Starting 2013 Off Right – January Of Abundance!


Coaching Call #034 is out today! The topic of today’s call is: Using Inspired Action to Build an Online Business.

This client wants the 4 Hour Work Week Lifestyle, but hasn’t had too much success so far. We talked in depth about inspired action, why it’s important to wait for the inspiration, and what that actually looks like in real life. We also worked through several beliefs that were blocking his manifestation of easy, joyful, financial success.

See the call summary here.

In today’s post, Mary Carol Moran, aka Lady Awesomesauce, reveals her third identity,  as well as her journey so far this year. Enjoy!

Thank you everyone for the amazing response to my last post, Surviving and Thriving the Emotional Roller Coaster of 2012. What a great discussion!

Despite the title, for me most of November and December, 2012, passed in survival mode, at best. Every, every, every little doubt and fear and anxiety surfaced and demanded its day in the sun. Melody said I wished for big rapid change, and guess what, it wasn’t fun. But it was worth it.

So here we are in February, 2013, and I am so eager to hear how you all are doing! Seriously, it feels like this post is mainly an excuse to get the conversation started – that’s how much I want to know where you are now.

Let me update you on my story first, and then I want to hear all about yours.

My Story

I can’t document the transition from misery to gleeful joy. Somehow, it just happened. I do know that I kept saying to the Universe, I’m ready. Whatever it is, I’m ready. Guess the Universe believed me…

I found out in early January that a job I had thought I was going to get had fallen through. After about twenty minutes of disappointment, I realized that not getting the job was perfect. I had been going to be the support person for someone else’s success, which is what I’ve done for much of my life.


Huge awakening! It was time to put ALL my time and energy into my own personal success. Strange as it sounds, it had never occurred to me that it was okay to focus on my own success. The Universe watched, probably chuckling, as I drifted along for years and years, honing skills and helping lots of people, until finally I was ready.

I hired an assistant (which is what I was going to be), resuscitated my pseudonym, Carole Remy, and set in motion the release of my five previously published novels on Kindle. Within a day, Carole Remy had a Facebook page, an author page on Amazon, a Twitter account, and her very own blog! Creating a persona from scratch is a challenge, but also exhilarating – kind of like giving birth electronically.

Since that day, the energy has been flowing continuously. That’s how I know that this decision is perfect for me: right action, right timing, right path, right everything!

For a while, I tried to keep my two identities separate. I write erotic romance as Carole Remy, and for years only a few good friends knew that Carole and Mary Carol were the same person. I decided two days ago, after talking it over with my daughter, to come out of the closet, so to speak, and openly link the two names.  If anything, the energy is flowing now stronger than ever. Transparency rules!

Humbling Incident

Yesterday and this morning, I had an experience which reinforces all the LOA teachings, and also reinforces how we learn the same things over and over and over.

There’s a puppy who lives in the neighborhood (you knew there’d be a puppy in this post somewhere, didn’t you?). Canela (cinnamon in Spanish) is four months old and spends all her time, day and night, tied up in the carport. She’s the sweetest baby, and is going to grow into a big ole hunting dog. I’ve been taking her for walks, but this last week she’s gotten too strong for me to take her and my Gemma out at the same time.

Seeing her tied up every day, I’ve gotten more and more worried. The owners love her, but their lives are complicated. The young man and woman are married, but each lives with his and her birth family for lack of money. They both work really long hours. The mother of the man won’t let his puppy inside her house. She’s a good person, but it’s not her dog. I had talked to the grandmother fairly forcibly about finding Canela another home.

Walking with Gemma last night, it hit me. Duh – smack myself in the head! I was taking responsibility for Canela’s situation, and not giving her credit for the huge and amazing power she has to arrange her own life. This was the huge lesson I learned volunteering at Animal Control. Sigh. As Melody says, rinse and repeat.

I immediately focused on the best possible outcome for Canela – a home filled with love and freedom. I thought of asking the young owner how long it would be before they would have their own home, and offering to foster Canela in the meantime. I emotionally saluted Canela for the awesome, strong little pup that she is, and I slept really well!

This morning when I went to visit Canela, she wasn’t there. The grandmother told me that the young man and his wife had gotten their own house, with a small garden, and had moved Canela in to live with them. The grandma was a bit scandalized that her grandson planned to sleep with his puppy – I was thrilled!

Lesson Learned

So, once again, all I had to do was to get out of the way. Whew! I’m focusing on doing the same thing with my books – letting go and trusting the outcome. My assistant and I are working like crazy, formatting and designing covers and promoting all over the place, but the ultimate success is up to the novels themselves. I have as much faith in their power as I do in Canela’s. And look how her story turned out!

