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Coaching Call #039 is out! The topic of today’s call is: Parenting An Angry Teenager.

This mom has been dealing with a severely angry teenager, whose moods have been affecting the entire family. We look at why her teenager is so angry (and at teenagers in general), how this mom is manifesting her own experience of that anger, and how she can help not only herself, but her daughter, as well.

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Our own Awesome Nay has another wonderful guest post for us today. Enjoy! 

I have heard it many times, and definitely thought it many times in the past and since I have learned LOA, and probably will again until I become so aligned I can’t think it: Why can’t everything we want just be right here? It would be so much easier if everything we wanted was just there and available. Why do we have to focus on what we want, and force ourselves to be happy in the absence of what we want? But LOA tells us this is what is needed, and yes, I do agree it gets much easier once we start aligning with Who We Really Are. But the why of this becomes much clearer if you really analyze this idea of having what we want immediately and always available – you realize it doesn’t logically work. Looking back, there have been many things that I have wanted in my life. But the fact is that most if not all of those things came to my attention because of something that I didn’t like, something that didn’t sit well with me, something I felt I lacked, or because I had an experience that opened my eyes to something completely new. Without these things that I didn’t like, lacked, and/or experienced, there is no way that I could have come up with so many new desires. Which means, to me, that there is no logical way the universe can just provide me with what I want and be done with it, because what I want is never done and is always changing! And I can’t know what I want until I realize I am missing something or even know that it is out there.

Wanting more is not limited to seeing something we want and going for it. Usually, we see something that we like, but also want something a little bit different, because we are all SO UNIQUE. We almost always end up adapting what we want to our own little quirks and internal visions of what would REALLY be cool! But the key is, what we see starts the ball rolling towards what we begin to imagine would be our ideal. And this is how growth, change and expansion happen. Everybody has different ideas in their heads. Everybody sees things just a little bit differently from everyone else. And those differences are what created this world, made it what it is. But of course, we can’t talk about wanting new things without going into the part of LOA that has pissed me off the most, and yes logically, tying it directly into why wanting something and not getting it happens.

Being happy about what you don’t have

It has to be said: what is all this crap about having a desire, and then having to be happy and expectant and allowing before we can get it? And what is this little gem of a law that kicks my ass so often, about not focusing on the fact that we don’t have it yet? How can you stay focused on what you want but don’t have, and not be upset that you don’t have it? Well, the fact is you can, but too often we don’t due to our habits of thinking. And, as has been the focus of so many of Melody’s posts and all things LOA, you can’t look at what’s missing and find anything else BUT what’s missing. When you see that it’s missing, and feel that it’s missing, and keep thinking about how it’s missing, that is your focus and in most cases, guarantees that you will be unhappy. And when you understand this, it’s easy to see why you can’t be happy when you are looking at what you don’t have. But in Melody’s post “Why Do Our Brains Accept False Beliefs As Truth?“, as well as many others, she provides ways to change those old habits of thinking. Which is where logic starts coming into play, because you can be happy about what you don’t have, and stay focused on what is wanted, by using your mind logically. And once you can change your habit of thought and see lack as an opportunity to figure out something good, you definitely CAN be happy when you look for/at what you do want. And because I often like logical ideas over what some consider intangible things like vibrations and such, I have tried to come up with something in the ‘real’ world that supports this logically (to me anyway ). So, here you go.

The mind is a logical tool

As many who regularly read this blog will know, LOA pretty much states that like vibrations attract like and that all things are vibration, including thoughts. Amazingly enough, logic can tie how the mind works directly to this vibration thing. We know that the mind can experience endless amounts of things through our senses, which is awesome. With that fact comes the realization that if you don’t give it any guidance, it jumps from one thing to the next without any real direction. But if you give it a purpose, and allow it to flow with that purpose, it will look for a way to accomplish it. Put in simpler terms, the mind will find what you tell it to look for. IF there is nothing contradicting the order you give it, it’s going to zero in on what you desire to find, see or experience. And even more importantly, it will just keep looking for and providing what you have asked of it, including new thoughts and ideas that match that focus. But if you don’t tell the mind what to look for, it won’t look for it. That is the simple logic of the brain. So let me give you an example that is pure logic and has nothing to do with vibrations.

