The “Words On The Wall” Technique: Manifest Your Desires While You Sleep


This is a follow up post to Mary Carol Moran’s guest post last Sunday, in which she mentioned that she used a “Papers Technique” to manifest her new rental property. So many of them you asked for details on the technique, that I asked Lady Awesomesauce if she wouldn’t mind writing it up for us. And, true to her name, she did. By popular demand, here’s Mary Carol:

As I write, bursts of ozone fill the air. Rain drums a tattoo on the plastic roof of the sun room. My dog gives me the puppy eyes, “I want to go outside, but it’s wet out there.”

The above has nothing to do with today’s post, but the moment is so delicious I wanted to share it with you all.

Okay, to business… Several people have asked about the technique of putting messages on the wall around your bed. I promised a post outlining the technique, and here it is.

Where I learned to put desires on walls

A few weeks ago I attended a weekend workshop with Abuela Margarita, a well-known Mayan curandera (medicine woman) who travels around the world sharing ancient wisdom. If you Google her name, you’ll find pages of references and YouTube videos. To say she’s amazing in person is a gross understatement.

As part of a historic (for me) weekend, she taught us a straightforward technique. [By the way, Abuela Margarita talks frequently and fluently about the Law of Attraction.] The idea is simplicity itself.  Make a list of ten things you want. From the list, circle five things you really want. From the five, choose three, write each one on two separate pieces of paper, and tape the papers to the head and foot of your bed. Your wishes will materialize like magic, or like proof that the LoA really works!

My experiments

That very night, I gave it a try. I don’t have a head or foot board, so I put the papers on the walls in front of and behind the bed. The next morning, I woke up not with my desires fulfilled, but with something even better. I realized that what I had written weren’t exactly my desires.

I changed out the papers, and the next morning, realized that again there was a clearer way to express my desires. New papers again… This time I felt the aha of knowing I had my desires truly clearly expressed. Within a week, each had been demonstrably fulfilled.

Here’s the whole process for each desire, starting with what I first wrote on each paper.

Example 1:

  1. Emotional boundaries (This ended up feeling a bit negative)
  2. I maintain my light (Getting there)
  3. I shine (I stayed with this one for a few days, and then realized that it implied an action when action wasn’t necessary.)
  4. I am Light in Body and Soul (The I am verb feels just right. This one is staying on the wall!)

The payoff: A few days later, I reconnected with another Abuela, Abuela Sara. She is an empath too, and we talked for a couple of hours about this whole issue. She gave me a jade heart to wear near my heart. She said I wouldn’t feel assaulted by other people’s emotions any more. I don’t know if it was the conversation, the intention, the power of suggestion, or the Law of Attraction, but I feel secure now and haven’t ‘picked up’ random emotions since that evening. I can still tune in to messages, but only when I choose to hear them.

Example 2:

  1. Companionship (It took me a few days to realize that this was putting an expectation onto others – not fair.)
  2. I feel connected. (Close!)
  3. I connect (Yes!! This one also will stay on my wall indefinitely.)

The payoff: Last weekend I met Abuela Mayahuel, who had traveled from Mexico City to do a workshop with Abuela Sara. In a meditation, we connected as I have never connected with another person. She said looking in my eyes was like looking in a mirror. The three of us, Mayahuel, Sara, and I spent three days together 24-7, and plan to give workshops together in the near future. I feel as though my longing for connection has been answered in the deepest possible way!

Example 3:

  1. Happy home (too directive)
  2. I live in nature with trees and grass (Ah, got this one right in just two tries!)

The payoff: Take a look at the post An LOA Success Story: Manifesting a House, which is all about the payoff on this one. I’ve now rented a better-than-my-dream house.

Once a desire has been fulfilled, you can swap the paper out for a different desire. Abuela Margarita laughed and said, “Keep ‘em coming!” (in Spanish).  I’ve chosen to leave the first three up, because they feel universal and lifelong to me. “I am Light in Body and Soul. I connect. I live in nature with trees and grass.” And I have added a couple more.

Example 4:

  1. Happy little house at the beach (As an extension of example 3, I also manifested the gift of a beach property. Whoa! How amazing is that! It’s an empty lot, so I thought, why not go for the house?)
  2. Shared joy at the beach (I realized that “little” was limiting, and so was “house.” And I want to share the fun of time at the beach with my friends, especially those who can’t afford beach hotels – which is pretty much all of us.)

Example 5:

  1. Safe, healthy dogs (This one just went up this morning. The animal shelter where I volunteer may go through a change of administration. I thought about the outcome I want, and this is it. I thought about putting “happy,” but dogs pretty much have that covered for themselves. We humans can help with safe and healthy.)

These last two don’t have outcomes yet, because they just went up. Well, they have outcomes of a sort. I don’t have the money to build a beach home, so letting go of the word “house” lets me relax and enjoy this incredible gift of abundance! And I’ve relaxed about whatever happens with the animal shelter. My worrying doesn’t help anybody, least of all the dogs.

An excellent reader question

So, there’s my experience so far with this technique. A reader asked a specific question, and perhaps my answer will clarify the process a bit further. She asked about attracting a partner. “I understand that we’re supposed to feel good and know that the Universe is bringing us the right person (even better than the person we thought was the right person). But how do you recommend balancing constant reminders of our desire (notes around our bed) with letting go/dropping the agenda?”

Here’s my response:

That’s an excellent question, and brings to mind an example that may clarify the concept a bit. Let’s say you put on your wall “partner with a sense of humor.” But this reminds you of the lack of this person, and doesn’t feel so great. Besides, it’s limiting. There may be a wonderful person out there who isn’t known for a sense of humor.

In the morning you wake up with an aha moment: change the paper to “I laugh.” This is fun, it feels good, and it doesn’t put an expectation on someone you haven’t even met. You will bring more laughter into your life, and your chances of meeting (or recognizing) a partner who makes you laugh just skyrocketed.

Try to do the same thing with each of the other qualities you want. Put them purely in terms of how you feel, with no expectation that the other person will somehow make you feel this way (they can’t).

