Extra! Extra! Science Proves We Create Our Own Reality!


Today is an awesome, awesome day. I’m going to introduce you to an amazing man, who has made me the happiest woman alive. No, he’s not some dude who rocked my world. It’s better than that (unless there was chocolate involved in the rocking of the world, in which case it would be a tie).

Whenever I explain my version of LOA (because not all versions are the same), I’m very careful not to claim that science has proven these principles. Oh sure, some people will say that Quantum Physics has proven that we create our own reality, but I’ve yet to meet a Quantum Physicist who has confirmed this as fact. There are theories and one can draw conclusions from those theories, but honestly, we’re still a long ways off from proving this stuff in a way that the huddled masses will accept. Or so I thought.

I’ve always maintained my belief that modern science will one day prove that we create our own reality. And, I truly believed that it would happen in my life time. Well, buckle up y’all, because it turns out I was wrong (smelling salts have been provided for your convenience). Science won’t prove this stuff sometime in the future. Science, ladies and gentlemen, is faster than that. It’s been done. That’s right. We have scientific proof that our beliefs, or our perception, create our reality.

Meet Dr. Bruce Lipton

Thanks to Awesome* Reader John (the * is for extra awesomeness), I’ve been reading about and watching videos of Dr. Lipton for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been entranced. Even though my schedule has been booked solid and I’ve barely had time to breathe, I spent every evening filling my head with visions of DNA, cellular structure, proteins, enzymes and other wonderful science-y stuff. (If you’re wondering what the way to my heart is, this would be it. Well, this and chocolate. Yes, I know I’m a bit of a geek. I make no apologies for that.)

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a stem cell biologist. He’s the real deal. Having once been on the medical school lecture circuit, he now spends most of his time educating audiences filled with scientists and lay people alike about the cutting edge science that not only validates a lot of what us LOA’ers have been saying all along, but debunks some commonly accepted scientific knowledge.

For example:

Genes determine nothing. We are not a slave to our genes, they have no power over us at all. So, those of you who have been saying that you can’t lose weight because you have the “fat jeans gene”, or who have been worried that you might succumb to your “cancer gene”, stop it.

I KNOW, right?? This is big, BIG stuff. I’m all tingly. How about you?

Want to know more?

Of course you do! If you’re anything like me, you’re literally jumping out of your seat right now. So, I’m sharing a lecture of Dr. Lipton’s below. It’s an hour long and the man talks a mile a minute, so there’s TONS of info in there. And yes, it is fairly scientific, but clear enough for a lay person to understand (I’m not a scientist either and I totally got it.) And I know that in internet years, an hour is, like, an eternity. But trust me, do yourself a favor and watch this video.



At the end of the video, Dr. Bruce (or Dr. Awesome, as I have come to affectionately call him, I mean, we haven’t met, YET, but in my head, we’re good friends. Again, no apologies) mentions the second part of the lecture given by Rob Williams. You can find that video here: The Psychology of Change.

Ok, what do you think? Are you totally blown away? Doing a happy dance? Unimpressed? Confused? Passed out from all the excitement? Hungry for chocolate since I mentioned it so many times? Let me know in the comments! Yay!


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  • Avatar mopeychild says:

    But melody, the thing is..there will always be some people with degrees saying one thing and some saying another right?
    So what doctor lipton says is just a part of that debate with no resolution.
    Trust me, am not saying this to sound bitchy. I love your blog. More than you love chocolate ( I think!)
    Was just trying to make a point here, that’s all. No intentions of bubble bursting !

    • Hey Mopey,

      You’re right. You can find credible people on both sides of any debate explaining why their side is right. The thing is – you get to choose who you listen to. You get to deliberately look for the evidence that supports the point of view that resonates with you. I’m in no way trying to convince anyone of anything here. I posted this because it supports what many of us have intuitively known for years.

      That’s what LOA work is – find the point of view that feels best to you and then look for evidence to support it. Because whatever you look for, you find. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Mona Andrei says:

    Awsomesauce for sure!