I believe it was Anthony Robbins that I was listening to or reading years ago, who did an experiment that easily demonstrated just how true this concept can be. Basically, he told his audience to look around the room and try to remember anything and everything that was a specific color, such as blue. Then he told them to close their eyes and keep them closed. He waited a few seconds, then asked everyone to name things in the room that were red. Of course the audience went into immediate uproar because he had told them to look for blue, so how could they recall things that were red?! And what I find just as interesting, is that even given time to try to remember anything red, most couldn’t.

Of course there were red items in the room, but because nobody was looking for them in that moment, it was almost impossible for them to recall anything red. They hadn’t told their minds to look for and remember red items, so they didn’t. The mind can be so annoyingly obedient in that way! Which was the point of the whole experiment. You can only see and recall what you tell your mind to look for. (And let me caveat this with what you ‘consciously see,’ and that photographic memories are not included in this example. 😉 ) If you DON’T focus your mind on what you want, there is no way you can see it or find it. Whatever you focus your mind on, that is what you will find, what you will see, what will keep coming into your awareness. And yes, that desired focus can negate your ability to see other things, as evidenced by how hard it was for the audience to recall things that were red.

If this is true for something that simple, how much more applicable is it in our everyday lives, where we have formed some serious habits of thought? If we are habitually focusing on what we don’t want and what we don’t have, how can we NOT notice the lack of it? And I will say it again, we, by our focus, are telling our minds to look for that lack. So by using logic to continue this, if we are not looking for the best, if we are not looking at and focusing on what we DO want, then how can we see it? How can we even be aware of it? How can we have more thoughts and ideas that match it and help guide us to it? If we don’t tell our minds what to focus on until it becomes habit, then it will look for whatever else it has been programmed or habitually trained to look for.

Because I can see the logic of this, because I understand that the brain is a tool that will do what we tell it, this makes perfect sense! Your focus must be more towards what you want in order for your mind to see more of it. Logically, it tries to find what you want, if you aren’t overriding what you want with all the thoughts of what you don’t want or don’t yet have. And as we have been told through LOA, the more emotion you feel, the more vibrant something is to your mind, the more it sticks, and the more it stands out when you ask the mind to recall it. How the brain works, as we understand it, is in complete and absolute harmony with LOA as far as I can see. Which is just too cool! And what’s even cooler, is that there are ‘logical’ people in our world whom we can use as perfect examples of how the brain functions in conjunction with LOA.

Inventors are LOA in action

An inventor is the epitome of LOA in action. They think or imagine something that they want, and they passionately and consistently look for ways to see its fruition. They envision how it can be, totally ignoring reality more often than not! They practice new things, experiment in new ways and continue to envision and stay focused and EXCITED about what they want to happen. They see a lack, a desire for what is not available, something they would like to see happen, and they figure out how to get there. They are almost always focused on finding a solution. And I would bet that 90% of the time they are NEVER focused on the fact that what they want isn’t there yet, except in the beginning, where they start the whole process by noticing something that is lacking. They use that lack as a launching pad for what could work, and unlike many of us, they don’t stay focused there. They start letting their imaginations flow, always with the desire for improvement or something new. And they usually love the idea of finding a solution and they encourage their imaginations to run wild with new and exciting ideas in order to find that solution!

The fact is, if they DON’T think beyond what already is, then they really can’t do their jobs. They can’t look at what is, or imagine only what is, and invent something new. Logically, it just cannot happen! They must see what isn’t in their current reality. They must imagine something else, and then they must stay focused on that imagined thing in order to come up with ways to create it. And, as noted above, their mind logically will keep providing them with ideas and new insights because that is what they have asked of it and what they are staying focused on. The proof that inventors create what was not in reality and what they expect to see because that is what they have trained their minds to do, is in the pudding.

The continual and constant changes in the world are all the proof we should need. We often decide that things are just the way they are and there’s nothing we can do about it, but there is nothing further from the truth! Just because something is a certain way does not mean it has to stay that way in any facet of life. Let’s just look at one item from the field of Information Technology as a simple yet extraordinary example. 10 years ago, the idea of having a small removable device that could store a gigabyte of information was almost unimaginable. Now we have a device the size of your thumb that can store 1 terabyte of information (Really!!!). And I know less than 20 years ago, having anything feasibly usable for storing a terabyte of information seemed completely out of reach for the near future. And imagine that just 100 years ago, most of what we know and do every day was not considered possible! Think 1000 years ago, or 10,000. As many times as this has been said, when I start looking at how much we have in our world now compared to 1000 years ago, I am continually awed and yes, very thankful!

So why not think of yourself as an inventor?

