What’s On Your Billboard?


Well, she’s gone and done it again. Our very own Nay has gone and sent me another stellar blog post which I’m only too happy to share with you today. Considering that this is Nay’s second guest appearance here and because it doesn’t look like she’s going to run out of Awesome any time soon, I’ve decided to bestow upon Nay (or Nay Bostrom, as she shall henceforth be called) the official and much coveted honor of being an official Deliberate Receiving guest author (a title I just now made up, but which makes it no less impressive and awe inspiring. Especially considering that it’s a very exclusive and hard to get into club, with a current membership of two. Including Nay. Just you wait. Nay’s grandkids will be talking about this one day. Ok, possibly they’ll be saying “What the hell is a Happy Shiny Puppy?!”, but it still counts, dammit!)

So, without further ado, here is Awesome Official Deliberate Receiving Guest Author Nay Bostrom. Queue the band!

Visualizing creation

Sometimes it is hard to understand or think of vibrations as attracting things to them. I kept having a desire to see it in some other way that was more visual, mainstream, or that stuck in my head easily. Well I came up with a couple of things that just rang true for me, and here they are:

Art is a perfect metaphor for how we create our lives. Nothing happens without an idea, and once that idea is sparked, an artist can expand on it their mind, or start trying to create it immediately. But no matter what, the idea has to be formed first. Without new thoughts, nothing new is created, whether in art, or in your life.

An artist who never has a new idea, never creates anything new. Imagine an artist that only paints the same picture over and over again. It would lose its appeal quickly, not only to other people, but to the artist also. But when they imagine something new or just look at something in a new way and expand and build on it, then they can produce something new and exciting. It may be incomplete or very primitive at first, but the more they imagine and improve on it, the better it gets. And if they keep imagining and growing, then more new and improved things begin to unfold in their mind and the more they can create!

We are all artists

We are the artists of our lives. If all we can do is look at what is in front of us, and not imagine better, then we stagnate. We like new things, want to see new things, and want to create new things. But if we can’t try to imagine anything new, then nothing new ever happens. Nothing changes. So if you want to change your life, you have to imagine the change you want. You cannot imagine what you have, and what is already ‘out there’ over and over and over again, and expect anything new to happen in your life.

What LOA and Advertising have in common

Well, the art idea was new and interesting for me, and I loved the way I could tie it into creating a new life, but somehow that wasn’t enough, and it led me to advertisement. And I could suddenly see that it was exactly like LOA. Advertisers show us exactly what they want us to see and what they hope will draw us in. If it looks exciting, or interesting, or helpful, then we want to try it. Obviously, if advertisements were boring, we probably wouldn’t ever try some of those new things. But the other part of advertising is what drew my interest. And that is the parts of the advertisements that have the required disclaimers at the ends.

That’s when it hit me. What we do is advertise! We are giant walking billboards. We are advertising our thoughts/focus/vibrations. (I’ll just use focus to represent the idea.) Whatever we are focusing on is flashed up on our billboard. And while we are the advertisers, we are also the customers. Whatever we are advertising for, we are getting. Like a giant walking personal ad. ‘Look at me! These are the things I want! This is what I see all the time! This is what I focus on! Bring them to me!’ And of course, whatever we are focusing on most consistently is what appears the largest and draws the most attention on the billboard.

Enlarging the fine print

This really started me thinking even more about the disclaimers. If the disclaimers at the end of advertisements (or that run in the background when we think of our desires) were to be enlarged or read at the same speed and volume as the original ad, those disclaimers would overpower the original advertisement!! And I could suddenly see how I do this all the time! It was like a…well a giant billboard flashing in my head! And yes, I was cracking myself up while doing this! LOL! So I imagined an advertisement about something desired, and here are a couple of examples I came up with. And of course, you must read the ‘disclaimer’ extremely fast and in a monotone voice.

“I just want to be happy.”

Caution: In order to be happy, you must have lots of money, never have to work at anything again, your idiot boss must get fired, everybody must do exactly what you want them to do, nobody ever disagrees with you again, the world runs on your schedule, you look like anybody but yourself, everybody must love you, you understand that most of this is impossible, and happiness must run in your family in order for you to acquire it.

“I want lots and lots of money.”

