Thrive – Actual Solutions To The World’s Problems

Last Tuesday, I posted a video of Dr. Bruce Lipton. I was ecstatic to share my discovery of a new kind of scientist – one who is bridging the gap between traditional science and spirituality. A couple of weeks before that, I let John Styn tell you about his amazing, wise and fully connected Grandpa.

Those videos were so well received, I thought I’d make it more of a regular thing for me to post some of the resources and videos I’ve found which have made me jump out of my chair and do a happy dance. And today, I’ve got another HUGE treat for you.

Foster Gamble had a vision when he was 14 years old. He perceived what he believed to be the Universe’s fundamental energy pattern. It’s the Torus, a kind of spherical shape with a donut hole in the middle that surrounds everything, including each of us and the earth. When I first watched this documentary, I did nearly fall out of my chair. I’d have a very similar vision one night during a shamanic ceremony when I was in Peru. I saw the Torus surrounding us and even learned to work with it (which, incidentally, helped me to become WAY more intuitive and yes, I promise to write about this later. Later = when I’m inspired to and no, begging won’t speed it up. Talk to the Universe, I don’t control when what comes through.) When I began to research the shape (I had no idea what it was called), I realized that this information wasn’t new, but thousands of years old, which didn’t diminish my excitement about it one bit.

Anywho, that vision sent young Foster off on a lifelong quest to study this energy and how it could be used, as well as why, as a human race, we weren’t thriving the way he intuitively felt we could be. Thrive, the documentary, was the result.

A little Warning

Now, I will warn you: a large part of this film is dedicated to what’s wrong with the world today. It does go into all the conspiracy theories (like how the money system actually works and how we are being kept in the dark on, well, just about everything), and for those of you who’ve seen some of those other documentaries, you may be thinking “déjà-freaking-vu”.


However, there’s one HUGE difference between this documentary and the others that deal with unmasking the “truth”. The last twenty or so minutes of this movie are entirely dedicated to solutions – what’s going well, how powerful we actually are, and how we can stop what’s happening and reverse the damage. The movie isn’t designed to get you down and depress you. It defines the problem and then shifts to the solution. It’s full of hope and inspiration. Instead of showing you the problem and leaving you thinking “Ok, so we’re screwed! What can we possibly do?”, the move actually answers that question in the best possible way.

LOA in action

I adore the fact that this movie focuses so heavily on how powerful we are, and on the change we can make simply by focusing differently. Then, the filmmakers actually help us do that. It’s pure, unadulterated, real world awesomeness with practical applications thrown in. Freaking hell yes! Although I discovered this documentary quite some time ago, it’s only recently come to my attention (thank you super awesome John. Again!) that the whole movie is now available on YouTube (put there legally by the filmmakers themselves).

Yes, it’s a 2 hour video, so no, I don’t expect you to watch it right this second. But, do yourself a humongous favor and make yourself a bowl of non-GMO popcorn later tonight, pull up a chair and watch Thrive. Oh, and then come back here and tell me what you thought. Ready? Here we go:


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  • Avatar Vicki says:

    This video changed my life when I saw it about a year ago. It made me think about what I eat, how I live, think and so on. Thanks for sharing and reminding me to watch it again!
    You might like to take a peek at “Wall of Films” which is 300 films for “social action”. I have found many inspiring ( and some not however choose as you wish) movies. Thrive can be found there.

  • Avatar Kat says:

    Very interesting. No wonder i always look to the stars for inspiring solutions. I begin my response at the personal level. In the past couple of weeks, I have seen that vortex-like symbol in dreams. In the dream, I see it as a tornado approaching me and I fear it, but it ends up entering my body through my ear, so there was nothing to fear in the first place. I will now stop reading dream dictionary because the crux is really how the dream feels and not what the actual symbols mean. Also, when questioning my career path, I have been told to read the bio of Nikola Tesla! He led one on the most interesting lives and had very vivid dreams in sleep and while awake during the day! He was in the zone. Fascinating! As for the torus pattern, that us found everywhere, on tiles, in subways, everywhere. In college, I brought it up in an anthropology class, that the pattern looks like the basic structure of a molecule and was told by the prof that it represents human connections and the fact that we are all connected. This subject re-enters my life.

