didn’t like happened. Because of this, I began feeling like I want things to change already, to speed up. I took myself out of the now. So around that time, I decided I’d write a gratitude list and yup, it put me back in the now and took away the feeling of urgency. 🙂

  • Avatar Isis says:

    Melody , i just had tears with end of this post..i have so much affection for all my well served old friend things now , my vehicle , my pc , my phones..i mean such a post…wowwwww!!!!! thank you so much for this explanation..i cant hug you enough..long distance hugs!!!

  • Avatar fs says:

    yes same thing happened to my wish to have a new house. At one point I realized I won’t be any happier if I have a bigger kitchen or a bigger house in general…so started appreciating, deluttering, making cozy our current tiny home. I am so in love with it now that I stopped thinking about a new house. It is like I don’t need a bigger house anymore. I am wondering if it means that I am not a match to a new house right now? Since family would like a new one since kids want their own rooms.

  • Avatar Isis says:

    And i was having a huge dilemma over non-vegetarianism recently , i mean i love to eat great food but to see cute little chickens killed so that i could feel good saddened me always..i always had this back and forth things with them , when i felt sad i wanted to give up eating meat , but i just love it so much that i cant stop it..but then the guilt came up last time i bought some meat , i put on my kitchen table and spoke to it, “dont worry buddy , you are at safe good hands, i gonna take care well of you and gonna make a fabulous dinner thats gonna make all the people who eat you feel are gonna give us all the strength, make our bodies healthy and we love you and thank you for coming home with me, i love you so much” and i realized while i was taking all this inside my head , i was smiling at the meat with so much happiness and compassion and then i make a fab dinner as promised and loved every bite of now i dont really feel that guilty but instead i am proud for what the chicken did to her and let her to become such a great food..but maybe it would be helpful Melody , if you could do a blog post about non-vegetarianism..i am sure you are gonna have some awesome perspective on a whole new level abt it 🙂 smooshy hugs!!1

  • Avatar Just call me A. says:

    Ah, yes, thank you for these reminders about being okay with where you are! This reminds me of the boiler that was replaced at my place. I started loving and appreciating the old boiler (instead of kicking it and banging on it) before the new one came into the picture. And yes, I cried.

  • Avatar Melinda says:

    I just have to say thanks for making me laff soooo very hard today. This post is just awesome. That sad car graphic is enough to make me laugh for weeks to come. 🙂

  • Avatar Deborah says:

    O. M. GOD!! Larra & Melody, this is EXACTLY my situation right now! Same repairs, same “driftwood,” wondering why why why my new car isn’t yet parked in my garage.


  • You are like a light bulb of happiness ! I love your blog posts! Especially this one! It’s so simplified!! I have been using LOA consciously since July and I’m feeling so freaking powerful!!! I LOVE everything and I’m so grateful!! Especially grateful to you!!! Thank you !! Have a wonderful day filled with sheer awesomeness!!! Woohoo!!:D

  • Avatar Nathalie says:

    Let the face-planting begin…

    Tanks so much, Melody. You are absolutely brilliant, as per usual. 🙂 This just gave me a big “ah-ha” moment with something I’m dealing with right now.

  • Avatar Gabriella says:

    Oh, I love, love, love the question and I love, love, LOVE the answer! I get it now! Although I should have removed my glasses before I did the face palm thing. I realize now that I’m doing everything right, I just need to apply an “awwwww, I love you grandpa” type of feeling to what I already have to manifest what I want.
    Larra, enjoy your new car. I just can’t get the image of Roger Rabbit’s car out of my head!!!

  • Avatar Cindy says:

    This post was awesome and just what I needed to read in my life in regards to manifesting. I’ve wondered why sometimes its easy to manifest things and why other times its hard. You nailed it for me so thank you!

  • Avatar MamaA says:

    Wow! What a fantastic post! Thanks so much Melody!

  • Avatar Sanjay says:

    Excellent article Melody! Thank you so much and well done for a brilliant article which is surely source inspired and will resonate with many people. Great work. 🙂

  • Avatar John says:

    Wow, Melody! For me, this was a very powerful post! Your idea of anthropomorphizing (six syllables!) the car inspired me to imagine a powerful light filled version of a person in my life who is very important to me, and, during my visualization, which was more of a feeling than seeing experience, I could actually feel the the other person speaking to me from a place of KNOWING how powerful she is! Thank you!

  • Avatar TC says:

    This post makes so much sense! I had to apply anthropomorphic qualities to my computer because for some reason, I was insecure that the shiny new computer I had chosen wasn’t the one I needed. I got a blue screen and software errors within the first month and knew I had to do something. So, I gave her a name and starting speaking encouraging words and performing other kindnesses (getting cleaning software, etc.). She is presently running well and now I want to manifest a cooling pad, so her CPU doesn’t get hot while working so hard for me. 🙂

    Good question and nice answer Mels!