If trying to use the sometimes intangible vibrational process of LOA is difficult for you, then try using this logic: You are the inventor of your life. You get to create something new every day (every instant if you really want to get cray cray 😉 ). What you decide to focus on and get excited about is what your mind will try to find. What you keep thinking about, your mind will keep providing more of. It will do what it does best, and try to come up with thoughts that match what you think about the most, and then try to focus your senses on the outside world in the direction of those thoughts. And anything that you feel strongly about is exaggerated in the mind, so it will look for those things even more diligently. This is LOGIC. If you want better and better ideas, then you have to be focused on that. If all you see is how dismal things are, then your mind will provide more thoughts that support how dismal everything is and look out into the world for proof to support how dismal things are. But, if you want to see something different in anything, you can only accomplish this by looking for something different. Imagining what you want and keeping your focus there is the only way to find something new, to make changes. It’s that simple. That LOGICAL!!! History proves it over and over again. If we only looked at current reality, nothing could ever change. It’s how our brains work and how inventors create new things, and how we can create our own reality. This LOA makes perfect logical sense if you look at it long enough!

The bottom line

Your mind is a logical tool that you can use to get where you want to be. But first, you have to tell it what you want. And if you tell it with great emotion, the impact is ten fold. But if you let it run on old paths of what you don’t want, what’s missing, what sucks about anything, then that is what it will find for you. And it will continue to look for the same old same old because you haven’t changed your habitual thinking by retraining it to focus on something new that you do want. And if you doubt the logic of this, you have examples in everyday life that support this premise completely. Because obviously many individuals in the past and present have sat down and imagined beyond what was current reality, and stayed focused on that until something new and unheard of became the new reality. And if they hadn’t thought of it, and stayed excited about it while ignoring what is, nothing new could’ve come into manifestation. This is just plain fact, or logic if you will. This is the only way change can happen. Focusing on what is wanted, whether it matches reality or not, and staying focused there is what brought us out of the jungle.

And it’s amazing how the tools you have been provided help to accomplish this. Your feelings will guide you towards what you want, your mind is the perfect vehicle for shuffling through new ideas and thoughts to change how you feel and imagine what you want, and your focus provides leverage to enhance the whole process once you decide what you want. So rev up your internal inventor and start inventing ideas that are positive, exciting and new, and have nothing to do with reality or the unwanted. Staying focused there will provide more and more ideas and cause positive thoughts to flow into your head, and bring more positive experiences into your reality. Think about it: If others hadn’t imagined and focused on things they wanted despite the lack of those things in their reality, I can almost guarantee we would still be living in the wild throwing poop at each other. Just sayin’.

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  • Avatar Just call me A. says:

    Haha, some still throw poop at each other, but with words which is worse than real poop. I also believe in being nice and kind, because from there spring even more possibilities. Yes, it actually pays to be nice and grateful. Was watching Cinderella yesterday and it was so apparent. Fairy tales show this so well. Bullying works against you and is just no good, but being good wins in the end. This mirrors real life. I never hear of bullies making it in Hollywood, or anywhere else, yet celebrities reminisce about being bullied and surmounting obstacles.

    I will need to read this great post again. How about the people who are just happy? They fart rainbows and enjoy everything. They don’t complain and are in gratitude all the time. They seem like they have no direction, yet everything works out with such ease. Whatever they decide on, it happens, even if they did not have childhood dreams. It’s great to have dreams, Cinderella did, but even if you don’t and you just go with the flow, there seems to be such power in happiness that is insurmountable.

    • Avatar KimS says:

      There you go again, finding examples of the truth in stories. 🙂 It occurred to me while reading your comment that our stories and our art are teaching us these principles of how to have a truly great life, while our society propaganda (like public education and even the laws we pass to help homogenize ourselves) teaches us how to be good little citizens and worker bees, which we are *told* is a great life. In most cases, not the same thing at all! haha! But a lot of the time, the one (propaganda) is designed to imitate the other (art) so is hard to tell apart if you don’t know the Big Truth.

      • Avatar Just call me A. says:

        I know, Kim. I can’t help it! I have to point it out when I recognize it. That means I’m on the right track and have come a long way, so I get excited.

        I am still not so clear on why we don’t live in our natural state and why society is based on the opposite of that state, why the tribal mentality prevails yet is not so good, but I am learning with this wonderful blog and recorded calls available. I guess that is the duality we are here to experience and, as you very well say, to find out the Big Truth and finally live by it.

        Smooches to all you lovely folks!

