Please Welcome The Newest Member Of The Deliberate Receiving Team!


Coaching Call #070 is out! The topic of this week’s call is Why Didn’t She Get Her Dream Job?? Plus, How to Set Boundaries.

This client is frustrated and stressed in her current job. She thought she’d manifested the perfect alternative and applied, but then didn’t get it. Why not? Listen in as I explain why nothing went wrong, and how she had actually been moving TOWARDS her Dream Job (and can do so again).

We also covered a great deal of ground on how manifestation actually works (I offer my newest metaphor, which you have not read about on the blog), and why it’s so hard for most of us to actually implement the simple process, as well as a ton of strategies for setting boundaries with demanding people.

I think everyone should listen to this call, whether you’re frustrated in your job or not. It so perfectly illustrates the concepts of manifesting and deliberately receiving, that anyone wanting to learn how to apply LOA can’t afford to miss it.

Read the full call summary here.


I’ve got some incredible, exciting news! On several occasions in the past, I’ve announced changes to the blog and my business, often prompted by my continuously growing company and the resulting ever increasing workload. One of the things I came to realize a few months ago was that this one woman shop simply couldn’t stay so one womanly anymore. It was time to bring in some help.

So, I set about the process of manifesting the perfect assistant. What did I want? Well, most of all, I wanted relief, more relaxation, and for things to flow more easily. I had to acknowledge that being in an altered state (which I’m in when I coach and write, so, most of the time) isn’t conducive to detailed admin work. My brain simply couldn’t handle both in the same day. It’s a bit like going up in a hot air balloon to get a view of the entire country side, and then trying to focus on and read the fine print on a contract. Which is lying on the ground. In a field. Of tall grass. And it’s written in Chinese. I think you get the picture.

Defining what I wanted

I also wanted someone who(m)

  • I could trust completely, not just to not pirate my content or anything like that, but also do just do an amazing job. I wanted someone I could completely and totally count on
  • Would be excited about my business and love each and every one of you just as much as I do
  • Would genuinely be invested in the business growing and reaching more and more people
  • Was super organized
  • Would be a self-starter with the ability to jump in and take stuff off my overwhelmed hands
  • Was a lightworker and possibly even a healer
  • Understands the Law of Attraction
  • “Got” me (aka, could kind of read my mind and would just naturally do things the way I wanted to)
  • Wouldn’t just tolerate but actually appreciate my weird and wacky and often decidedly juvenile sense of humor
  • I wouldn’t mind having a glass of wine with

This was a fairly tall order, considering that I was looking for a part time assistant to start. But I was sure that the Universe could bring me someone who met all my criteria and for whom that situation was perfect. In fact, I wanted someone who would not just be willing to, but would WANT to start part time, but who had the ability and the desire to move into larger and larger roles as the business grew.

I set my intention and did my best to let it go. I relaxed and looked forward to the day when my assistant would start and I could delegate all the admin work. I fantasized about how easily and smoothly everything would flow, and how customer service would actually be better as a result. Essentially, I focused on more success with less work. Yeah, I didn’t ask for much at all…

Enter Tina

And, of course, the Universe delivered. Boy did it deliver. I was talking to my sister one night, describing my situation and the assistant I wanted to manifest. My sister, whom I’ve written about before, is busy raising two amazing boys and was even busier managing the office for a chiropractor. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine hearing the words “What about me?” from her in regards to a position in my company.

It turns out that my dear sis is really excited about my business and jumped at the chance to be involved and help me. Although she’s massively overqualified for the position (she has a degree in Social Work, and is a certified Reiki healer), it turns out that this opportunity actually ticked quite a few of her own boxes. She’d be able to work from home, spend more time with her kids, and still be involved in a business she’s passionate about. Plus, you know, she can help her little sis become massively successful (she keeps saying she wants to be the Gail to my white Oprah. I’d also accept the female Alfred to my female Bruce Wayne.).

Tina’s been working behind the scenes, learning my business and taking work off of my shoulders the last few weeks. Now that she’s pretty much fully integrated, she’ll become more and more visible to my clients and readers, answering much of my mail (not questions from clients, obviously) and organizing my schedule. So, I figured it was about time that you met her.