Caution: The desire for money can cause severe fear and discomfort because money is the root of all evil, requires extreme labor to acquire, can cause performance anxiety because it is difficult to manage, everybody will want to take it, there is the high possibility that you will lose it all, and having large amounts of money will cause you to become a rich bitch.

When the disclaimers are bigger than the ad

We think of the things we want, but the disclaimers, aka negatives, take up more space and time on our billboard than what we ‘say’ we want. They smother the desire, so it is never noticed, and the negatives are blared out there for the world to see and respond to accordingly. And since we are the customer and always get what we are advertising, we get swamped by the influx of the negatives.

So, I decided maybe I could just change it up a bit. What if I changed the disclaimers?

“I just want to be happy.”

Caution: Happiness is possible if the sun comes up, the world continues to turn, you can still breathe, you can touch the earth, you can feel the air moving, when you see people, when you laugh, when you smile, when you wake up every day, and has the possibility of overwhelming you if you just let it.

“I want lots and lots of money.”

Caution: Money is very easily accessible and at your finger tips, is fun to make, is always available, is found all over the place, is attracted to you, is as plentiful as water, can show up in perfect ways, and laughter can cause money to unexpectedly spew into your bank account.

I had more fun with this than I can convey to you. I know, I’m easily amused. Don’t judge me!

Tying it all together

I even tied this in with the art/creation idea above. The art that goes with the advertisement is all mine also. Whatever I picture as being possible, or how I want things to be in my life, are on that billboard too. If I most often picture what already is, then that’s what will be up on the billboard, and what will keep coming back to me. But if I start imagining new and greater things, with consistency, then that is what will be up there instead.

So I figure from now on, I’m imagining that my focus and what I want in my future are emblazoned on a giant billboard. It’s what I’m advertising to the world. And disclaimers don’t get minimized or rushed through! They come up as big and loud as the rest of it. So I have to pay attention to the disclaimers that run in the background as much as the thoughts. Same with the art. If it’s the same ideas and creation over and over again, I’m going to get bored. But if I can think of new ways to see things, new ways that I want my future to be, then the pictures get interesting. And since I am also the customer, I can only get back what I advertise!

That was too much fun and total motivation for coming up with WAY better ideas, thoughts, things to focus on, and images of my future!

Now, it’s your turn: What’s on your Billboard? What do your disclaimers state? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Avatar mopeychild says:

    nay, i like you 🙂

    • Avatar Nay says:

      AWE!!! Thanks mopeychild. :mrgreen:

      • Avatar Alice says:

        Yes, you can see Nay changing over the past 6 months. Don’t know what she did, but it obviously made her happy and get over illness which is amazing.

        • Avatar Nay Bostrom says:


          Yes I get really excited when I start thinking how much things have improved! Not as much outside of me has changed, but inside it has. I feel better, so not as much out there seems to effect me.

          And all I can say I have done is really focus on looking for some way to feel better, in any way, as often as possible. If I have to change the subject I’m thinking about, I do. If I can find a way to feel better about what I’m thinking about, I do.

          It was very difficult at first. It took a lot more effort to force my mind to stop it’s tracking on all the negatives. But the more I did it, the easier it got. And it is still getting easier. Everything isn’t perfect or roses and sunshine all the time, but it is so much better!!!! Sometimes shit still hits me, and I take a nose dive. But I am really getting the hang of not dwelling in the dive. But practice was the key for me.

          And of course, the more I do it, the more positive things come to me. I thought that part of LOA was bullshit, but now I know it’s not. Amazing!

          • Avatar Alice says:

            Hi Nay,

            I read both your comments and got so excited I kind of replied in reverse/off-topic.

            So here I am replying about your husband. His hair sounds cool, and if he has a sense of humour you could get him a jumper or a scarf so that you can ride around in a car, and be the envy of all women.

            I really like long hair in a man. I had a partner that had long hair but he cut it, and said he’d never grow it long again, as he can’t be bothered. He likes it ridiculously short. Hmpf! Not even a fringe! Did he consider I liked running my fingers through his hair?
            I guess I like things a little different, as I also like a shaved head on a man too.

            I’m finding LOA a tease. I have maded it work by accident, and then I get excited and jump about.
            But it doesn’t stay around long enough, so it’s too easy for me and my Richard-Dawkins-reading-brain (RDRB) to say “that was a coincidence! You are a fool! Get real mental help, otherwise you’ll live like this forever you sucker!”