Please, please, please, share how you are moving into 2013. Has your life opened up? Are you learning, maybe relearning, valuable LOA lessons? I’m all revved up just thinking about your comments! Huge hugs!!

About the Author

  • Wow, a novelist! I love reading novels. I hope you had a creative time creating those novels, Carol. Good luck! I know that they’re going to be wildly successful.


    • Thanks Fonzy!

      My first experience of being in the flow for extended periods of time was when I began to write novels. I would disappear into the story for however long the writing took, and reappear with a completed novel manuscript on my desk. My daughter would peel a banana and hand it to me so I would eat something. I lost ten pounds writing the first novel! It was intense and exhilarating and addictive!

      Now I try to live that way all the time, just toned down enough so that my life is ‘normal’ on a day to day basis.

      So what’s your story, Fonzy? How is 2013 treating you? I hope your year is off to an awesome start!


      Carole (aka MC, but I won’t keep writing that every time…)

      • Avatar Alice says:

        Dear MC,

        Well done!

        Are you feeling the same bipolar energy you described when you last wrote? How’s it all feeling?

        I really like that you have written erotic novels. I’m a big fan of “sexual healing” and I think it’ s very important and good thing in life.

        🙂 Hope it turns out well. Twins are a popular & fun subject. I was so relieved they were not lesbians. Too many fantasy books include 2 sisters in the same bed with one guy. In reality how gross would it be to see your sister in the nude?? You can tell a guy came up with that idea!

        • Avatar Carole Remy says:

          Hi Alice,

          Thanks for writing. I don’t think my energy is exactly bi-polar. At least, I’ve never been diagnosed and I don’t want to minimize the problems of those who are. Like I described in the post, my energy is at a stable high these days, like never before. Getting through 2012 seems to have opened up a whole new level of energy. As Melody said in her comment, it’s a matter of getting acclimated to a higher Universal energy.

          Thanks for your compliments on my books. Writing erotic romance has been a rewarding career. It lets you write openly about some of the deepest and most complex emotions we experience as humans. What could be better than that!

          Thanks again for writing. Hugs,


          • Avatar Alice says:

            Oh! Sorry MC, I think I confused you with someone else here that said they were bipolar; and leading a successful life. My mistake. It’s not a bad thing seeing I remember them as being nice.

            I’m glad you are enjoying it, I found some very meaningful articles on the topic of love and sex.

            Was wondering how you found your passion, and how you found that working for the animla shelter and writing was right for you???

          • Avatar Carole Remy says:

            Hi Alice,

            No problem. Like most of us, I certainly go up and down.

            What excellent questions you’ve asked. Thank you! Hee hee. I get to expound a bit… I stumbled into creative writing, sort of. I’d always written technical papers and such for work, and when I turned forty, I started writing poetry. It was like opening the flood gates!

            A few months later, I wrote a novel, just to see if I could, and I was hooked. Later I got three years of amazing coaching in poetry from the woman who’s now the Poet Laureate of the United States, Natasha Trethewey. I’ve written and published both poetry books and novels ever since.

            The dogs, the dogs… I fell in love. It’s as simple as that. I met the right dog, my Gemma, fell in love, and 11 years later we’re still together, and helping dogs has become a large part of my life.

            What’s your passion, Alice? If you could wave a wand and do anything in the world you wanted, what would you choose?

            Huge shiny dancing around the living room hugs,


          • Avatar Alice says:

            Wow, I really like animal-loving people. What breed of dog is Gemma?

            I’m glad you liked the questions!
            I like interviewing people in my life. If you ask the right questions, even the most obnoxious person will have interesting ideas and a soft side. Often people are waiting for the right opportunity to express themselves.
            People can get “knocked off” course. But with a caring question, something else can be found.
            I asked someone questions, I thought was rather logical. I asked them about something anyway, and they shocked me with their sweet imagination.
            I also like exceptionally difficult people, because generally when you treat them in that way, they are shocked, and reveal some truly beautiful things. The diamonds are usually hidden in the rough.
            That is somewhat of a passion, as I actually get excited when I find a diffiicult, gruff, angry, strange or complicated person. My mind says “goldmine!!!” as experience has shown me they are a treasure trove of thoughtfulness and deep wonders. It makes me feel special when I discover people like that.

            I went nuts talking about it (passion) a bit too personally in Melodys’ blog “find your purpose” Somewhat embarassing & regretful!

            The magic wand is a game changer, because that takes away limitations of body, money or skill!
            But then you could really pick anything.