      • Avatar Ayla says:

        Ooh, great point, KimS! So perhaps the Fairy Tale has actually been the truth and vice versa. This both upsets me and gives me hope, and I think everyone can relate to that feeling. I always thought Walt Disney was a visionary, and every film even today has an underlying message that is simple and profound. Believe.

      • Avatar Nay says:


        Propaganda is art; it is the art of manipulation! Haha

  • Avatar Just call me A. says:

    Maybe not insurmountable but definitely unstoppable!

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Hey A!

      That whole idea of being happy as the path of our lives is what had me writing this post. I did a lot of thinking about it, and the logic of the whole process just suddenly seemed to jump out at me. And you are sooo good at using movies and TV shows to illistrate your points!!! I love that! It’s so funny because I usually saw movies as illistrating what’s wrong with the world, and only heros or someone who became enlightened could fix it. I like your perspective so much better! 😉

      When we are happy, things do just seem to flow without a lot of effort. (Besides the farting of rainbows…which does require some work…because you have to at least work at controlling the insane giggles that accompany said rainbows. 🙂 ) And when you’re happy, how often do you even want to bully or throw poop? But it is helping me to accept that I won’t always be happy. I will have ups and downs. But the downs are short and usually just there to point out a contrast I have found and need to sort out. But this is my path and what works for me.

      But even if unhappy, I truly see myself as living in my natural state now. The way I am getting it, our natural state is to find contrasts around us and figure out what we like and don’t like from those contrasts. And whether we are happy or not, that is what we are doing all the time. And that IS natural! The only thing we are misaligned on is the focus part. Most of us have learned to focus on the things we don’t want instead of what we do want. But it doesn’t mean we have it all wrong. We’re still doing what we came here to do. We’re just making it hard on ourselves. But we can change it, and that is part of the whole process!

      I guess what I am saying is, right now you are exploring the contrast of enjoying contrasts, or not enjoying contrasts. Exploring the contrast of whether you want to focus on what you want, or what you don’t want. You are doing what you came here to do! You are in your natural state. Maybe stuck on the contrast that is focused on what you don’t want, but still exploring contrasts. If that makes any sense.

      Man I love these comments! So many different thoughts that just breed new thoughts!

      Thanks A.

  • Avatar Marjorie says:

    I can’t stop smiling because this post came on the day after I’d decided to “take a break” from LOA and just try to relax because I felt like I was trying too hard and still had some questions. Great explanation with examples! Thank you! I will be reading it again and applying ASAP! Really makes sense and I’m a logical girl so this was perfect, thanks again!

    Marjorie 🙂

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Hi Marjorie,

      So glad you liked the post! I need breaks too because sometimes I can think myself into frustration. But then I take a break and relax, and things just feel better!

      And like you, I often rely on logic to make sense of the LOA practice. At first it didn’t make sense and seemed so illogical. But as my focus changed, I started seeing it logically as time went on. And yes, I truly believe that my focus is what has allowed me to see how this can be so logical!!!

      Nothing but fun! Hahaha

    • Avatar Ayla says:

      Me too, Marjorie. It was perfect timing.

  • Avatar Jaye says:

    Hi Melody,

    I completely get the logic behind this post. What’s harder to grapple with are the emotions that come with seeing what you someone else’s reality. If I had the idea for electricity, some major innovation that would change life as we know it (and didn’t yet exist), I’d feel pretty damn excited and probably enjoy the challenge. But when what I want is the job or relationship that I can see out there, but can’t seem to manifest for myself, it feels discouraging. Sure, you start out excited, but when things happen that seem to thwart your efforts – you get tons of interviews but don’t get hired; the new love interest turns out to be a total douche and then your love life dries up – it does take a toll. And then just as you’re licking your wounds, you get the call from so and so who just landed the job of their dreams or is getting engaged.

    You can believe that coming so close to what you wanted was a good thing or that seeing any evidence of its viability (even if it’s happening to that coworker who isn’t exactly a delight to be around) is proof that you’re getting closer to what you want, but it still FEELS disappointing. And now that you’re feeling disappointed it’s your fault when you continue to manifest these disappointments. But it’s almost impossible not to feel the lack when even as you try to redirect your focus, life keeps providing you with example after example of other people who have something dangerously close to what you desire, and at the same time gives you nothing to work with or fools gold.

    So how can you stay a determined and happy little inventor when the scientist across the street, and down the road, and next door are watching tv while you’re still sitting by candlelight? And maybe you’ve even had a lab fire (or four). How can you protect yourself from that feeling of discouragement in face of the constant physical proof that what you want is totally possible yet continues to feel so out of reach, even as you experiment?