    So, we again come to that human induced topic if fear and lack. The feeling that drives the few to rule over the many for domination and power when they themselves have more than enough. Couldn’t they do what Thomas crown did and just steal pairings for entertainment? But then again, its stealing. Why must they resort to crime for purposes of entertainment? Couldn’t they find new romances or something? I’m just theorizing here. The haves and the have-nots, which is a human perpetuated scheme stepped from fear that really exists for naught. I hope I am getting this.

    Thank God for the Internet. And by the way, what does Abe say about aliens? I think this has been asked before. Steven hawking says they are dangerous and should be feared.

    • Hey Kat,

      Wow! Talk about energy flowing, lol.

      RE Abe and aliens: They say that all alien phenomenon that we’ve discovered, like crop circles and the like, are all human made without exception. But, that there are beings on other planets and they can focus here, they just don’t do it physically (like coming here on ships in this dimension). They literally focus here and those who can translate that energy, see them. I read an article once that offered the theory that when we see a UFO, a light that darts back and forth, we are seeing energy, and are often the originators of that energy. Of course, we don’t generally think that we’re powerful enough to do that…

      I personally believe that when people see aliens, they are translating energy into whatever their mind can come up with that most closely matches that feeling. So, in the olden days, people saw angels or fairies. Now they see aliens. I commune with the non-physical all the time, consciousness, if you will. Who’s to say that I’m not communing with someone just like me, but on another planet, eh? 🙂

      And yes. Thank God for the internet!

      Huge hugs!

      • Avatar Alice says:

        Why don’t they come physically?

        Why do we always assume that aliens are more intelligent, wise or spiritual? (I always did, and a friend questioned me on that…WHY would they be more advanced? A great question! …OMG Alice has friends, I bet you didn’t expect that! 😉

        I believe they will come visit certain people, including me, because I’ve always wanted it, but don’t need it. So there! Abe doesn’t know everything, Abe can be wrong, they are dead afterall!

        Could you pass that onto Abe? *tilts head* if they want to talk to me don’t do it in a way that will make me look crazy in public.

        Also do they know who I am????? Seeing they know so much.

        • Hey Alice,

          I suppose that in order for them to come visit us from a place that we can’t currently “see”, they would have to be at least somewhat advanced, no? But you’re right. They could come physically. That’s not out of the question.

          If, however, the are advanced and benevolent, then I would assume that at this stage, they would deem us not ready for that kind of contact. We’re still too mired in fear and would undoubtedly react with aggression. Until we achieve global peace, I doubt any advanced race would give us the time of day, other than maybe to study us.

          A malevolent race would possibly make contact, but to what end? If they were advanced, they wouldn’t have to be all stealthy about it. They could just use their technology to do what they want. HOWEVER, since they, just like us, are subject to the laws of the Universe, our energy would have to allow it. And not just ours, but the focus of all the non-physical.

          So, is Abe’s interpretation correct? I don’t know. They also say that anything you can imagine, you can create. So, if you can imagine alien contact, you can create it.

          I like to ponder the question “What is an alien?” Again, when we converse with Universal intelligence, could those not be aliens? How would we know if they were sufficiently advanced? Are we the offspring of aliens, or are aliens possibly our future selves? This can get very, very deep. I don’t have the answers, but I do like asking the questions. I just try to stay open to all possibilities.

          You can connect with Abe any time you like. I just talked to them last night. It’s like a radio station. You can tune into it anytime you like. Only, it’s like a two way radio. 🙂 And yes, they do know who you are, but who you REALLY are.

          Huge hugs!

  • Avatar mopeychild says:

    I saw the documentary. Its long ! The torus bit is damn interesting, the other conspiracy theories, not so much. But But the crop circles bit was coooooolll…and of the symbolism of it all !
    Sadly though, they just stop talking about the torus energy bit and move into conspiracy theories. I looked up david icke, and he claims that the worlds controlled by reptilian humanoids, so at the moment I don’t take his words too seriously.
    Id say the first half n hour of the documentary is damn interesting. After that they tell us stuff we already (nostly) know.

    • Hey Mopey,

      Yeah, I did warn you. For me, the last 20 minutes were the best part, really. I’ve never really resonated with David Icke. He’s a bit too negatively focused for my taste. And the whole reptile thing, well… it’s just not for me. But, he does make some good points here and there, so to each their own.