            I’ve also noticed something weird. Generally when I expect the worst, that’s when good things happen.
            Loa says you get what you expect, but not with me. In fact getting my hopes up “jinxes” the situation or gives me the opposite!

            Which makes me wonder about Macbeth!

          • Avatar Nay Bostrom says:


            My husband just finally got his hair where he can put it in a ponytail and forget about it. But it took forever since he kept cutting it!! Sadly his humour will not allow him to wear a jumpsuit or a scarf. He’s a jeans and t-shirt or nice shirt kinda guy. He had to wear suits enough that he isn’t interested in dressing up at all now, unless necessary. 😉

            And maybe you just like the rebel guys! Long hair and shaved heads seem to be a rebel kinda thing! My husband likes his long hair and beard because it makes people laugh or curious when he’s nothing like they expect him to be. Loud…yes. Opinionated…yes. Scruffy ignoramus…not even close! 😆

            Yep LOA can be hard to grab onto, especially when it’s all up and down. I would think maybe, when you expect the worst, you’ve just let go and said forget it, I don’t care if everything falls to shit. And once you do that, as weird as it sounds, your vibration can go up because you have let go of worrying about it more than you usually do.

            And it could be similar with hope. For you maybe hope just builds anxiety inside you. For me, hope can often run hand in hand with doubt. When I am the most hopeful, I also have the most doubts, which destroys any ‘hope’ of getting what I want.

            So go for what is LOAs most important point. Find things to smile about as often as you can. Think about things that feel good, as often as you can. Not in reference to ‘getting’ anything or seeing if LOA works. Just do it for the feel good. The more you do this, the easier it gets. And never, ever, ever dwell when things don’t make you all happy and cheery. Accept it as the culmination of past vibrations and put it behind you, in the past, where it already is.

            That’s where I started, and where I still am, and ‘you’ know I feel better!!!! That has been my goal for over 20 years, and I’m finally getting there with this stupid, simple process, that I really didn’t expect to work as well as it has. So I guess, even though my expectation was failure, the increase in my happy/content vibration just overrode it! I didn’t think of it that way, but it’s obviously true!

          • Avatar Alice says:

            🙂 Rebels huh? Hmm…

            Well I haven’t dated a “lot” of people seeing I’ve always gone for something long term, and most relationships lasted a year or five…

            I was writing to you the differnt types of men I’ve liked, they all seem really different, but when you think about it, the miltary men to the soft spoken artist all had core things in common I obviously want. On the surface they seem really different, but in reality they are just differnt manifestations of essentially the same thing.

            One oddly specific thing is I tend to like men that like individual sports, and don’t like team sports guys!
            *shudder* there’s just an incompatible thing there.
            So give me a man that knows how to kickbox, but not one that wants to chase a football with “the boys”… nah…I’ll pass.

            These days my tastes are almost exactly the same, but I think I have my share of certain traits that at first seemed mysterious, but now I’d trade it for openess and being more affectionate.

            They all liked cats!!! Not a bad thing, but maybe in future I’d want somone that also like dogs.

            Very good points about LOA. I’ll re-read and get it into my head.

          • Avatar Nay Bostrom says:

            Nah, not rebels. I was being goofy. 🙂 Those are just some of the lovely stereotypes it’s so easy to throw on people!!!

            I had a few long term relationships that were horrible in the long run, some short term that were great (or at least I thought so…), and some in between. And I noticed my tastes didn’t change much, but I did find that the guys I thought fit my tastes, changed, if that makes sense.

            Sounds like you are pretty open to different types of guys, even if they share some similar traits. So obviously your tastes don’t need to change, just find the guys you enjoy being around.

            I laugh now because I didn’t even look at my husband as husband material. He met some of my tastes, but he was divorced, had kids, smoked, and was 10 years older. All big NOT HAPPENIN’ in my book. But within 6 months, we were dating…the last thing I expected. And that was 20 years ago!!!! Good God where did the time go?!!

          • Avatar Alice says:

            er.. not really. I have a niche type.
            As I said I haven’t dated a lot, as I stay with someone for the long-term, and still live with someone.