            I don’t really know what I want. I don’t know what my passion is because i haven’t felt that for years.
            It’s the thing I want most, is to know the answer to that. What I’d give to know!

            Like my happy example above, most of my “flow” moments come from other people, pleasing them and being loved. That’s when I feel happiest for now.
            I know it’s meant to be about me, that “me” is too confused. So I like being adorable to others in any form I can be for them. I hope that wasn’t too candid.

          • Avatar Carole Remy says:

            Hi Alice,

            Being honest in such a positive way is never being too candid! BTW Gemma is a mutt rescued from a highway in Alabama – the best kind!

            The magic wand is a great metaphor, because all that limits us really is our internal barriers. I’ll go out on a limb here, and say that most people who want to help others also really really really want to be helped themselves. They feel that if they just help enough, someone will come along and save them too. I speak from experience here!

            Of course, no one can actually help another person. We’re each here on our own, sink or swim. When you decide that gosh darn it, you’re going to swim, you just start swimming. Sometimes you can sink a long way before that swim instinct kicks in.

            Sounds to me like you’re finding your way to swimming, Alice. As you get closer and closer to the surface, the sun starts brightening the water, then you burst through and take a huge gulp of lung-filling air.

            Let your passion come to you Alice, like a shy puppy. It will find you, and you’ll never look back!



          • Avatar Alice says:

            Thank you. Everything you said was true, great aim! 🙂

  • Thanks for replying, Carole.

    About me, I’m currently learning how to cook different Filipino recipes. I am now studying how to mince and dice vegetables properly with an appropriate knife (Chef Knife). It’s actually pretty interesting learning how to mix ingredients in the proper order and positioning my hands when cutting.

    I’m also writing a ton of lengthy 1,200+(sometimes 2,500+) articles and publishing them on my blog.

    So far, life has been amazing to me. Thank you so much Carole for wishing me luck this 2013. Same to you. ;D


    • Avatar Carole Remy says:

      Hi again, Fonzy!

      Thanks for the update. My main experience with Filipino cooking was when my mother was in hospice in her house. We, her children, all moved in with her for the final weeks, and the lovely, blessed Canadian health care system sent a wonderful Filipino woman as a support person. She cooked us the most amazing meals, so we could have more time to care for our mother.

      It never occurred to me to prepare veggies in a certain order! Fascinating. I do remember the woman (sorry I forgotten her name – this happened 20 years ago) chopping tons of veggies, and making a bean thread casserole-y kind of dish that was beyond delicious.

      I’ll be sure to check out your blog. Thanks again for your encouraging comments here at DR! I always look forward to seeing your name!

      More hugs,


      • Hi again, Carole.

        Just read the post you invited me to read and the girls are GORGEOUS! I like their character concept of being devious.

        By the way, I have an idea for a novel involving LOA and maybe we can collaborate on it if you have the space for it right now. Where can I contact you?

        If you can, please reply here:


        • Avatar Carole Remy says:

          Hi again Fonzy,

          Right now I’m juggling lots of balls with trying to get 6 novels on Amazon asap, so I don’t have time or energy for a collaboration, but thank you so much for asking! Why don’t you write your novel yourself? Just do it! Whatever happens (the Universe will take care of the outcome), you’ll have a ton of fun putting yourself on paper. It feels great!

          If you’d like to read a free advance review copy of Twelve Nights, you can sign up for one on my blog. Apologies for the shameless self-promotion, but you sound like you’re really interested. Leave your email at my blog and I’ll write you back with mine.


    • Avatar Alice says:


      Fonzy gets good with the book of cook! Hee-hee! If you weren’t a lady magnet already you will be now!
      Men in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, woo-hoo!

      Well done was what I menat to say, but that would be rather generic! 🙂

  • Congratulations on your coming out, MC! 😉

    My year started off with a bang as well. I’ve been so busy overhauling my IT infrastructure, getting my business ready for the next level, and making lists of all the ideas I’m getting, it can feel pretty overwhelming. But, like you, I’m more in the flow than I was at the end of last year. Definitely. I’ve gotten more acclimated to this level of energy, and it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable.

    Can’t wait to read those novels!!

    Huge hugs!

    • Avatar Carole Remy says:

      Hi Melody,

      Getting used to the new level of energy – that’s a great way to think of all this! I started an ideas and things-to-do binder, just to get the lengthy lists out of my head.

      I’ll let you know the minute the novels are available on Kindle. Woohoo! Thanks!

      Huge hugs,


    • Melody, here’s to another amazing year for you!