The Happy Shiny Puppy Wrangler

Tina’s official title is “Happy Shiny Puppy Wrangler”, a moniker she chose herself. I also like “Kick Ass Assistant”, but since some people (not you guys, you guys are cool) are uptight about the word “ass”, we’ve opted to go with the first one. You know, the ass-less one…

Her job is to basically free me up from as much of the admin work as possible, so I can spend much more time romping around coaching, writing and creating super duper value for y’all. Together, we shall form a formidable Deliberate Receiving Team, like metaphysical superheroes, who spread joy and Happy Shiny Puppy Hugs to all (well, all who are a vibrational match to them…). I already have the capes, but Tina has, so far, refused to wear the spandex outfit. I have no idea why.

I warned Tina that when I introduced her on the blog, she would be inundated with welcome messages and hugs from my awesome audience, the Happy Shiny Puppies and the HSP’s in Training. I look forward to being proved right (no pressure, but I am kind of counting on you guys.)

Seriously though, I could not be happier (and neither could our mom, who just adores the fact that my sister and I are finally “playing nicely” together, you know, because when we were like five and nine, she used to sit on me until I cried, and I ruined all her favorite hand me downs by “artistically” staining them with chocolate).

So, let me be the first to say: Welcome to the Deliberate Receiving Family, Tina. And strap in. It’s going to be an awesome ride!

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  • Avatar Silvia says:

    Aawwwww!!! So happy for you both!!! Welcome Tina!! I am sure you guys are going to have so much fun together!!… Sending love’s and all that god suff!

  • Avatar Just call me A. says:

    Welcome Tina! It’s fun!

  • Avatar Monika says:

    Melody, I am so happy for you! Especially, because I was actually convinced that you already had an assistant, and I was baffled when it was YOU personally replying to my email about the account blockage. I was even going to mention that in my email but then I just let it go…I must have sensed your vibration 🙂

    From a reader’s point of view, I feel the universe delivered the best choice ever. I cannot explain exactly why, but I am sure other readers will know what I mean. It FEELS good knowing that the notifications about my future account blockages are not going to come from a random stranger but from a person you can trust – a person we, as readers, can fantastically relate to and feel safe with our stuff:)


    • Avatar Rose says:


      I agree with you, lol. 🙂


    • Avatar kuradji says:

      Monica – I also “got” this energy that you allude to, even before Melody did the great reveal and ta-da – Tina.
      Welcome Tina. Thank you for being the right person at the right time.
      Melody: Two things. I also had an energy reaction last month when we were stuffing around on some admin BS. I had 2 frustrations- 1/ the snafu itself, and 2/ my belief you should not have been wasting focus on such trivial BS.
      ALSO: thanks Melody for your insightful “defining what you want”. A good example of being very clear and precise about every important detail. A take away lesson for me demonstrating how is it is not possible to be “too greedy”, or ask for “too much”. The opposite is true. Be precise and articulate and energise EVERYTHING you want. Then you get it. Good lesson.

  • Avatar lorraine says:

    Tina, welcome to my favourite website and teacher xx

  • Avatar John says:

    Wow! A big welcome, Tina!!

  • Avatar AB says:

    Yay!!!!! Welcome!!

  • Avatar Kristen says:

    Hi Tina!!! Welcome! This really excited me Melody! I love knowing you’ll have even more time to spread your awesome. Have fun working together sisters!

  • Avatar Pat says:

    So happy for you Melody and for your new sister assistant, Tina. Success is beautiful and I can see you guys spirally onward and upward.

    Congratulations and many happy years on the internet together and happy posts! 🙂

  • Avatar Anahata says:

    Welcome, Tina!!!!!
    Melody, it’s such a pleasure to read this site and your answers to questions! That’s amazing that you get to share the joy with your sis. Best of blessings to the both of you <3

  • Avatar Kelly From Loveland says:

    Welcome Tina!!This is great that you and Melody can work together! And if she gives you any sass, you can sit on her ’til she cries, just like old times! 😀

  • Avatar Rose says:

    This is such crazy cute news, darling Melody. All of us will naturally love Tina because we all adore you. Of course, Tina has her own unique awesomeness but for now, I hope she doesn’t mind me being so very very excited knowing her as YOUR sister. Oh my, how adorable! To Tina, welcome, darling awesome Tina. Thank you so much for joining Melody and her great work. So, so exciting! Keep on shining, you two! Do you have a picture of you two as kids? 🙂 If you can share that sometime, that would be wonderful!