      Huge hugs!

      • Avatar Alice says:

        Retiles? Reptiles? AHAHAHAHA!

        So it’s all a conspiracy to keep Alice unhappy and generally alone, not living up to potential, getting swamped by the stress of other peoples’ debt, making the poor poorer and the rich richer, because I am such a huge threat to their powers???

        Haven’t watched it, but bet that’s where some of the conspiracies go into, and it’s nice to believe when you are poor, as it’s a brilliant excuse for sucking at life!

        Have you ever seen a rich or happy conspiracy theorist? Not-that-many!

  • Avatar Kat says:


    I am wondering about this issue of boredom. Could it be the root cause of mischief I wonder. We come here because we want to experience contrast because we’d be bored otherwise. Why have a utopia because it would lead to boredom some would say. Keep workers busy because then the’ll get bored and who knows what they will do. Keep students busy because then their minds will wander, etc.

    So many scenarios to prevent boredom. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve experienced this myself but I did something about it. Even in a utopia, we could find things to keep from getting bored. I realize the universe is full of contrast, but its basic unit is perfect and self sustaining and led to its growth so there was nothing boring about that.

    • Avatar Charlie says:

      Oh, I agree about the boredom bit 🙂
      I asked a couple of people what they would do if they became instantly rich, and do you know they both said they would not give up work, or they would be bored!!!!
      I couldn’t believe it. I am never bored, there are so many wonderful things to do and see and learn about! I love having all the time in the world to explore what I love doing. Maybe they are just not used to having ‘free time’. I will watch the vid tonight, thanks Melody, although thanks for warning me about the conspiracy and negative stuff, as I try not to watch that kind of thing, so maybe I’ll just skip the middle bits 🙂

      • Avatar Kat says:

        I know, Charlie. I think people are made to be such drones and used to being cogs turning the wheels, that, when given such a wonderful opportunity, they just do not know what to do or how to respond, really. That is sad.

        Getting bored is an indication that one is not on the path of light, as I understand it. Masters did not have “jobs” and made do just fine, that is the example I go by, even if it is a bit extreme, but might as well use them as an example. But, if on the path of light, as Melody describes, then you relish that time and do things from inspiration, not because you are forced to produce- like how inventors do things. What better thing to experience? Right up there with sex and chocolate!

    • Hey Kat,

      Well, as someone who had the opportunity to take a large amount of time off work with money in the bank, I can tell you that at first, I did nothing. I just rested and recovered. It was awesome. And then, I got bored. Which did not lead to destructive behavior or mischief, because I wasn’t in a dark place. It led to creativity, and a raised vibration and more fun and relationships and travel and well, this site. It led to me finally allowing myself to be who I really am and expressing that to the best of my ability. And it led to me further developing that ability. And I know many others who have gone through the same thing. When you step out of the rat race, you don’t go around looting or destroying things or doing drugs, unless you’re acting out of pain or trying to escape something. But if you’re reaching towards light, you start to create, not because you have to, but because you want to. And that’s where genius lives. That’s when things get really, really good. That’s when one person has an idea that changes the world. Imagine if we all let ourselves be like that?

      And yes, more on this is coming soon, so your question is so freaking timely it’s scary. 🙂

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

      • Avatar Alice says:

        Hahahaha! Try “taking a large amount of time off work” and “being in a dark place” with NO MONEY IN THE BANK and possibly debt on top.

        You think your origin story is cool… well… some origin stories might be so “cool” that the difficulty level is too high and they don’t come out shining….

        You can see what happened just then, burst my own bubble. 🙂

        • Avatar mopeychild says:

          Alice m’’re very snarky today, even for you :/
          Why? 🙁

          • Avatar Alice says:

            There’s no snarkiness, just dark humour, like “Family Guy” style humour…

            It’s a shame it comes across like that…. I have a huge sense of humour and playfulness, but writing doesn’t capture tone.
            The only tone is the one you interprit for youself. 🙂

            And whaddaya mean “even for you” 😉

          • Avatar Alice says:

            @ Mopey:

            ? Use Facetious in a sentence Origin :Alice is a rather facetious person!
            ? ?/f??si??s/ Show Spelled[fuh-see-shuhs] Show IPA
            not meant to be taken seriously or literally: a facetious remark.
            amusing; humorous.
            lacking serious intent; concerned with something nonessential, amusing, or frivolous: a facetious person.