      Can’t wait to see what unfolds for YOU this year:-)

  • Avatar Just call me A. says:

    Wow, MC, an erotic novelist? That is awesome and I am so glad you are expressing all of your talents while making a living! That is the stuff of the vortex and wonderful!

    Speaking of which, I, incrementally, am getting back there. I have noticed that it is little by little and bit by bit. Making the leap is too much, even when one has been there before. Why is that? Perhaps it all depends how far off you are from your inner being. If you stray too far, then more is necessary to mesh with it again. But, I guess the contrast serves us well, for we learn so much and are exposed to teachings and ways of living that, although experienced before, we understand the mechanisms of. Not that it is necessary, but why not know the background as well?

    I have found that leaving problems alone and not picking at them usually solves them. The universal forces are always at work. I was worried sick about a certain payment I had to make. I thought I would need to argue with that office again, which I was so tired of doing. The universe took care of it by bringing more in terms of the part-time post I hold and the payment was then taken care of. Really cool. I am also loving that position now from what I learn and earn there and not complaining about it. I also realized arguing is good for venting, but for actually solving problems, alignment is necessary and it that happens calmly. And to get that, you must achieve calmness. There is more power in calmness than all the shouting, hand-swinging, finger-pointing and bad-mouthing that most people are used to, but alas, go against universal forces.

    I continue to wonder about the co-creative process and how, if and when others become co-creators of our reality. What do you think about this? How can others get to help us in our process to get where we want?


    • Avatar Carole Remy says:

      Hi A.!

      Sound glad you are finding your way back into the flow! You make a good point about shifting energy away from problems. When we move to a better feeling, even if it’s unrelated, problems shrink and eventually evaporate.

      I think wandering on and off the ‘path’ is probably the main story of our physical human existence. It’s why we’re here. If we were connected to the Source all the time, we’d already be pure spirit. So we may as well savor the off times too. We’re human! We’re physical! We have problems! Yeah!

      You ask about co-creating. I think it happens all the time. It’s more a matter of recognizing it than of manifesting ‘help.’ For example, the person who didn’t hire me is a powerful co-creator with me! I could have gotten the job, had some extra money to rescue dogs (the reason I wanted the job in the first place), and I wouldn’t have relaunched my novels, at least not now. The Universe saw what we BOTH needed and wanted, and we co-created a much better outcome.

      Look around you, and you’ll find tons of co-creators in your life. The more you recognize and appreciate their contributions (even those that at first appear negative), the more manifestations of co-creation you’ll see. It’s an upward spiral. Woohoo!

      Thanks so much for writing! Huge hugs,


  • After years of trying to figure out my “purpose” in life, I decided not to bother any more … rather, I am letting my purpose find me. I’ve felt pushed to start several blogs and projects but they just didn’t feel right. I was trying to morph myself and fit holes that were obviously round and this square peg just didn’t fit. I suddenly realized I wanted to “Leave a Legacy” for my granddaughter and make sure she knows about the strong women in her past (my mom and grandma and even her momma). I am so interested in everything, that finding just ONE thing seemed to mean I was ignoring everything else … and it was important to, damn it. I wanted to encourage people and share the knowledge I have in so many different areas (not arrogance, but just a knowing that I know a lot and other folks appreciate the bits and pieces I have stored in my head). Being raised in farm country (and on a farm), my country-ness couldn’t be suppressed … although I had been trying to do just that. So now comes “Country Grandma: Leaving a Legacy … Sharing the past and encouraging the future.” I’m writing a couple of books for folks who show rabbits and also a little book of spiritual reflections. I’m using all the things I’ve learned through 30+ years of administrative work and now marketing/social media. Am figuring out how to rearrange my day and thoughts so I have the time to write and put things together. And I just “happened” to fall into these things. That would be synchronicity and I’m loving it.

    Thanks Melody for your blog and insightful website … such a huge wealth of useful information for all of us.

    • Avatar Marjorie says:

      Hey Debi! Loved your story, thanks for sharing!


    • Avatar Ayla says:

      Hi Debi!

      I certainly want to read your books when you finish them. I hope you will keep us posted. You sound like a person I would love to know. My sincere intention is to raise my daughters knowing their strength and embracing it, and also to impart the sage wisdom of my grandmothers. They were both amazing women… I also believe that it is so important to teach the next generation primitive skills even despite this age of technology explosion. It seems that slowly but surely these skills are disappearing… they might seem old fashioned, but women have had their own ways of “McGyver-ing” things since the beginning of time. Knowledge is power! And it opens up infinite possibilities. If we can foster a strong desire for learning in our children and the generations that follow, we ensure that not only do they survive, but thrive as well. May you find much happiness on this path, and reap rich blessings from your heartfelt efforts.