Another great reader question

Another reader asked about specificity. She felt stressed in the past trying to build a perfect image with every little detail. Her example was finding the perfect house.

Here’s my response:

If imagining exactly what your new kitchen will look like gets you excited and contented, then by all means figure out where the spoons go. But if going into detail stresses you, just relax and imagine the part you’re happiest with. Maybe you’re sitting in a favorite chair in your new place, looking out at a lovely view, sipping a cup of coffee.

You won’t get paralyzed when you realize that ALL the LOA can read is your emotion. It doesn’t know a wood floor from a tile floor, but it feels the vibration of your feet feeling delicious. So imagine whatever makes you feel positively scrumptious!

Focus on the emotion!

This advice holds for whatever you write as your desire. The LOA doesn’t know a Mercedes from a Mazda, but it does recognize and will bring you the feeling of being safe and comfortable as you travel. You’ll notice in my examples that I started out more physical and moved toward emotion. You don’t need to get it right the first try. Just keep changing out the papers until it feels exhilarating!

Thank you to all the readers who asked for clarification. Give the technique a try and tell me what you think. If you have more questions, send them on. As always, I look forward to commenting back and forth with you all.


Mary Carol

Mary Carol Moran lives in Mexico, where she spreads love and awareness and poetry. She spends her mornings volunteering at the city animal shelter for dog and cats. Her latest project is her new blog where she explores the spiritual aspects of the Law of Attraction.

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  • Avatar Kat says:

    Hey Mary Carol,

    Very nice examples! As I understand it, we should concentrate on how we want to feel and be general in what we write down and wish to manifest. Of course, we must follow whatever feels right.

    Thank you! 🙂

    • You’ve got it, Kat. Thanks for sharing the ideas in your own words.

      I think writing down and looking at the words on pieces of paper helps raise up any little resistances if the words don’t quite jibe with what your Soul wants. At least that’s the process I felt.

      It also helps to stay really alert for manifestations. Once you recognize one, it keeps getting easier and easier to recognize more, and that in turn brings more and more manifestations. When you see the first step arising, and consciously embrace that step, the next step will come more fluidly.

      For example, after writing that I wanted to strength my emotional boundaries, I thought about e-mailing Abuela Sara. When I was sitting at the computer to write her, she called me. Woohoo!

      Thanks again for writing, Kat! Hugs,

      Mary Carol

      • Avatar Kat says:

        Wow, MC, you are certainly in the zone. Life is constant tweaking of stuff, isn’t it? We are here to experience as well as listen and follow our soul. Things take practice.

        Thanks for reminding me about being more aware of manifestations. I am much more aware of signs now more than ever. Sometimes, they are not only meant for the present, but also for things to come, as I’ve seen. Good things to know!

        Cheers, dahling!

        • Hey Kat,

          The sense I get from my Soul is that joy is all about experiences. It’s hard to imagine, but my Soul was thrilled when my dog bit my thumb (my fault). It hurt like the dickens, but it was a new experience! So I had a joyful, throbbing thumb, and was laughing even as I walked home to wash off the blood.

          Hard as it sometimes is to believe, it’s ALL good! Enjoy everything!


          • Avatar Kat says:

            Wow, really?

            I guess we really just have to be thrilled about being here- bottom line.

            Thanks, MC.

  • Avatar Mel says:

    I love this post. Although I feel like I understand LOA, its posts like this that really bring clarification – a sort of light at the end of a tunnel.

    I’ve been struggling for 3 years to maintain a pregnancy and 1 of my desires would be to have a child. When I applied this technique, I find it hard to translates what emotion having a baby would feel like – what it would bring me. So I’m working on it…

    Cross your fingers…. maybe this technique will finally open me up to receive what I truly want.

    • Hi Mel,

      Thank you for sharing your story. It’s a tough situation. Here’s the first thought that occurs to me (often the best):

      Maybe imagining what it would feel like to have your own baby is too specific. As you say, it’s hard to reach those emotions when you honestly don’t know exactly what it will feel like. But I imagine you have in the past experienced lots of joy being in the presence of children. Can you put aside any present negatives and just feel sheer ecstasy whenever you are with a baby or child, or even when you look at a photo of a baby or child?

      There are many stories of women adopting and then getting pregnant. Maybe this is because they released all anxiety and felt again the joy of being with a baby. Would it be possible to release the anxiety and feel the ecstasy without adopting? I don’t know. It’s asking a lot. Whether it ‘worked’ by bringing a physical baby into your life, or worked by giving you back a source of great joy, either way your life would be richer.

      In terms of words on the wall, I’d suggest you not put “I have my own baby,” but instead put something like “I love babies!” Put up words that have not a tinge of lack or expectation or directing the Universe how to deliver. And then look around you every day for opportunities to feel love in the presence of children.

      Warm hugs and best wishes,

      Mary Carol

      • Avatar Kat says:

        Hey Mary Carol,

        I was actually thinking about the same thing on how to apply this technique to this particular situation, where it is also a question if the soul coming to you, not just you wanting a baby. According to LOA, future souls want happy mins and situations, so focusing on one’s own happiness is key to this one. Can one simply write “I love my life” or “I feel sheer joy” and this will incorporate the baby as well?

        Please advise if that is good enough.

        Also, if someone has exams to study for with a lot of material, would “I live learning” or “this is so useful and interesting” suffice, if felt good? What do you think? Your input is greatly appreciated.

        • Your suggestions all sound great, Kat. If it feels good, put it on the wall. Then listen for resonances. You may want to tweak your words a bit over time.

          On the relationship question, a friend of mine once said that there was an amazing man out there somewhere for her, and she just had to raise her own vibration to be a match for him. What a wonderful way to be ready for love!

          A helpful message for exams might be something about being calm, alert, prepared, and confident. Anxiety shuts down thinking. I used to teach math, and saw students who I knew had mastered the material struggle because of nerves. A simple trick I taught them was to shake their hands under the desk. The movement relaxes tension. Twisting your neck from side to side does the same thing.

          Thank you for bringing up some practical applications of this technique!