          • Avatar mopeychild says:

            Umm..dint mean to offend you or start lessons on vocab, no matter how dark humoury. Also I don’t watch family freaks me
            Its just, I got a damn depressed vibe off you. More than usual.
            I guess I misinterpreted things.

          • Avatar Alice says:

            I’ve been much worse, but sound upbeat. I feel fine today. But thank you. 🙂
            I used Family Guy as it’s well recognised. I was going to use a BBC comedy, but they aren’t really popular.

        • Avatar Alice says:

          Ok, now as uausl, the updated comments after watching:

          1. How do they make the crop circles? I’ve always found them beautiful. Even if human made, this is truly a wonder!
          2. I’ve always wondered why we talk about Thomas Edison over Nikola Tesla seeing Tesla invented a better system? I’ve thought about this sporadically, and glad the video brought it up again. It reminds me of the space race…
          3. Is that really true about “the government” seizing a “free energy” device? It comes across as incredulous-is there anything to back up this claim? (outside of the people that made the video/website) What exactly is free energy?
          4. When you look into the conspiracies, what doesn’t make sense every time, is who exactly are these people and how do they “control the norms” of 7 billion people and how is that even possible?
          5. A lot of these problems are American-centric, just like any documentary like this, most isn’t really applicable, or it is, but on a much less dramatic scale. (Within the context of other first-world countries outside of America.)
          6. Global warming & overpopulation, these things are real and they are things you can observe yourself, just by going outside. I feel strong that that part is not a conspiracy. It may benefit the “New World Order” but it doesn’t change the fact that it is true.
          7. 1.58…..there really is enough money from America alone?
          8. Notice how the people giving positive advice are already living in nice homes and wearing nice clothes?…it’s easy to be relaxed when you are already there.

  • Avatar Nay says:

    Ummm, Wow?

    That was a lot of information! And very ‘drag a person down info’, until the end of it. I love that the solutions were very few, and something that each individual can do without a major upheaval to make those changes. Great ideas to really contemplate. We have implemented a few of these already in our lives, but I can see where we can do much more!

    But more than that, I don’t see implementing these things as a way to stop this ‘problem’ of the few dominating the masses. It’s more a change in how we live our lives for the betterment of all. I guess the whole conspiracy theory didn’t resonate with me, 🙁 but the ideas of what things we can change to make the world a better place truly did.

    As to Kat’s statements about boredom, I agree whole heartedly. I do get bored, but I usually find something to do that doesn’t involve destruction or mischief. (Well, besides scaring the bejeezes out of my husband, son, and pets, and laughing hysterically every time. 😈 ) And I also have had the chance to get out of the rat race, away from the cog, and see life outside the controlled environment. I’m still processing on that, and figuring out which direction to go. But the freedom was such a change, I was lost for a while. Now I’m really starting to enjoy it, and my mind is coming up with all kinds of things to do! The creativity is flowing more than I can every remember.

    So in my mind, freedom doesn’t naturally lead to boredom then ‘bad behavior.’ It leads to new ideas and practices. And I wouldn’t have believed that a few years ago, because I truly thought it would lead to problems! I was in a ‘dark place,’ if you will, and not a happy camper. But now I can see it from a place of experience. Freedom from a controlled environment opens the mind to new ideas, broader thoughts. True, it’s only my own experience, and I’ve had a lot of help along the way from people here, but it has developed me in ways opposite of what I thought, and shows me only the good of it.

    So this just gives me more things to think about in improving my life and hopefully adding to an improved world! Because my view of the world shows a world in flux, getting ready for a huge shift in consciousness. And it’s going to be an amazing and astounding change for the better!


    • Hey Nay,

      It does take time to really understand that not pushing ourselves to do things we don’t want to do will NOT lead to us all sitting around like lazy apes, throwing poo at each other. That is a pervasive but very false belief. If that were true, we wouldn’t be here. What drove us to innovate anything in the first place? What drives genius and creativity? Certainly not a whip and a cage. Genius and creativity require freedom and time and security. The more we have of that, the more innovation we’ll get. I’m going to be posting more about this in the near future. I think you’ll like what’s coming. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    I’m so glad you are sharing this documentary with your readers. I’ve seen Thrive about 3 to 4 months ago online and I was ecstatic. What an eye opener. Just LOVED it! You need to watch this guys. I’m going to share this post.