      • Avatar Carole Remy says:

        I agree, Ayla! Multi-generational wisdom is huge, and often lost in our busy lives. Congrats to Debi for sharing hers!

        Thank you for the image of “McGyver-ing” women! I love it!



    • Avatar Carole Remy says:

      Hi Debi,

      Wow! Thank you for sharing your process of discovery with us. It’s encouraging for everyone to know that we all flounder around a bit on the journey to finding our perfect ‘square hole!’ Your blog sounds wonderful. I look forward to reading the post you highlighted in the commentluv.

      Thanks again for sharing your insights. Hugs,


      • Avatar Carole Remy says:

        I checked out your blog, Debi. It’s great! The article on homeopathy for pets struck a chord with me. I have an elderly dog, and some supplements are keeping her healthy and happy. Thanks for sharing! Carole

  • Avatar Ayla says:

    Carole (aka Awesome MC),
    I haven’t indulged in a novel for so long. I will have to make an exception and read your work soon. I think so much of you, having had the opportunity to read your posts and get to know you, that I know I’ll enjoy them.
    I found myself nodding while reading your post and the replies that followed. Evidently, the end of last year was quite the trial by fire for many of us. Mine was a lot like growing pains–and too often I still feel like my spirit is going to just explode out of me, because there is so much I want to learn, so much I want to do and experience! Oh, if I’d had this burning desire 20 years ago, it would be so much easier and less complicated… But I was so lost then. Thing is, the way Who I Really Am feels now is much more child-like and unbiased, viewing the world not with as much perceived limitations as I used to, but possibilities.
    I loathe moving at a snail’s pace, but at least I’m moving in the right direction, finally…and baby steps are infinitely better than being stuck. I’m seeing real progress from those baby steps, too.
    The great thing about embarking on this journey now, rather than those 20 years ago, is the support system and common ground found among so many other individuals who are on the same journey that simply was not in existence then. So as much as I balk at a lot of the results of technology, the ability to communicate with others from all over the world has certainly been a blessing.
    Cheers to you on your adventure. Enjoy every step of the way!

    • Avatar Carole Remy says:

      Hi Ayla,

      I hope everyone reads your comment! Thank you for adding many cents worth to the discussion. I think you’ll find that the more you let go and enjoy the ‘snail’s pace,’ the less frustrated you’ll feel. At some point, the light bulb will go off, and you’ll see that this wobbly baby-step journey IS the goal. It feels to me like you’re 99% of the way there already.

      It’s so true that the support, the sense that we’re journeying together, makes all the difference. Apart for Melody’s personal awesomeness, that’s why I enjoy this blog so much. The readers! Yeah readers!

      Thank you again for your insight-filled comments. Huge hugs,


      PS Thank you for the compliments! As I mentioned to Fonzy, you can get a free advance review copy of Twelve Nights by signing up at my blog.

  • Avatar Jane says:

    I’m about to head out the door to work but I had to reply to this to say thank you for sharing your story. You’re so right we have to get out if the way don’t we? And I think being honest and transparent is also a means to do this as well. If we’re not doing being honest and transparent we must still be in the way. That honesty will look different to all of us of course. You were honest enough to see you were in Canela’s way. And look his that turned out 🙂 congratulations on the books!

    • Avatar Carole Remy says:

      Thanks for writing, Jane.

      The hard part for me is noticing that I AM in the way! Once I see what’s going on, it’s not that hard to let go. Stopping my worrying-brain from engaging is the trick. I’m convince the Universe keeps putting worry-able situations in my path, just so I’ll keep reinforcing this lesson over and over!

      Hope you have a great day at work! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Hugs,


  • Avatar nay says:

    Hey MC!

    Loved the story on Canela. I am going to apply this lesson to what I’ve been fretting about… I know my fretting is holding me back!!

    Last year I “came out”… I’m a raw/fruitarian and I’d been hiding this aspect of myself, and my world was actually very small. It opened my life right up, like magic!!

    Congrats on the novel releases! Love the cover pic 🙂

    Best wishes, Nay

    • Avatar Carole Remy says:

      Hi Nay,

      I was hoping you’d come visit the blog! Wow! A raw/fruitarian. I wish I could do that. You should come visit me for real here in Mexico. When Colima was founded, the government planted fruit trees on all the streets, with the theory that no one need ever go hungry. You can just walk down the street and pick mangoes, limes, grapefruit, coconut (well, if you want to climb way up a steep tree…), etc, plus way more exotic fruits that I don’t know the names of.