          Mary Carol

  • Avatar Laura says:

    Ha! I recognized my question as one of your examples. Thanks for using it. 🙂
    And thanks for posting the technique. This will be fun to use. And the examples were great

    So now I have another question. You wrote that you don’t have the money to build a house at the beach. Well, can you put money on your list of desires? I know it’s the house you want, besides good times at the beach, but I’m thinking you’ll want shelter as well. So you could write down how the money would make you feel if you had it right? Or the feelings you’d have inside your newly built house?

    Why let the lack of money to build right now stand in your way? Why no ask for it?

    • Hi Laura,

      I had exactly the same thought about manifesting the money to build the house. That’s why my first “example #4” wording was “happy little house on the beach.” Then I realized that what I wanted was fun at the beach, in whatever form, so I changed the words to something that feels like that to me.

      I think there’s a logical fallacy in asking for money – it’s not wrong to do so, only limited. There are so many ways to manifest material things that don’t involve money. A great example is the gift of the beach lot. A friend said, “You do so much for people and animals. I have this extra lot. Here, take it.”

      If I had wished for the money to buy a property, would this have happened anyway? Maybe, but I think not. “I live in nature with trees and grass” did quite nicely!

      Also, I don’t feel at all restricted about not having the money to build a house. Alternatives are coming to me in fun ways. The man across the street built his own house and wants to help. I’ve been researching the cheapest way to build a fence – I love rock walls, and there are gazillions of rocks lying around! It occurred to me that I’ve always wanted a teepee. Now I’m on the lookout for a cheap one (cloth only) on Craig’s List. Even better, the Abuelas and I may sew one up ourselves. To me, not having extra money is a great liberator. I don’t mean to belittle living in poverty, which is genuinely challenging. But searching around for inexpensive solutions is fun and satisfying for me.

      So to answer your question, by all means imagine feeling great having money, but focus on the emotions you want to feel. Security, abundance, generosity, appreciation… Soon you’ll realize that you already feel these emotions about many things in your life, and that’s when the blessings will truly flow.

      Thanks for asking another great question, Laura! I very much enjoy your participation here on the blog. Hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Laura says:

    Oops…that last no is supposed to say “not.” Lol I must’ve hit the ‘t’ key too softly.
    I also forgot…Hugs. 🙂

  • Avatar Nay says:

    Great Post Mary Carol,

    Love this for its simplicity. And I’m truly glad you explained that you changed them a few times because you realized they didn’t feel right. I would have put one up, then never thought to change it because I would have spent hours figuring out what I wanted to put on it, and then been terrified to change it because I would mess up the vibration. Maybe I’m a little paranoid about this huh? Just kidding. 😉

    Also wanted to ask, do they need to be at the head and foot of your bed? Could you put them in a different room that you spend a lot of time in? And if yes, where would you place them? One in front and the other behind where you normally sit? Or, is the bedroom the place it works best because your vibration is more in resonance with your true self during sleep, and therefore the catalyst to this working?

    So excited about trying this! So thanks for this wonderful follow-up!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Hey Nay,

      I had the same question! I am wondering if the two sides of a desk in a study will have the same effect as a bed, especially, as Alice rightfully points out, if the bed is shared with someone else. I am curious to know the answer to this one.

    • Hi Nay and Kat,

      You guys ask the best questions! I’m just passing on the technique from Abuela Margarita, so I’m not the expert myself. But, channeling her (hee hee), I’m pretty sure she would say that extra signs won’t hurt. Put them anywhere you want. But the bed part is important, because the mind/body works all night without the left brain getting so much in the way. If you’re not comfortable with signs on the wall, try putting the paper under your pillow. Read it before you fall asleep and again in the morning when you wake up. That should do the trick.

      Happy manifestations, and many hugs!

      Mary Carol

      • Avatar Nay says:

        Thanks Mary Carol!

        The part about your left brain getting out of the way makes so much sense, ’cause I am always analyzing. Probably the only time I do turn off that analyzer, is at night.

        And like you Kat, thinking about my office and how much time I spend there. I also feel what Alice is saying. My significant other already rolls his eyes enough! Don’t want to add to that! O.O

        • Hi Nay and Alice and Kat,

          Just had another thought… what about writing the words down and holding the paper in your hand when you meditate? I understand about the privacy issue. It seems to me that in the office, there’s too much stuff blocking the pure intention – all those busy thoughts!

          Try everything and tell me what feels like it’s working! We’re an LOA scientific team!

          Hugs to all,

          Mary Carol

          • Avatar Kat says:

            LOA scientific team. Yes, indeed, that is what we are, MC! I like the sound of that! That is a very accurate description of us! Haha 🙂

            I spend a lot of time in my study at home, so it will be a good place to try this out, along with the bedroom for which I will place the paper underneath the pillow. I try to create a vortex at home.

            Now, the workplace is another story altogether with which I do not mean to ruin the vibe or flow of this wonderful conversation, so I will stop here. I am sure others will have better things to say about the vibe they have created there, but I have not reached that stage yet. Still working on that one.

          • Hi Kat,

            Try it at home first, and then think about something for the workplace. Maybe something anonymous and a bit discrete, but that makes you smile whenever you see it. If your co-workers are prickly, would a cactus make you grin? When you lighten your own mood, everything brightens.

            Wow, now we’re branching out into off-site experiments! Go Team!



          • Avatar Nay says:

            Yep, Scientific team are us! 😀

            Now, what’s or control?

            Just kidding! Will go for the head and foot of the bed, and deal with the eye rolling. Now off to figure out what to put there… Yes I’m procrastrinating, cause of all of my fears. But I will get over it and do this and report my results.

          • Hey Nay,

            I think our control group is pretty much the rest of the world! Hee hee.

            Fear is a great tool! Listen to it, and it will tell you something important. We have fear, and pain, and anxiety, and all these other lovely tools to help us find and release our resistances! Okay, I’m not THAT much of a Pollyanna, but do take a good look at this fear and see if you can figure out what it’s trying to help you learn.

            Hugs! Rah rah rah, sis boom ba, Team!!


          • Avatar Nay says:

            Ahh MC,

            You make me laugh!!!