            I can’t just date any guy. There’s very specific tastes. The things they have in common are very specific. Also I hate referring to men as “guys” but it’s a common term and gets stuck in your head.

            I couldn’t be more specific here without revealing who I am. I can say some general things though:

            They have all had far above average intelligence (incredibly important to me), they were all creative, physically and mentally strong, emotional, assertive, eccentric, and very unique people with gigantic hearts.
            I don’t like just anyone, and there’s not many I’d find attractive. I’m not even one bit attracted to someone that is too easy to keep up with mentally.
            I like a better challenge, a sharp-witted person, with a heart as kind as the brain is smart.

            On top of those base requirements all the specifics are really specific.
            Too straight-laced or ordinary, and they are in the bin. I have HIGH HIGH standards, and yes they work because I have never been long alone.
            But I would, if need be as there would be no point being with an idiot.

            It’s worth it, as I’ve always had someone that made heads turn and people wonder where I found such a gem.

            We gravitated away, and I have never had the experience of a “bad” break-up. Just the feeling that “everything has a season” and if they saw me in the street, which has happned, I’d be greeted with a big hug.

            Why do I speak like a single person? Because he has career goals that involve moving far away, so I am prepared for that day when we will have to part. Distance relationship is too painful.
            It’s very sad, but has to be done.

            I attract very affectionate people that are natural cat-like people, so after the honeymoon period they revert to being cat-like people.
            This means that they always seem mysterious, but sometimes, just sometimes I think is a big dumb puppy really so bad??…
            yes, yes it is! Sometimes you see a dumb/simple guy and think it would be a relief. 🙂 But then that feeling doesn’t last long.

            ^ with that it would be hideously hurtful if they ever knew they were the “dumb” guy! Horrific. But I guess a dumb guy would never know.
            tut-tut! Bad Alice!

            I agree. I’d never want someone with children! Nooo! I don’t even want my own!
            But you never know.

            What’s wrong with ten years older??? Age never concerned me.

            So how do you think you kept things good for 20 years? That’s impressive.

            Thanks again for a lovely reply.

          • Avatar lili says:

            ” Not as much outside of me has changed, but inside it has.”

            “the more I do it, the more positive things come to me.”

            Hi Nay, please to meet you. Love your writing style.

            But I’m confused… Is your new attitude changing your life or not?

          • Avatar Nay says:

            Hi lili,

            Yes, my new attitude is changing my life. To clarify, I feel happy now, which I thought just couldn’t happen because I have been unhappy for years!!!! Are huge physical/outside things manifesting around me? Not so much. But at the same time, my main focus has been to just get happy.

            I am just starting to change my focus to things outside of me, and looking towards the physical things that I want. But remember, those ‘things’ are not really as important as how I believe they will make me FEEL! As with many people, I want more money. But what this comes down to, is I want to feel secure and free to do anything and everything I want. Right now, in my mind, the money I make isn’t enough for all of that. So I am trying to change that thought because until I stop focusing on not enough, I know I will continue to have just that; not enough.

            So I started by figuring out some of the things I want to do. And yes, that is causing changes for me. I’ve always wanted to be creative, and so I started focusing on that. Since I started that, I have produced more things than I have ever made (Blanket/painting/drawing/tatting/photography/writing; all kinds of things!). But what has amazed me is how well each project has turned out, and how easy they were!!!! And I spent most of my time thinking about these projects, not the actual doing. Which is the exact opposite of how I normally do things. The difference was more than amazing in the ease and flow as I made them!

            I also focused a bit on attracting more oportunities to be my own boss in something. I thought I was getting no where with this one, but I was recently traveling, and the guy who sat next to me on the plane just started chatting about what we did. He wanted to talk about his business and I told him I had done communications and electronics. After explaining his business, he began talking about an idea for another business that he had thought of but didn’t really have the knowledge or desire to do. But since I knew electronics, he literally laid out the idea to me, and gave me his business card if I decided I wanted to expand on it, because he was selling part of his business and would have lots of disposable income, so if I needed a hand just give him a call. WHAT?!!! Where did that come from!? No way this could be real.