    Although I didn’t need a scientist to back me up, I have always believed this. Even when my life was . . . um . . . CRAP! . . . I knew I had something to do with it.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Avatar Lindsey says:

    Hi Melody~

    Love this. We studied this concept in my Mind/Body yoga teacher training which was led by a woman who is a trained psychologist—how we see the world through our own filters and set of beliefs, and when we break down the constructs of what we “think” holds us back in life, and what we “think” controls our destiny, we truly set ourselves free and allow ourselves to create all sorts of possibility in our lives.
    Keep spreading the love.

    • Thanks Lindsey! You know, more and more psychologists are using energy in their practice (some know it, some don’t) and are often quite open to these principles. I love how science and certain tenets of spirituality are coming together. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Karin says:

    I can’t watch the video as I’m at work, unfortunately, but I have read Bruce Lipton’s book “Biology of Belief”. I’m saving this video for later 🙂

    Another book which is absolutely awesome is The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. It contains many studies (many of them done at top universities and research institutes) that point to the theory that reality isn’t real and that we affect reality with our thoughts and beliefs. This is the book that made me believe that LOA was more than just wishful thinking… 🙂

    • Avatar Karin says:

      …Just realised that the link I posted looks like an affiliate link because of all that extra stuff after the address, but it’s not! Well, I’m not logged into my Amazon account, so at least I hope it’s not. Feel free to edit the link and then delete this comment Melody 🙂

    • Hey Karin,

      I’ve read the Holographic Universe, as well, and loved it. I don’t haul out the studies and stuff to convince people (that’s not my job and it doesn’t work anyway…), but I rejoice when I find evidence that science and spirituality (LOA spirituality) are coming together. I figured why not share that joy here? 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      PS. Don’t worry. I have no problem with people posting useful links here. If your link went to a penis enlargement site, I might’ve reacted differently, lol.

    • Avatar Charlie says:

      Thankyou Karin for your introduction to these books..have just read Biology of Belief (started off great but tapered) and am currently reading THe Holographic Universe (great so far!). I LOVE book reccomendations!

  • Avatar Katy Lowe says:

    Happily I’ve been following Dr Lipton for some time…and there’s another Dr I have also enjoyed…a Neuroscientist as well…some wonderful books (some over my head lol) but also online at youtube – Dr Joe Dispenza

    I don’t ‘need’ to hear from these guys to know this is real…but at the same time it’s nice to see the scientific brain embrace all that is and be excited about it as well. Glad you brought it back to my attention!! :o)

    • Hey Katy,

      Yeah, I know we don’t need to hear it, but it’s so nice, isn’t it? 😀

      Thanks for the tip! I hadn’t heard of Dr. Dispenza. I shall look him up post haste! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Reuben Bailey says:

    Hey Melody!
    Great post! I have been aware of Dr. Lipton’s work for quite awhile. On the whole genetic idea – I have also heard that it is possible to completely change the genes in an egg (embryo?) from one animal to another using a laser, and the animal that results is a fully functional member of the 2nd species. This leads me to the conclusion that DNA has something to do with who and what we are, but that it may be more of a reflection, rather than a cause. Very cool stuff, indeed!
    If you want another place to look at science that supports LOA, divinecosmos.com by David Wilcock has a whole bunch of stuff. There are 3 of David’s early books free online there, as well as his blog. His book “The Source Field Investigations” is a good one, too. It is fully annotated with tons of sources to science that supports LOA, divine nature of the universe, universal connection, etc.
    Keep up the good work!
    Peace, Love, and Light,

    • I’ve read that, too Reuben! I believe they changed a lizard into a frog, or another lizard in the embryo stage. Super exciting stuff.

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll look up David Wicock’s site ASAP.

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Kat says:

    Yup, jumped out of my seat! This gives us hope, er, faith and knowing that it is up to us to change our reality. Go us!

  • Avatar Kat says:

    Wondering about LOA and natural disasters. I am pretty sure there is a correlation since we are able to influence the weather and the sea (I have read accounts of masters). It may be similar to the cancer/disease topic. The earth’s forces were always there, but I know we have something to do with them by focusing on them and perhaps increasing the devastation?