            You know, I think in some ways I ‘want’ to be that much of a Pollyanna because I soooo want to release all that stuff. And agree totally that emotions are the tools. I just have to get adept at using them as intended.

            And yeah, I’m figuring out I have a lot of fears that I need to really look at and figure out why/what I’m holding onto, and then let it go. And I used to think I was so tough, but if harboring fear is tough, then yep, I want to change to a Pollyanna!

            Thanks so much. Rah, rah, rah, go team!!!!

          • Hi Nay,

            You don’t always have to intellectualize the fear. Sometimes you can just let it go, like dropping a sandbag. I wrote a post about that – maybe Melody can add the link here.

            How great that you recognize the ‘negative’ emotions for what they are: helpful signposts that say, “Pay attention!”



          • Avatar Nay says:

            Hi MC,

            I’ve read just about every post on here, so probably have read it. Will most likely find it again some time. So many posts make sense to me, I just have a hard time implementing them. But I am getting there, so I’m always rereading stuff, because the view is different up here, giving me a new perspective! Ha Ha!

            I am learning, and learning to be amazed at how much control I do have. And I plan to just keep on doing it. And yes, a key for me is trying to stop intellectualizing/analyzing everything. Sometimes I do just have to see it, let it flow and then let it go. And that’s where all the work is for me. It’s very interesting to know and understand the how of something, but still not be able to do it.

            But I will make it easy, because I do realize I’m the only one making it difficult!

            Thanks MC!

  • Avatar Alice says:

    What if you share a bed with someone and you don’t want them seeing all these papers?

    • Hi Alice,

      As I explained to Nay and Kay above, I’m not the real expert here! But I think a solution might be to put the paper under your pillow. If you look at it before you go to sleep and again when you wake up, your subconscious will still be sending out vibes all night. I used to memorize Spanish verbs that way. Weird, but it works.

      Thanks for asking. It’s a good question. Sometimes we prefer to keep our desires private.

      Warm hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Vidya Sury says:

    I just loved reading this, Mary. I am going to try this. I get it about focusing on my own feelings and how I would want that to be. It is going to be fun, that’s for sure. Thanks for such a wonderful explanation. Hugs! Have a sunshine-y day!

    • Hi Vidya,

      It is fun! Especially when the manifestations start rolling in. Put up the papers, and then look around you in the daylight for signs that your desires are being fulfilled. Doesn’t get any better than that!

      Thanks for writing. You have a great day too! Hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Elle says:

    What a great technique Mary Carol. Years ago I read a book called Feeling is the Secret and have found it to be so true…and I totally resonate with manifesting houses. Somehow that comes really easily to me. Our current house came about because I had a thought I visited frequently “we live in our ideal home.” It felt good tho’ I never really knew what it looked like. But like magic it showed up and everything worked out easily and quickly.

    I’m adding your technique to my current practices and am excited to see how quickly everything manifests. 🙂

    Love Elle

    • Hi Elle,

      Thanks for writing! This is an old idea, but the parts that are new for me are to not obsess about the wording, and to keep changing it out till it feels right. And to always have three wishes going. Hee hee.

      Maybe what we manifest easily or with more difficulty sends us a message about our resistances. Hmmm… have to think about that one. For you, it’s houses. For me, I’ve never had problems with jobs, and both my children were ‘accidents.’ Romantic life partner, not so much!

      Thanks again for commenting, Elle. I always enjoy your perspective, here and on your blog. Hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Kat says:

    “Maybe what we manifest easily or with more difficulty sends us a message about our resistances”

    Mary Carol, you are onto something here. This is a key statement. This technique can be helpful in releasing resistance, right, because it’s general, discreet and we relax into it. We are not anxious about the specific topics.

    Is that how you would explain your manifestations, or at least part of them? Please let me know if I’m warm or if I’m way off.

    • Hi Kat,

      I’m working on figuring this “ease of manifestation” one out. It feels intuitively right, but I can’t fit examples to it yet. Let’s all keep thinking, and see what we come up with.

      It’s certainly true that what Melody says about fine tuning the radio to the frequency you really want helps a lot, and that’s what fiddling with the wording on the papers does for me.

      I’m excited to hear what everyone manifests in the days to come! Woohoo!



    • Avatar Nay says:

      Hey MC, Kat and Elle,

      I like that idea. If it’s easy, little resistance, difficult, more resistance. So I was thinking, figure out what I manifest easily, and see how I feel about it. You know, part of our science experiment. 😉

      How do I feel when I get things easily? When things just happen for me without any effort, or the effort involved doesn’t seem like effort. What am I thinking/feeling/imagining? And then try to see if I can get in the same frame of mind on something that I am having difficulty manifesting.

      I think I will ponder this some more…

      Go team!

  • Hi Everyone!

    I’m loving this great discussion! Thank you all! Anyone else who wants to join the LOA Scientific Team, jump on in!

    Tomorrow I’ll be on planes all day. Please go ahead and continue the discussion, and I’ll join in again on Sunday.

    Giant bear hugs to everyone,

    Mary Carol

  • Avatar DawnStar says:

    Hi Mary Carol :]
    I tried this out the other day when you first wrote about it. I got out my coloured pens and big sheets of paper and went to town creating beautiful words :] Just one thing, is it best to just have one feeling on each sheet of paper? For instance I have ease, abundance and flow on one sheet – fun, laughter, smiles on another. Should I have each of these separately?

    I would dearly love to see my mum. We live on opposite sides of the world and haven’t seen each other in 5 years. Neither of us have the money for tickets. She’s 74 now and getting less and less likely to travel alone. Her grandchildren miss her so much, we all do. We’d love to bring her from the dark and cold of the UK to the clean, green, sunshiney warmth of NZ for a few months. Any help with LOA’ing this would be very gratefully received :]

    Thank you

    • Hi DawnStar,

      Sounds like you’ve made some lovely signs! How do you feel when you look at them? Do they make you smile and feel warm and fuzzy? That’s the way to know that they are the right words for you. If you feel any twinges of “Why don’t I have this yet?” or “I should…” or any other quibbling emotions, keep switching words until it feels fantastic. You might also want to try writing them as actions. “My life flows.” These are only suggestions if you want to tweak a bit. They sound great to me as they are!