    • Avatar Rose says:

      I was thinking about you two today on my drive to Staples and I was thinking how wonderful it felt to know that two sisters connected on such a deep level and then….right ahead of me on a car…something caught my attention. It was a tagline for a company called Forklift Rentals…In big bold letters, here’s what caught my attention “The professionals to call when you need a LIFT”. And it just made me smile…:-) Because I was thinking…wow what a great tagline for Melody and her sister!!!! So, just had to share it…..keep up the good work!!! We are all counting on you both to help make our dreams come true and give us a LIFT when we need it, 😀

  • Avatar Yvonne says:

    Welcome Tina

  • Avatar Caroline says:

    Welcome aboard Tina..Delighted for you both on this new & exciting adventure. You can see the family resemblance…

  • Avatar Constance says:

    Welcome Tina! We love you. More awesomeness and good feelings!

  • Avatar Debra says:

    Aw, dat is so nice, darn it! Isn’t LOA wondeful in so many ways! Play nicely now girls! PS Does Tina like a glass of wine wiv you tho? Essential question!!! If not, could be iffy! Lol, welcome and hugs Tina. xxx

  • Avatar Cheryl says:

    Hi Melody & Tina
    Proof, that the Universe always delivers what you want at the right time!!

  • Congratulations Melody on this perfect manifestation and it’s nice to meet you Tina! LOL, you are finally “playing nicely” together!

  • Avatar Robyn says:

    Thanks Tina for being such a kickass assistant because if Melody had to close up shop I would not be a happy puppy!…she’s awesome!

    Hope you guys grow and grow!

    Robyn Woods
    Chino Hills CA

  • Avatar Denise says:

    Welcome and nice to meet you!

  • Avatar SK says:

    ” To love someone deeply gives you courage, to be loved deeply by someone gives you strenght” (Lao Tzu)

    Tina, you had the courage to take on the job, I am sure (sitting on) Melody would have given you enough strenght to face the days ahead.

    Melody, she’ll be right.

  • Avatar Masha Dowell says:

    Welcome Tina! I just learned about this site on this past weekend. It has literally altered my life for the better.

  • Avatar Laurel says:

    Yay! Congrats Melody! I am so happy you have a new assistant.
    Welcome Tina, you are going to love it here! 🙂

  • Avatar Tina U says:

    Then again of course her name is “Tina” because Tina’s just rock lol

    Welcome and glad to have you Tina!!!

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    Awesome job on the manifestation! Welcome Tina, its so nice to meet you 🙂

  • Avatar Anya R. says:

    Wait, there’s TWO of you?! Oh my lord, let me pull up a chair! Now I’m never leaving this site!

    Welcome, welcome, welcome, Tina! I know you’ll be just as awesome as our Melody…even without the spandex!

  • Avatar Lisa Kidder says:


    I love that Melody has her sister to join her in this awesome adventure!!!! I love reading Melody’s blogs and totally get her sense of humor!!! So great to have you on board!


  • Avatar Ciara says:

    Big awesome welcome Tina.

  • Avatar Marjorie says:

    Welcome, Tina! Love how things worked out for you both 🙂


  • Thank you all for your awesome welcome comments. I’m really exited to be here and absolutely love working with (ahem, “for”) my sister. It truly brings us closer together every day, even though we life on different continents. And make no mistake about it, this was the perfect manifestation for me, too. Tina (Happy Shiny Puppy Wrangler, aka Kick Ass Assistant)

  • Avatar Leslie says:

    Howdee pawdner!

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    Welcome Tina!!

  • Welcome Tina!! We all look forward to meeting you and getting most outstanding insights from both of you!

  • ok didn’t know that ad about my painting would come up..sorry bout that…don’t know how to take it off..

  • Avatar Xela says:

    Hi Tina! 🙂

  • Avatar Valerie says:

    oooooooo! congrats to the newest happy shiny puppy!
    this is total awesome-sauce! with bacon!
    welcome, welcome, welcome, Tina! <3

  • Avatar Susanne says:

    Oh, wow — this is so cool! The Goodness goes Exponential! Tina, welcome, welcome. This is the craziest place I’ve ever hung around on-line, and I love it. Your sister is awesomeness times a billion, and you’re going to fit right in with the rest of us . . . God help you, darlin’! You’ll have the time of your life. Really! Where else could you get to work with your sister, talk about dream-fulfillment almost all day long, AND be surrounded by people whose lives are unfolding with such glorious shiny puppy perfection day by day . . . usually because of something Melody wrote! Sit down, grab a cup of tea and hang on tight, ’cause you’re in for the ride of your life.

