And Then A Pink Haired Man And His Grandpa Made Me Cry…


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Those of you who follow me on Facebook, know that I often share other people’s articles, videos and pictures there, if I feel that you might like them. I haven’t really done that much on this blog, with the exception of this post, but that’s about to change today. I recently shared a post by Tess Marshall from the Bold Life on Gratitude, which contains an awesome TED video. Now, I love me some TED videos in general, and I watch a lot of inspirational and educational stuff. You’d think that it’d be pretty hard to impress me, but that’s not really true. Throw a cute puppy in there, or talk about how we’re all love, and I’m in.

But every once in a while, someone gets it so spot on that I stop doing my nails (good activity to do while listening to inspirational stuff), my jaw drops, my eyes well up with tears and I’m totally overcome with happy shiny puppy feelings. I had that experience twice this week, and one came from the video I’m going to share with you today. The other one I may blog about shortly.

John “Halcyon” Styn is apparently an internet legend. I’ve never heard of him, at least not until this week. It seems that he used to be a bit of a douchebag (at least his public persona was), but his grandpa showed him the way, as he explains in this video. I don’t want to give anything away, except this:

What John talks about is the personification of everything I teach. You’re going to see a lot of my blog posts mirrored in this talk. Not only that, but his style fits right in here. He’s funny, honest, authentic, and uses lots of metaphors, including one involving poop. Oh, and he’s a hugger. He and his grandpa started a movement called Hug Nation. Honestly, it’s like we’re twins, separated at birth, y’all.

Do yourself a huge favor and watch this video. I await your profuse gratitude in the comments. 😉


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  • Avatar aylin says:

    Loved the part when he tells that needing doesn’t get you where you want to go in such a humorous way 🙂

    • Hey Aylin,

      I know, right? So freaking LOA. 🙂

      I also love the idea of gifting someone a gift. Like, I give you the pleasure of giving a gift to someone else. I love giving gifts! I’ve never thought of giving a gift within a gift, though. Awesomeness!

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,
    Thanks for passing on the video…to die for! After mentioning several areas of problems, a reader asked me last week, “Where do I start?” This is where I believe we start…with gratitude. When is the last time anyone was grateful for their appliances (even if they rent or live in a community), a toilet that flushes, a light bulb, a garage door opener…the thing is we so program ourselves to get more in the future that we forget what we already have. But you know all of that. Thanks again for sharing. I appreciate your support. Happy shiny puppy week. xo

    • Hey Tess,

      Thanks so much for sharing it! I hadn’t heard of John before. I’m so grateful (see what I did there?) that I found him through you. Pure awesomeness. And you’re so right. We have so much stuff to be thankful for. It’s great to be reminded of that from time to time, even when we know it. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Kat says:

    Great video, Melody. Yes, so LOA. It sums up the core of LOA so well. This guy rocks and I’m so glad I watched that video. Feeling fuzzy, happy shiny puppy!

  • Avatar Alanna says:

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like he is going to become a new fave! Enjoyed the TED talk and then wandered over to his youtube page to hear more of his videos. I really like his message, his energy, his honesty. So beautiful!

  • Avatar John Kelly says:

    Brilliant..touching and so true.. brings us back to basics and to mind fulness.

  • Melody –

    This video was also my first introduction to John and I, too, was blown away and brought to tears. I watched another video of his about pain the other day and found it very meaningful as well.

    I’ve been tossing around the idea of writing a post about him and this video – love the synchronicity of finding your post in my email this morning – do that mean I’m off the hook? 😉

  • ThankYou…
    be good to yourself

  • Avatar Nay says:

    Hi Melody,
    Yep cried my little heart out. Crying just thinking about it! So much info in such a short and entertaining video. Seeing LOA and love in action…I am now even more excited to be living love, to be that enamored of life and all there is in it!

  • Avatar avery says:

    melody i have a question…what are your thoughts on steve pavlina?

    • Hey Avery,

      I used to read his blog all the time, and then kind of stopped resonating with him. I like his honesty and I think he provides some really good info. I also like how he gives away a lot for free. I suppose I kind of got turned off when he seemed to start to purposely push people’s buttons to get them to react. I think he does it to help them, to try to shake them out of their comfort zone, but it’s not my style at all. Overall, I think he does a great job, though, even if I don’t personally resonate with his style anymore. 🙂

      Does that answer your question?