      For your mom, hmmm…. On the practical side, is there anyone else who could chip in to help out with a ticket for her? Are there any deals or rates for seniors? Do you Skype? That’s a great way to feel close. Is she on the Internet? I’m a continent away from my kids, and we communicate pretty much every day. If she’s not on the Internet now, I’d focus first on getting that going. Between Skype, e-mail, and photos on Facebook, you can feel almost like you’re next door, all for free. If your mom doesn’t have the Internet at home, get someone to introduce her to ciber-cafes!

      Emotionally, if you focus on sadness and missing her, that won’t help. If you focus on enjoying her company fully from a distance, my hunch would be that that vibe would be the most likely to bring her closer. Share photos and videos, laugh a lot together, get your kids Skyping with her, focusing on how fun it is to talk to her on video.

      In other words, if you maximize enjoying what you DO have, and minimize thinking about what you don’t have, the LOA will bring you more and more of the interactions you are enjoying.

      Thanks for writing, DawnStar. Hugs and best wishes to you all!

      Mary Carol

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Hey Dawnstar,

      I’m doing mulitples also. Fun, free and easy on one sheet. Cause that’s how I want to feel. I tried to break them up, but when I did, the feelings just weren’t the same. So I’ll be sticking them on my bed tonight. I’ll let it be known if I change them up for whatever reason.

      And I offer my best to you and your mum getting together in whatever way you can. I lived away from most of my family for 15 years, so know how that feels.

      Best wishes.

  • Avatar Alice says:

    Hey Mary and Melody,

    Just wondering a few things. What if the things you want on the papers make you sad?
    (love, friendship, connection, company= “but I’m lonely”)

    (I had backspaced a very personal post.)

    It essentially said that I’m sending out a strong isolation vibe.

    I had years where I left a stressful, overcrowded living situation. The relief of being alone was so strong I cultivated a hermit lifestyle.
    I spent a year living alone, unplugged the phone, turn off mobile, ignore door… Purposefully enjoying being alone.
    But after a year of relief the loneliness set in and I was ready for connection again.

    After spending so long keeping people at bay with deliberate “go away” & “leave me alone” vibes,
    years later this is still essentially my reality.

    I don’t know how to reverse the isolation vibe as it’s gotten quite a bit of deliberate momentum.
    Without going into details let’s just say there’s countless barriers around me and my situation.

    To give you an idea of the strength of this vibe… when I was well enough to work, I got put on nightshift …alone in a blank office!

    Just one of many. many examples. The universe took my desire pretty seriously! 🙂

    But I had enough now. I’m ready to exit isolation vault!

    (yes I have met decent people through hobbies…they live faaaar away or too busy etc)

    Lovely post btw way and thanks for the tip about putting under my pillow.

    • Hey Alice,

      While MC is off traveling, I’m happy to answer your first question. If the words on your papers make you sad, then you need to find better words. This is a more exaggerated version of what MC was doing when she changed the words. They just didn’t feel right yet. If they feel sad, they really don’t feel right. So, you look for words that feel better. And if you notice after some time that they don’t feel totally right yet either, you keep looking. And as you go, you are actually defining what you want in greater and greater detail – the process of choosing and redefining the words is helping you to tune into what you really want.

      If the words make you feel sad or any other negative emotion, choose words that are more general. Go for core emotions. So, if writing “I have lots of friends” makes you sad, it’s too specific. You don’t believe it. You don’t have lots of friends right now, and when you look at this statement, your actual belief gets activated. So, you would back off, and perhaps write “I connect”. If that still brings up negativity, you could write “Who I Really Am is connected to all that is”, or “I recognize the spirit in others,” or “I recognize pieces of myself in others”, or “I love it when I connect/I love connecting”. It has to feel right to you. Keep trying out different phrases until you find the ones that feel good. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Hi Alice,

      Funny you wrote this because for a while I wanted almost the exact opposite. I wanted that time away from everybody. But it’s not an option I’m willing to take, so I have to figure out myself with everyone around me. Yeah, it can be very annoying. And yet, I think I knew if I was alone I would begin getting lonely. So I’m working on it, and wish I had it figured it out so I could tell you what I’ve done, but I know what I do may not be right for anyone else.

      But at the same time, I think we are coming from a very similar vibe, because we’re just 2 sides of a coin right now, almost in the same boat. So by hearing you, and knowing how I’ve been feeling, I get the feeling (intuitive sense?) that, it’s not the situations/life circumstances we’re in, it’s our internal issues that are driving us bonkers.

      For me, I think I just want peace. Peace with myself, peace with those around me, peace with the world. So maybe I’ll add another paper to my bed. I think I’ll add peace. And I didn’t think peace was the right word, until I said it. For some reason, peace brings up religion in my mind, and I shy away from that for unknown reasons. But every time I think it, it just feels right.

      BTW, I have Fun, free and easy on my other paper, cause those work for me too. 🙂

      • Avatar Kat says:


        Your words are right on the mark. Your words resonated with me, as well as Melody’s general statements. To make connections, you do not think about them or preconceive them in any way. They just all happen by us being open, allowing, free. I think this is the best approach. If one’s vibration is high, this happens naturally and people flick to you. Unless you are in a more introspective time in your life and you wish to be left alone, but when that period is over, people flock again! At least that is what I have noticed. However, even in my “worst” periods, people flicked and actually wanted to help me, another thing I’ve noticed. Having a free feeling is important and things just happen naturally.

        I think being too self-conscious about it and over thinking things and asking “why me” lowers the vibe and keeps your focus on, shall I say lack and self pity when you should be reaching for the stars and being grateful for this ride called life on earth.

      • Hi Nay,

        Peace is a great word for the wall! I had to make my ‘peace’ (ha) with religion too, and I no longer feel the animosity I nurtured for years. In fact, the phrase that to me best describes the feeling beyond joy of connecting deeply is “the peace of God which passeth understanding,” resurrected from childhood Episcopalian memories.

        Thank you for giving me a beautiful addition to the wall!