            Of course I had to look him up because I just couldn’t quite believe him on the money and business thing, because it just seemed too…amazing. But I looked him up online using his business card, and everything he said was true! The guy was a multi-millionaire! And his business was booming too! A huge opportunity if I wanted to take it. Sadly, I have no desire to do anything with electronics in my future, so the idea isn’t one I really want to work towards. But the fact that this guy, on a two hour flight, just laid this all in front of me was so astounding, I couldn’t see it as anything but LOA providing me with an opportunity, even though it wasn’t quite what I was looking for!!

            So is my life changing? You bet your ass!!!! And the happiness and creativity and this guy are just three bigger examples in my mind. Yet I see so many other small things that mean just as much. Each step has become like a giant beacon for me to follow to better and better things!!! 🙂

  • Avatar Bernie says:

    Great article really made me laugh and soon true . I’m going to have fun with this over next few days getting some visualisations up for 2013 . Thank you b x

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Thanks Bernie,

      The more I learn about and apply LOA the better things are getting and the more fun I am having with it. And yep, lots of new ideas flashing for 2013! 😉

  • Avatar jann says:

    Very cool!

  • Avatar Antonia says:

    Brilliant idea! That’s something everyone can have some fun with. Am already chuckling to myself with all the good, maybe slightly silly, things that can go on my billboard.

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Thanks Antonia,

      Yep, silly is where I go! The more I can laugh, the better I feel, and these made me laugh when I started trying to imagine what I was plastering up for the world to see, and then how I would change it.

  • Avatar B says:

    Really awesome way of simplifying LoA that little bit more, kudos to you Nay!

    I was actually reading through Melody’s ‘Finding your Purpose’ work book the other day, and I found that in everything I have ever done, I have loved to make it creative in some way. I enjoy drawing and making things. Even in my work (a chemist), I unnecessarily line up drugs in boxes so they are all neat, ordered and colourful ^w^ So I concluded that I simply like to create quirky things with the resources available to me, and put things in an order that makes them appealing, the purpose to simply ‘create’, if you will. It’s nice to have the comfort of knowing what you love to do.

    I had the thought yesterday that I wanted to attract more people into my life who understood the concept of LoA, and I was very happy to listen to an episode of ‘The Dog Whisperer’ where Cesar Milan talked about visualising a positive outcome before taking action, which was awesome, and of course here is Nay today! I definitely look forward to finding more people who understand the concept of LoA 😛

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Hi B!

      See, I’m glad Im not the only one who plays with their work…and food…and tools, and… Anyway. That you are figuring out what you love is so awesome. I’m working on it too, but now I’m having fun instead of stressing about it.

      I LOVE Cesar Millan! The way he works makes me wonder if he practices LOA but just doesn’t name it as such, or does it without naming it or tying it to LOA? Either way, he obviously has the general concepts down.

      Here’s to more people around us who know and embrace LOA!!

  • Avatar Reuben says:

    Thanks for the awesome visuals, Nay! This makes total sense to me and is helping me see some of where I am blocking myself with those stinkin’ disclaimers!

    Peace, Love and Light!

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Hey Reuben!

      The disclaimers are my biggest issue too. Always the ‘but’ at the end of a desire. But, (he he) I am fixing it more and more. I guess you could say I’m butting out the buts! Hahaha…ha…ha….Uh um. So glad you are catching them too!!! 🙂

  • Avatar Ayla says:

    I do love a great allegory. By illustrating the point so well, it enables us to see in our minds how the LOA really works in our lives. Brilliant, Nay! Bravo!

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Thanks Ayla,

      Yep, sometimes it’s all about the visuals. Once I can really see or get a concept, it makes applying it so much easier. Which is what it is all about in LOA. Once it makes sense, and you can apply that knowledge, things just start happening. Love it!

  • Avatar Debi Goldben says:

    Really appreciated this post … today … especially the “tying it all together” section. Served as confirmation to my thinking it was time to get some vision boards started on Pinterest and surround myself with images of what I want to have in my life.

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Wow Debi!

      Timing is everything. And yeah, I like the vision board as your billboard, and on pintrest too. I didn’t even think of that! Now I have to make some.

  • Avatar Janet says:

    Nay — I happen to work in the field of direct marketing (aka junk mail) so your illustration makes perfect sense to me. (We are forever complaining to our legal folks about the huge disclaimer they require us to publish. It’s a wonder that anyone EVER buys our product after reading the legal fine print!) I love, love, love the idea of writing my own billboard AND disclaimer. This is an exercise I am definitely going to do. Thanks for the brilliant thoughts and thanks Melody for sharing them on your blog. Blessings to all!