      • Avatar avery says:

        well, the same thing happened to me ( assuming we both have the same definition of ‘resonating’ ! ) in my case i thought he wrote some really cool stuff, and i was like..whoa !
        but then it seems like he got carried away and developed a god complex and started taking people for idiots and even being a little hypocritical (esp when it came to his relationship with erin pavlina)

        at that time i was a tad disillusioned, but then it struck me that i dont have to brand him as good or bad as a whole, and i can just take the parts that seem okay to me and leave the rest instead of judging my ass off.

        what do umean when he wrote stuff to push peioples buttons though? i mean, any specific incident?
        am just curious cuz i like how u approach the world (going by whats written on your blog) and id like to know what u think ! 🙂

        • Hey Avery,

          I don’t remember any specific words, but it seemed he was being rude or overly controversial on purpose just to get a reaction from people. His reasoning was that if you are offended by his words, then that’s a problem you have to work on. And I agree, in principle, of course. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to offend people just to show them where they may have limiting beliefs. It’s just a different approach, one that many people to like. Purposely trying to offend people just doesn’t feel good to me. I feel that people will find their truth when they are ready for it. I don’t have to try and make that happen. But that’s my philosophy. 🙂

          • Avatar Alice says:

            Very true, Melody. What is the point of upsetting people?

            We can never get rid of all resistance anyway, so there will always be things that upset us and trying to shove that into someones’ face is not really helpful.

            It makes me think how far could that type of thinking go? When does it start being ridiculous to expect someone to be perfect and never attract negative situations or people.
            That’s just not possible. But you will always get weirdos in every group that judge the manifestations of others and use it as a diagnostic tool….”What’s wrong with this person that made them manifest XYZ?”

            The question they forget about is why they are the one to provide this negativity and hurtfulness in the first place.

            And with co-creation things get complicated, you might be a little down one day and so happen to be in the same room as other down people so the group summon some kind of horrible situation by the collective force.
            Does this mean each individual inside that group of people having a rough day is really that negative?
            It just means they got down, stumbled into a group of people with a more steady vibration, struggled to get up and as they did they got caught up in something unpleasant.

            It would get to the point where people trying their best to learn LOA, (especially from the lower end of the ladder) won’t want to share their manifestation etc in fear others will judge them and say…you fail at LOA because you had a bad day or got offended.

            I totally understand why that wouldn’t resonate. I’d rather see people bumping others back into a positive line rather than trapping them or trying to catch them red handed while struggling.

          • Hey Alice,

            You’re so right – Just because you react to a certain trigger in one moment doesn’t mean that you’re generally in that emotion. I, personally, don’t go looking for people to fix. Nor do it try to point out when someone needs to be “fixed”. That’s not my job and I can’t ever really know what’s going on with someone. But if they ask, then I answer.

            But those who are a match to being triggered that way can manifest someone like Steve who sort of slaps them in the face with their resistance. I figure, the Universe already does enough slapping, I don’t need to add to that, lol. 🙂

            And yes, to me, it’s important to create an environment where people can feel safe to express their feelings. But again, it’s a different style. 🙂


      • Avatar Nay says:

        Hey Melody and Avery,

        Used to read him all the time too. Just sort of faded away from him. Every once in a while, I go back and see any new stuff he’s posted. Still really like many of his articles, while finding that some do nothing for me. But I do think he gives a lot of similar info to what Melody provides, just with a very different style. 😉

        • HeyNay,

          I agree. The core of his teachings is essentially the same. And isn’t it great that we don’t all react the same to the same style? If we did, there wouldn’t be tons of different religions… 😉


          • Avatar Nay says:

            So true!
            What I’ve found is that sometimes a different style can provide an insight that you couldn’t get from another style, for whatever reason. Just like books: there are hundreds of same genre books, but the style will be what draws different people to different authors. The ‘right’ style is a matter of opinion, and the differences make everything so interesting!


  • Avatar Jane says:

    Melody thanks for sharing this, in all the wisdom in these 16 minutes, the words ‘we all have the power to choose our thoughts’ sung to me. It seems when we choose a thought often enough, we also become it – good or bad. So why not chose gratitude and love.

    • Hey Jane,

      That’s such a powerful insight. We do have the power to choose our thoughts, and since our thoughts create our reality, we have the power to choose our reality. That’s it really. So simple. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Avatar Alice says:

    Loved the bright hair and his grandfather.

  • Avatar Elena Anne says:

    What a great talk. I hadn’t heard of him before and, like you, am always game for a Ted Talk in general. I think we all hope to come to a point of complete mindfulness, gratitude, and humility. Many thank yous. 🙂

  • Avatar John Styn says:

    I’m ticked pink! It such an honor to share my grandpa. As such a treat to connect with this blog, too. What a deliscious scoop of cone it is to read these comments. Thank you!! ((hug))

  • Avatar Yvonne says:


    Thanks for the TEDx talk by John. I hadn’t heard of him before this and I live in San Diego. I sending this out to my local LOA group here in San Diego.

  • It is possible to always connect with ones inner light of love, peace, gratitude. If it’s not one’s natural strength, it can be strengthened over time by making continuous deposits into our gratitude habit. 🙂

  • Melody
    I really enjoyed watching this video, too! I often watch TED videos and find great inspiration there.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Avatar nay says:

    wow! love it when greatness crosses my path, and I realise that I created it in my life! thanks Mel <3

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