    • Hi Alice,

      I’m off the planes for now, and just wanted to chime in and second Melody’s comment. I was feeling isolated living in Mexico with no family in the same country, which is why I put “I connect” on the wall in the first place. When you feel connection to anything, be it trees or your dog or a beautiful blue sky, you are strengthening your connection to everything, including people. Try feeling a spark of connection to something, it doesn’t matter what, and then gently blow on the flame until it burns high and bright.

      Warm hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Kat says:

    Really nice conversations here!

    I tried the technique last night- the under the pillow method. I must say, I had the best dreams! I wrote “I live in abundance from head to toe” which includes health, and I dreamt of the glory days of high school when I was the sh*t, or at least I thought I was

    In the dream, though, I talked to myself when I saw myself and my other self was like “what are you doing back here? You must go back and do the stuff you need to”, or something like that.

    Well, just thought I’d share something that actually is effective!

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Hi Kat,

      I was not at home last coupe days, so tonight will be my first night with my papers. Wish me luck. I don’t remember my dreams, but I’ll let you now how I feel the next morning.

      Goooo team! 😛

    • Wow, Kat!

      What an empowering dream manifestation! It sounds like Who You Really Are is talking directly to you through your dreams! You can do ANYTHING you want! Just do it! (sorry for all the !!!, but I’m really excited for you!)

      Super hugs,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar Kat says:


    I followed the same method last night and my dream was that I found myself back in High school again, but this time with an awesome job I absolutely raved about and pregnant! Very interesting!

    • Hmmm…

      What do you make of the dream, Kat? Let’s not intellectualize too much, but it sounds like an upbeat dream full of success. Maybe you as Soul are giving the Young You permission to let go of some childhood conditioning that has been holding you back?

      Huge hugs, and thanks for the update. Keep them coming!

      Mary Carol

    • Avatar Nay says:

      Go Kat!

      Already manifesting better feelings about your work and home life…that is so awesome! Keep ’em coming I say.

      And yeah, I’m curious why you keep going back to high school in these dreams. I remember you said high school was great for you, so you’re just bringing all those great feelings back into yourself through the dreams. Ok, Ok, I’ll stop analyzing. But I Figure if I do it for you, you can just bask in the joy of where you’re at and what you’re getting.

      I can feel me sending success vibrations out for you! Of course, that could be heart burn, or gas…nah, it’s all good stuff coming out of me! LOL 😉

      • Avatar Kat says:

        Thank you so much Nay! I deeply appreciate this!

        And no, it is not like gas. Haha! It’s feels more light, like floating or flying or love-making (the good kind). That is how I felt after reading your posts. Just kind of exhilarating.

        I was in the vortex in high school. I figured it out now. don’t be puzzled by that word, even though I have a feeling you won’t be. It’s just that back then I was so cool, calm, unafraid, didn’t hold myself back in any way and did not allow anything or anyone to get to me. I was definitely at a level beyond those around me and then I dropped to their level and have been trying to rise again. I hope this makes sense.

        Last night, I dreamt of a soul mate I had recently met with whom there was a deep connection and who reminded me of who I really am, just by briefly knowing me and speaking with me. Ahh, floating again. We are presently not talking, but it was rely nice.

        Thank you for your lovely additions to my examples!

        • Avatar Nay says:

          Great Kat,

          Know exactly what the vortex is, and what you’re talking about. It is so awesome that you can see you were there before. The hard part is, you didn’t realize it at the time, and dropped out of it. But now, now you know what it was and what it felt like, and can go back to that feeling!

          Your dreams are so awesome. Like they’re just leading you right back to who you really are. I’m really so excited for you! Hope you reconnect with this soul mate and continue getting closer to who you really are.


        • Interesting, Kat. High school was nightmare time for me. How great that your experience was the opposite. And the soul mate dream – nice!! Keep those papers under the pillow!



  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m settled in NYC visiting my daughter until Sunday, and can respond again to your comments fairly quickly. Thank you all for continuing the conversation during my travels!

    Hugs to all,

    Mary Carol

  • Avatar Nay says:

    Papers on the wall day 1,

    Does that sound scientificy enough? He He.

    Well I slept with Fun, Free and Easy under my pillow. (Yeah I caved to the stress of anyone knowing what I was doing. I’ll work on it!) And one interesting thing happened. Nothing profound, but I can be content to hope the papers tied in to this, and just keep moving forward.

    I have some issues with my right neck, back and shoulder that have been around for about 12 years, some parts longer, some more recent. I’ve done physical therapy, chiropractor, and constantly work on it at home, doing exercises and massaging. There’s no visible damage and the X-rays show nothing. It fades in and out from an annoying twinge here and there to a full blown ache with knotted muscles that make it hard to do certain things on a pretty regular basis, like turn my head, lift my arm at certain angles, even typing or picking things up sometimes. And I am a very physically active person, so it sucks!

    So this weekend it was really giving me grief. It got really bad Saturday night, to where it hurt to use that arm for pushing or support. Not debilitating, don’t get me wrong, but it really does get annoying. On Sunday morning, I pushed out of bed and I felt this sharp ping pop, which didn’t hurt, but was different. It rarely ever pops without a lot of work on my part or the doctor does something. So It felt funny, but the pain dimmed a bit. But by the end of the evening, it was back to aching pretty good.

    Then this morning, Monday, I wake up, and push out of bed, and it not only popped, it pinged, popped, and cracked a few times over, from my back to the shoulder to my neck and to my collar bone in the front. All this just from pushing out of bed! But here’s the interesting part. It aches a little now, but I have full movement without any catches, which only happens after I’ve worked on it for a few hours.

    Soooo…maybe that fun, free and easy helped me let go of a little stress and/or issue that keeps my right side so annoying?! Not sure, but I thought it was pretty cool, since that’s never happened before. I’ll see what happens next! And since everything is just in my mind anyway, I’ll be ecstatic if these papers can get me to let go of this. And my arm was the LAST thing I was thinking about when I wrote that paper!

    Fun stuff!

    • That’s a fantastic manifestation, Nay! Wow!