      The fretting is an ongoing challenge for me. Mostly I can see it when other people are needlessly worrying (and all worrying is needless), but it’s harder to spot in myself. It creeps up. Canela is a lovely reminder of the incredible results when you do get out of the way.

      Hugs! So glad you came by! And thank you for the compliment and good wishes,


  • Thanks Mary / Carol for sharing your awesome insights about working on your OWN success – and thanks for coming out!

    It’s funny how so many people I know are attracting the same desire and energy to focus on their own success rather than other people’s.

    The key as you have said is to get out of your own way:-)

    Like Melody, I am busy overhauling my website and my IT infrastructure and getting my business ready for the next level. Like you,I am working on creating a Kindle empire and January was my best month ever on Amazon for both Kindle AND paperback books!

    I too am creating getting lists of new ideas – and it’s been a long time coming. Feels great to be in the flow again:-).

    Good luck with the 5 initial books -and the ones to follow after that.

    Love and best wishes


    • Avatar Carole Remy says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Arvind!

      Maybe it’s that many of us are reaching that age where we’ve spent a lifetime building other people up (hopefully not by tearing ourselves down), and we reach a point where it feels like the karma is there for us. I’m not a huge believer in karma in a wheel-turning kind of way, but I do believe we build goodwill.

      When I retired from teaching, I felt like relaxing, so I did. Now, I’m re-energized, and it feels like this time the energy is more within my influence, if that makes sense. I understand it better. As I concentrate on the joy of connection through whatever medium, and let go of number counting (as much as I can – ha), I stay in a joyful, flowing place where everything, even putting in 12-hour days, is fun.

      I love your work, and appreciate your moral support! Thank you for stopping by. Hugs,


    • Avatar Carole Remy says:

      Hi Arvind,

      I just wrote a comment on your excellent post on Gandhi, but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. If you got it, great. If not, let me know and I’ll submit it again. I copied it before submitting (learning not to blindly trust the Internet…).

      It really is a great post! Thanks!


      • Carole, your comment has finally appeared from the ether!

        Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words above:-)

        Let’ all make it happen this year for ourselves!

        • Avatar Carole Remy says:

          Thanks for letting me know the comment arrived, Arvind. Your blog has instantly become a regular stop for me. Ahhh… lovely!

          Hope you and everyone have a fantastic Tuesday!


  • Avatar Ben says:

    I’m currently learning the difference between letting go of fantasizing without action and instead letting the desire to propel me into action more. I got the ‘letting go of wanting’ thing wrong, letting go of all desire is bad because you lose motivation. It’s letting go of that fantasizing, hoping you can just sit there and get it and then taking action!


    • Avatar Carole Remy says:

      Hi Ben,

      That’s an interesting insight. It can be tricky to distinguish between the stillness of listening for the right path, and the apathy of just not doing anything. Sounds like you are learning to distinguish between them – yeah!

      The difficulty can be in the word ‘desire.’ I actually wrote a whole post about that. It’s in the archives under February 2, 2102 (sorry, I don’t know how to put in a link).

      We often think in terms of desiring things, but what we really want is the emotion that we think that thing will give us. Trouble is, things don’t give us emotions, so it doesn’t work very well to focus on a Ferrari, or a better apartment. But it works really well to desire joy, or the feeling of abundance – the more we focus the more we get.

      Thanks for bringing up an important topic, one we all struggle with from time to time. Wishing you a life (or at least a February!) filled with joyous energy!



  • Avatar Just call me A. says:

    Dearest MC,

    I know we have discussed that it is all about the journey. Yet, it’s imagining and expecting the destination with utmost faith that keeps us going on our journey, right? At least that is what I find. When I get stuck somewhere, it’s usually because I allow the stuff happening around me to depress me, when I shouldn’t. Makes total sense, but it takes practice to get there, so that’s what I’ve been doing. And it is helping.

    Besides the wonderful creatures you rescue, what else do you do to feel good to set you up for alignment? I found that only feeling good and excited about something and things to come lead to alignment, the thing I aim for I guess indirectly because that’s how it comes. And then I lose it and have to get back to that frequency.

    • Avatar Carole Remy says:

      Excellent questions, A! Thank you so much!

      I’ve bumped up against exactly this problem in the last few days, and it took me a while to feel my way through. What happened was that I started focusing on how many people retweeted my tweets, and how many people visited my blog, etc. I wanted tangible results in exactly the form I wanted them to come in. Arggg! While the numbers were actually quite good, I started to get anxious.

