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Coaching Call #078 is out! The topic of this week’s call is: Should She Leave her Current Boyfriend and Go For Something Better?

This caller wants to attract her perfect mate, but isn’t sure if her current relationship is capable of becoming that. Should she give up what she has now and go for something better, or should she stay? How can she tell if she’s being led to leave or just scared? And how can she deal with feelings of yearning?

This is one of those calls for pretty much everyone who wants a relationship. Or anything. Yeah, it’s one of those.

Read the full call summary here.


I’ve got a special treat for you today. I was interviewed by the Awesome Victor Schueller on his radio show this afternoon, and it was amazing! He gave me the opportunity to wax lyrical about how to tune into Universal Knowledge, what that even is, what time is and how we can manipulate it, the rules and anti-rules of life, and a whole bunch of other stuff. As many of you may know, I can pack a lot of punch into a small amount of time, if given the chance to passionately ramble.

I had such a great time with Victor and the energy was flying really high. I’d be surprised if people didn’t get a bit of a buzz on as they listen (LOA: All the fun, none of the hangover!). In fact, it may make your brain explode with awesome. I say, take the risk.

You can listen to this probably seizures of happiness inducing interview here:



Listen To Self Help Internet Radio Stations with Victor Schueller on BlogTalkRadio

Or head over to Victor’s site and check out all the other amazing interviews he’s got posted:

Tapping into Universal Knowledge with Melody Fletcher

You can leave comments about the interview on Victor’s site or here, I’ll be checking them both, and I really look forward to what you have to say.

This wasn’t actually the first time Victor and I spoke. If enjoyed this talk and would like to check out the first one, you can do so here: Victor Schueller Interviews Melody Fletcher

Smooshy, smooshy, smooshy hugs for all of you (just feeling really good right now…)


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  • Avatar lorraine says:

    I was feeling sleepy, sitting on my sofa and thinking I might go to bed. I’m listening to the interview and now I’m wide awake and focusing!! Yay xx

  • Avatar John says:

    Great interview, Melody! Listening to it did make me feel energized!

  • Avatar Victor says:


    Thanks so much for joining me today for the show! It was such a blast having you on, as usual. You are a wonderful inspiration to me and many others. Thank you for all you do and bring to this world!


    Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. You are a blessing.

  • Avatar Zalika says:

    Awesome Melody! Always love listening to you. I love what you said about habits and how we wonder why am I doing this? Thanks for giving me clarity. But then I think it’s me, isn’t it? I am the one who attracted the information !! Happy shiny puppy hugs to you Melody!

  • Avatar Laetitia says:

    Oh my gosh, Melody, you speak with such juice, so excited and at ninety miles an hour. I absolutely love it. I got so bored and tired of listening to other spiritual teachers who talk in what I call their “therapist voice”, you know, the calm, low, well-modulated tones, that just scream self-control and terror of being seen for who you really are and being found totally wanting.

    Yay, finally a spiritual teacher who is real, juicy, puts it out there, says it like she sees it and doesn’t give a fig. You have brought me back into a world I ran from with a bad taste in my mouth.
    Love listening to you and will listen again tonight when I can have peace and quiet around me and get my husband to listen, too.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Avatar H. says:

    I freakin’ love you and everything about the Universe! (Not in a creepy way 😛 )

  • Avatar Rose says:

    You are amazing, Melody! Simply the energy in your voice inspired me! And now I know who you remind me of — Hermione Granger. You are SO magical!

  • Avatar SK says:

    Melody talks a million miles an hour, yet her high voice remains clear and engaging.
    I can feel the power of her voice and the passion in it.
    her voice pulls you in and hold you there.
    (she can hold an audience alright)
    Until today, I didn’t realize that voice is made for singing too.
    We all heard Melody talk.

    I for one would love to hear Melody sing a little song with that voice.

    Now who else wanna hear Melody sing?

  • Avatar Jenny says:

    Your energy is wonderfully infectious Melody! I’d really like to download this – how do I do this? Will hit the replay button a lot on this one.

  • Avatar anny says:

    Hello Melody,

    It is a great interview which I will listen to more than once, I think.

    We already talked about this subject once when you compared us to something like heads in glass jars, if I remember correctly. I forgot the title of the post.

    It must be in the air because I myself have written an article about a related subject, that was published yesterday on Joshua Tilghman’s blog: http://www.spiritofthescripture.com

    In an answer to a comment today I referred also to your interview and blog.



  • Avatar Katie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Melody! Another wonderful example of how simple it really is to create your reality. Thank you for making it so easy!!

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