    • Avatar Donna says:

      I live in an area affected by Hurricane Sandy. I believed that my family and my property would not suffer from the hurricane. Saturday morning, before the weather started getting bad, my husband said, “We’re going to be OK.” Knowing that he’s usually very anxious and expects the worst, I replied, “You don’t really believe that.” He said, “No, but I know you do and I trust you.” I just kept reminding myself that Melody says that my reality does not have to be the same as the reality of everyone else.

      All that happened to us was that our cable/internet was out for about 20 hours and a 6-foot section of fence blew down. Our power never went out, but the houses all around us lost power (I think most have power now). There was no flooding in my area. The winds were strong, but not as strong as predicted. We were directly in the predicted path of the storm, but it turned before it got to us.

      Thanks, Melody, for reinforcing that we create our own reality!

      • Avatar Kat says:

        Hey Donna,

        Hooray! That is how my husband and I started out in the hurricane as well. We just knew we would not get hit and, other than losing internet service for a while, we are okay, thank God!

        I brought this up because many people complain about the services provided in my area. Now that they have been mostly wiped out, they can start afresh and anew, better than before. the time had come. Then we heard the public announcements that mentioned this very thing, and we were like, Yes! So, there is a purpose, with LOA, right? Also, some agencies have woken up and are liable in court now because they did not cut down trees prior to the hurricane, despite the fact that residents complained, that ended up coming down on houses that took a few lives.

      • Yay Donna!!! Great job keeping your house and family safe and believing so strongly that even your husband was calmer about it. He couldn’t believe in LOA, but he believes in you. That’s influence, lady!!!

        Huge gold star for you!! And hugs. Mucho hugs.


    • Hey Kat,

      Incidents that involve the masses or large numbers of people are a match to the energy of all those people. But, each person still gets exactly the experience they match up with. Donna’s comment highlights this nicely. You create your reality, Period. 🙂

      Huge hugs,

  • Avatar Lucille says:

    Whoa let’s pause right here for a sec. You sayin’ there’s that scientist who has an epiphany – follows that thought – puts energy into that thought and goes to prove his point in the form of sciencey things….
    Kinda sounds like LOA in action for reaction to me lol.

    From that perspective they did and still do find prove for what they look for. Just considering what was big revelation in the past and is now off the shelves.
    Ok, coming from someone who doubts gravity and says it right to it’s face.

    I’ve read and watched a good deal of LOA meets science, do have my favorites, because they just make sense to me at the time. Going nowhere in the infinity loop. Everything comes from thought and everybody – consciously or not – creates their own reality, experiences match their current reality… observe with that and enjoy the LOA Merry-go-round on drugs.

    I think i’ll go with the chocolate for now. I’m not much of a talker but i’m one hell of a sharer. Have some.

  • Avatar Kenneth Vogt says:

    Embracing reason is a very principled thing to do. As a result, many people of integrity will be moved by Dr. Lipton as he is without a doubt a reasonable and reasoning man. But we can’t get caught up in science “proving” anything because built right in to science is its own limitation. It is self-restricted by observation and measurement. There is an even higher level of truth after science. That is in harmony with how we experience the world, we keep finding more and more power supports for that which truly is. In short, embrace science and embrace love even more.

    • Good point Kenneth,

      But, you’re talking about the old scientific model. It’s incredibly limited and isn’t working anymore. I believe that science is evolving now. These new insights are causing scientists to look for their evidence in new ways. Under the old model, one could argue that evidence found under the new model isn’t proof at all. It all comes down to this: Do we want to evolve and witness that evolution as it happens, in a way we’ve never been able to do? Are we willing to believe that the earth, is, in fact, not flat? I think what’s happening now is just as much a leap of faith as that realization was back then. Exciting times we live in, eh? 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody.

    I’m Fonzy by the way. I love your website/blog! It’s very clean and professional. I also love your writing style because it’s funny and very entertaining (quite similar to my style).

    I think I’ll be staying on your blog and chewing more of your content. Thanks and more power.