      Of course, your shoulder is going to hurt less, because you are manifesting free and easy! I love the way the manifestation comes kind of in code, where you have to figure out how it worked. Hee hee! And the more you believe the manifestation is working, the more it works.

      I’m so excited for you! Relax, relax, relax! It’s awesome how the absolutely best thing you can do for yourself is also so… relaxing!

      Keep telling us how it’s going. I’m sure your words are inspiring others, even when they don’t write in. Giant hugs,

      Mary Carol

      • Avatar Nay says:

        Hi MC!

        Wanted to update you on the shoulder, back, neck issue! It’s not perfect yet, but sooo much better.

        Let me tell you what manifested for me. About a week after this, I got an email from a guy whose treatment methods I have been using. He had an interview with a woman who wrote a book on posture.

        Well, I thought, ‘Not another one.’ Because I’ve done all the posture things I could find and that the doctors have recommended. Well, I had to take it all back. She had a different approach that added a change, even different from what doctors recommend, so figured I’d try it. All I did was one of the things she was talking about. Now, weeks later, I can’t even tell you how much better I am feeling! And just from changing the way I hold my body, whether walking or sitting. I didn’t even realize how much pressure I was putting on my back by the way I was always standing and sitting. And I thought I was standing correctly according to what my doctors had told me!!!

        Talk about an amazing manifestation! So here’s to the wall method. And that’s just on the issue of my back!

        Thanks again Mary Carol!

    • Avatar Kat says:

      Really cool! Go free and easy!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Kat mentioned being in the vortex in high school. For me, the flow envelops me when I’m writing. How about you? When are you in the flow, in the vortex? Can you bring more of those times into your life?

    Hugs to All,

    Mary Carol

  • Avatar Kat says:

    Exactly, MC. How can we bring More of those times in our life?

    I guess by being chill, good to ourselves, appreciative, excited about things to come, hopeful and enjoying our moments here. Easy to put down here and discuss in theory, but in practice, go figure sometimes. Man, it’s easy to lose the happy puppiness of it all, yet an inkling of it remains within my heart and I carry it with me everywhere and in everything I do. Some see its rays shine through me, so I have potential!

    Any input will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Kat,

      Sorry it’s taken me awhile to respond. I’ve been enjoying a manifestly perfect holiday in Ireland with my daughter. It’s led to a couple of realizations that I’ll write up before too long.

      Your question reflects a process that I think all of us go through. If you think of shiny-happy-puppiness as a wave, it’s a little easier to visualize. We ride the wave, and sometimes it’s a little up and sometimes it’s a little down. When we’re in a time that’s less shiny-happy, it helps a lot to feel gratitude for whatever is awesome. There’s always something awesome!

      Feeling down or sad only becomes a problem when we dwell and perpetuate the low time. When we learn to dip and recover, we’re doing the best we can do! I had a dip in Ireland, and within a few hours, was manifesting rainbows and beauty again.

      Thank you so much for your correspondence! My guess is that you are exactly where you need to be on the path to shininess! Enjoy!

      Mary Carol

      • Avatar Kat says:

        Thank you so much, MC, for getting back to me on this one! Indeed, I have been practicing a bit and yes, I am back on the wave, thank you!

        Glad you had an awesome time in Ireland!

        • Avatar Nay says:

          Hi Kat,

          I’m back on the top of the wave again too. I was in the lull, but worked my way out. What I’m finding is the more often I do this, the faster I’m able to get on top of the wave again.

          But I was wondering? Do you find that you seem to crash a little harder when you do fall into the lull? I seem to be experiencing this a bit.

          I’m thinking maybe it’s that I’ve changed enough so that when something isn’t right in my way of thinking/beliefs, it effects me more strongly. Which I guess is good, ’cause it menas I’m going in the right direction! Sounds good anyway, so I’m just gonna’ keep thinking that way!

          Hope all is great with you!

          • Avatar Kat says:

            Hey Nay,

            Yes, that is the story if my life. The highs are in the clouds and the lows are very low, taking relatively longer to get out of.

            Thank you for that explanation! I was wondering why that happens. But with your very insightful response, I got it! It is very clear to me now and it is a good thing. Instead of lamenting it, I understand better what is going on now and can allow it into my life as an indicator.

            Thank you and I hope all is well with you!!!

          • Avatar Mary Carol says:

            Hi Nay and Kat,

            I’m finally back! Sorry it took me so long. Vacationing and then moving…

            I agree with both of you that the lows seem to come more “easily” for minor things that once would have skimmed over my back. The secret for me is to relax into them. Being down about the fact that I’m feel down just spirals further down! Feeling like I’m floating on the problem – I literally imagine myself hovering on a cloud – helps me release at least the anxiety about the anxiety! Running water helps too. If you can find a stream and stand on a bridge over it, imagine the water swooshing away the low feelings. Works for me.

            So good to be back! Giant smooshy hugs to you both,

            Mary Carol

  • Avatar Alice says:

    Hey there,

    Wow. I forgot about the papers after I put them in my pillow until I washed them.


    I gave up on the “friendship” one and threw that in the bin. So I looked at the others and put them back in.

    I didn’t feel the friendship as a “friend” zoned out on me the other day! 🙂

    So I left in the health and fantastic ideas and solutions.

    Swaped that for “IDEAS”

    Not really getting anywhere. Oh well! 🙂 I think sometimes the papers spike me in the head.
    I hope I made you laugh at least. 🙂

    • Hi Alice,

      Sorry it took me a couple of days to write back. I’ve been vacationing with my daughter in lovely little bed and breakfasts in Ireland. Fabulous and often Wi-Fi free.

      You have given me a laugh – thank you! I wouldn’t give up on the friendship goal. If you focus on all the ways YOU are a great friend, you will attract people who treat you equally well.

      Here’s a suggestion: try recognizing one little success on a goal each night when you are falling asleep. For example, you listed health. If you went for a walk that day, give yourself a pat on the back – congratulations!

      You already have all the abundance of the world available. The key is to be able to see it when it appears. That’s a skill that can be practiced.