  • Avatar Earl West says:

    i,m a guy that -yes broke down and cried joyously-Love this post -i do relate strongly with this. so many will and do benifit. i..certainly. luv ‘ya.!

  • Avatar nay says:

    Laughing out frigging loud at the library Mel… then trying not to cry towards the end when I realise yep, that’s what I was doing, again!!
    Thank you <3

  • Avatar Ayla says:

    I think I have always looked at vehicles in an anthropomorphic way. Maybe that’s from watching shows like Speed Buggy when I was a kid. Later it was Christine… but I digress.
    I’ve had a number of cars since I first got my license, and I loved every one of them. And I cried like a baby every time I had to let one go. Whether or not it was a great car or a piece of crap (most were fixer-uppers, and that was intentional on my part), I always developed a sort of subconscious bond with them. After all, they usually always got me anywhere I wanted to go. But although I would promise each of them at first that I would always take care of them, Life would get in the way and I would inadvertently neglect them somewhat. I always felt guilty about that. And I always apologized.
    They seemed to perform better after a good washing and waxing. Why is that? I don’t know. It’s kind of like how a dog gets all frisky after a bath. But I digress again.
    Now that I’m older, I just want whatever vehicle I’m in to get me where I need to go without breaking down, and I’m always grateful when they do (yes, I say Thank You). But no new cars have ever manifested as a result of this.
    Still, I think I get the gist of what Melody is saying. To me it’s a matter of shifting perspective–not really seeing it through rose-colored glasses but just being appreciative. This gratitude has a way of then affecting all areas of our lives, and with a little practice, it will come automatically. And at times it does seem like it can bring about even better things if we are patient. After all, it’s not just about me, or you. Whatever you are hoping or trying to manifest–I’m sure that the Universe has heard you. But you have to understand that this thing and that thing and this person and that, whatever–all have to be lined up and on the same page to deliver that to you. So some things can take a little time. It’s not like a magic spell that happens instantly, at least not for me. But I dream BIG. And although it’s creeping along, by golly, it’s going that direction! 🙂

    • Avatar Tinu says:

      Interesting read Ayla, leave alone and let it happen when you become a match to it, thanks for sharing, the way you put it hits home for me. And always Melody a fab post.

  • Avatar SK says:


    we’ll continue with the grandpa car story (we’ll call him Gramp)

    With the way you’re going Larra, very soon, you and Gramp will reach a rainbow footbridge. Gramp can’t cross it since the bridge is too small but he brought you as close to it as possible.
    Now at the bridge, Gramp says goodbye, he tells he loves you. He tells you not to worry about him and to cross the bridge. He only wanted the best for you.

    Parked on the other side is your shiny new car – his name is Fabio (or insert a sexy name)

    As you cross the bridge, you feel no regret, only love….

  • Avatar Jenny says:

    This is possibly your awesomest post Melody, from your list of awesome. Love it! It reminds me of scenes I’ve seen in movies where the protagonist needs to make a quick getaway in a car that won’t start – he’s beseeching the car to start promising it honey and ambrosia and, just as the villain is upon them screaming hell and highwater, VROOOOM!!!!!! The car starts and I possibly orgasm. Case in point – Eleanor from ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’. Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd!

    So yeah, this makes perfect sense and can be used for practically ANY aspect of being.

  • Avatar Pie in the Sky says:

    I’ve been lurking here for a couple of months now. I love this article. I’m kind of where the question-asker is with the new car/old car, except mine involves another person. Now I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to see him as a cute talking tea cup from Beauty and the Beast. I’d love to visualize him as the gruff and reticent Beast who’s just a socially awkward creature with tender insides. Or seemingly cold-hearted Mr. Darcy who is loyal and passionate on the inside. How does one get closer to these appreciative and affectionate visualizations when just thinking of the person makes you want to kick their ass?

    • Avatar SK says:

      would you rather focus on
      1. fixing the current version
      2. creating a new version.

      sometime, crossing that bridge is the best thing you can do for both you and the old version.

      • Avatar Pie in the Sky says:

        New, less sucky version, most definitely! I’m just a bit stuck on the “how” to bridge it.

        • Avatar SK says:

          short answer: Focusing on the solution and not the problem is crossing the bridge.

          longer answer:
          you do notice you are focusing on suckyness here right?
          the universe does not understand negative (nor double negative) statements.
          It doesn’t judge either.
          If you keep thinking and feeling and focusing on how much a person or a situation sucks, the universe will give you more of suckyness. It doesn’t matter what you intended to do with suckyness. It will just give you more of what you’re focusing on.

          running away from bad stuff means you are running away from the happy stuff as well.