    Hope you’re doing great, gal 🙂 I know I need to come visit more often, just time, time, time 🙂 I’ve got to make more of it!

    • Hey there Sylviane,

      Don’t you worry. I’m super busy myself, so I totally understand. I’m always happy to see you, though! 🙂

      And thanks for sharing. This stuff really needs to get out there!

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Catrice says:

    Hello All, I enjoyed the video, though it was quite long. I don’t discount the conspiracy theorist, keep in mind this is all part of the contrast and those who are participating in conspiracies are just acting out of fear that there is not enough.I don’t think we should dismiss them and pretend they don’t exist , it can be true and still not steal your joy. just don’t align with what they’re trying to do.

  • Avatar PalmerEldritch says:

    First you have a thread on how science supposedly proves the LOA ( it doesn’t BTW) by referencing none other than Bruce Lipton (scientist turned pseudoscientist), and now you’re quoting Thrive, the ultra conspiracy movie – an absolute rubbish film, full of lies, half -truths and just made up stuff (check out for some constructive criticism). Really I’d have expected better, are you running out of material?

    • Hi Palmer,

      I’m simply sharing the materials that I get excited about with my audience. As always and with anything I post, you are welcome to take it or leave it. I like it when people propose solutions instead of just complaining about the problem. I like it when people build bridges, offer new, positive perspectives and look for ways to feel better. I celebrate any effort that’s made in that direction.

      The fact is that there are a lot of documentaries out there about conspiracy theories. Do I agree with all of them? No. But, when you start to look at the world differently, it’s easy to get caught up in such materials. You start to look at any perspectives that are different. This is the first of such movies that I’ve seen that actually offered a positive solution oriented point of view, instead of just doom and gloom. I wanted to showcase that (notice, I did warn against the dark stuff. There’s no need to buy into it).

      If you don’t agree with these ponts of view, that’s ok, but why criticize the effort itself?

      I’m sorry if I’m not living up to your expectations. I am, however, living up to mine.

      Huge hugs,

  • Avatar Delving Eye says:

    OK, after a week without power, heat, water, cable or Internet — thanks to Hurricane Sandy — I definitely need some of that ENDLESS FREE ENERGY!

    It’s funny, this past summer I had a dream that I invented such a thing by using the change in temperature over the course of a typical day. My husband informed me, “It’s already been invented, honey. It’s called solar power.”

    Rats. Just when I was all ready to take over the world!

    PS: I just love Elisabet Sahtouris, Phd, Evolutionary Biologist. Her analogy of the current push/pull by the powers that be to a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly is marvelous. Helps me understand that something beautiful can come out of the current lopsided power grab. Great film.

    • Ahahaha Delving Eye, that’s perfect. I love that you invented solar power. Who cares if someone beat you to it? You’re lining up with solutions! 🙂

      Yes! Yes! I love the butterfly analogy. It so perfectly illustrates that we are moving towards a better world, not in spite of the way we’ve been living, but in some ways, because of it. It’s the catalyst that makes the coming world possible in many ways. Yay!!

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar curious says:

    Watched the movie in full.
    It was a mixed bag. My heart and my mind reacted to the movie differently.

    [ the mind ]
    1. The part about the Torus is very very good. It just clicked with me. The part about Tesla inspired power generator inventions also got me excited.
    (the film makers used references rather poorly but its OK. I got the message).

    2. the middle part about the financial elites are old news. Many of us already know this. The host himself is also a member of these elite families.

    3. the last part – The solutions – feels like salt and pepper.

    Mind you what they are proposing have already been tested in China more than a thousand years ago. Yes it did started a movement but that has never gone mainstream.

    [the heart]
    1. first impression about the host : an honest person. a nice guy.
    2. first impression of his wife : something is off about her. the vibe is wrong.
    3. the guests speakers: half of them feel genuine to listen to. The other half feel as if they were hired to read a script.
    4. last impression of the host: not so credible. Gut feeling tells me he’s a clueless nice guy.

    I did learn much from watching the movie though.
    Thank you for sharing.

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