  • Avatar Judy says:

    Welcome Tina! I can relate to the energy of you and Melody “getting” each other. Many times my siblings and I have laughed until we cried at things that were undoubtedly not funny to anyone else, or at least totally inappropriately funny to everyone but us. That energy is contagious, and I look forward to even more brilliance coming from this blog.
    Enjoy your new job, and thank you for coming.

  • Avatar Klaus says:

    Welcome Tina! 🙂 I am happy for you and for Melody, too!

  • Avatar Amy says:

    Welcome Tina!!! Now play nice and wear the superhero cape 🙂

  • Avatar rosemary says:

    Welcome Tina! Enjoy!!

  • Avatar Marie says:

    Welcome, welcome Tina. I am very happy for both of you. I know you two will have a blast running the company. Enjoy every minute of it and thank you both for all the wonderful things you give to us, your customers. Love and light always.

  • Avatar Nathalie says:

    Wow! Melody, what an awesome step forward for you and your biz! I am sooo excited for you! 🙂

    Huge welcome hugs to Tina, and I just know you’re going to have a ton of fun adventurinng with your sister here! 🙂

  • Avatar Lorri says:

    Fantastic, welcome Tina, you will never regret your decision to join the Sisterhood of shiny puppies.

  • Avatar Eva says:

    What a kick ass deliberate receiving that was! Welcome, Tina, and congratulations to the both of you! How exciting to see your own business growing like this! I love it, it’s so inspiring! Big hug!

  • Avatar Stan The Fire- Man says:

    Hello Melodys Sister Tina…..Welcome Aboard….!
    I just wanted to swing by and give ya a friendly Howdy from Kentucky here in the,USA.
    Look forward to what evber the future holds in store for us……..
    Stan the Fire-Man

  • Avatar Summer says:

    Oh how the U works in such mysterious ways! 🙂
    Welcome to the fun Tina!
    My big sister used to lock me in the closet and tell me the devil was going to get me. Then I would embarrass her around her friends by crawling around in the floor and barking like a dog. There’s no love like sisterly love. LOL!

  • Avatar Becci says:


  • Avatar Melissa Moon says:

    Welcome Tina!

    Love and hugs to you both, love your blog 🙂


  • Avatar Eve says:

    Welcome Tina, and thank you Melody for sharing the process you used. Very helpful!

  • Avatar Michelle says:

    Hello Tina 🙂
    What a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved! Glad you are here with the very cool peeps on this blog.


  • Avatar B says:

    Welcome Tina! Happy shiny puppy hugs from London! Congrats to the sisterly duo 😛

  • Avatar Nicola says:

    Want to start singing “Sisters are doing it for themselves” and dance around the living room. Go-girls..!

  • Avatar Maureen says:

    Welcome Tina. Happy to meet you! My favorite reading material ever. I would’ve said welcome even if your sister didn’t make us. 🙂

  • Avatar Abueng says:

    Welcome to the best LOA site I’ve found, Tina. 🙂

  • Avatar Saffran says:

    Hi, I’m new here 🙂 I love this site! I’m so glad to read about “The Manifestation of Tina”- it was just the dose I needed to start creating my amazing day today. I see that perfect manifestations require being totally honest about your true desires (someone cool enough to take a swig of wine with, amongst other things) and also that “time” is your friend while waiting for your “delivery”.

    Pretty cool.

  • Avatar Bernie says:

    Welcome Tina!! I love that you are melody’s sister and I got goosebumps when I read that part!! Super inspired and very excited for you both! Love and a big hug to you both . Bernie xx

  • Avatar Constance says:

    Welcome, Tina! I think it’s totally awesome; the new dynamic duo!!! This is going to be great for you both, and us, of course!!!! 😀

  • Avatar AnnR says:

    Welcome Tina! I am new here as well. What a relief and joy it must for Melody to have the perfect assistant.

  • Avatar Vini says:

    Welcome Tina!!

  • Avatar Sebastian says:

    Hahaha, this blog is funny, I like it. Got a question. What’s up with the cats? They’re cute and all, just curious.

  • Avatar TC says:

    Finally got around to doing this…congrats Melody, and kudos to you for attracting assistance with your expanding project (as it will help you and everyone involved). Welcome Tina! Now we have two awesome individuals running the Deliberate Receiving Team. To happy futures ahead!

  • Avatar Sameer says:

    Hey Tina,

    Congratulations for your new job and welcome to the family of LOA.

    Nice to know about you (specially about Reiki). Nice to have you here…

    All the very best!
    Huge hugs,

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