    • Avatar Nay says:


      You junk mail queen you! See, you have the inside scoop since it’s what you already do. Maybe you can slip in some positive disclaimers to some of that junk mail. 😆 Bet you would make people laugh when they read them. Hey, maybe you could suggest to the higher ups that they start adding positive disclaimers to all advertisements! Too much too soon? Just a thought. 🙂

      • Avatar Janet says:

        Hello again, Nay ~ Actually, I think it’s a very cool idea! We are looking to put together a test that “tells it like it is” for our prospective customer. Adding in a fun disclaimer would add a nice touch of fun to the piece. Because, really, does everything have to be so darn serious?

        Quick question…one of the comments above mentioned posting a vision board on Pinterest. I thought the recommendation for using a vision board was to keep it private–my eyes only. Should it be published on social media?

        • Avatar Nay says:

          Hey Janet,

          The choice is totally yours! Some people like the idea of others seeing what they have planned, and hearing encouragement and feedback. Me, I usually want to keep it to myself. In fact I’m often almost secretive about what I plan on doing or the things I really want. (Not that you could tell from all my posts! Hehe) Then again, it depends on what area of my life I’m working on. If I don’t want any pressure or nosing about in my plans, mums the word. If I want to share something that I think I will enjoy others knowing, I do. But, usually I just keep it to myself.

          So if you aren’t comfortable with putting it out there, don’t. Keep it private and enjoy yourself with all your amazing plans and ideas without anybody else being involved! The key is always to enjoy yourself while doing it! If you feel stressed or uncomfortable, then you won’t send out the right vibe, which just slows things down. So make it fun in any and all the ways that you can.

          And just so you know, pintrest has just recently provided 3 private boards for each person to use, so you can still do it on pintrest but nobody can see these boards! Which is how I will be doing it! 😉

        • Avatar Nay says:

          Oh, and I love that the idea for positive disclaimers is already out there!! To see LOA starting to show up in so many areas of life is just freakin’ spectacular! I so hope you run with it. 😆

  • Avatar J says:

    Hi, WOW

    Its been awhile since I’ve been here at D.R.

    Not sure why – something has not be connecting, me not understanding what was being written. Although recently I have been told that another person has been sucking my (energy) life force out of me, and has taken more of me that I could ever know. Extremely struggling with that idea. Any how, when I received notice of this in my email, and said Mc’ds on it, I really don’t like them, simply for the reason they keep telling me “I”m Lovin’ it”, when they have no clue as to who I am, or what I like. But…. there was a recent news article where Mc’ds had to pay an employee something like 5000.00 for firing her for giving a couple of cents of extra sprinkle to a customer. My conclusion was that Mc’ds doesn’t like when people have extra sprinkle’s in their lives.

    With the thought of extra sprinkles in my life, that this poster triggered somehow from the above thought process, I came here to read your – Nay – guest appearance blog entry.

    Between immediately making connection to the concept of “ART”, then laughing, and even feeling sad, or pathetic of myself, because for me, you nailed everything right on.

    When I finished reading I felt like doing the “happy dance” because I got it !!!! I actually got it !!! I understood it !!! WOW WOW WOW !! Now I feel like tripping over myself to get upstairs to start making changes. To re-draw that billboard and the not so longer fine and hidden print. To spend the afternoon, cleaning out the cobwebs of my brain and try to figure out what I want my new message to say!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! for the wonderful – inspirational post.

    • Avatar Nay says:


      Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! The only reason I give these random ideas to Melody is because I want someone else to get it! And that you do just gets me all giddy! I’m happy dancing with you because I feel the same way every time I ‘get it’ on a new level! It’s just starting to click into place and I’m coming up with all kinds of ways to make myself think and feel better!

      And all the small things that are happening aren’t getting bigger, but they are accumulating by the dozens, which is just so amazing! So run with it J, and enjoy all the little things that are happening.

      So, so excited for you and me, and all the other people who are starting to ‘get it!’