    I find relationships to be a hard area to apply this insight because it just seems incredibly difficult not to notice the lack when you’re yearning for a type of connection that you just can’t seem to create with another. And it’s like you’re just waiting for these people to show up..or not. Unless, going with the theme of this post, you’ve found a way to invent people 🙂

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Hi Jaye,

      Disappointment and discouragement are VERY hard to deal with. There is no denying that. But the key to this is to NOT grapple with them…NOT focus on what you don’t have…NOT keep rehashing how others have it and you don’t. All of that is focusing on at what is, what you don’t have, and keeps your feelings in a downward spiral, and your mind focused on your lack. And nothing changes when you do that. Nothing can change, especially your feelings! You have to turn your mind away from that as often as you can and keep your focus and feelings on what you DO want, and yes, be happy in that focus.

      And I really, REALLY understand where you’re coming from. Stopping that habit of focus is a process that takes practice. When I started this about a year ago, I had to first start forcing my thoughts away from things that made me feel bad, to anything that made me feel good. Because I had some serious habits that made me feel bad, it took a long time to slow those bad habits and adapt to the new habits, before I could even see that it was possible to feel better.

      I would say you are in the beginning of changing those habits, so have to practice a little longer on focusing towards what feels better, not how sucky it is and how bad you feel because you don’t have something. It can be frustrating and slow at first, but as you practice and actually accomplish feeling good more often, it starts getting easier!

      But the LEARNING to focus on what feels good and what you want, and be content and happy with that, always comes first. And that is why I wrote this post. I could see logically WHY we need to keep our focus on the wanted, despite what is happening. And it’s not denying reality! It’s saying ‘Yes, I see what’s going on, but I use my mind to see something better and enjoy that more than what is. And my mind is working with me by focusing on those better things and will start looking for them, searching for ideas that match them, and focusing all my senses on those better things. And when I get frustrated, I just stop…change my focus to any thought that feels better, start feeling better, then start thinking of how good I feel when I imagine my happiness scenarios.’

      And yes, do this repeatedly because you are learning a habit. First, you will start feeling better, and second, that is the beginning of everything else. Even people disappearing and appearing in your life! 🙂


    • Avatar Will says:

      I came close to buying a motorbike this weekend (I love bikes, dosifying fun twisting the throttle to taste) and I got all excited about it hehe but it turned out to be a fraudulent ad. So who cares? I had lots of fun thinking about it anyway and I know there’s a good chance of finding another one at some stage and at least I’ve got a better idea of what I want. Disappointed? Why on earth should I be disappointed?

  • Avatar tony says:

    Hi awesome people!

    Spring is coming, the weather is a lot softer and flowers try to make up their mind if it is the right time to appear again. Ok, to convince you I don’t take drugs, back to the old fashioned tony again.

    The text says: “Your mind is a logical tool that you can use to get where you want to be”
    My humble comment is:
    I think the procedure from creative force 0,1% to 90% is (while relaxing)
    a)not to worry if attacked
    b)not to worry if accepted
    c)not to worry if behaviour needs to get altered to become accepted
    d)not to worry if allowed
    e)not to worry if that is deserved
    f)not to worry if that is right
    g)not to worry if that is possible
    h)not to worry if events attracted mean it’s time for emotional state to change
    i)not to suspect you have to worry or judge so the story can be continued
    j)be able to step outside the “known zone” experiencing the outer perimeter as your new comfort zone, and doing that exponentially
    k)not to worry if people make assumptions according to our behavior and then create expectations which we have to live up to (and if we don’t, they will deploy sneaky tricks to make us suffer
    l)not to worry if we have to expect unconscious behavior from unconscious people and then worry if we deserve to live among them

    and why all those worries need not to exist? to protect ourselves from disappointment and to avoid placing ourselves in situations we don’t trust we can handle in a satisfactory way. And that’s the beginning of a doom-lover transforming into a “desired-result that makes us feel good” achiever. The transformation can start taking place now without anything else having to change first.

  • Avatar G says:

    Lol, that’s definitely one of the best articles EVER written on the LOA. EVER. It really puts the pieces together, having studied LOA for a few years now. One should understand that remembrance is key however. Remember to remember daily!


  • Avatar nay says:

    Oh KimS U are the author? Loved your last post, love this too! Thanks! V helpful 😀 xo

    • Avatar KimS says:

      sorry, nay, I am not the author here, but I’m flattered that you thought so. 🙂 Nay Bostrom is the author of this wonderful post.