  • Avatar tony says:

    what I desire – what is possible – what has to be done
    water with sugar-water with oil-water with salt
    survive and prosper-surv+prosp under conditions-survival with sacrificies
    information understood and applied by one unit-by people with knowledge-by all

    I think that the experience of co-creation is a mix of those 3 fields. The structure of the experience is energy, the form takes place according to the frequency of the energy.
    The result will happen according to the ratio. The choice of the ratio in our lifes can be ours (if conscious) or other’s (unconscious). To stay conscious we have to understand why we shouldn’t accept the truth of others without harming them or let them harm us.
    To stay conscious while under attack (different beliefs coming from evey direction).

    I also think that we spend so much precious time to do science because when we fall we go back to the next level we are aware. We start on our own, we want to fly but when we reach a point we don’t know what to believe, we like to use science as a parachute to escape from falling on the territory of a group with ugly beliefs. It seems difficult to persuade the lion not to eat you when you clearly see it is hungry and the knowledge that our beliefs led us to meet the hungry lion doesn’t really help. When we experience illness and we haven’t realised how that thing manifested, we go to a hospital.

    As far as I understand, the only thing we do is trying to let go of our guilt. We have to eat and protect our bodies to survive. If we can’t do magic and create our own food and shelter from thin air, then we need land. Who occupies this land and who makes the rules has the power. This is the game on earth- to understand the true nature of power. Those who believe the power comes from outside use physical violence (3rd group). The fortunate who survive and become conscious that this cruelty is unnecessary,they use the fear to grow and then use mental violence, including guilt (2 group). Those who are fortunate to survive from that and understand that this violence is also unnecessary, they grow more and search for unconditional love. The problem is that the arguments of the more evolved group are not valid for the other groups. We are now searching how to understand that the real power comes from within.

    This scientist does a great job. No doubt. But I agree with Kenneth. The tool he uses to overcome the limitations establishes new limitations. It’s only a tool. It’s not the ultimate truth.

    • Hey Tony,

      I agree that it’s only a tool, and that it’s not the ultimate truth. We can’t ever find the ultimate truth because it keeps evolving. But we can find a greater perspective. And it’s fun to understand how stuff works. And you’re right, it does help to strengthen our beliefs. But I don’t see anything wrong with that (not saying that you do). I love interacting with other, like minded people. I don’t have to find all the understanding on my own. I do a lot of that, pulling things out of the ether, so to speak, but I also love it when I get into a really good discussion with someone who brings knowledge that I don’t yet have, or a perspective that I don’t yet have to the table.

      This scientist is offering another piece of a rather gigantic puzzle. To me, it’s like finding more and more pieces to make the picture ever more complete, only the picture is always getting bigger so we can’t ever complete it. Only, the process of completing even a small new piece is so much fun that I don’t care that I won’t ever get all of it. I just want more. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Avatar tony says:

        Hi Melody,
        You must have sensed my anger. I didn’t mean to be agressive. I don’t criticize him (too much) personally. I just don’t like science as it is meant to be today. I can tolerate anyone, even if he insults me, if I know he is honestly searching for the truth. Those guys don’t search for the truth. They just gather knowledge to gain status as long as someone else is paying for their research.

        They have gone too far. People who have authority should use their knowledge to make things clear. This man is not the exception. He is like the attorney of the mafia. Well dressed, open-minded, knowledgable and polite but still a scientist gangster.
        Admitting some mistakes and changing the direction are always good steps but as long as chemotherapy is applied in hospitals and Newton’s laws taught at schools, I’m their sworn enemy. Not to mention radiation from cell phones or the nutrition and dope culture. They give us all the knowledge we need to commit suicide and they then send good intentions on how to use this knowledge.

        To draw a parallel. Imagine an athlete in the Olympic games who advocates against the use of drugs. Thanks but no thanks. With or without drugs, that’s still a rat race, with nothing to do with the true spirit of the games.

        Plato had a reason to tell that those who want to get out of the cave need to activate their judgment first, then their ability to calculate and then start to desire.
        I cetainly don’t blame you. But I think we, people who read this blog, we are like drug addicts on rehab. We come here, we gain some clarity and then go out in an environment full of drugs. Those drugs are the perceptions of the world. Those hallucinations are pretty difficult to change when scientists come in to explain. I don’t care if he is the cancer of his system. Biology or Quantum physics are not the new kids on the block. They all know what’s going on but they remain silent as long as expensive machines are provided and checks are paid.