          So if what you want an awesome person to be around, then focus on the amount of awesomeness that person has. If you can’t find any, then simply move on.
          Or be creative, create a new reality where there is one :).

          if you don’t want to be sad, focus on the amount of happiness each situation/experience brings.
          if you don’t want to be poor, focus on cheque, not bills.
          if you don’t want war, focus on peace

          It’s a matter of Where you focus.

          Focusing on the solution/destination is crossing the bridge.

          • Avatar April says:

            SK, I really like your answer and I read it at the perfect time. For a long time, I’ve been focusing on how sucky a particular person is, lol. I’ve also had moments when I’ve focused on them in a positive way, but my mind was still stuck on the negative aspects of that individual. Yesterday, the sucky definitely got mirrored back to me and it was not a fun experience at all. Your comment helped me calm down some, thanks.

  • Avatar daphne says:

    I love this article!it totally inspires me to think about my car situation differently. My little blue thomas wishes he could be with me full time ,and drive me anywhere i want to go. He enjoys the time we spend together greatly. We have been some fun places together : )
    I am looking forward to a brother or sister for thomas so the old thomas can get a rest sometimes and share a shift with his new friend : p

  • Avatar Amanda says:

    Great post, Melody! Your posts always come at the exact right time.

    Is there a difference between: staying positive and and accepting your current situation focusing on the specific thing you want; and staying positive and accepting your current situation and NOT focusing on the specific thing you want?

    Like if you think, “My A/C went out, but I feel great because it’s my birthday and it’s a beautiful day and my car has so many other amazing qualities and I don’t need A/C today anyway,” and you feel fantastic, will you still get a new car by the summer if you don’t think specifically about having a new car with working A/C?

  • Avatar Andrew says:

    The “sad car” meme is just perfect. Thanks for the post, Melody.

  • Avatar Dita says:

    I LOVE THIS POST… Melody… you are so mellifluous. Love you!

  • Avatar Robyn Woods says:

    Wow, So very helpful and hilarious as always!

    Thank you Melody!

  • Avatar Kim says:

    Im more confused now 🙁 Im new to LOA and really have a hard time understanding. Lets say for example Im trying to manifest either my ex back or a new love. I imagine us being happy, walking down the beach, smelling the ocean, feeling the breeze in my hair. Being so happy. I feel happy. I find myself smiling. I do this quite often. Also, in my head I am thinking of my ex and all the happy times we had. Real incidents and how I feel.

    If im thinking current happy thoughts and being grateful for the relationship we did have, am I also showing that I am lonely and holding onto the past? Therefore, pushing it away?

  • Avatar Nikki says:

    I can definitely second this analysis! And so wonderful to read, too.

    As someone who was gifted with a new car just a couple of years ago, I was in the same position. I’d had my other I bought used from a very nice couple. It was almost 10 years old when it did breakdown finally. I loved that car. People would sometimes say “You can afford better” and “Why do you still drive that same car”, ect. And I’d defend it utterly. I didn’t have a car payment. It was the first car I bought for myself and I paid cash! And it was a stick, worked perfectly well. And when a friend of mine borrowed my car (he was one of those who said I could do better…even he said: I take it back, it’s a great car!)

    Long story short, I was UPSET about it. But then my mother surprised me. After trying to fix it and I found it cost prohibitive, she financed a new car for me. Gave me a budget and told me to find what I want. I was just going to drive an old car she loved, but in her words: She was tired of seeing me drive around in older vehicles and wanted to reward me. So, I found my current BABY! I love my new car. It was everything I wanted (at that point I concentrated and prayed on what I wanted, my ideals, and it presented itself to me. And at such a good deal my mom and even her bank were impressed I found it. The buying experience was fun and easy).

    Needless to say, your principles seem spot on for how this happened to me. I was not dissatisfied with my old car. But when things converged, my love and appreciation of my old car came into the new. I still have nothing but fond memories of my older car, too.

  • Avatar Julie Cara Hoffenberg says:

    This is great advice. It can be frustrating when first learning law of attraction principles, how to apply, etc. we always hear about how we bring about what we think about. Well, thinking is just that first part. Then we have to FEEL about it. We attract what we ARE. And what are we? We are FEELERS! We feel through life. I can think, “I want a new car, I want a new car” over and over and that thought is great. But what do I feel underneath all that? Doubt? Lack of it? Wonder about when it will arrive? I can become the actual vibration of a driver and car owner. I can sit in a friend’s car and feel that feeling of driving off to where I want. I can be in 100% belief that the car feels so free and feel the feelings of freedom right now in the present. I have to become that which I want, energetically, before it arrives. Thanks again and wishing you all deliberate creations!

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