      • Avatar Nay says:

        Thanks KimS. I figure it’s our, as in everyones post, because I didn’t create it by myself. I get so much input here that I can’t help but think up crazy new ideas for sharing!

    • Avatar Nay says:


      I wish I wrote like KimS! She just has a way with putting her thoughts on paper that makes me laugh out loud. 😆

      And I am glad you liked the post. I like logic, and when I can see something that seems logical in LOA, I have to run with it because it just makes things happen faster for me.

      And you know, since we have the same name, I am sure you were a co-writer in some way!


      • Avatar nay2 says:

        Aaah, I ass-u-med he he…
        Either way, indeed very helpful, obviously I’m a little logical too!
        Best wishes, Nay1

  • Avatar Just call me A. says:

    Wow, this post and comments are awesome. A student like me needs constant review, but I am getting it. Thanks all! And Nay!!!!!!

  • Avatar Ayla says:

    Nay, I love the way you think and the way you convey what is going on in that great mind of yours. For some of us, the logical side is too stubborn to yield even a little toward the other side, so this post helped me to see a way through that. Thank you! Before I discovered the Law of Attraction and this awesome community, I was at the point in which I dwelled on everything negative. After all, at that time, there really wasn’t anything going the way I wanted to and not only was that depressing in itself, but it was terribly oppressive. One day I just got sick of it. Kinda like that analogy of the dog who lies on the nail and he doesn’t get up off of it until it hurts enough.
    The greatest gift I have since received from discovering LOA (thus far) is seeing what in my life that I can be thankful for. It’s that focus thing again. It was baby steps, and it took some practice to implement it to the point that it became natural, but when it did, I noticed that yeah, I still have crummy days and crummy situations pop up, but I get over them faster and I move on. I don’t dwell and dwell until I’m sick about them. Why should I? It never makes things better. Dwelling on the negative only exacerbates it. Instead, I find that “happy place”–and sometimes I go to my Happy Place a lot to get through a day, but it motivates me to keep moving forward. I remember what it is I really want and I focus on that. I wish I could turn my mother in law on to this principle because if anyone needs it, it’s her. It’s so nice to now have the strength to get up, dust off, and resume my journey towards my goals. The great thing is that once the process really gets going, it is wonderfully inspiring and motivating. When you see that progress both in yourself and in the achievement and manifestation of your goal, you want to keep moving toward it and you can’t imagine giving up. And when you get it, it will be one more fabulous thing to feel gratitude for. And for that matter, every rung of the ladder that gets you toward that goal is worthy of appreciation and thanks too.
    I set a HUGE goal a while back as an experiment of sorts, thinking, it’s so far out, it could never happen…but guess what? Incrementally, it’s all moving in that direction. Some days are fantastic, some so-so, but instead of a wondering if it will, it’s a knowing that it will, that it is.

    • Avatar Nay says:


      You made me cry! You just said exactly what I went through and am going through all the time now. Those baby steps…they sucked at first because it felt so slow. But then they became the baby gravity walk…where they have to run or fall ’cause gravity is taking them, one way or the other! Hahaha! It just became easier and easier to feel good, and to dust myself off when I don’t feel good!

      And yep, I have family members I wish could step into this, but then again, I am also realizing they are pretty much just reflecting what I need to work on. And man, they are the HARDEST to get past! But just like you, I am becoming grateful for each step. I’ve set big goals as experiments, but at the same time, I almost don’t care about them any more. I know that what I want will come to me.

      ‘It’s a knowing that it will…’ Amen to that!


  • Avatar Rebecca says:

    I just have to say, that Star Trek pic was epic 😀

  • Avatar Patty says:

    OMG something just “clicked” with me in reading this article! While LOA as a whole makes sense to me overall, I always struggled with how to remain happy and focused when what I am trying to manifest hasn’t arrived yet. But guess what? I actually AM an inventor – literally. I’ve taken my idea all the way to now having a provisional patent as well as a virtual prototype. Now all I need is a manufacturer to pick it up; which I KNOW is going to happen any day now 🙂 All I need to do is wait expectantly and continue spending most of my day in my ‘happy place’ visualizing the manufacturer who is as excited about my idea as I am, and the subsequent skyrocketing success! WHOO HOO!!
    Thank you for this fresh perspective, Nay! I love learning all of this LOA, and new angles are always fun!

  • >