        I think that the puzzle is already complete. Our bodies work. Land and animals provide food. We don’t evolve. That’s not evolution. We are just experiencing new ideas which make previous ideas look obsolete, following a never-ending rat race. We can’t even fully explain the functions of pyramids or the Antikythera mechanism. We think we evolve because we obey to the idea that we evolve, because we don’t know otherwise. I actually think we decline. The very knowledge of language we suppose that makes us free is the tool that keep us limited. Even our thoughts, if examined by the view of behaviourism, is suppressed silent talk to ourselves, learned at the time we were kids. Pupils have a hard time to concentrate and think without saying their thoughts out loud and we supress them to be silent. We, adults, still move our tongue when thinking, no wonder why it’s difficult for some people to visualize a non moving object (to imagine a positive outcome with movement, colour and sound is somehow impossible after a certain age).

        Science is not our friend. It’s today’s magic. I understand that this is a bold claim.
        I appreciate your work Melody. But this man looks like an ephialtes to me.
        Thank you for this great post, you are doing a very good job.

        Huge hugs.

  • Avatar Kat says:

    Dr. Lipton does mention love- the driving force of the universe. How about if you grow up in a household where there was no love? There would obviously be gaps in one’s life, but can that be made up with self love? Isn’t that the most important and empowering of all?

    • Hey Kat,

      If you grew up without love, it made you want love all the more. Remember that your non-physical self, Who You Really Are is MADE OF LOVE. So you do know love, but you may have a harder time remembering it in the physical than someone who never forgot about it. But just think of the joy one would feel upon finding love after having known it’s absence. Wowza! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar patricia says:

    This guy is so good…yep Happy Dancing

    You know I have heard the phrase we create our own reality all my life…I used to say to my kiddos every morning as they went out the door “You need to make it a great day – It’s your day.”

    … I am looking forward to reading more of his work…Evita on her blog has mentioned him several times and she went to a conference where he spoke. I was impressed with her summation too.
    Thanks for the reminder

  • Avatar Alice says:

    Warning: Do not watch any video on your computer while having a bad headache, even inspirational ones, it sounds like someone pecking your head. 🙂 I’m a magnet for woodpeckers you know.

    Last night I realized Halloween was coming up and I’ve made no plans…what a bummer, I seem to forget dates and festivals all the time. 🙁
    Eh, by next year I should get the face painting tutorial down pat and go to an amazing party and I won’t haver this headache either.

    Gonna keep watching anyway… it may have the answer to stopping this blasted pain. 🙂

    Wish me luck, Alice fans. Yes, I’, going to start assuming I have fans now. That’s very LOA of me.

    Melody: I will update if this info helped me.

  • Avatar Alice says:

    Ok here’s my Bruce Lipton Review, first watch, ***tired, with headache*** (so keep that in mind, if I seem dopey, I’m on my way to bed) I may comment again after a re-watch:

    The Good:
    Most people into LOA know about how we can change our genetics, how they are not static. Most people that know science also know about the mutations he mentioned and that change is possible. We are not stuck with our genes in concrete.

    The confusing:
    -Diseases/disability people are born with… is he saying this was given by birth mother/father? The womb?
    -His comments about Autism….most parents of the Autistic are VERY loving. They get plenty of love, not a product of not receiving love.
    -Short, thin people may have short, thin families. Genetics DO play a part. It’s not because the child lived in fear and didn’t grow.
    Heck if that were the case tall people are the result of being loved intensley…that would be silly. I know he didn’t say that.

    -SIGNALS…that part is vague, or I’m just tired. Signals are coming in from where? Absorbed through skin? Our eyes? Our brain?
    He said receptors….what I mean are how they are translated, by these proteins…. How exactly does that happen?
    e.g. “The world is out to get me”–perception= where does this go in the cell, some freaky thought-osmosis?
    I NEED SUNSCREEN FOR THAT! 🙂 Maybe they will invent this thought screen… 🙂

    -What about blind and deaf people? I suppose the fear came from all those horrible braille books…

    The Bad- It’s that easy to activate those unwanted genes? 😉 Lol that example of knocking off the protein layer was not comforting…bang! You activated (insert sickness here)
    What if you deactivate it, what happens to all that cancer floating around? You are no longer creating cancer genes, but you did, and they infected your body…now what?