  • Avatar Gillian Peterson says:

    So true, I love the mental picture! I realize this a few years ago cause my “billboard” was attracting what I didn’t want. Once I realized that the message was negative I was able to change to a positive message and I saw immidiate result! It was amazing! I wish I had know that it was LOA then. I am happy to know it now, thank you.

    • Avatar Nay says:


      Wonderful! And how was it when you realized you were doing LOA, or that it had a name and even ‘rules’ to help you get better at it!!!? The more I apply it, the more fascinating it gets. And now I’m off to work on my billboards!

  • My billboard has amazing interactions with beautiful souls on a daily basis. It has me, in a body I love being in, feeling strong, healthy and capable of so much! There are handsome men on my billboard and steamy scenes. Delicious foods of all varieties because I Trust that I can eat whatever I want again.

    My billboard is hot, spicy, and spectacular!!!

    Loved this post Nay – thanks so much for it – great, great ideas 🙂

  • Avatar Nay says:

    Thanks Kate!

    WOW! Love your billboard! I’m thinking I need to steal some of your ‘scenes’ cause I’m liking steamy, handsome, delicious, healthy, strong and beautiful. But I can’t share the art. It’s just not appropriate for all audiences. 😯 I noticed you didn’t share either, but I completely understand. 😉

    • Avatar Alice says:

      So did your husband react yet? Woo-woo! Does he tie a sweater around his shoulders and have his hair blow in the breeze?

      • Avatar Nay Bostrom says:

        Hahahaha Alice!

        His hair does blow pretty good since it’s almost as long as mine!!! 😉

        And yes, he is showing some changes. Nothing major, but simple things. He’s actually showing some interest in LOA now, which is shocking!!! He’s also starting to be happier. He’s never been sad like me, but now he just seems to be enjoying things more and more. 🙂

        • Avatar Alice says:

          This really made my heart sing. I was telling Melody privately about some incidences where I have noticed that people really do react to internal changes.

          I’ve also noticed that after a good friend opened my eyes to how modest I am in some areas (I know hard to believe!!!)
          I did not think I was that popular. Once they had informed me of how many people I had accidently ignored or snubbed thinking “they aren’t talking to me…they must have been referring to the person standing next to me.”

          So all this time I was lonely for no reason. After I stopped assuming that people are talking to someone else, I was bowled over by how many people were actively trying to befriend me…but I honestly didn’t notice!!!!

          In past I was invited to many events, but didn’t come saying “oh they are only being polite” only to hear later they were hurt I didn’t come, and pretty much considered many peoples good friend. But I didn’t really notice them back. What a jerk! lol.

          So this was like the friend version of Melody and those Vegas women with jerks because they don’t know they are beautiful.

          I’m slowly easing in, but it’s just astounding. I feel a mixture of happiness, but also dismay, that I didn’t notice for so long, and so much lonely feelings for no reason!
          It’s still a shock, and I still can’t keep my phone on yet. But soon I will be able to switch it on and let people in.
          I never use a phone. I used to hang up on people all the time. “Why are they calling???!!!” Now I know they call because they like me—DUH!!!!

          That should be a fun time! I’m not quite there but soon I’ll have the courage and switch it on.
          It was somewhat sad to find that the only thing blocking me from people was me. How dumb.

          • Avatar Nay Bostrom says:

            Woooowww Alice!

            You are just doing so awesome! Little steps are still huge leaps in the LOA run.

            I was so much the same way for so long! I really felt there was just no way people could really like me, like it had to be just politeness, or it would fade away soon enough. I think I really held myself back from a lot of friendships that could have been much better and closer if I hadn’t been so doubtful and mistrusting of others motives and my own appeal! As I got older that changed a bit on it’s own, but there was always that core of self doubt.

            But that is what is fading/where I am seeing the most changes. I’m just not as worried about it, or even concerned about what people are thinking about me. So now I enjoy those I am around to the best of my ability, without near the angst, or the need to ‘turn on’ so they don’t see the real me. So funny how I can now see my worries and thoughts made things so much harder for me!!! I stressed and held myself back for no good reason that I can see, except to protect myself. And I truly can’t even pinpoint what I was protecting myself from. Yes, being hurt, but often I was hurting just as much holding myself back as I had been hurt by how others would treat me. Ah well, I am truly getting so far past that, I can see so much more clearly now. I just had a lot to figure out. 🙂

            And I’m with you on phones. I, for some odd reason, really have an issue with answering my phone and returning calls or contacting people, even when they leave a message. With family as much as anyone else. (My parents had no idea I was back from England for almost 6 months…and yes they were very unhappy when they found out!!!) So most of my family calls my husband or texts him because they know I probably won’t answer or even look at my phone. But even that is something I’m worrying less and less about, without doing anything specific about it.