      Before, it had felt wonderful visualizing opening a shelter for puppies and old dogs. I imagined the yard, and the cute doggie beds, and all the volunteers. All of it felt fantastic, and in my heart I know it’s all just around the corner. With too much focus on HOW to get there, ie the numbers, the dream started to feel more anxious too.

      What brought me out was when I realized that it’s names that matter, and not numbers. Each retweet was the action of a person, someone real and alive that was connecting with me! How amazing is that! The whole purpose of all of this for me is connection, connecting with people and connecting with dogs. Whether I help them, or they help me, or we just share space, it’s all good!

      As soon as I felt again that human connection behind all these hours at the computer, everything felt good again. The dream of the shelter is back, clear and strong. The difference is that now I just KNOW it’s going to happen, and I don’t think about the picky details, like money and land and legalities. When they become relevant, they’ll resolve, maybe through my diligent inspired effort, maybe through a different agency.

      Since working all this through, my vibration has stayed consistently high. I can look at the numbers now, laugh a little, get excited when they’re really good, and laugh some more when they go down. I’ve remembered that the numbers don’t matter, that every connection is precious, and that makes everything fun again.

      Whew! I think I just wrote a post… I hope it at least somewhat answers your questions. Seriously, I think I’ll submit this as a post. Thank you so much for providing the spark!

      Find the element of life that fuels you, let the rest be, and enjoy!

      Huge hugs,


      • Avatar Just call me A. says:

        Thank you so much for this MC! Yes, it sure answers my questions! Wonderful!

        • Avatar Carole Remy says:

          Hi A,

          Do you mind if I paraphrase your question to use on my own blog? Since my response relates to writing and books, it feels appropriate as a post for there. My blog isn’t about LOA specifically, though it gets mentioned, so I’ll need to clarify your question a little for those who aren’t in on this conversation.



          • Avatar Just call me A. says:

            Sure! That would be a great blog post. I will be on the lookout for it.

          • Avatar Carole Remy says:

            Thanks A! Now all I have to do is come up with a jazzy title, something that will Tweet. Any suggestions?? Hee hee. I’ll sleep on it and wake up with an insight. Don’t you just love doing that?! Hugs and sleep well, Carole

          • Avatar Just call me A. says:

            Hey MC,

            I do have another thought for it. It is heart-breaking when someone wishes to attend higher education but is deterred by parents because of the fear of debt, which the parents were under and it ruled their life, but that does not necessarily mean their child will be affected too much by it when out of school. I think, if you really want something, you should go for it, and, as you said, everything will fall into place. This was also an Abe video and it was soooo uplifting! Everything just fell into place for the girl wishing to attend college. Wonderful stuff!

            The same goes for starting a business. Friends and family deter in order to protect, and also avoid the mess and frustration coming with failure, so they tell the person to steer clear of it rather than allowing the person to even try. I think that is so sad, but they do not know any better. They only speak from experience. I know most parents actually do not know about or are not even aware of vibration and its power. If one knows, then they should go for it. Even if you are not 100% sure, but still feel something in your stomach pulling you and that something will be better for you, you should go with it. At least that is what I think.

            What you are saying here is not to get caught up with worry in the details of the journey, because yes, they are a downer at times, but it does not matter because if you stick to your vibe, then all will be well. But that is the thing, sticking to the vibe. If you can add more pertaining to that, it would be great! Thank you!

          • Avatar Carole Remy says:

            Thanks A!

            It can be hard to know whether something you want to do is truly inspired action, or whether perhaps you want it because of prior conditioning. I’ve followed a lot of ‘dreams’ that turned out to be me living out someone else’s (generally my Mother’s) dreams. Even here in Mexico, the vision of a dog shelter is moving by fits and starts.

            One way to tell may be by looking at how hard you are willing to work for the dream, and by whether that work feels like a chore toward an end, or whether the work itself is truly joyous. Promoting my books is so fun and absorbing, I’d do it even if there were never a penny to be made.

            You raise an interesting point about university debt, which can be crushing. I have one daughter who loves studying – loves it! She’s finishing a masters degree and moving on to a PhD. Who knows if she’ll ever recoup the money, but she’s doing what she loves most in life. Every course excites her!

            I certainly understand parental fears. To me, the deciding factor is the joy. If what gives you great joy is to own your own home, maybe you need to think about working and avoiding debt. If what gives you great joy is learning, and you could care less about your accommodations, keep studying! When you know and follow your true joy, emphasis on Your . True . Joy, the Universe will align with you.