    The excellent- The time I said to someone special “I could get super-healthy, if they invented a tube to take my brain out, put it in a jar and just let my body do it’s thing.”
    And they looked at me like a nuttier version of a nut, well, I sure showed them 30years in the future where brain-jars for healing exist. 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed, I’m not entirely serious. 🙂

    • Avatar Alice says:

      Crucial point left out: This is fantastic news if we learn to apply it to OUR bodies and behaviour.
      That means we can cure illness and interactions with others.

      What it doesn’t explain is this: How all this can apply to the EXTERNAL environment, in reverse!

      i.e. This demonstrates how we can control how the external environment changes us and our, personal, internal DNA.
      It does not show us how it could warp the world around us, or manifest what we want externally.

      I need a chalk board to draw the thought lines radiating out of the brain and onto the environment…. 😉

    • Well, obviously the video doesn’t answer all the questions in the cosmos, he, he. Here’s my take:

      People with disabilities – I believe that what he was saying is that our parents pass on their beliefs and perceptions to us, and that the genetics we can see are a reflection of this. This jives with what I teach – that your environment and your body are a reflection of your beliefs and intentions (I got a bit further, though, and include the intentions from the non-phsyical).

      I don’t agree with his comments on Autism either. Autism is a form of withdrawal, but not because the parents weren’t loving enough. I decided not to address that in my post because I didn’t want to put any attention on it (some people may not have even heard that) and figured it would come out in the comments. 🙂

      Short, thin people don’t always come from short, thin families. It is possible for a big person to have a short child. Genetics alone often can’t explain the anomalies that happen (sometimes yes, but not always). These anomalies shouldn’t just be ignored as they have been. Dr. Lipton is saying that your genes are a product of you, not the other way around. Although, I didn’t hear him implying that shortness was a product of not being loved enough.

      Signals can be pure energy, light, particles, viruses, bacteria, environmental stimulants, etc. They are are absorbed by our eyes, ears, taste buds, skin, and nose. And our energy bodies (he didn’t talk about that, though). A negative thought causes causes your brain to send electrical impulses to your body and is translated into actual, physical responses.

      If you deactivate the disease gene, the body will be able to heal itself (unless you get in the way of that). Our bodies do have that ability, we just often get in the way. When you get a cut, it heals. That same principle applies to any disease and more and more doctors are coming to understand that, too (Google German New Medicine and the Gerson Therapy, for examples).

      So, this video doesn’t answer all the questions anyone could have, but it does provide another piece of the puzzle. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Avatar Charlie says:

        I think that because one way we learn is by watching our parents, that if our parents are short and thin, we have short and thin in our consciousness, and on some level believe that we will grow up just like our parents. Especially as ‘Dad’ is a ‘man’ and often parents say to their child ‘hey, little man’ (i.e. small version of dad).
        But, if you’re parents tell you constantly ‘don’t eat that, it’ll make you fat’, or ‘don’t sit like that, it’s bad for your posture’ or as in my case ‘don’t sit so close to the t.v., you’ll get square eyes’ (and guess what, I needed glasses!) …then you will grow up with THAT instead.

        THANK YOU so much, Melody for introducing me to Dr Lipton, and thank you Karin for introducing me to his book, which I am now reading!
        As someone trained in the field of science, and around scientists a lot, I find it amusing to watch scientists from an LOA perspective…validating their beliefs with their science 🙂 (as we all know, if they belive it, they will create their ‘proof’). But I also love hearing about LOA from a sciencey perspective..it makes me tingle with WOWness.
        Thanks again Melody!

        • Hey Charlie,

          You’re so very welcome! I was so happy to find Dr. Lipton myself, I couldn’t NOT share him with you guys. 😀 And the idea that ANY scientists are starting to bridge that gap makes me happy. Of course, they use LOA all the time, but for them to consciously know it… Yowza.

          Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Kat says:

    A Course in Miracles seems like a good book based on belief and will. Just atarted reading it.

  • Avatar Elm says:

    Valuable video Melody! Thank you for sharing beautiful lady. Life has everything, pick up what you want.

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  • Avatar Nay says:

    Awesome Video!

    For those of us who like to think things through, this is nice to hear and see. And he covers so much information so fast! Love it when someone can lay a difficult subject out and make it simple enough to grasp, if not everything, then the principle and how it effects you.

    And puting the limitations of science aside, I still find the information so useful! To me, this just goes with everything that is happening in our current evolution of thought. Science is starting to reflect our changing beliefs! 🙂

    Great post Melody! Thank you.

    • You’re so welcome Nay! I also realize that science is very limited, but scientists like this are starting to bridge the gap, which is a huge move in the right direction. Why focus on those who don’t get it, instead of the few but growing number of those who do? 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Amber says:

    Wow! What a video. 2 things:
    1. I always thought evolution made more sense as an adaptive process rather than a random process and I don’t think the adaptive process has to take place over millions of years. It didn’t in the test tubes!
    2. This is a question(s) I guess. If our perception controls our genetic behavior etc., can I believe and perceive (change my perception/beliefs) that cheeseburgers, soda, candy, etc. are good for me and therefore not negatively affect my genes? On the other hand, if I have knowledge (or a belief) that certain foods when eaten are internal, environmental stimuli that can cause cancer, will I get cancer if I continue to eat them? What if I never had any knowledge or never thought twice about what I’m eating could possibly cause of cancer, could I still develop cancer from the intake of those foods or would I develop cancer from some other belief like say, working around chemicals for many years? I guess the reason I ask is because I know a man who has cancer, worked in a refinery for years, stressed from shift work, had a diet of typical American food i.e. meats, cheeses, fried, processed foods, and the like. I don’t think he ever thought that what he was eating could cause cancer but he may have thought his exposure to chemicals in the plant could. Or maybe he thought the food he was eating was not healthy for him and so those thoughts activated a cancer gene. I suppose it could have activated a diabetic gene instead. IDK…this is deep! I guess the “bottom line is” (did anyone else notice he said that a lot?) is there a biological process when intaking certain foods that can cause cancer or is it purely beliefs? If the latter is the case, then I can definitely change my perceptions/beliefs to something which will cause me to be able to defy gravity or any other biological, physiological, or universal law. Right?

    • Hey Amber,

      I think you should read my post on cancer, it answers a lot of these questions. You can find it here: Can The Law Of Attraction Give You Cancer?!.

      Yes, you can change your beliefs to the point where the biological “laws” no longer apply to you. However, it wouldn’t be easy in terms of defying gravity. There’s a reason you chose to be born here, with all the physical laws that apply here. They give you a certain experience, one you wanted. But, you can surpass them, if you want to, providing it serves the purpose of what you REALLY want (just wanting to prove to yourself that you can won’t be good enough). It’ll be much easier with food and the like. There are people who eat super healthy who are not healthy and there are people who eat crap all day long and are just fine. Of course, if you have a low vibration, you will be inspired to eat foods that, according to your beliefs, won’t be good for you. And if you have a high vibration, you’ll resonate with and be attracted to other foods. And there’s nothing wrong with that either, as long as we pay attention to what we’re attracted to. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Tomi Jaycox says:

    This was one of the most informative hours I have spent learning about how our beliefs affect our health. What a beautiful illustration that will help the lay person understand the process of the mind/body/health connection. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone watch this video. Part Deux coming up next. Thanks, Melody! xoxo 🙂

  • Avatar Greg says:

    Hi friend melody, im from phillipines,

    i have this interesting question, is law of attraction and subconscious mind also connected to life expectancy?

    I have read the statement that said, ‘almost all people accept that aging and death is a natural, only few are using the power of mind to attain physical immortality’

    and when you read the old testament in the bible, people can live almost nearly one thousand of years,

    is it connected to our reality, to our paradigm?

    The reason why our life expectancy today is 60 to 80yrs, is because we are conditioned to belive that, that is only a limit?

  • >