            So don’t worry about turning on the phone. When you’re ready you’ll get back in touch, and it won’t be a question about whether you should or not, it’ll just be something you do because it feels right.

            Keep on rolling woman!!!

  • Avatar Gillian Peterson says:

    I didn’t know that I was using LOA until now. Being an art person the billboard analogy works for me. Attracting the opposite of what you wanted pretty much sucks. In the past I thought of myself as “a broken person” and I thought my billboard said, “handle with care” when it really said “doormat!” The men (and friends) I would attract into my life were not the kind I wanted. Finally I realized the problem was me. I changed my thoughts to “confident” and “happy to be me.” I may have been “broken” before but I had changed my outlook. I need to appreciate myself instead of projecting the “be careful don’t hurt me” billboard. I still struggle but life has majorly improved.

    I have been amazed at how much LOA makes sense to me. It is difficult to step out of your environment and see your life in a new way. But I have learned that perspective is everything.

    • Avatar Nay says:


      Yes perspecyive is EVERYTHING!!! I am finally learning that too. I always thought I had to think things to death, until they made sense, and once they did, maybe something would change. Did NOT work at all! But now I know it’s not about analyzing as much as changing that perspective. And even small changes make differences that count!

      So glad that you have found LOA and will just keep changing that perspective until your world is fun and exciting and full of the people and things that you DO want!

  • Avatar Vishnu says:

    Nay, great metaphor! The limiting beliefs we have, all that small print, sometimes can eat up the entire advertising. Interesting that you make the point that we have disclaimers running in the background that we drown out what we are trying to attract. And in that way, advertising is slightly different. They tell you what their product will do for you and can even put that you might die from an eating coma in the small print. The fine print in advertising is dead serious – over the top – like you could die from using this medication, or you can get cancer from smoking, etc. that’s the fine print we should be paying attention too!

    haha we should really live our lives more like an advertisement. make the small print (invisible scripts) not matter so much!

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Hi Vishnu!

      Yep, get rid of that fine print in our lives. All the negatives and doubts, even as tiny as they can be, need to be changed up or eliminated!!! Love the way you gave it another perspective. Thank You!

  • Avatar Ben says:

    Wow that is an awesome way of looking at it!

    I was just thinking that it’s important to let go of those ‘disclaiminers’ – the thoughts, beliefs, programming stopping you from being happy or whatever your goal is and then you suggested rewriting it. Awesome.


  • Avatar Jonathan Holmes says:

    Great stuff this. I really enjoyed this from Nay. It certainly applies to what I have learnt so far regarding LOA, Vibration, visualisation etc. Look forward to the next one. Many Shony Puppy Hugs for both Nay and Melody.

  • Avatar H. says:

    Loved it 🙂 A creative life is indeed a happy life.

  • Avatar Nay Bostrom says:

    Yes H!!!

  • Hi Nay,

    Great post! I love the billboard metaphor! We project our desires (and subtext…) on a giant screen, and the Universe is watching the movie all the time. Woohoo!

    Whenever I feel a bit of doubt or disclaimer, once I realize I’m doing it, I say to myself, Flow! Flow! and try to get the energy moving. Once I get into the flow, I pick up the little doubts like rocks in a stream and toss them to the side.

    Now with your metaphor, I don’t need to wait to feel a twinge. I can project the billboard and erase or toss away anything niggling, laughing all the while. Hee hee.

    Thanks so much Nay. Huge hugs, sister! (or more likely, looking at your picture, daughter!)

    Mary Carol

    • Avatar Nay Bostrom says:


      I’ve always loved your rocks metaphor too! Once you can see your worries and doubts as rocks weighing you down which you just don’t need, it makes it easy to start dropping them where you find them.

      And I’ll take being your daughter just as well as sister!!! Either way it feels awesome! Much Love MC. 🙂

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