      Warm hugs,

      Mary Carol

      • Avatar Alice says:

        Hi Mary,

        Good tip on the on the goals/ mini-stones (just made that up, the steps between milestones)

        Ireland… That was one of my dream destinations including Spain & all over the world.
        I enthusiastically wanted to travel more than anything. I never had money, but I did end up with an opportunity to go! I was happy to the point of tears.
        My dream to travel got started. It was my first time outside my country.

        It was an adventure/challenge type trip not for the faint hearted, instead of sightseeing/relaxation and I thought it would be perfect as adventure and stimulation is just what I needed.
        It was the first good thing coming my way in years.

        I was so disappointed in myself. I went there all happy and excited but severe anxiety, homesickness and panic attacks got the better of me. It was a huge thing.
        I expected a positive outcome, but struggled immensely. To be honest I had more anxiety than fun.
        I feel so stupid about this as all my goals were based around travel! This left me a bit lost as now the idea terrifies me.
        Really wish I could enjoy it. Maybe on a real holiday I would. (it was quite extreme adventure) But I don’t look forward to it anymore. Haven’t found anything to replace that dream to explore the whole world though.

        Bed and breakfasts are the nicest way to go. I have gone interstate and tolerated that with the right people/ short amount of time.

        The friend thing is quite difficult as I don’t go out much due to health. When I do I get along well with others and my strength is a good sense of humor.
        I meet some quality people but get stuck on exchanging contact details. I forget before leaving or something blocks me.
        Then I got stuck with friends that treated me rudely and left me out of things.

        Will keep focusing on me as a friend, but can’t pretend it doesn’t get me down.

        Thanks for the reply! 🙂

        • Avatar Mary Carol says:

          Hi Alice,

          Huge apologies for not responding more quickly. I’ve been out of Internet contact for almost a month!

          My guess would be that you bit off too much with the extreme trip. If you put all your hopes on one outcome, that tension alone can wreck the experience. It’s like being “too in love.”

          That’s great that you are now enjoying shorter trips. That may be your perfect comfort zone for the present, and who knows what the future will bring. The more you enjoy the little moments of travel, the more those pleasures will come into your life.

          The same is true with friends. When you focus on enjoying your contribution (rather than theirs), and on appreciating each act of friendship you receive, you’ll find more and more pleasure in the company of others.


          Mary Carol

  • Avatar advik says:

    So can this technique be used for manifesting things like maybe a new Iphone? Like if i write Iphone on the foot and the head of the bed on a paper and stick it..thats okay? also how will i improve or change the desire of Iphone? Like how do i keep changing it? 🙂

    • Avatar Mary Carol says:

      Hi Advik,

      No reason you shouldn’t be able to manifest the emotion that owning a new IPhone would give you. That’s what the Universe (LOA) can understand. Not that you want specifically an IPhone 5 – hee hee.

      So what’s the underlying emotion? Would you feel secure? Would you feel connected? Would you feel empowered? Would you feel abundant? Whatever the emotion is, let the Universe know that that’s what you want, and it will deliver. My suggestion would be to put the emotion on the wall, rather than the specific object, and then keep you eyes open for how the LOA delivers.

      Tricky part is, if you focus on lack (why don’t I already have a new IPhone like everybody else?), that’s also what you’ll get – more feeling of lack.

      The solution is to appreciate the heck out of what you already have. For example, if you want to feel secure, focus on feeling secure right now. What in your life already makes you feel secure? Appreciate the heck out of that, and you’ll get more, including maybe an IPhone.

      Hope this helps. It’s the emotions that we manifest, in whatever form the Universe delivers them. Maybe instead of a new IPhone, you’ll meet the love of your life (if you haven’t already connected). How cool would that be!

      Hugs, and thanks for the question,

      Mary Carol

  • Avatar John says:

    Dear All,

    I have studied in Rio (exchange) last year for 6 months. And Frankly I fell in love with the place. Those mountains, beaches and the people are just incredible. Anyway, I had to comeback since I had to finish my education. Since few months I am trying to get job and live in Rio. However, the country is more protective than expected. Anyway, I am quite hopeful that I will get something and live in that beautiful city..
    Can I be this specific in my desires?
    Could you help putting it in words..?
    “I want to live in Rio” do you think something as sinple as this works? or is it too direct?

  • Avatar Carole Remy says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for writing! My suggestion would be to state your wish as though it’s already true. I also like to tag on, ‘or something better,’ because we never know what goodies the Universe has available! So your wish would read something like,

    I live in Rio, or somewhere even better!

    If you imagine only Rio, you are closing a lot of doors. Think of yourself sitting in a round room with doors all the way around the circumference. Now open the doors, one by one, and let the breezes of opportunity flow through. This is an exercise Melody suggests, and I find it works wonderfully for me.

    Good luck! It sounds like you are not only wishing but also working to make your dreams materialize. Way to go! Send me a comment from Rio when you get there!!


    Mary Carol (I’m using my pseudonym, Carole Remy these days for commenting. Hence the different name!)

  • Avatar Stacie says:

    Thank you both, Mary Carol and Melody, for this post! I have been focusing on allowing my experience to be one of EASE and FLOW, and this simple technique captures both sensations. I’m already excited and expecting to receive what I want!

  • Avatar Kathy says:

    Ok I’m a bit confused..based on the initial instructions for this exercise, “The idea is simplicity itself. Make a list of ten things you want.” This didn’t say make a list of the way these things make you feel-the emotions-it said make a list of the things you want. But after reading all the comments here and also based on my limited knowledge of LoA, I think we should make our list of the actual emotions as opposed to the actual thing, relationship, etc..? Can someone clarify? Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Kathy,

      The idea is to use whatever words feel the best to you. The post takes you through finding just the right words. Usually, if you’re not yet quite aligned with something, staying more general and focusing on the feelings will serve you better than trying to get specific. But, if specific feels good, then you can do that, too. You have to pay attention to how the words feel. That’s the rule, not which words to use…

      I hope that helps.

      Huge hugs,


  • Avatar Kathy says:

    DEFINITELY helps. thanks for your time.

  • Avatar Lisa says:

    Does this work if you wrote physically on the wall of my apartment My manifestations

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