            Thank you for bringing up some more really good points! Hugs,


          • Avatar Just call me A. says:

            Beautiful, MC! Thank you!

          • Avatar Just call me A. says:

            Oh, yeah, just a thought- Does it have to be roller-coaster kind of excitement? How about if it is just lukewarm? Lukewarm can turn hot, as it does in long-term relationships. And, speaking of roller-coasters, how about if feelings about it are high and low and you go through various phases with a certain discipline? To me, this is normal. I guess the core of the matter is that it must bring some excitment to you.

          • Avatar Carole Remy says:

            Hi A,

            I’m not sure about roller coaster excitement. I know when I was a teacher, there were ups and downs, but I felt good overall about what I was doing. I don’t think I sustained ‘inspired action’ as a teacher, though there were moments when I reached it.

            The only activity where I never go down at all is when I’m writing, which hmmm… Okay, thinking about it…

            Yeah, I think inspired action just feels good, period. Even if say, I’m working with a group of dogs, and one comes in that is sick and needs merciful euthanasia, I stay in a good place where I can give comfort and maintain a high vibration. If I get angry over maltreatment, it feels like the old-timey phrase ‘righteous anger.’ Kind of high vibration anger at the action rather than at the person.

            The flow slips a little with the dogs, if I get overwhelmed with the numbers – too many incoming at one time. Sorry I’m rambling a bit here. You’ve got me thinking as I write. But even when it slips, there’s a sense that I can slip into the flow if I take a step back. It’s not really gone.

            Okay, in conclusion, and remember I’m NOT an expert on anything, I would say that if you feel you are pushing through sometimes, you probably aren’t yet at your truly inspired action. Like me with teaching, close but not quite. Whatever you’re doing may well be your best choice for now – I taught for 30 years and raised my kids.

            When you find your true dream, you’ll know.

            Hugs! Apologies for my long-winded answers to your lovely concise questions!


            PS You can see OUR post on the link below! Would you like me to credit you by name? Let me know.

  • Avatar Nay says:

    Hey MC!!!

    I’m away from home so missed this blot post so am playing catch up. 😉 I Love how once you opened yourself to just being all of who and what you are, things just started flowing. Just awesome! As you said this is going to be a bang up year!

    And it is so exciting to me that you are an erotic writer! I thought I would be writing paranormal romances by now, but it’s just not there. I wrote all the time while working (never finished anything), and figured once I had more time I would start writing full time. But I just lost interest. I figure it’s either not my time or I wrote to relieve stress, and now don’t need it. Kinda like my reading habit. 🙂

    Now I know I have a new author to explore!!!

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Well, I am still writing obviously, so maybe writing is still important…I guess I thought I’d be writing in a whole different way and forget that I’m still doing it here.

      But no matter what, I love sharing with you and others. I love the learning and fun and constant support!

      So a big thank you for all your time here! Loves to you.

      • Avatar Carole Remy says:

        Hi Nay,

        Thank you so much for the support and compliments! Back at you, double!

        I’d love to connect with you about writing novels. Can you leave your email on my blog signup? (It’s private.) That way we can write directly and in more depth. I love reading paranormal romances and have some friends who are doing very well in the genre. Maybe all you need is a bit of a nudge!

        Part of what I’m enjoying right now is all the paraphernalia that goes along with promoting a novel. Hee hee. Yesterday a friend introduced me to Pinterest. What a blast! I spent half the night finding photos to illustrate my first novel. Not THAT kind of photos! Locations and rooms and vehicles and such. You can see them in the commentluv link.

        Maybe you can create a visual world for your novel on Pinterest. You can do it for yourself, and then when the book comes out, you’ll have a great marketing tool all set.

        Woohoo! Here’s to connecting, to joy, and to success! Huge hugs,

        Carole aka MC

        • Avatar Nay says:

          I think I signed up on your blog, but not 100% sure so if you don’t see me let me know. 🙂
          And yes pintrest is the shiznat! I’ve even got my husband hooked.

          Gotta love the paranormals. I have rewd way eay more than i ever thought I would. And yes loved every minute of it. I think that’s why i wanted ro write. I’m just so glad you are having so much fun with all of it! May your flow continue in joy!

          Looking forward to emailing you!

          • Avatar Carole Remy says:

            Hi Nay,

            I haven’t figured out how to find you yet. The computer person is coming tomorrow. Hopefully she can sort it out! Hugs,


            PS New post below in the link, inspired by a comment here.

  • Avatar Just call me A. says:

    Wow, MC. I just read your blog post on your site and it is great! No need to credit me. You are a doll!

    In deep appreciation and much love,

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